Demi Moore vs. Pamela Anderson (Brutal catfight for a TV Role) by John J. 06-Oct-99

The producers of a prospective new TV show were interviewing potential actresses to fill the lead role. They had spent months wedding through the interviewees trying to decide on the right "look" for the show.

One producer preferred the buxom blonde look and wanted to hire Pam Anderson to lead the show. The other producer liked the solid, toned brunette look and he liked Demi Moore for the role. The producers argued back and forth for a long time. One of the producers decided to get all four of them together into one room and that maybe they could hammer out an agreement that way.

None of the producers or other people involved had known about the intense hatred between Demi and Pam.

Pam scoffed when she saw Demi and said, "You mean she's the other potential lead actress? Give me a break. No talent and no body."

Demi screamed, "At least I'm not full of silicone, you peroxide bimbo. I'm surprised you manage to find your way to work every morning with that empty head of yours!!"

The producers got between the women and demanded they sit down.

One said, "Listen ladies, we didn't bring you here, to have you argue all day. We are looking for solutions to this casting problems, not more troubles."

Pam looked at the producers and said, "Since you are having a hard time deciding, I know that neither she or I will give it up to the other. I suggest an alternate solution." Pam glared at Demi and said, "I'll fight you for the role. You got the guts for that, bitch?"

Demi glared back intensely and said, "When and where sweetie? I've been waiting a long time to wring and scrawny blonde neck of yours. This will be fun."

The producer stood up and said, "Alright ladies. We'll do it your way. Let us work out some rules and we'll be in touch."

Demi laughed, "Rules? I don't want No fucking rules, a catfight to the finish. No submissions, no pins, just a knockout to the finish. What do you say, honey? Do you have the tits for that?"

Pam glared, "I'll one up you. Best 2 out 3 catfights, with a 10 minute rest between fights to recover. Does that suit you, bitch?"

Demi glared back, "Fine! We'll do evening gowns and bikinis first. The last match will be a strap catfight, and we'll do it nude! Can you handle that?"

Pam replied, "Done!"

Demi muttered as she walked off, "Stupid bitch. I'm gonna tear her to pieces, and then knock her out. Dumb blonde bimbo."

Pam muttered as well, "Little bitch. Thinks she so damn hot. I'm gonna knock that tramp down a few pegs when I tear her damn tits off!"


Two days later at five o'clock in the evening, the ladies met for the fights. The producer went over the minimal rules for them.

"OK, ladies. By mutual agreement, these are going to be no holds barred catfights. The first will be an evening gown catfight to a submission or knockout ending. That will be followed by a ten minute rest period. The second fight will be a no holds barred catfight in thong bikinis, also to a submission or knockout ending. This is a best two out of three match, but the third match, by mutual agreement, will be mandatory. That will be nude catfight with leather straps, to a knockout finish. No submissions will count, only a knockout."

The producer paused for a moment and said, "Alright ladies, get ready to fight."

The girls went in the back and got their hair, makeup, nails, and outfits ready for the first match. For this first math, the girls were required to wear evening gowns. Demi Moore was introduced first, and she came out in a black sequins gown similar to the one she wore in "Striptease," along with a pair of matching high heels. Pamela Anderson came out next, wearing a long flowing red sequins gown, just as sexy as Demi's, and also in matching heels.

The fight started with the customary bell "DING!" and the two wildcats stalked each other. They just circled, watching each other for what seemed like a long time, but in one instant everything changed. Pam took a wrong step, and caught her heel. She nearly lost her balance, but kept it. But, in that instant, Demi was on her, and tackled Pam to the floor.

Demi was pulling at Pam's dress trying to get at Pam's huge tits to attack them. Pam managed to kick Demi away from her, but Demi had a good hold on Pam's dress and the dress was ripped up as Demi went sailing away from Pam. Both girls rose pretty quickly after the first exchange.

It was plainly obvious as Pam got up, that she was not wearing a bra. Pam charged at Demi, thinking she would catch the brunette unprepared, but Demi was ready. Demi gracefully sidestepped the charging blonde, and using her powerful legs, kicked Pam hard in the gut. The kick stopped nearly all of Pam's forward movement, and Pam was falling obviously winded and hurt. But, in going down, Pam latched onto Demi's dress.

Demi was trying to pull away, and Pam wanted to stop her. Demi's dress lost the tug-of-war and ripped apart. Demi tried to keep her balance as the dress ripped, but couldn't. Demi landed right next to Pam.

The two beauties dug into each other's lovely hair, and started a side-by-side hair pulling match. This lasted for over 2 long
grueling minutes, but Demi won due to her much shorter hair. Pam couldn't get nearly as good of a hold on Demi's short hair, and Demi could on Pam's long blonde mane. Demi used this advantage to roll Pam onto her back, and straddle her.

Once there, Demi let go of Pam's hair and tore off the remainder of Pam's dress, leaving the blonde in only her panties and heels. Demi then went after her original targets, Pam's big tits. Demi dug her fingers and nails into the soft flesh, squeezing and twisting with all her strength. Pam reached up at Demi, and tore off what was left of her dress as well. Pam endured the tremendous pain in her chest and clamped onto Demi's tits. Both women maintained this position for what seemed like an eternity, locked onto each other's tits. Blood was clearly visible around all four hands. Pam couldn't continue the breast assault battle. The pain in her tits was just too great.

Pam had to let go first, and get Demi off her. Pam pried Demi's hands off her breasts, and then punched and kicked until the brunette was off her. Both women were hurt, but Pam obviously more so, since she was on the bottom for a great deal of fight so far. Pam was only just getting to her knees when she felt pain searing thru her side, and then another jolt of pain. Demi delivered a series of kicks to Pam's side and gut. Pam rolled over onto her side, and she clutched her abdomen, and nearly cried. Demi lifted the battered blonde by her hair and started throwing punches at her face and breasts. Fortunately for Pam, Demi was in the wrong position and her punches weren't as effective as they could have been. Demi dropped Pam and straddled her again, bouncing up and down on the blonde's body, mostly her tits. Demi kept it up, and let her whole body weight coming down on Pam's boobs repeatedly.

Pam had enough and she grabbed Demi's ass and raked her nails down Demi's butt. She left four deep, bloody scratches on each ass cheek in the wake of her nails. Demi screamed in pain and rolled off. Both women got up pretty quickly. They were both slightly winded and slightly hurt.

Demi raised her fists and Pam matched the stance. Demi threw a punch at Pam's head, which Pam avoided while she fired a hook to Demi's left tit. Demi stepped back for a moment as her tit got smashed in. Pam followed Demi and tried to keep up her attack, only to be met with a big left-right combination to her own tits. Pam was now the one who backed away, and Demi followed. Demi kept after Pam's tits, and she concentrated her punches there, as she fired nearly a dozen punches
to the blonde's battered boobs. Demi dropped Pam with an uppercut to the jaw. Demi moved in behind the dazed blonde and clamped a figure-4 head scissors on her adversary.

Demi demanded, "Do you give?"

Pam didn't say a word.

Demi increased the pressure on Pam's next a bit more, and asked again, "Say it, bitch. Give up!"

Pam said, "Yes, I give up! Stop!"

Pam thought that she might have been able to power her way out of the hold and get free. But she considered that she would have had to call on her energy reserves to do that, and she didn't want to do that, this early in the fight. And if it was unsuccessful, she would have not only lost the round, but also expended too much energy effort to get away, energy she wouldn't have for later in the fight. She decided that the best plan was to just give in to Demi this round, and then fight back harder next time.

So Pam did just that. She surrendered, and Demi accepted the surrender as allowed for Round 1.

The fighters were given 10 minutes to have their wounds tended and to rest before the next round of the fight. In her corner, Pam decided, "You may have gotten me, that first round, but now I'm ready for you, bitch."

While in Demi's corner, she thought, "One down, one more to go. Stupid blonde bitch."

The producers were eager for the fight to resume, and counted down the minutes until the 10 minutes had passed. Right on time, Demi and Pam reappeared. This time the girls were wearing string bikini tops and thong bottoms, in the same colors as before, Demi in black, Pam in red. Changing into the bikinis was a simple matter. Neither woman had anything left of her dress. Both were torn and tattered rags all over the room. They only had on their panties and heels. So, the change of clothes simply involved putting on the bikini top. Both women secured the tops and limbered up for the next round of the fight.

Demi was cocky now, and thought she had this fight already won. She wasn't paying any attention to Pam, who was closing in on her. Demi was much too busy playing up to the producers, flashing her tits and ass at them. Pam had her approach timed perfectly, and when the bell rang, Pam tapped Demi on the shoulder. Demi naively turned around, not expecting Pam to be there. Pam ripped two punches into Demi's stomach, and then one into her face, causing Demi's mouth to bleed. Pam gave Demi a moment to recover from the punches, and then delivered three nasty kicks into Demi's crotch. Pam grabbed Demi by the hair and mare flipped her up and over. Demi fell forward, and landed hard on her ass. Pam went over to Demi, and lifted her up by her hair. She nastily grabbed two fistful of her dark locks.

Demi knew she needed to go on the offensive, and quickly. Demi saw her chance. As Pam was lifting her, Demi punched out at Pam's exposed crotch. Pam yelped out in pain, and immediately let go of Demi's hair. Demi went down to her knees.

Demi quickly got up and moved over to Pam and started to punch at her face, belly and tits. She easily ripped off Pam's bikini top as she went after Pam's full tits again. The punches reopened many of the earlier wounds. Pam's face and especially her tits started to bleed again. After taking a few blows, Pam blocked Demi's next punch, and counterpunched Demi in the tits. Demi was forced to back off. Pam continued to punch at Demi, while she chased her down. Pam ripped her bikini top off as well. Pam forced Demi against the wall, and began to pound her with repeated punches to the guts, face and tits. Demi set her defense to protect her boobs, but it was only marginally effective. Pam still cut through the defense to hammer Demi's tits with lefts and rights repeatedly. Demi's defense also left her head wide open to attack and Pam took advantage. Pam sent Demi to the floor with a big left to the side of the head that left Demi glassy-eyed and dazed.

Pam hauled Demi to her feet by the tits, and nailed the brunette with a series of forearm smashes to the tits. Pam immediately followed that with a bodyslam that left Demi nearly knocked out. Pam continued her boob assault with a running leg drop across the tits. Pam went to follow that up with an elbow drop to the tits, but Demi rolled out of the way at the last moment and Pam smashed her elbow into the hard floor.

Demi got up and managed to grab Pam in an arm-breaker hold, with the hurt arm. Pam yelped out in pain, and that just made Demi wrench the arm even more. Demi knocked Pam's legs out from under her and released the arm breaker, while she wound her legs around Pam and squeezed her in a body scissors hold. Demi squeezed and thought she had Pam, as she applied more and more pressure to the vice grip. Pam elbowed Demi repeatedly in the tits, and Demi was forced to let go and back away.

Pam went over and kicked Demi in the tit, with the tip of her high heel shoe. Demi rolled over in pain. Pam lifted her up, and performed what she calls the "titbreaker" on Demi. That's a backbreaker, but with tits down instead of back down. With Demi nearly helpless, Pam hit her with the Boston Crab, and wrenched legs over and back.

Pam demanded, "Do you give up?"

Demi was too dazed to respond.

Pam put even more pressure and said, "Give up bitch, or I'll break your back!"

Demi came partially to, with the added pressure and weakly said, "I give."

Round 2 was over. Each girl won one round, and now was the tie breaker.

Once again, the girls got 10 minutes to have their wounds tended and to rest. Even after the 10 minute rest, Demi still looked a bit groggy. Pam, however, looked great and ready to continue the fight. Demi began to seriously regret her cocky attitude when she challenged Pam to a strap fight. Demi had thought that Pam would be out of the fight by now. She figured this third round would be nothing more than an opportunity to beat her helpless blonde foe out cold.

For Round 3, the girls would fight naked. Both were introduced again, and each was handed a leather strap. The signal was given to start the fight. Demi had decided to strike hard and fierce at the blonde. She planned to batter the girls tits and take her out, before she could mount her retaliation. Demi did just that, and she immediately came after Pam. She struck Pam repeatedly across the tits with her strap. Pam's breasts had begun to bleed seriously under the strap assault. Pam had no intention of giving up though. Pam suffered through Demi's attack and watched for her chance. When she saw it, she attacked. Pam showed remarkable skill as she locked her strap up with Demi's and then punched Demi hard in the mouth.

Demi reeled back from the blow, and Pam followed up with a huge spin kick to the ribs. Demi winced as she lurched to the side and went down. Pam unlocked her strap from Demi's and raised it up. She whipped the strap down hard at Demi's back. Demi had rolled out of the way just in time to avoid the strap, which smacked loudly against the floor. Pam set herself to whip the strap at Demi yet again, but Demi had other plans. Demi trapped Pam's feet in her strap and yanked on it hard.

Pam went down hard. Demi pulled her strap loose and started at Pam's breasts again. Pam knew her tits couldn't take
this abuse much longer, the strap was leaving horrible bruises and now welts on her tender breasts. Pam knew that if Demi got a few more strap blows into her tits, that it would knock her out from the pain. On Demi's next shot, Pam rolled and took the strap on her back. Demi was clearly annoyed. When Demi started to pull her strap in again to attack again, Pam grabbed at Demi's strap, and pulled her in, while she raised her own leg. Pam's heel caught Demi in the crotch. Demi went down hard, as she clutched her crotch. Pam started using her strap on Demi's tits. The pain of the strap brought Demi back to the reality of the fight. She fought through the pain between her legs. She knew that she had to get back on the attack against Pam. The straps had definitely hurt both women and the straps had added quite of damage to what fists and manicured nails had previously done.

Pam continued her attacks, as she used her leather strap on Demi's full, round breasts. She had Demi's globes as sore and bloody as her own. Demi watched for her chance. Pam swung out with her strap, and Demi did the same. Both women hit vital areas. Pam continued at Demi's tits, while Demi had aimed for Pam's crotch. Pam was on the defensive now, as Demi attacked her crotch. The brutal strap between the legs had caused some bleeding. Demi tried to move again, as she figured a couple of those shots would put Pam done for the count. Once again though, Pam trapped Demi's strap with her own. This time Pam was using all her skills and she pulled the strap out of Demi's hand. Pam went after Demi's tits and crotch now with the dual straps.

Demi had a look of fear and horror in her eyes, as she realized that Pam had both straps. Pam tossed one strap to the side, far from Demi. She stopped her assaults on the brunette's back and tits with the strap. Demi saw her chance and she lunged for the second strap and got it. Pam allowed Demi to get the weapon. She waited for Demi to get prepared and offered to drop the straps. Demi agreed, and both women released the straps, and agreed to finish the fight as a regular catfight.

They traded some more blows, and tit shots. Demi went after Pam's tits, as she tried to cause more and more damage and bleeding. Pam assumed control of the match though, as Demi was more exhausted and hurt than she was. Pam delivered another "titbreaker" to Demi. Demi all but passed out right there. Pam achieved her KO of Demi with a the sleeper hold. Pam got behind the brunette and clamped the hold on. Demi struggled a little, but didn't have much strength left to resist. The sleeper got her, and she went out cold.

The producer handed the contract to Pam to sign for the new TV show. She looked it over and signed. The show was "VIP" and she had the lead role of Valerie Irons. Pam smiled as she handed the documents back and looked down at the bloody and unmoving form of her adversary, Demi.

Pam cleaned herself up and changed clothes. She knew that she would be sore and hurt for a while, and nobody would get any topless or cleavage shots until the welts and bruises heralded. But the VIP contract made up for the pain she was in.

As Pam left, Demi was just coming back around. The producers told her what happened. Demi went off to change and she quietly left.

The end!