Gillian Anderson vs. Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep by 19 Hours+imitation

Julianne Moore was all ready to join Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep to act in the now critically acclaimed movie 'The Hours.' She was chosen last, after Gillian Anderson had already auditioned for the part. Gillian was pissed at not getting the role but no one could blame the producers; her movies like, 'The Mighty' and 'House of Mirth' had been commercial bombs! Meryl didn't like Gillian too much either and thought Gillian's voice was grating and annoying. Gillian didn't know about Meryl's reservations and continued to idolize the older thespian. She did however let Julianne know she was upset. Gillian sent her flower bouquets with bitter congratulatory notes on them. Julianne was firebrand herself and she wasn't going to let Gillian's subtle insults pass that easily. Revenge was plotted!

Gillian was at home finishing her workout when Julianne broke in. Gillian stepped out of her personal gym and asked her maid to make her some lemonade, then sat down on her expensive couch and picked up the movie daily. Her name was nowhere to be seen. Just before the disappointment of being a 'has been' kicked in, she saw a lemonade glass being put down in front of her.

"Your lemonade ma'am."

"Thank you," said Gillian as she looked up at the maid who was bent over with her cleavage in Gillian's face.

As Gillian's eyes scanned to her face, she realized it wasn’t her maid, it was really Julianne Moore. Julianne was dressed in an extremely low cut, skin tight leather suit. She had picked the lock and then knocked out Gillian's maid. Before Gillian could react, Julianne threw the drink on Gillian soaking her shirt and exposing her small breasts in a sheer black bra to the world. Gillian was still too zapped to realize what was happening when Julianne picked up her up by the hair and threw her on the carpet. Gillian landed on her tits and she screamed in agony when Julianne rushed over and kicked her in the stomach hard.

"Bad actress eh? Fucked Clarice, eh?" shouted Julianne through gritted teeth, remembering the insults that Gillian had pelted at her.

She sat on Gillian's butt and yanked her hair with her hand. She then repeatedly banged the shorter redhead's forehead on the floor. Gillian was all but out at this point. She was fighting to stay awake. She then punched Gillian on the spine two or three times. Julianne got up to find some rope to tie Gillian up.

"Nicole and Meryl are gonna have fun beating you up!"

As soon as she got off, Gillian spun around on her back and tripped Julianne, tripping her down. Gillian got to her knees and then jumped with gay abandon on Julianne. They began wrestling and Gillian threw a hard right on Julianne's nose causing it to bleed. Julianne tried to cup her nose in pain and that's when Gillian got up and kicked her in the ribs. Gillian stomped down hard on Julianne's right knee and the former ‘Clarice Starling’ screamed in agony; she was conquered! Gillian landed a hard right to Julianne's jaw and Jodie Foster's replacement was sent to dreamland as her head hit the floor with her right cheek, drool pouring carelessly from her gaping mouth. Gillian tied up the unconscious redhead and went to check on her maid who was just coming to. There was a broken vase on the floor next to her body.

"You OK?" asked Gillian.

The maid nodded and then looked at the destruction in the hall and the unconscious Julianne who was now bound and inert.

"Good job Gillian," she said as she began straightening up.

Gillian wasted no time. She put the inert Julianne in the passenger seat of her Dodge Viper and jetted off to Nicole's house. She called Nicole from her car phone and said she had something special for her. When she arrived, Gillian hoisted Julianne over her shoulder and carried her to Nicole's door. She dropped her at the doorstep and rang the bell. Nicole opened as Gillian had requested.

"Here's the fucking bitch who tried attacking me...let it be a warning to you!"

Nicole was astonished! She bent over to take care of her friend as Gillian turned to leave.

"Stop you whore! What've you done to her?"

Gillian stopped in her tracks, then turned back and ran at Nicole! She jumped on the bent over thespian and the force of the collision knocked the tall redhead to the floor. Gillian cracked Nicole across the face as she tried to rise and Nicole grunted. Then things got dark for Nicole who was in blinding pain. But, suddenly, Gillian's grip on Nicole loosened and Gillian saw a bright light.


Gillian grunted and her eyes lost focus, fluttering closed as she crashed forward and land with her breasts on Nicole's face. Nicole could smell the sweaty cleavage as she opened her eyes and realized Gillian was laying over her inert as a rock. Meryl Streep had been visiting Nicole and when she saw Gillian attack her hostess, she picked up the nearest candlestick and delivered a strong blow to the back of her head. Gillian was unconscious before she hit the floor with a thud!

"Fuckin bitch," Nicole muttered as she crawled out from beneath Gillian.

Nicole quickly took stock of what was going on. There was Meryl, standing in front of her holding a candlestick and looking angry with a cigarette dangling from her lips. There was a bound Julianne who was now awake and finally there was the unconscious figure of Gillian, tits down on the floor. Meryl spat her cigarette on Gillian's ass then went to Julianne and started to untie her while Nicole dragged the finished redhead unceremoniously by the arms inside the house. She wanted to have some fun with her unconscious love slave. She unbuttoned Gillian's shirt and began rubbing an ice cube in the canyon of her cleavage. Gillian stirred awake and suddenly her leg flashed up and she kicked Nicole in the face! Nicole fell backward to the floor where she lay stunned!

Gillian quickly surveyed the room. Julianne and her as yet unknown assailant weren't in sight so she kicked Nicole in the ribs quickly again and stamped on Nicole's crotch. Nicole screamed in agony and came close to passing out. Then Gillian ran out of the room but as she turned the corner, she ran face to face into Meryl who was just helping Julianne to her feet. Gillian knocked Julianne back down and she fell with no resistance.

Meryl threw a punch, but Gillian blocked it and punched the old thespian in the stomach. Her fist made contact with Meryl's surprisingly well developed abs and Meryl grunted with resounding bass in her voice as she doubled over. The redhead couldn't believe she had to punch the woman she idolized since as far back as she could remember. Gillian put her hands on Meryl's butt and tried to shove her head into the nearby wall. She pushed Meryl but she couldn't use her full strength and as Meryl recovered she turned around and punched the redhead in the jaw, dropping Gillian to her knees shaking her head.

Gillian got up and said, "Ms. Streep, please stop! You're my hero! you cannot do this to me!"

Meryl just kicked Gillian in the shin bringing her back down to her knees. Meryl caught the redhead before she fell to the floor by her hair. The calculating Gillian head-butted Meryl in the crotch and she fell howling in pain. Gillian dropped an elbow to the back of Meryl's neck and she went out like a light! But just then Nicole, who had recovered, came up behind Gillian and wrapped her in a sleeper hold. Gillian tried to break free but her struggles were in vain. Nicole had her reined in pretty good and as Gillian writhed in Nicole’s sleep-inducing embrace, Julianne got back up and punched the trapped redhead in the belly, winding her, then hit her again on the point of the chin knocking her out. When Nicole let go, Gillian toppled over on her back with her head between Nicole’s legs. If her eyes had been open, she’d have had quite a view up Nicole’s long legs!

While Nicole went to revive Meryl, Julianne found a length of rope to secure the inert redhead with. After tying Gillian to a chair, the three actresses shared a cigarette as they waited for her to wake up. When Gillian's eyes slowly fluttered and then opened wide, the first one she saw was Meryl who was giving the redhead the most intense stare she'd ever seen. Nicole and Julianne were grinning over Meryl's left and right shoulders. Then the bound redhead realized her chair was in Nicole’s shower and that she no longer had her shirt on. Her sheer black bra was the only thing between her perky breasts and three violent women.

"OK bitch, we're going to fuck you up," hissed Meryl. "But if you're going to be our sex slave," she chuckled, "you've got to be clean!!"

She bent down to Gillian and yanked her hair violently. Gillian's neck was stretched as her head was forced back until she was staring up at the ceiling. Then Meryl gave her a violent chop across the windpipe and as Gillian opened her mouth gagging, the shower came on full force. As soon as the icy water hit Gillian’s nipples they came instantly erect. The rest is Hollywood legend! Gillian's theater career was put on hold and her play was canceled without any reason or notice. Meryl and Nicole went on to win bigger and bigger awards but they always had a compliant sexy slave at their beck and call.