Gena Lee Nolin and Demi Moore vs. Pam Anderson (c) by John J.

Celebrity 2 on 1 catfight. Everyone on the ground of the Playboy mansion had seen Pam Anderson jump into the fray and attack Cady Cantrell during her fight against Donna D'Errico. Gena Nolin was on Donna's side during the fight since she was a fellow Baywatch star as well as a Playmate. It was a well-known fact that she and Pam Anderson didn't get along, as displayed by their previous catfight and several near catfights during the filming of the show.

Gena took any chance that she got to stick it to Pam, and she did that this time. As the crowd started to disperse after Cady's victory, Gena got into Pam's face and told her, "If you're gonna interfere in a fight, at least make it count!"

Pam turned, "What the hell is your problem?"

Gena fired back, "You are! I wanted Donna to win too. If had interfered I'd have at least made sure I put Cady down for the count!"

Pam got visibly angered, "And I suppose you could've done a better job? As I recall, I kicked your scrawny blonde ass the last time we argued. If you don't want it kicked again, I suggest you shut the hell up!"

Gena sneered, "Oh, I'm SO scared!"

At that point, Demi Moore approached and taunted Pam as well, "I'm no big fan of Cady OR Donna, but I do know that should let the girls that are fighting, settle things themselves!"

Pam whirled on Demi, "Oh, big talk, Miss Big Shit! Do you need your ass kicked too? Just shut the hell up if don't want your butt kicked!"

Pam watched the two women and waited for one or the other to make a move.

Neither did, so she said, "Couple of wimp bitches! Get lost before I decide to kick both of your asses! Now move!"

Both Gena and Demi were angered by Pam's cocky attitude. They both charged and sent Pam down to the ground hard with a double clothesline. Pam was stunned and tried to get up, only to find herself hoisted up by the hair by Gena.

Gena grabbed her two arms and held her securely as Demi pounded her gut with punches. Pam wheezed and gasped as the air was forced out of her lungs. Demi stopped her punches and Gena let Pam fall. Pam coughed as she sucked air back into her lungs. Gena and Demi laughed as they looked down at Pam, who struggled to get up.

In a flash, Pam lunged and took Gena down hard. The two blonde beauties locked together as Gena used her strength and started to roll Pam. The two beauties began to roll over and over in the grass, their gorgeous dresses getting wet and slightly muddy.

Gena managed to gain the dominant position after several turns of rolling in the grass and tried to secure her position and hold down Pam as Demi yelled out her encouragement. Pam snapped her legs up and caught Gena's shoulders and forced the other blonde down hard. Gena's legs weren't in the right position and Pam was able to straddle her. Pam held Gena down and wrapped her hands around the blonde's throat and started to choke her.

Demi ran up and kicked Pam in the back of the head. Pam saw stars as she flopped off Gena and landed in the grass. Gena caught her breathe as Demi continued her attack.

Demi hoisted Pam up into the air by the hair and gave her a bulldog. Pam groaned as she hit the ground again. Demi straddled Pam's back and tried to secure a camel clutch, but Pam rolled and kicked before she could gain a solid position. Pam's kick caught Demi hard between the legs and Demi cried out in pain as she rolled off Pam and clutched her wounded womanhood.

By this time, Gena had caught her breathe and was up. Pam had started to get up, but Gena caught her with a nasty kneelift to the face that put Pam down again and left her with a bloody nose and split lip. Pam kept her senses and grabbed at Gena's leg and pulled the blonde down as she went down herself. Gena lashed with her legs and she caught Pam in the tits with a kick. Pam rolled and Gena pursued.

Gena grabbed Pam by the hair and dress and hoisted her up. The dress began to tear and soon Pam's dress was in shambles as it only partially covered her with the rest tore to shreds.

Pam fumed as she screamed, "That was a damn rental gown! Stupid BITCH!"

Pam grabbed at Gena's dress and started to tear it off as well. Soon both blondes were only partially in their tattered dresses. Pam rolled Gena over onto her back and dug her nails into Gena's full round breasts. Gena did the same and the blondes dug relentlessly into each other's feminine mounds. They both cringed and grunted as they fought the pain in their tits as they sought to inflict more pain on the other woman's tits.

Demi got herself up by this point and she moved in behind Pam and clamped a chokehold on the blonde. Demi squeezed Pam's throat while Gena tore at her tits. Demi hauled back and forced Pam to release Gena's tits while Gena maintained her hold.

As a team, Demi and Gena raised Pam up and then gave her backbreaker across both of their knees. Pam howled in pain as her back impacted their knees. They allowed Pam to fall to the ground as they both caught their breath and admired their handiwork. They thought Pam was done for, but they soon saw her begin to get up.

Demi moved behind Pam, while Gena set herself. Demi secured Pam's arms as Gena gained momentum for a big drop-kick. Pam saw it coming and broke free just as Gena left her feet. Pam ducked and rolled at the last second as Gena flew in and rammed her high heels squarely into Demi's tits.

Pam chuckled as the two team members tried to get themselves together. She grabbed them both by the hair and rammed their heads together repeatedly. Demi and Gena both punched back as hard as they could; Demi nailed Pam in the left tit and Gena in the right tit, both solid punches.

Pam groaned and backed away. Demi and Gena tried their failed drop-kick again. Demi grabbed Pam as Gena flew in. This time it worked perfectly and Pam got nailed in the head with the powerful drop-kick. She flopped over, nearly out cold.

Demi picked Pam up by the hair, cocked her fist back and punched the blonde solidly in the mouth. Pam spun around but Gena grabbed her and did the same thing. Pam's nose and mouth were now both bleeding steadily and the big blonde would have been in tears if she would have been more conscious.

Gena let her fall. Demi straddled Pam's midriff and bounced on her tit, while Gena facesat Pam's face. They rode and ground the helpless Pam until she was out cold.

Gena walked over and grabbed a large bucket of water and splashed in over Pam which instantly revived her. Gena and Demi stood side by side over the defeated Pam, who crabbed away in fear.

Demi said, "Now, did you get your ass kicked good enough, slut? Did you learn not to screw around in somebody else's fight? Did you, bitch?"

Gena added, "Yeah, did you learn your lesson? Next time, you'll get your butt kicked even worse."

At this point, Yasmine Bleeth approached with her fists raised. Gena and Demi backed off as Yasmine approached her friend Pam and helped her up.

Pam hissed, "I'm gonna get those two bitches! They're gonna regret this! They won the battle today, but the war is far from over!"

Yasmine helped Pam up and walked her back to the mansion to check her out. No real damage was done, just bruises and hurt pride, all of which would heal.