The Bridesmaid: Lauren Anderson vs. Crista Nicole by kit

For Crista it had been a bitch-of-a-day, but Mondays always were. Getting out of her blue Grand Am, Crista tossed back her long, wavy hair and took a sigh of relief. Slowly she strolled up to her front door, giving Mrs. Jones a wave and a courteous smile before unlocking her door and entering her two-bedroom rent house. Throwing her purse on the table, she looked at the mess around her living room, and shook her head with a smile and chuckle. She and her new boyfriend had spent all weekend making love and fucking, and she was still a little sore between the legs from all the pounding his 9 inch manhood had given her. Still she was eager to see him that night and wrap her long, tan legs around his shoulders and hips.

"Mmmm," she softly moaned, running a hand over her 34c breasts and gently squeezing them.

The 23 year old blonde absolutely loved sex and could never get enough of it! Pouring herself a small glass of wine, Crista plopped down on her couch and took a sip. She was just about to kick off her 4'' pumps when the doorbell rang.

For Lauren life had been a living hell since Sunday night when her best friend informed her that Crista and Rick had slept together the night before their wedding. At first Lauren couldn't believe it. Crista had been one of her bridesmaids, albeit at the request of Lauren's sister, and only then because they needed another girl to round out the field of bridesmaids to six. Still, she and Crista had been friends growing up and in high school when they’d cheered on the pom-pom team. But since Crista was a year older, the two had lost touch with each other when Crista graduated high school, although her sister and Crista remained relatively close.

With Rick now deployed overseas in service, Lauren had no way of confronting or confirming with him, so she spent Sunday night sobbing her eyes out and wondering if what her best friend had said was true. Since she knew Crista to be something of a slut, and one without reservations about fucking other girl's boyfriends, she didn't put it past her. But while Lauren had been sobbing and wondering and trying to call, Crista had her phone off and was taking it up the ass from her new lover.

Monday Lauren woke up late for work and thought about just calling in, but money was tight, and besides, she'd have to wait until five o'clock to confront Crista anyway. All day she’d wondered and hoped it wasn't true. She had only been married a month now and already her marriage was in doom, and if what she was told was true, she'd not hesitate to divorce Rick and beat the shit out of Crista. Stopping her Honda Prelude in Crista's driveway, Lauren ran her hands thru her long, silky blond hair and took a deep breath. It’d been three years since her last catfight and she knew Crista would be no pushover once they got into it.

At the sound of the doorbell, Crista hopped up thinking it was Steve, although he wasn't due until 7 p.m. "Yes!" she said aloud with glee, ready for some more hot sex. Pausing at the door, Crista threw back her hair and brushed out her clothes before looking thru the peephole to check out Steve. "Oh fuck," she muttered as her stomach suddenly jumped into her throat.

Impatiently Lauren waited for the door to open. Her heart thumped behind her 34d chest and she pushed her long hair behind her shoulders. She knocked this time.

Crista's mind raced. She hadn't seen Lauren since the wedding and wondered what in the hell she was doing here. Had she found? Or was it just something innocent. Crista thought about not answering, but her car was in the drive and there was no way of denying that.

"Dammit bitch. Answer the door," Lauren mumbled nervously, knocking again, along with ringing the bell.

Crista had to answer it. If Lauren knew, then she knew. Big deal. They had long since stopped being friends and she had no regrets about fucking Rick. Looking thru the peephole one more time, Crista just sensed that Lauren knew and was here to fight her. It wasn't the first time a vengeful bitch had come calling.

"Hi!" said Crista, throwing open the front door with a big pearly smile.

Lauren got right to the point, "I just heard you slept with Rick!"

"What?" gasped Crista, trying to act as shocked as possible with her hand suddenly across her chest.

"I heard you and Rick slept together the night before our wedding," Lauren repeated, leaning in and pointing a finger.

"Are you crazy? Who said that?" asked Crista with a small step back.

"Never mind, bitch," said Lauren sternly. "Did you fuck him?"

"I...I...of course I...we didn't," Crista stuttered, acting innocent.

It didn't work. Lauren could see in Crista’s eyes that she had. "Lair! You fuckin' lair!" Lauren shouted, shoving both hands into Crista's shoulders and knocking her back several steps. Crista stumbled back, still trying to deny it as Lauren moved into the house after her. "You fuckin' slut! How could you?" shouted Lauren, unconsciously throwing the door shut behind her.

"Bitch, I didn't fuck him!" Crista yelled back. Crista wasn't afraid of fighting, but if she could avoid this, then she would, even though she had always sorta wanted to tangle with Lauren anyway. As Lauren moved in, Crista braced to defend herself.

"You're such a lying slut!" shouted Lauren, reaching out with a half-ass slap and grab for hair. "I know you fucked!"

Crista was ready, and since Lauren wasn't going to listen, then they might as well go at it. Blocking Lauren's slap and grabbing her by the arm, Crista spat, "Big deal, bitch! So we fucked! You weren't married!"

"Gggrrrr! You whore!" shouted Lauren, sending a another slap and trying to break her arm free. "I thought we were friends!"

Crista blocked the slap, but Lauren caught her by her purple silk blouse and tore it open down to her naval. RIIIIIPPPPPPP!

"You bitch!" cried Crista, sending a slap across the top of Lauren's head and then reaching for her white blouse.

RRRRRRRRRRRIP! To the waist it tore.

"Slut!" Lauren yelled, as they re-grabbed each other's blouse and pulled again, yanking the tops out of their skirts.

Stumbling around on their 4" heels, Crista and Lauren continued swearing and tearing at each other's blouse as they pawed, pushed and tried unsuccessfully to slap the other's face until they stumbled apart with their tops ruined and in tatters.

"Alright bitch," said Crista, kicking off her heels. "You wanna fight, then let's fight!"

"I wanna kick your ass, bitch," Lauren said, kicking off her heels.

Crista unzipped her skirt and hissed, "I'll tell you something else, bitch."

"What, bitch?" asked Lauren, sliding her skirt down her long legs.

"That wasn't the FIRST time we fucked," stated Crista, pushing her skirt past her knees.

"What?" exclaimed Lauren. "You whore!"

"That's right, bitch," said Crista, stepping out of her skirt. "A year ago, right after you two started dating. I fucked him a couple of times."

"Gggggrrrr! You bitch! I'm gonna kill you!" Lauren yelled, lunging with a kick as Crista was about to remove her blouse.

"Uuuunnnggg!" grunted Crista as her crotch was nailed by Lauren's bare foot. She dropped to her knees where Lauren grabbed her by the hair and threw her facedown on the floor.

"You fuckin' fuckin' slut!" Lauren yelled, mounting Crista's backside and taking two big fists of her long, wavy hair.

"Aaaaaaahhhh gggggggawd! OOOOOWWWWW!" cried Crista as her head was jerked straight back.

Crista bucked and kicked her legs up and down as she reached back and scratched at Lauren's wrists and forearms. Lauren swore and shoved her face into the floor, sliding and grinding it back and forth across the course carpet.

"You bitch! How could you!" shouted Lauren, scooting up and positioning her hips across Crista's shoulders.

Keeping one hand in Crista's hair, Lauren started slapping her ass with the other. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop went her hand against Crista's tanned and chiseled 34" ass as Crista cried out and continued bucking and twisting and clawing at Lauren's hand in her hair. Grabbing the waistband of Crista's plum thong, Lauren yanked it up her back.

"YEEEEOOOOWWWWEEEE!!" howled Crista as her pussy lips were split apart by the painful wedgie to her ass.

This time Crista succeeded in bucking and tossing Lauren off her back, but Lauren didn't lose her control completely as she still had Crista by the back of the hair. As the two girls rolled up on their knees, Crista twisted around and was finally able to fight back as she grabbed a handful of Lauren's hair while they traded slaps across the face. For several wild seconds the two blondes battled on their knees, shaking each other back and forth by the hair.

"Slut!" shouted Lauren, sending a crisp slap across Crista's cheek.

Crista responded with an equally hard smack to the cheek just as Lauren landed a looping right hook against the side of her left tit, jiggling the orb half out of the white bra.

"Uuummmph!" groaned Crista, flashing out with her sharp, false nails and swiping them over Lauren's pretty, soft face.

Covering up her face, Lauren bowed before Crista on her elbows with her ass sticking straight up in the air. Seeing the waistband of Lauren's red thong, Crista grabbed and hiked it up her pale-white 34" ass.

"OOOOOOWWWEEEOOOOO!!" Lauren bellowed as her pussy suddenly took on a burning sensation. Throwing her face against Crista's left thigh, Lauren chomped down with her teeth and bit. Crista screamed to the sky as she tore out a chunk of Lauren's long blond hair. Lauren came up screaming, and she and Crista then threw an arm around each other's neck and bowed over towards the floor as they stood on their knees. "You bitch!" shouted Lauren, putting her right fist under Crista's left eye.

Crista yelped, and fired off a left fist that hit Lauren flush on the cheek. Still bent over at the waist and in their dual headlock, the two girls then went for each other's tits. Both barked in fear as they felt the other's hand curl and cup across a tit and squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze went their hands before they reached inside and pulled out the flesh.

"Ooooouuuuccchhh!" cried Crista as her left tit popped out.

"Aaaaahhhh ssshhhhit!" Lauren swore as her right tit was exposed.

For several seconds the girls squeezed and put their nails into each other before finally taking each other by the nipple and pinching.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck! Leeee' gggooooo!" cried Lauren, tears squirting from her eyes.

"OOOOOOWWWWEEEOOOWWWEEEE!!" Crista screamed, tears also leaking down her cheeks.

"Oooooo...mmmmy tit! Leeet ggooo, bbbbitch!" Lauren cried, her nipple taking a bruising twist.

"Ssssshhhit! Yoooouuu leeee' ggggooooo! Aaaaahhh!" Crista demanded, her areola stretched to the max.

Changing tactics, Lauren grabbed a fist of the back of Crista's hair and jerked. Crista's head snapped back as that brought both girls more upright on their knees, but still with one arm around the other's neck and facing each other. Crista winced, but let go of Lauren's nipple and ran that hand between her thighs. Lauren's hips jerked as Crista curled her fingers around her vagina.

"AAAH NNNOOOO!" yelped Lauren. But instead of defending her womanhood, Lauren let go of Crista's hair and grabbed the front of her plum thong. Almost thru silent, mutual agreement, Crista and Lauren lay their heads on the other's shoulder as they pulled each other's thong just below the hips and started going at it.

"Uuuuunnngggg!" They both grunted as they cupped and squeezed each other's plump pussies. Their breasts bolted together and their hips leaned back at the first feel of the other's nails against her womanly flesh. Thru gritted teeth and teary eyes, Crista and Lauren took a cunt lip and pinched. Their faces turned together and their noses bent across each other as they felt the other's tears on her cheeks while they jiggled the other's cunt lip in a turning pinch. Both were in great pain, but neither screamed out as their faces wiggled together and their breasts bounced around on each other.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!" cried Lauren, breaking down first as her pussy felt Crista's nails swipe upward thru her finely trimmed hair. "YEEEOOOWW!" she cried again, as this time Crista plucked out a few of her soft, short curls. She toppled backward, pulling Crista down with her as their arms clasped around each other's neck and their legs laced together.

With her 5-9, 125 pound body lined up with Lauren's 5-9, 125 pound body, Crista proceeded to roll (breasts) and grind (hips) with her ex-friend as their long legs struggled to snap each other.

"Uuuummppphhh. Uuunnnggg. Uuuummmpphh," grunted Lauren, fighting back with her tits and crotch as best she could.

"Ya wanted to fight, bitch. How'd ya like it now?" asked Crista, tit-to-tit and snatch-to-snatch with her.

Although Lauren's breasts were a 'D' to Crista's 'C', her tits were softer and saggier than Crista's firm, round ones and they were being smashed flat against her chest!

" bitch," moaned Lauren as her bare right breast battled nipples with Crista's bare left breast. (Their other tit was still tucked in the bra.)

With their thongs down around their thighs and stretched to the point of ripping, their finely-trimmed pussies pumped and flexed on each other as their pelvic and hip bones ground away, causing a noticeable degree of discomfort to both.

"Get your pussy off mine, slut," growled Lauren, finally forcing a roll as they stopped on their sides, still firmly hugging each other around the neck and battling with their bodies.

"Rick likes my pussy," teased Crista. “You mean you don’t?”

"No, bitch. I don't," said Lauren, forcing Crista to her back and now taking the top position.

The two females continued with their body grind as they hissed insults back and forth in each other's ear.

"Uuuummmm," moaned Crista deeply as her left nipple was inverted by Lauren's right nipple.

"Uuuuummm," Lauren moaned as her tits still mashed out against Crista's tits, even though she was now on top.

The sound of their thongs ripping apart could now be heard as their legs stretched further out, bringing their naked snatches into more direct contact. Crista pushed her box upward as Lauren shoved her box downward, forcing their pussy lips to chew on each other as their cunt hairs tangled and curled together. Although both girls were growing moist and warm between the legs, neither was aroused or turned on as their faces turned together and their noses began fighting.

"Bitch! Get off!" Crista suddenly yelled, punching Lauren in the temple. Lauren was stunned, but still on top. "Get off!" Crista ordered again, punching her in the corner of her left eye.

Lauren slid off, but grabbed a fist of Crista's hair and jerked her head into a position to where she could get off a pair of slaps directly across her face. Quickly slipping her legs high around Crista's ribs, Lauren flexed her thighs as she tore down the rest of Crista's bra and latched on to her tits.

"Uuuuuuuunnnnngggggg!!" grunted Crista as her ribs suddenly pieced against her lungs and her plump tits took a terrible scratching down them.

Lauren sent another wave of power thru her creamy, white thighs as she gave Crista's tits another taste of her talons. Crista bellowed out as she put her palm under Lauren's chin and pushed with all her might. Lauren's head snapped back and Crista slapped her across the face. Lauren slapped Crista's face. Crista slapped her again. Lauren slapped Crista again. Crista grabbed Lauren's hair and pulled. The two went into a roll with Crista still trapped between Lauren's legs but tearing at her hair.

"FUUUUUCCCKK!" cried Lauren, her bra torn all the way down as Crista gathered up her tit flesh under her fingernails.

"I'm gonna rip these tits off, bitch," said Crista, squeezing and twisting her nails back and forth. "Better give!''

Lauren wailed out agony, but answered Crista with a nice slap across the cheek and strained with her legs. Crista grunted and jerked Lauren's head into position for a pair of crisp slaps.

Slap! Slap! Snot dripped from Lauren's nostrils as she hooked an arm around Crista's neck and squeezed her in a headlock. Crista jerked back on her hair again, but Lauren ran a set nails down her face and then punched her in the nose, drawing a dab of blood and blurring her vision even more with more tears.

"You better give, bitch!" Lauren shouted, adding pressure to her headlock and waist scissor as she latched on to Crista's right nipple and wrung it out.

"Aaaaahhhh gggggawd!" cried Crista, but sending another nice slap upside Lauren's head.

Lauren and Crista then bawled out in pain as each yanked on a fist of hair and tore it from the roots. Crista tried to break free, but Lauren slapped her face. Crista answered with a slap to the face and then another. Lauren unlocked her legs and slapped Crista's face.

"Bitch!" Lauren shouted, pushing Crista in the shoulders as she drove her kneecap between her legs.


"Uuuuuuugggghhhh!!" groaned Crista as her cunt was busted by Lauren's kneecap.

Lauren rolled on top, slapping the shit out of Crista's face while she straddled her.

"Fuckin' cunt-slut!" Lauren swore, beating the back of her head against the floor with one hand as she slapped her twice more across the face with the other.

POP! POW! Going for Crista's tits, Lauren grabbed both nipples and reared back, pinching and pulling them between her thumbs and fingers.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!" screamed the bawling Crista, bouncing and bucking her hips against the back of Lauren's milky ass. Lauren was jolted off, and immediately found herself pinned to floor under Crista's body. As Lauren got bucked off, Crista instinctively rolled over and grabbed Lauren's forearms. She was able to pin them over her head as she laid herself down fully atop her foe.

"Uummph! Uummph! Uummph!" grunted Lauren, squirming and struggling beneath as Crista bounced her firm 34C's up and down on her soft 34D's. Coming to a stop, Crista went nipple-to-nipple with Lauren and laced up legs with her as their pussies lined up to fight. Lauren moaned in discomfort as her soft, mushy tits spread out beneath Crista's firm, round tits and were rolled in circles as Crista's nipples repeatedly turned hers around. Pressing down with her hips, Crista could feel Lauren's pussy peel apart with hers as she looked to defeat Lauren's sex.

"Nnnnooo! You fuckin' dyke!" Lauren struggled, not wanting any part of this as she was able to break her right leg free and draw it along Crista's ribs. With her other leg losing it's control, Crista knew she couldn't withstand another leg scissor if Lauren's leg became free and locked up with her other one, which was already in position.

"Fuck!" Crista swore in disgust, rolling off and losing all control over Lauren.

"Bitch, you're not gonna fuck me," said Lauren as they took each other by the hair. Side-by-side the blondes pulled hair as their legs frantically battled to get around the other's waist.

"You might as well know what Rick knows," Crista said, pulling hair and fighting with her legs.

"Fuck you! I'm not a fuckin' lesbo like you, bitch," replied Lauren, jerking hair and kicking legs.

Pulling straight back on each other's hair, Crista and Lauren went at it with their legs, cracking kneecaps and shins together and exchanging bruises to the thighs as they tried to bust each other in the cunt. Crista rolled on top, but Lauren jerked her off and rolled on top.

"Slut! I'll teach you!" Lauren shouted, slapping Crista very hard across the cheek as she mounted her.

With Crista pinned on her back and between Lauren's legs, she now received a quick series of slaps and backhands that split her lips and blistered her cheeks.

"Man stealin' whore!" Lauren yelled, pulling out several strands of Crista's hair from the top of her head.

Crista, now bawling and screaming, screamed even more as Lauren grabbed her by the tits and squeezed the living shit out of them.

"Aaaaaaarrrrggggg!! Mmmmmmy tits!!" Crista cried hoarsely as Lauren's nails ripped thru. Bucking like a bronc, Crista threw Lauren off, but Lauren was right back on her in a flash.

"I'm gonna get that pussy, bitch," stated Lauren, her hand already between Crista's tan thighs.

Standing on her knees alongside Crista's body (still on her back), Lauren took Crista's cunt and put five fingernails into it. Crista screamed bloody murder as her body jackknifed forward and she pulled on Lauren's wrist. But Lauren twisted and turned her hand, driving and screwing her nails in deeper and further, a couple penetrating Crista's pussy and clawing along her wet, pink walls.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!!!! I give!!! I give!!!"

"I know you do, bitch! And now you'll pay!"

Crista passed out in pain after Lauren did such a number on her pussy that she was unable to have sex for nearly three full months. The next day Lauren filed for divorce, and is now free...and looking for love.