The Trouble With Neighbors: Lauren Anderson, Crista Nicole, Karin Taylor & Kimber West

"What the..." mumbled Lauren as she turned down her street and saw all the cars lined along the road. "Someone's havin'...oh shit, it's those bitches."

It was nearly 2 a.m. and she could hear the music as she approached her driveway.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" exclaimed Lauren, finding cars in her driveway, and forcing her to park down the road about a block.

Lauren and her roommate, Crista, shared a duplex, and about a month ago two new girls moved in next door and had been nothing but trouble ever since. People were always parking in their driveway, and sometimes guys would knock on their door looking for their neighbors, and then hitting on them in the process.

Something's gotta be done about this, Lauren thought as she walked up to her duplex. This was the second party they'd had, and it was worse than the first.

Seeing Dave's car in the driveway next to Crista's made Lauren think of her blind date she'd had that night. She'd met Tom in the 'city' (an hours drive away from the town she lived in), and they'd hit it off beautifully. She could still feel his cock in her pussy and taste his cum in her mouth. It made her smile and warm all over and forget about the party next door.

Walking past Crista's bedroom, she could hear her and Dave making love. By the sounds Crista was making, Dave must be giving it to her pretty good, and Lauren thought about how she'd like to give Dave a ride on her 'pussy express'.

The next day Lauren woke up around noon and walked sleepy-headed into the kitchen for some coffee.

"Hi, sweetie," said Crista, at the table thumbing thru the newspaper.

"Hey, babe," Lauren answered, giving her a light pat on the head.

Crista gave Lauren's butt a little slap as she walked by heading for the coffee pot. "Sooo, tell me, tell me," said Crista as Lauren poured herself a big one. "How'd it go last night with your blind date?" A smile from ear to ear spread across Lauren's sleepy face. Crista squealed in delight. "Did you do it?" Lauren grinned again, and Crista squealed again, giving her a high-five motion with her hand.

"Weeeell, you know me," beamed Lauren, taking a sip.

"Oh yeah! You're such a little slut!"

"And like you're not."

"Me? Of course not."

"Yeah, right," teased Lauren, joining her best friend at the table. "And what was all that comin' from your room last night?"

Crista grinned. "You know Dave. He likes givin' it up the poop shoot."

"And you like takin' it, bitch."

"Weeeell...suuuure do," smiled Crista. "So when do I get to meet this hot new hunk?"

Lauren grinned. "Tonight. He's comin' up, and I plan on keepin' him in my room the whole time."

Crista laughed and gave her friend a hug. "And you're gonna fuck his brains out, right?"

"You know me, I like it up the poop shoot too."

"You're such a slut. Maybe we can have an orgy," teased Crista.

"Maybe," smiled Lauren. At least she could finally have a go at Dave. She planned on it if he ever broke up with Crista.

"Say, I didn't see your car this mornin'. Where'd you park?"

"About a block away. Those bitches had another party."

"Yeah, Dave and I couldn't even watch TV, so we went to bed instead...which was fine with me."

"Yeah, well, I'm gonna talk to them about it later," said Lauren. "I'm gettin' pretty sick of all the shit they're bringin' down."

Slipping into a pair of cotton red shorts and a white tank-t, Lauren went over to speak with her neighbors Karin and Kimber.

Crista was mopping the kitchen floor when Lauren returned from her visit, "So, how'd it go?"

Lauren stormed into the kitchen. "Gggrrr...those bitches!"

"What happened?"

"They threatened me."

"What?" asked Crista, suddenly stopping. "Are you serious?"

"Yep, that bitch, Kimber...said she'd kick my ass."

"Are you OK?" Crista asked, giving her friend a hug. "You don't look like you've been in a fight."

"I didn't."

"Huh? I've never known you to back down from a bitch," said Crista, taking Lauren by the hands as they stood talking.

"Well, honey, I was a little out-numbered, two to one," said Lauren, then going on and explaining exactly what happened.

"Ggggrrrr...those sluts," said Crista, her temper rising.

"So I thought we'd both go over," suggested Lauren. "THEN I'll fight the bitch."

"Sure, let's go."

"You'll probably have to fight the other one," Lauren pointed out.

"That's fine with me," shrugged Crista, giving Lauren a hug. "Nobody threatens my best friend and gets away with it." The two girls hugged and gave each other a 'girl' kiss on the lips. "Let's go kick some ass."



"What the hell do you want?" asked Kimber, opening the door.

Lauren, shaking back her hair, said, "I just came back to see if you wanted to make good on your threat to kick my ass."

"Who's at the door?" Karin yelled from other room.

Kimber yelled back over her shoulder. "It's that bitch again, and she's brought her slut-friend. They want to fight."

Crista and Lauren looked at each other; it looked like tag team fight now instead of a single's match.

"No, it's just you and me, bitch," said Lauren.

"Why? Is that other bitch afraid?" snorted Kimber as Karin approached from behind.

"She's just here to watch," said Lauren.

"Then she'll see me kick your ass," said Kimber.

"So you want to fight, bitch?" asked Karin, moving around Kimber and facing off with Lauren.

Crista took Karin by the arm. Karin jerked away as Crista said, "You're fightin' me, bitch."

Kimber came out of the doorway and shoved Lauren in the shoulders as Crista and Karin now grabbed each other by the hair and started pulling.

"Bitch!" shouted Kimber, advancing on Lauren and slapping her across the face.

Lauren, caught completely off balance by this whole thing, took another slap to the face before she was able to dig in and deflect Kimber's next two attempts.


Paired off and fighting, all four girls were evenly matched to tangle. Crista and Lauren, both blonde and 22-years-old, stood 5-9 and weighed 125 pounds. Crista had a rich, tan body and measured 34-25-35, and her best friend, Lauren was 34-24-35, with the prettiest, straightest, long hair of any blonde alive. Also 22, and 125 pounds was Kimber. But she stood 5-91/2 and her mixed Afro-American/Native American body measured a perfect 36-24-36. Karin, half Afro-American, half-Jamaican, was also 5-9, 123 pounds and the oldest at 24; her smooth, mocha body was an attractive 34-231/2-34.

Crista (white cotton shorts/pink, sleeveless T-shirt) and Karin (faded denim cut-off/short sleeve red check shirt tied up) still fought by the front door pulling hair while Lauren battled Kimber (yellow nylon jogging shorts/blue bikini top) on the lawn.


"Ooh gawd my hair! Uuunnggg!" screamed and moaned Karin as Crista tore out a fist of hair and slammed her backside up against the brick house.

"You black fuck!" Crista swore, slapping Karin across the cheek and then pounding her in the belly with a right fist.

Karin doubled over, clutching her stomach, but Crista yanked her right back up by the hair and slapped her across the cheek again. Karin fell back against the house again as Crista tore open her shirt and exposed her bare breasts.

"Ooooohhh ggggawd!!" cried Karin as her large, round tits were painfully squeezed and turned.

"I'm gonna tear these black bastards off!" shouted Crista, taking Karin's dark, brown nipples in her fingers and pulling.

"Sssshhhhhit! My fuckin' tits!" Karin bawled, trying to claw and pry Crista's hands off.


After blocking Kimber's slaps, Lauren turned the tables and drove Kimber backwards with three straight slaps to the face. Kimber's thick, black hair flew around and around as she was slapped from side to side, but Kimber stopped the assault as she smacked Lauren across the cheek.

"You blond cunt!" Kimber yelled, grabbing Lauren's hair with both hands.

"Ooooowwww!" wailed Lauren, but sinking her paws into Kimber's locks.


Bracing their legs, the two busty beauties locked down and went at it. Back and forth they slung as they took each other on in a wicked hair pulling battle. It was black roots verse blonde roots as both girls fought to be the first to rip out a big chunk of hair.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!!" screamed Kimber, losing a large clump from the side of her head.

Slinging Kimber around, Lauren grabbed her left arm and applied a hammer hold and yanked back on a handful of her hair.

"Oooouuuch!" cried Kimber, her head stretched back and her arm torqued.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Lauren, applying pressure to both areas. "I'll teach you to mess with me."

Lauren added a sharp knee blow to Kimber's fine ass that caused the raven-haired babe to jolt to her toes and groan. Lauren added one more knee to the ass before Kimber was able to throw an elbow with her right arm and catch the blonde in the side of the right tit.

"Uuugghh!" grunted Lauren, losing her arm bar hold, but still holding on to a fist of hair.

Kimber now twisted around and threw her arms around Lauren's body. Her right hand grabbed a handful of ass as her left hand jerked back on a fistful of hair. Lauren groaned, but still pulled on a fist of hair as her left hand clutched Kimber's right tit and squeezed thru the bikini top. Kimber ran her nails thru the crease of Lauren's left ass cheek and then grabbed the waistband of her red shorts and yanked. Lauren wailed as her butt crack was filled and her head twisted sideways by the hair. But the blonde countered with a left knee between the legs and nipple twister that forced the brunette to let go. Luckily for Kimber, her inner right thigh took half of the force of the knee.

"Bitch!" shouted Lauren, slapping Kimber hard across the face, forcing her to peddle backwards with her right tit hanging out from behind her blue bikini top.


Karin knocked Crista's hands off her tits and then rang the blonde's ears with a slap that popped like a firecracker. The blonde stumbled sideways, but Karin caught her by the hair and jerked her into another slap that was just as painful as the first.

"Blond motherfucker!" yelled Karin, grabbing Crista's pink, flimsy t-shirt and kicking her in the shin with her tennis shoe.

Crista's left leg flew out from under her, but Karin kept her from falling as she slung her face first into the brick house by the top of the hair. Crista's tits took most of the initial impact, but her forehead did get scraped as her head bounced off.

Slinging Crista around by the hair to face her, Karin tore open the blonde's t-shirt to the waist and gave her a slap to the face before reaching in and taking her by the titties.

"Oooooowwww!!" screamed Crista as her prize possessions were crushed by a pair of strong, black hands.

"So you're gonna tear off my tits, bitch," said Karin. "I'm gonna tear off your tits, bitch."

"Sssssshhhit!" cried the blonde, but now going for Karin's globes as well.

Leaning into each other, the black and blonde were cheek to cheek and wincing in each other's ear thru gritted teeth as their hands squeezed and twisted the other's ripe boobs. Karin stomped her right foot as Crista threw back her head and squirted tears.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" bawled Crista as both her nipples were twisted and turning blue.

Karin stepped back and slapped the shit out of Crista with her left hand. Crista doubled way over, almost to her knees, holding her cheek with one hand and her tits with the other.

"Fuckin' white bitch," grumbled Karin, adding a knee into Crista's ribs.


Noticing Crista on her knees at Karin's feet, Lauren rushed to her friend's aid. "Leave her alone, bitch!"

Karin turned in time to see Lauren coming at her. "Let's go, bitch," she said as they clashed together and started pulling hair.

Pulling each other over sideways by the hair, Karin and Lauren rumbled a few feet on the lawn as their friends tried to catch their breathes and regroup.

"Ooouuuccchhh! You black fuck!" cried Lauren.

"White motherfucker! Ooooowww!" Karin screamed.

Of the four, Lauren and Karin had the strongest dislike for each other. They had exchanged menacing glares before, and had almost gotten into it once over Karin's boyfriend hitting on Lauren.

"You fuckin' black cunt," grumbled Lauren, hooking her leg around Karin's leg as they continued pulling hair.

"Fuck you, trailor trash," Karin spat as they slowly toppled over and went to the lawn.

"Black ghetto ho'," hissed Lauren, now getting her legs tangled up with Karin's legs.

"Cheap slut," Karin growled, rolling on top and pressing her body down on Lauren's body.

"Fat pig," huffed Lauren, trying to get her legs around Karin's waist.

Karin's strong, dark legs siezed Lauren's long, pale limbs as their thighs flexed and scissored up in a test of strength. For a few moments the two females stretched each other's head back by the hair as their legs lifted and fell in a catfight that had their crotches grinding on each other's thigh. Together they traded nasty racial slurs as they let go of a hand of hair and replaced it with a handful of tit. Karin had her hand under Lauren's tank-t and squeezing while Lauren had her hand inside of Karin's open shirt and pinching on her right areola.


As Karin and Lauren battled on the lawn, Crista and Kimber started catfighting with each other. Coming together in a series of slaps and hair pulls, the blonde and black tore each other completely topless and sank their talons in the other's juicy, firm tits. Dancing around on their toes, Crista and Kimber pulled hair with one hand and mauled each other across the tits with the other. Both girls tore out a fist of hair and collected tit flesh under their nails as they went to their knees screaming.

"Ooooowwwww!!" cried Kimber as Crista ran a set of nails across the middle of her back, drawing a wake of red lines.

"Yeeeoooww! Sssshhhit!" Crista screamed, her right shoulder taking a biting as her left areola was nearly twisted off. "Bitch! Oooww!" shouted Crista, pulling Kimber to the lawn by the hair.

Kimber lost her bite, but jerked back hard on Crista's long, flowing tresses and rolled over on top of her. A hard fist in the kidney caused Kimber to grunt and find herself underneath Crista as the blonde took a bite out of her upper left arm.

"Oooooohhh gggggawd!!" Kimber screamed, tearing at Crista's hair and throwing her legs around her waist.

Crista grunted as her head went back and her guts got crushed. But she raked her nails over Kimber's left tit, and then tugged hard on the areola. Kimber howled, but kept squeezing with her legs as her left hand clutched Crista's right tit and crushed it. Crista fell over on her backside, and ran her nails down both of Kimber's thighs. Kimber screamed, and unlocked her legs as she now found herself scissored around the waist with Crista's powerful legs.


Still locked at the thighs and mauling each other's tits, Karin's stronger legs took over as Lauren's thighs started to soften and turn to mush. Karin gave Lauren's crotch a punch with her thigh as both women rotated their nails into each other's tit.


"Uuummm...can't...breath," Kimber moaned as her belly was scissored by a pair of strong, muscular thighs.

"I'm gonna crush your guts, you fuckin' cunt," Crista promised as she and Kimber rolled on to their sides pulling hair and pinching nipples.

"Fuck...that," grunted Kimber, putting her palm under Crista's chin and pushing as she ripped a set of nails thru her bulging thigh.

Crista gritted her teeth and held on as Kimber scratched up her thigh again. Still keeping her legs locked, Crista twisted the shit out of Kimber's left areola and tore out a wad of her hair from the top. Kimber cried out, but managed to break Crista's hold with a pair of knifing blows against her ribs.

"Uuuummmph! Uuuunngg!" grunted the foxy blonde, her legs springing open as she was forced over on her back.

Kimber quickly rolled on top and straddled her. Two quick slaps across the face and a rake of the nails down her face put Kimber in control as the blonde tried to cover up and protect her pretty looks.

"You fuckin' blond cunt," said Kimber pulling out a wad of Crista's fine tresses. "It's your turn to pay."

Crista screamed as her hair was torn from her head, but she screamed even louder as Kimber leaned down and bit her across the top of the right tit.

"Aaaaaaarrrrrggggg!!" screamed Crista, pulling on a handful of hair and throwing blows to the ribcage with the other. Kimber was forced to release her bite, but she added a lip-splitting backhand across the blonde's mouth as she was jerked off by the hair.


A few feet away, Karin rolled on top of Lauren and pinned her to the lawn as both girls worked their nails into each other's scalpe. Having won the battle of the legs, Karin kept Lauren's legs in check while she bounced her breasts and body up and down against the blonde. Lauren grunted and grunted as her tits and crotch took a pounding, but she just couldn't pull Karin off by the hair.

"Oh gawd, stop it! Ung! Ung!" groaned Lauren, pulling out a handful of Karin's hair.

"Ssssshhhhit!" cried the busty black, but tearing out a fist of hair herself.

"Ooooowwww! Mmmy hair!" screamed the blonde.

Karin slid her right leg between Lauren's spread legs and nailed her in the snatch with her knee. Lauren's eyes rolled back in her head and she nearly vomitted in pain as Karin straddled over her now and pulled on her nipples.

"Fuckin' white girl. I'm gonna..."


Lauren backhanded the shit out of Karin, knocking her sideways on all-fours. A driving knee into the backside of Karin's ass, shot the black beauty forward, but Lauren caught a knee in the right tit as Karin rolled to her side grabbing at her own ass.


The fighting paused at this point as Lauren and Crista lay on their backs with Karin in between them on her side, and Kimber sitting on her ass with her knees tucked up and her head resting on them. Soft moans and groans could be heard as all four had several areas hurting and throbbing. For Lauren it was her crotch. Twice it had been hit, and she lay on her back rubbing it. Crista's face was beet red from getting slapped and her lower lip was bleeding from Kimber's backhand. Her nips were also throbbing from getting pinched and biten once, and she had a thigh pretty scratched up. Most of Karin's pain was in her tits and nipples. Kimber had an assortment of pains ranging from her stinging cheeks; burning scalpe; and mauled breasts. But she was the first to rise as she walked over and helped her friend up.

"C'm on, Karin," said Kimber softly. "We've won. These bitches have had enough."

"Yeah...okay," agreed Karin, gingerly getting to her feet.

Kimber and Karin helped each other into the house as Lauren sat up and looked at Crista, just starting to stir good.

"I don't know about you," said Lauren, "but this isn't over."

Crista nodded. "I know. I've got some pay-back to get."

Lauren and Crista got up and walked towards the front door that was left wide open. Upon entering the house the blondes heard voices coming from the bathroom down the hall. Without announcing theirselves, Crista and Lauren marched straight down the hall, eager to get a piece of their black rivals.

Suddenly Karin emerged, topless, and was caught completely by surprise as she met Crista head-on. "Shit!"

"Bitch!" shouted Crista, kicking Karin in the shin and grabbing her by the top of the hair.

Karin wailed out for help as she was driven backwards several feet before falling on her backside with Crista crashing down on top of her.

But before Kimber even knew what was happening, Lauren was already coming thru the bathroom door and greeting her with a slap across the face.

"You're mine!" shouted the blonde, striking Kimber across the cheek again.

Kimber fell against the vanity, her head hitting the mirror as Lauren grabbed a topless left tit and slapped her across the face again.


"Uuuummmpphh!" grunted Karin as Crista fell down on her.

Karin quickly grabbed Crista by the back of the hair and pulled. She threw her leg around Crista's hip and pulled her off to the side, but Crista slammed a left fist into her ribs and rolled back on top. Once on top, Crista leaned down and bit Karin in the left areola as she squeezed on the right one. Karin screamed, but pulled Crista off by the hair, tearing out a fistful in the process. Crista cried out as she was forced to her knees, but squeezing on both of Karin's tits. Pulling hair with her left hand, Karin threw a half-ass right fist under Crista's jawbone. It wasn't a smashing blow, but it was enough to jar the blonde off, causing her to fall to the side and hit her head against the wall. But as Karin scrambled to her knees, Crista delivered a knee to her gut that doubled her over. Karin grunted as Crista now got to her knees and dropped an elbow in the middle of her spine. Karin flopped face down on the floor as Crista quickly straddled over her and sat down on her ass. Taking two fists of Karin's hair, Crista beat Karin's face into the carpet three times before rearing back and pulling out a handful of hair from the top of her head.

"Aaaaaarrrrgggg!!" screamed Karin, bucking like a bronc.


Taking Kimber by the hair, Lauren jerked her off the vanity and threw her up against the wall, breaking a wooden towel rack with Kimber's shoulders. Lauren pounded Kimber's head against the wall and gave her a swift kick in the crotch with her knee. Kimber's hands dropped from Lauren's hair and clutched her busted snatch as she moaned out in pain.

"You're not so tough," said Lauren, jerking Kimber by the hair and slamming her backside against the wall again.

Holding Kimber up by the hair with one hand, Lauren sent a roundhouse slap across her face with the other.


Kimber's head spun as the spit and snot splattered against the wall, and she crumpled to the floor at Lauren's feet.

"What's the matter, bitch?" asked Lauren, stepping back. "Get up. I thought you wanted to fight. I thought you were gonna kick my ass. Get up, bitch, and let's fight."

Kimber lay on the floor, sobbing and curled up holding her face and pussy. " more. Just go."

Lauren shook her head in shame. "You're pathetic, you know that."


Stepping out into the hall, Lauren saw that Crista had Karin well in contol. Sitting on the black girl's back, Crista was rubbing Karin's face back and forth against the course carpet, degrading her as Karin sobbed and begged for peace.

"Has that bitch had enough too?" asked Lauren, hands on hips.

Karin sobbed. "Oh please...stop. You win. Please stop."

"Think I should?" asked Crista with a grin.

"I guess. That other bitch doesn't want to fight anymore either," said Lauren.

"Okay," said Crista, getting off, but giving Karin's face one more shove against the carpet.

"I hope you sluts have learned your lesson," said Lauren.

"Yeah," said Crista. "Don't make us have to kick your fuckin' asses again."

Turning, Crista and Lauren left arm in arm as Karin and Kimber lay were they fell, sobbing and holding their busted bodies.

"We'll get you for this," Karin softly whispered thru teary eyes as she saw the blonde's walk away victoriously.


As the days past the girl's scratches, cuts and bruises all healed and faded away until after a couple of weeks one would never know that they had been a vicious catfight.

"Karin, we are gonna get them back, aren't we?" Kimber asked one night shortly after the fight.

"Oh, yeah. "said Karin. "And this time we aren't gonna show them any mercy like last time."

Karin and Kimber had felt like the fight was over and that they had won when they left Lauren and Crista stretched out on the lawn; even though both blondes were conscious at the time and neither had submitted.

"Think they'll want to fight us again?" asked Lauren about a week later.

Crista shrugged. "I don't know...maybe...probably, but I hope not."

A few days later Lauren got her answer as she came home from work and saw Karin and Kimber in their driveway unloading groceries from Karin's cherry BMW. As of yet, none of the girls had spoken, and had even avoided seeing each other; Kimber and Karin out of shame, and the blonde's avoiding a confrontation.

"Hey, bitch!" shouted Karin as Lauren got out of her yellow VW.

A chill ran up Lauren's back as the two foxy black girls approached her. "What?"

"We want a rematch," said Karin.

"Yeah, bitch," said Kimber as they came closer. "You jumped us after we had beaten you."

"You didn't beat us," snapped Lauren, bracing for the 2-on-1 attack.

"Bullshit," spat Karin. "You and your slut friend were laid out on the lawn."

With Crista gone, Lauren wasn't willing to provoke a catfight, but she didn't want to appear completely scared either. "So you wanna fight again?"

"That's right," said Kimber.

"This Saturday the back," said Karin.

"I'll have to talk to Crista," said Lauren.

"Maybe we should just kick her ass now and get the other one later," suggested Kimber.

"Yeah, maybe we should," said Karin as she and Lauren glared at each other.

Lauren thought quickly. She didn't have a chance against both of them at once. "Why don't we go 1-on-1 right now?"

Karin was caught by surprise. She wouldn't mind fighting Lauren alone, but just not now. "You think you're pretty hot shit, don't you bitch?"

Lauren placed her hands on her hips. "Hotter than you can handle, bitch."

Karin raised an eyebrow with Lauren. They knew were this was going. "I wouldn't mind makin' you eat those words, bitch."

"Bitch, you'll be eatin' something else when I'm done with you," said Lauren, shifting her hips.

"Oh really?" asked Karin, turning up her nose to Lauren.

"Really," said Lauren, as they stepped close together.

"Well, bitch," said Karin. "I'm free Friday night."

Lauren smirked. "A slut like you is always free."

"Then I guess that makes you a whore," said Karin.

Kimber listened in amazement. Her nipples hardened, and she wanted in on the action too. "Well, I want the other bitch," she blurted.

Lauren didn't break eye contact with Karin. "Ask her, bitch."

"Then I guess Friday night we'll find out who's the slut and who's the whore," said Karin.

"And the catfight?" asked Lauren.

"That's definately still on," said Karin.

When Crista returned, Lauren filled her in on the story. Crista wasn't shocked about the fight but was taken back when Lauren said she was going woman-to-woman with Karin Friday night and that Kimber was asking about her.

"Looks like I've got a new date for Friday night," said Crista, heading over to talk with Kimber.

After work and in their spare time, the girls spent Thursday and Friday shopping for new lingerie and visiting the hair stylist and manicurist, getting their nails honed and polished to a sharp and beaming razor's edge.

Lauren bought a pair of black nylons, and a black, silk thong to match a new black, silk teddy she'd bought a few weeks before. Karin bought a white satin bra; garter belt; thong; and a pair of sheer nylons with a lace top. Kimber got a new off-white lace bra, and a matching thong and nylons. Crista simply bought a new butterscotch, silk teddy and thong, and hit the tanning bed both nights. She opted not for hose, but instead got her legs waxed to a smooth, silky finish.

By 9 p.m. Friday, all four girls were dressed to kill and applying the finishing touches to their hair, makeup and perfume.

"How do I look?" asked Crista, standing like a goddess before Lauren.

"Mmmmm, yummy," teased Lauren, licking her tongue across her lips.

Crista giggled. "I'll save you piece then."

"And me?" asked Lauren, spinning around and showing off.

"Baby, you could melt ice in that," said Crista, her eyes all over Lauren.

The two girls stepped forward, taking hands and tightly interlocking their fingers together as they stood nose to nose and looking softly with their eyes.

"Take care of yourself," said Lauren. "I want you back in one piece."

Crista nodded. "You take care, too. I don't want you hurt."

"Things are probably gonna get out of hand," said Lauren.

Crista nodded. "I just wanna settle this stuff once and for all."

"Me too," nodded Lauren. "Ready?"

"Yep," said Crista. "Kiss?" she added, puckering up her lips.

Lauren puckered up and they touched lips in a quick, but nice, soft girl peck.

Crista hugged Lauren as their lips parted. "I love you."

"I love you, too," said Lauren. "Now go get her, tiger."

Crista giggled, "Ok, I will."

Next door Karin and Kimber were pumping each other up and bidding good luck as Karin was about to leave for Lauren's bedroom.

"Kick that cunt's ass," said Kimber.

"You can count on that," said Karin. "You kick that other slut's ass."

"Oh, I will," said Kimber as Karin opened the door to leave.

As Karin opened the door, she nearly bumped into Crista about to knock.

"Look out, bitch," said Crista.

"Fuck you, bitch," Karin replied in her face.

"No, fuck you, bitch," shot Crista as Kimber quickly came to the door.

"Get in here, bitch," said Kimber, brushing around Karin.

"You're next, slut," said Karin.

"Anytime, bitch," said Crista as they circled past each other.

"Get your ass in here, slut. Your fight is with me," Kimber said, grabbing Crista by the arm.

Crista jerked free, "Le' go, bitch."


Lauren opened the door, and she and Karin looked each other up and down. "My, don't we look slutty tonight," she said.

"Yes, we do," Karin answered with a sexy tone.

Letting Karin in, Lauren closed the door and turned around.

"Are you ready for this?" asked Karin, referring to her body as she motioned with her hands.

Lauren nodded as she and Karin stepped forward and circled extremely slowly. "Humph, not bad. But are you ready?"

Karin stepped in closer. " don't look like much, but I guess you'll do."

Lauren stepped in with her. "Ha! Honey, I'm waaaay more than you can handle."

"Well, I doubt that, bitch, but that's why we're here," snarled Karin, squaring off with the blonde.

"Oh yes! You'll see alright, bitch," said Lauren as they put their hands on their hips.

Tilting back their heads and looking down their noses at each other, Lauren and Karin took a small step forward and called each other a 'bitch' as their breasts just touched and their chins came together.

Lauren's flesh tingled and her areolas crusted over. "Mmmmmm," she moaned as her nipples popped up.

"My tits are gonna whip your tits," Karin whispered as goosebumps appeared on her upper torso, and her nipples too went hard and elongated.

"I don't think so, bitch," whispered Lauren, rolling her nipples slowly against Karin's nipples.

Karin's eyes closed. "Mmmmmm."

For a moment or so the two girls gently rubbed their tits together, until Karin pulled Lauren's black spagetti straps down her arms as the blonde reached around the black and unlocked her bra. Karin let her bra fall down her arms as Lauren's black, silk teddy slid down to her hips.

Karin cupped Lauren's milky white breasts. "Not bad, bitch."

"Not bad yourself, bitch," echoed the blonde, fondling the black's chocolate jugs.

Feeling each other's tits as if their were selecting fruit at a store, Lauren and Karin slid a thigh between the other's parted thighs and applied pressure. Karin and Lauren rolled each other's nipples in their fingers, pulling and pecking at them until their were at their hardest, longest and fullest.

"Let's fight nipples," suggested Karin, dropping her hands around Lauren's hips.

"Uh-huh," moaned Lauren, becoming very aroused already as she put her arms around Karin's neck.

Laying their heads on the other's shoulder, both girls moaned in their throats as their tits meet full force at the nipples. They name-called each other softly as their tits mushroomed and their nipples dug in and fought. Up and down they started riding their pussies on the other's firm thigh.

"Uuummmm, shit," whimpered Lauren as Karin's harder nipples inverted her's.

"Feels like my tits are winnin', bitch," moaned Karin, blowing in Lauren's left ear.

Lauren moaned. "Maybe...maybe not."

"How 'bout now?" asked Karin as she inserted her wet tongue into Lauren's ear and cupped her ass, lightly digging in with her nails as her nipples plunged deeper into Lauren's pink areolas.

"Oh gawd," groaned Lauren, her knees knocking as her pussy nearly exploded with pleasure.

Lauren firmly grabbed the back of Karin's hair and pulled her into a hot French kiss. Karin moaned as Lauren's tongue shoved it's way in, but quickly her tongue battled back as their faces now twisted in a heated dual.

Lauren's loins were boiling. Karin's nipples and tits were having their way with her, and the feel of Karin's damp snatch on her thigh was almost too much. She dropped her hands around the black's foxy ass and pulled her in tighter. Karin moaned, and their tongues went wild back and forth in their mouths. Their lips pushed past their pearly white teeth and saliva drooled down the corners of their mouths as they began to hump each other's thigh harder and faster.

"Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Don't stop!" Lauren groaned, throwing back her head and letting her long hair hang back and wave.

"Cum, bitch, cum," cheered Karin, pulling Lauren's ass cheeks apart as she pressed her black thigh harder against the blonde's sopping snatch.

"Uuuuuuunnnngggg!! Oooooooohhhhhh!! Uuuuuunnnnggggg!!" grunted Lauren from the pit of her gut as she soaked thru her black thong and made a mess on Karin's firm thigh.

"Yuuuck," said Karin as Lauren stepped back and caught her breath. "You shit on my leg."

"Fuck you, bitch," said Lauren, reaching for a handful of Karin's hair. "It's your turn to cum now."

Karin winced playfully as her hair was lightly pulled, and she pulled on Lauren's hair as they now grabbed the front of each other's thong.

Staggering around in a little circle, Lauren and Karin cussed each other out and threatened to make the other cum as they jerked and yanked until they had stripped each other of her thong. Throwing an arm around the other's neck, the sexy blonde and foxy black put their tits back together as they cupped each other's pussy.

"I'm gonna finger you out a new hole, bitch," said Lauren, running her long fingers up and down Karin's fuzzy, ribeye-shaped konk.

Karin fondled Lauren's blond, clipped triangle, and said, "Not before I finger the shit out of you."

Rolling their tits together, Lauren and Karin sealed lips and moaned as they slipped a pair of fingers up each simultainiously. Their slick, hot pussies offered up no resistence as they slowly worked their fingers in and out.

"Mmmmmm," they moaned together as they found each other's clit and went to town on it.

Pushing Karin against the wall, Lauren firmly tit fought her as they kissed and fingered. Both girls opened up their stance as a third finger entered and joined the fighting.

"Don't...stop," huffed Karin, feeling herself about to lose it.

Lauren gasped for breath. "Shit...I'm cummin'."

"Mmmm," moaned Karin. "Me...too."

They hugged each other tightly around the neck as they locked lips in a juicy French kiss right before they orgasmed.

"Ooooooohhh! Mmmmmmmm! Yeeeeeeesssss!" sang Karin, soaking Lauren's three fingers.

Lauren gritted her teeth and held her breath. Her pussy muscles tightened and held back the wave of cum just as it was about to break thru. She grunted in pain, but at least found relief in knowing that she had made Karin cream.

Breaking off, Lauren sank to her knees with her hands on her hips as Karin doubled over and rested her hands on her knees, both panting and looking into each other's lusty eyes.

"I'd say that makes us even, bitch," said Lauren.

"Fuck you. I want you in bed," said Karin.

Lauren nodded and rose up. Taking Karin by the hand, the two girls laced up their wet fingers and walked back to Lauren's bedroom.


"Shut the door, bitch," said Kimber as Crista jerked free.

"Fuck you. I will," snapped Crista, turning and closing it.


Turning back around, Crista stepped right into a slap that sent her long blond hair flying around her face.

"Don't think you're just gonna come over here and fuck me," said Kimber after she landed her slap.

Crista turned back around, touching her cheek. "You bitch," she said, striking out and slapping Kimber across the face.


Kimber staggered sideways in her heels as her dark tresses were sent flying around her face.

"Do you wanna catfight or fuck fight, bitch?" asked Crista as Kimber turned back around. "Because I don't care which we do."

"I wanna do both, bitch," answered Kimber, reaching out for Crista's hair.

"Then so do I, slut," replied Crista, her hands combing in Kimber's hair.

The two girls grunted and struggled as they jerked and yanked each other into the center of the living room. Keeping one hand in hair, Kimber and Crista cussed and trashed each other as they began stripping each other nude.

"Ooouucchh!" winced Crista as Kimber twisted her right areola.

"You call those tits," said Kimber twisting. "Oooowwww!"

Crista pinched Kimber's left areola. "Better than your's, bitch."

Steering Crista backwards, Kimber pushed her down on the couch as they both kept pulling hair and pinching nipples.

"Now I'm gonna fuck you," said Kimber, letting go of the nipple and putting both hands in Crista's hair.

Crista spread her legs and grabbed Kimber's hair. "Bring it on, slut."

Flat on her back, Crista opened wide and locked her legs around Kimber's waist as Kimber nestled down on top of her. The two girls let their nipples catfight with each other for a few moments before interlocking their tits and lining up their pussies with each other. Working her black, prickly trimmed bush against Crista's brown, bunnytail bush, Kimber began fucking her. Hugging each other around the shoulders, the black and blonde turned their faces together and locked lips. Both girls moaned as the other's wet tongue wrestled with her own, and their pussies budded open with each other.

"Mmmmm, bitch," moaned Crista as their pussies massaged on each other.

"Mmmmm, slut," echoed Kimber. "I'm gonna fuck you raw."

Back and forth Kimber rubbed her cunt with Crista's cunt, and the blonde clamped her thighs harder around the black's waist. Sealing up with Crista in another hot kiss, Kimber's clit poked out and invaded the blonde's hood. Both of their bodies shuddered at the first touch of their pink horns, and Crista could feel herself growing very hot and wet by the second. Grinding down in a rocking fashion, Kimber's clit stayed buried in Crista's hood as the blonde rapidly approached an orgasm. Closing her eyes, Crista howled out as she erupted in one of the hardest orgasms of her life. Kimber nearly lost it herself as she felt the blonde's hot, sticky girl-cum spray inside of her.

"This is gonna be easy," said Kimber as they relaxed together.

Crista suddenly jerked back on two fists of Kimber's hair. "Don't think so."

"Oooouucchh!" cried Kimber, her head stretching backwards as Crista pulled her towards the edge of the couch.

The two girls rolled off and hit the floor sideways. Neither was hurt, but it brought out a little catfighting as they wrestled, pulled hair and slapped each other across the ass. Coming out on top again, Kimber started fucking Crista. Again, Crista wrapped her long golden legs around Kimber's waist as they Frenched and fucked.

"Mmmmm, bitch," moaned Crista. "Where's that clit?"

"Mmmm, right here, bitch," moaned Kimber, sticking her clit in Crista's hood.

Both shuddered again as their tips touched and flicked across each other.

"I'm gonna make you cum," whispered Kimber, kissing Crista.

"Mmmm, maybe, but you're cummin' with me," said Crista.

"Mmmmm, your clit's not woman enough, bitch," answered Kimber between French kisses.

"Mmmmm, I'm woman enough to win this and our catfight."

Their tongues rolled and their clits frolicked as they softly trashed each other between moans and kisses. Crista spread out wide and lowered her legs around Kimber's legs. Cupping Kimber's buttocks, Crista pulled the black beauty tighter against her as her clit suddenly pumped under Kimber's hood.

"Uuuuuunnnggg," groaned Kimber as her sex was invaded.

For several minutes the two clits rumbled between hoods as the girls grew hotter and wetter by the second until neither one could hold back, and they orgasmed together.

"Oh, shit," moaned Kimber, rolling off and catching her breath.

"Told ya so, bitch," sighed Crista, her tits lifting and falling as she breathed deeply.

"I'm still ahead 2-1, slut."

"Yeah, well, not for long," said Crista, rolling sideways to face her. "Let's finger fuck."

"You're on, bitch," said Kimber, turning over on her side.

Working their bodies into each other, Kimber and Crista lifted a leg and looked down. Crista, using her left hand, and Kimber, her right, the two girls ran their fingers over the other bush.

"Ow!" winced Kimber. "Bitch."

"Ouch!" flinched Crista. "Slut."

The two girls traded a couple of more playful, yet slightly painful tugs before nestling down and inserting their fingers. Both stomach tightened and grunted as they went all the way in with their first two fingers. Locking in a hot French kiss, Kimber and Crista took long, full strokes as their fingers moved effertlessly in their slick, pink boxes. Finding each other's clit, the girls broke off their kissing to moan and throw back their heads as each was rapidly being brought to the edge.

"Oooohhh. I'm gonna cum," moaned Kimber, her pussy dripping.

"Me too. Oh, don't stop, bitch," Crista groaned, her juices boiling.

"Don't you stop either, bitch," said Kimber, her body flinching.





Together they washed each other's fingers with their hot, sudsy cum.

"It's not as easy as you thought, huh, bitch?" asked Crista, from her backside as they lay on the floor next to each other.

"'s not," replied Kimber. "But I'm not as easy as you thought."

"No. No you're not," Crista answered.

"Let's go to my bed. I'm ready for some seriously hard fuckin'."

"Alright, good. I'm ready for some very hard fuckin' too."


The Trouble With Neighbors: Lauren Anderson, Crista Nicole, Karin Taylor & Kimber West (Part 2)

Once inside Lauren's bedroom the girls removed what little they had on, leaving them in just their nylons. From opposite sides of the queen-size bed they crawled on and met in the middle. Standing on their knees, Lauren and Karin didn't speak as they embraced each other and started catfighting with their tits.

"Mmmmmm, bitch," Lauren moaned, laying her head on Karin's shoulder.

"That's right, bitch," whispered Karin, her nipples tearing into Lauren's nipples. "You know my tits are better."

Lauren swore and pulled back on a fist of Karin's thick hair. Karin winced, but grabbed the blonde's shapely ass and lightly dug in with her nails as she pulled the hot buns apart, expanding Lauren's bung hole.

"Ooooww, sshhit," yelped Lauren lowly, twisting Karin's hair in one hand as her other lightly scratched the black's left leg from the back of the thigh to the small of her back, really digging in across the bun.

"Oouuch! Slut," grimmaced Karin.

Karin jerked back on a handful of hair, twisting Lauren's body sideways as they both fell over on the bed. Lauren tried to roll on top, but Karin's leg wrapped over her leg and stopped her. Jerking on Lauren's hair again, Karin then rolled her way on top as their long, silky nylons coiled up and strained to break each other.

"I'm gonna fuck your guts out, slut," promised Karin, pressing her thigh into Lauren's snatch and leaning in for a kiss.

Lauren tried to answer, but Karin's mouth sealed with her as they got serious kissing. Lauren moved her thigh against Karin's crotch as they now thigh-fucked each other. At this point the girls more or less made love as Karin humped her ass up and down against Lauren's thigh while the blonde rocked her hips back and forth against the black's thigh.

"Mmmmmmm, bitch," moaned Lauren as Karin's left nipple and tit rolled against her right nipple and tit.

Lauren cupped Karin's right tit and squeezed. Karin ran her right hand over Lauren's left tit and squeezed. In gentle, but firm fashion, Karin and Lauren massaged each other's tit and sexually pinched each other's nipple as their pussies grew hotter and wetter. Their kisses were slow and deep as Karin's tongue penetrated Lauren's mouth and stayed there.

Lauren was going ape with lust and desire. Never before had she been this hot and aroused by any man. The hate and jealousy she had for Karin, coupled with the intense body battle had brought her womanly passions to new and greater heights. But still she wanted to win and prove her superior womanhood. "Bitch, you're makin' me cum," she moaned in Karin's mouth.

"Give it up, little girl," smiled Karin, sealing lips with again and giving her thigh a good shove into her snatch.

Lauren's body went rigid and her left leg straightened out in the air as she blew her shit all over Karin's thigh in screaming fashion.

"Gawd your pussy's weak," boasted Karin, believing she had the blonde completely under control.

"Go to hell, bitch. This ain't over," said Lauren, scooting out from under Karin, but laying sideways with her. Looking to even the score, Lauren slid her left hand between Karin's thighs and said, "You're just not woman enough to enjoy orgasms."

Karin accepted the challenge and ran her right hand between Lauren's thighs, saying, "No, bitch. You're just not woman enough to make me."

"We'll see 'bout that, bitch," said Lauren as they raised their legs and scooted in close for kissing.

"Yeah, we will, bitch," said Karin, putting her mouth on Lauren's.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, Karin and Lauren fingered each other out. Occasionally they'd exchange sharp pubic hair tugs with promises of ripping out the other's cunt tomorrow during the fight.

By now the girls had worked up quite a mixture of sweat and sex across their lithe bodies. Their eyeliner and mascara had run, making their eyes look dark and sexier, and their cheeks and chins were painted with the other's blush and ruge. Their once heavily coated lips, had now been kissed clean except for the corners.

Locked in a hot French kiss, Karin slightly rolled on top as she and Lauren fingered each other's clit with two fingers. Lauren lifted her leg around Karin's hip, and the black knew the blonde was close to busting again. Swiftly switching tactics, Karin dropped her mouth around Lauren's left tit and felt the areola instantly pucker up against her wet tongue.

"Mmmmmmmmm," moaned Lauren, her hands in Karin's hair and pushing her face down harder across her tit.

Karin's nose buried in the flesh, and she slipped in a third finger as she took the blonde's elongated nipple between her teeth.

"Oooohhh ggggawd!" cried Lauren, shaking at the hips. "Nnnnooooo!!"

Karin tugged on the nipple with her teeth as she rammed three fingers high, hard and deep into the blonde's exploding pussy. Lauren dug her fingernails into Karin's scalpe and nearly bucked her off as her hips violently lifted and fell against the mattress. And just for meaniness, Karin bit a little hard on Lauren's nipple and gave her clit a pinch during the height of the blonde's orgasm. The pain just added to the pleasure as Lauren experienced a very hard and shakey orgasm.


"Get on that bed, bitch," said Kimber as they entered her bedroom.

"You wanna scissor up?" Crista asked.

"Bitch, what I want is to fuck you raw," answered Kimber as Crista crawled on at the top of the bed.

"Alright, slut, then shut up and let's fuck," snapped Crista as Kimber got on the bed at the foot.

The double-size waterbed rolled with waves as the girls took their positions and spread open their legs. Crista wrapped her left leg over Kimber's right leg, and vice-versa as the girls aimed their angry beavers at each other and got ready to clash. Leaning back on their hands, Crista and Kimber called each other a 'slut' as they butted together. Both gave a grunt upon impact, but pulled back and butted up again.

"Uumm, slut," grunted Crista.

"Uungg, bitch," Kimber groaned.

Nearly a dozen times they rammed together, grunting and groaning as their pelvic bones slammed into each other and their pussy lips were punched open. Now butted up, both girls threw back their heads and got it on hard and fast. With their asses lifting and falling against the waterbed, Crista and Kimber fucked the shit out of each other. Pumping down hard, their clits found each other and fought. Their pink, pointy sex horns flicked up and down as their plump pussy lips sucked on each other and made slurping sounds.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm," Kimber started to moan after about ten minutes of intense pussy fighting.

Crista had dominated the last several minutes and she felt as if Kimber was about to explode. Lifting higher, Crista slammed down on Kimber's cunt, driving the black beauty's butt deep into the splashing mattress.

"Mmmmm...shit," moaned Kimber.

Crista fucked her. "What's the matter, slut? Pussy can't handle it?"

"Fuck you."

"I wish you would, bitch," said Crista, pounding Kimber's cunt.

Flat on her back, Kimber clutched her own head as Crista's clit was deep under her hood and whipping her clit. "I...I...I'm...cuu...cuuu...cuuummin!"

Crista felt Kimber's cunt buck up hard into her's, and then felt the hot juice bath over clit and against her throbbing pussy lips as Kimber vibrated in ecstacy.

"I thought you were gonna fuck me raw, bitch," teased Crista.

"Fuck you," muttered Kimber, pushing Crista off. The blonde scooted back, allowing the brunette to sit up. "This is far from over, bitch," added Kimber as she and the blonde were about to get a little rough.

"Then let's go, bitch," said Crista as they grabbed hair and got into a sitting position to fuck.

The girls gave each other some good hair tugs as they got their legs around the other's hips and brought their pussies into contact. Their tits also entered the fray, bouncing and slapping together as their pussies began round two. Running their hands in and out of each other's tussled hair, Kimber and Crista called each other nasty names between lip locks and hair pulls as their titties and pussies methodically rubbed, rolled, pressed and grinded together.


After making Lauren cum, Karin snuggled up with the blonde and softly Frenched her. Lauren put her arms around Karin's back and ran her hands up and down as the black lovenly massaged the blonde's left breast and areola.

"It's too bad...we can't be...friends," said Karin, Frenching Lauren.

"Mmmm, I...know," Lauren said between tongue laps.

The girls shifted, getting their thighs against the other's dripping snatch.

"You make," kissed Karin.

"Me...too," Lauren kissed.

For the next half-hour Lauren and Karin made slow, sensual love as they alternated between pressing their thighs into each other's snatch and fingering. Sucking each other's tongue into their mouthes, Karin and Lauren were both on the brink of a major orgasm as they gently fingered the other's pussy.

"Mmmmm, baby...don't stop," moaned Karin.

Lauren moaned back, and slid her middle finger up Karin's bung hole. Karin's body flinched in delight, and her thumb put pressure on Lauren's throbbing clit.

"I'm..." groaned Lauren.

They buried their faces in the other's hair as their bodies exchanged thunderous jolts against each other. For close to a minute their bodies vibrated together as Lauren fingered Karin's butt and Karin' thumbed Lauren's clit.

"That...was...great," labored Karin, rolling on to her back, soaked with sweat and sex.

"Mmmmmm," moaned the blonde, running her fingers thru her long, silky blond hair.

Lauren was hot. Burning with fire. Never before had her sex been this high. She wanted to win, but she also wanted to please and be pleased. Looking over at Karin, Lauren knew what she must do.

''What are you doin'?" asked Karin as Lauren sat up.

"Relax, babe," answered Lauren, getting to all-fours and straddling Karin's long, black body.

Lauren lowered her tits on top of Karin's tits and rolled them around as Karin put her arms around the blonde's neck. Their nipples dueled between the firm flesh of their tits as Lauren leaned down and Frenched her rival. After a long, slow kiss, Lauren dropped back and went from one nipple to the other, as Karin allowed her to suck them.

"Mmmmmmmm," moaned Karin, combing her fingers thru Lauren's soft tresses.

Starting in Karin's cleavage, Lauren ran her tongue south to her belly button where she sucked and tongue out the navel in wet circles. Karin moaned and asked what she was doing as the blonde went further down.

"Oh, baby," moaned Karin with a smile, lifting her hips and allowing herself to receive pleasure.

"Mmmm, you smell good," said Lauren, plowing her nose thru Karin's dark, kinky jungle.

Karin just moaned as the blonde's tongue slipped thru her tingling pussy lips. Karin lifted her hips and spread open her legs as the blonde grabbed her ass and sucked her pussy lips between her lips.

"Aaaaaaahhh!" squeeled the black, her clit flicked by a new invader.

Karin couldn't stand it any longer. Never in her life had she been this sexually aroused, and as Lauren's lips sucked her clit between them, she lost all control. Lauren smiled against Karin's bucking pussy as she tasted female sex for the very first time and liked it.


Sitting up in a scissor position, Crista and Kimber had been fuck fighting like this for close to twenty minutes. Now pulling back on a handful of hair, each was twisting on a nipple as their clits catfight back and forth between their hoods.

"Cum, motherfucker!" cried Kimber, pinching Crista's right nipple.

"Ooouuucchh! You cum, bitch!" screamed Crista, tugging on Kimber's left nipple.

"Ooooowww!" wailed Kimber, as the clit fight was back inside of her.

Grinding as hard as she could, Crista's clit turned Kimber's clit over and the raven-haired hardbody began to quake.

"Sssshhhit!" Kimber yelled, her pussy dam breaking and allowing her fluids to run free.

Kimber fell to her back, dragging Crista down on top of her. Quickly Crista pinned Kimber's arms over her head and secured her legs with her own.

"Scream my name, bitch!" demanded Crista, not missing a beat as she kept fucking the shit out of Kimber.

"No! Never!" yelled Kimber, trying to recover from her massive orgasm.

Crista's nipples tore into Kimber's nipples as her blond pussy hammered away at it's rival. Kimber fought to get her legs free, but Crista's legs were too strong, so she sucked it up and battled back with her clit.

"Fuckin' bitch, give!" shouted Crista, grinding and driving her clit into Kimber's box.

"Uuunngg! Never!" Kimber yelled, her clit turning Crista's clit back as their tits rolled like steel balls together.

Trying to pound down hard with her pussy, Crista lost her leg control and quickly found Kimber's thighs around her hips and squeezing. Crista groaned, and mashed down hard with her cunt. Kimber grunted as her clit was whipped back, but she squeezed tighter with her legs. Locking lips with Kimber, Crista concentrated on her clit fight as she shoved her tongue down Kimber's throat. Kimber groaned and tried to turn her head away, but couldn't. Crista was too much woman, and Kimber soon felt another orgasm brew as the clit fight was all up inside of her. Opening her legs, Kimber tried to buck Crista off, but the blonde snaked up her legs and sucked on her neck.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Kimber, suddenly wilting under the magic spell. "Ooohhh."

Crista felt Kimber turn to mush just before becoming rigid around the hips. Stabbing her clit deeper, Crista had Kimber singing as the dark beauty sprayed a pussy-load of hot, sticky girl-cream against her plump, blond pussy lips.

"Who's your momma, slut?" asked Crista, topping it off with a delicious French kiss that had Kimber slobbering.


"Oh my gawd...that was great," sighed Karin, looking into Lauren's eyes as the blonde gazed up between her thighs. Karin ran her hands into Lauren's hair and gently pulled her up into a smoldering French kiss.

"Mmmmm," moaned Lauren, breaking off the long kiss. "Do you like the taste of your pussy on my lips, bitch?"

"Uh-huh" smiled Karin, kissing her again. "But now it's my turn, slut."

"Then go for it, bitch," said Lauren, rolling over on her back.

Lauren jacked up her long legs and opened them as Karin got between her knees and caught a whiff of the blonde's sweet aroma.

"I hope you taste as good as you smell," said Karin, just before going down on her.

"Oh, I do, bitch," whispered Lauren. "Aaahh," she shivered at the touch of Karin's lips on her snatch.

Running her hands under Lauren's creamy ass, Karin nestled her face in the blonde's hot, pink box and inserted her tongue. Both girls closed their eyes and moaned. Karin squeezed Lauren's hearty buns as the blonde twitched her hips in a circle with Karin's twirling tongue. Lapping at Lauren's clit, Karin felt the blonde's thighs wrapped around her head and draw her in deeper. Karin rolled her face in Lauren's juicy pussy as the blonde tugged and pinched on her own nipples for extra arousal. Sucking the blonde's clit between her lips, Karin nibbled on the tip with her teeth as the blonde now quaked with delight. Within seconds, Karin's face was sprayed with Lauren's hot, sweet girl-cum. As Lauren's legs dropped from around Karin's shoulders, the black slid up and they embraced in a kiss.

"Do you like the taste of my lips?" asked Karin, kissing.

"Um-hum," moaned Lauren, flicking tongues with her.

Pressing a thigh into each other, Lauren and Karin lay on their sides Frenching and fucking each other's thigh for nearly twenty minutes.

"Umm...uuumm...uuumm," moaned Karin. "I'm...gonna...cum."

Karin soaked Lauren's thigh and the top of her black nylon.

"Damn you, bitch," sighed Karin, rolling on her back. "You make me so hot."

Lauren smiled as she moved into position between Karin's legs. "Bitch, I'm gonna make you hotter."

"Oh no, not that," moaned Karin, but fully allowing Lauren to go back down on her.

Karin lifted her legs and Lauren worked her shoulders into the back of her thighs. Lowering her face in Karin's cunt, Lauren cupped both of her chocolate globes and caressed them as she ran her tongue up and down Karin's pussy lips. Karin moaned and moaned, and helped Lauren massage her tits as the blonde licked at her pussy like a cat drinking milk from a bowl.

"Don't stop, bitch...don't ever stop," groaned Karin as Lauren licked her clit.

With Karin's thighs clamped firmly around her head, Lauren went for the kill. Shoving her nose into her pussy, Lauren ran her tongue down Karin's crack and found her bung hole. Karin cried and shook as Lauren circled the brown hole, and then shot her wad as Lauren drilled in with her tongue and reamed her out.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oooooohhhhh!! Aaaaahhhhh!! Fuuuuuuuuck!!" Karin orgasmed, soaking Lauren's forehead and eyebrows.


"Get your fat ass off me, slut," said Kimber, pushing on Crista's shoulder.

"I will not," said Crista, fighting to stay on top.

Kimber struggled as Crista interlocked her fingers with her and tied up her legs with her. Pinned flat again, Kimber was getting whipped, and she knew it. The blonde was proving her not only her physical strength, but also her sexual prowelness as well. Still, Kimber wasn't raising any white flags as she braced herself for another grind.

"Wanna give, bitch?" asked Crista, lining up her rockhard nipples with Kimber's deflated nipples. "Or do you want more?"

Kimber groaned as her nipples buckled into her areolas. "You haven't beaten me yet, bitch."

Crista smirked down at her. "Then get ready to have your guts fucked out."

Kimber knew Crista could make good on her promise, but still she'd resign nothing. "Then prove it, slut."

Tightening her long, bronze legs around Kimber's long, brown legs, Crista lay her head on Kimber's shoulder and opened up her assault with a breast duel. Both softly moaned in the other's ear as their fingers twitched and squeezed together while their firm, round tits rolled at the nipples. Around and around Crista's nipples tore up Kimber's nipples, but her tits failed to bust Kimber's tits as the dark beauties boobs remained round, solid and firm.

"I'll say one thing," said Crista, after almost fifteen minutes of dueling, "you've got a strong set of tits, bitch."

Kimber responded by squeezing Crista's hands. Crista turned her face into Kimber's and locked up in a kiss with her as she now brought her pussy into the battle.

"Mmmmmm," Kimber moaned in her mouth as her hood suddenly found Crista's clit in it.

They continued kissing as Kimber's clit came out to catfight Crista's clit. Forcing their legs further apart, Crista pumped down, driving her clit into Kimber's clit. The two sex horns pushed and shoved each other around under Kimber's hood as Crista poured everything she had into making Kimber orgasm, submit or both.

"Uuuummmm!" grunted Kimber as Crista's nipples went deeper into her areolas. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned as the blonde's tongue rammed down her throat. "Uuuuunnnggg!" she groaned as her clit was getting slapped around.

With every muscle in Crista's body screaming, the blonde now man-fucked the brunette, pounding and pounding with her pussy and grinding and grinding with her tits. Desperately trying to break off the torid French kiss, Kimber was taking the fucking of her life. Even her once firm tits were now deflating and being driven over her ribcage as a major orgasm was building in her loins.

"Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung! Ung!" grunted Kimber, breaking her mouth free.

"Cum! Cum! Cum, you fuckin' cunt! Cum! Crista demanded, fucking like a demon.

"Uuuuuuunnnnngggggg!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!! Uuuuuuummmmm!!" exploded Kimber in relief.

Kimber's orgasm rattled the windows and shook the bed, and Crista nearly bit thru her bottom lip as she held on to her sex. She wasn't about to mix juices with Kimber after fucking the shit out of her. She had to prove that she could fuck like that and not give it up.


After blowing her load on Lauren's face, Karin said, "Give me that ass."

Lauren didn't object. She was hot. Hot for Karin, and her pussy needed relief. "Eat me out, bitch," she said, laying down on her back and spreading her legs.

"Oh, don't worry, bitch," said Karin, getting between the long, white legs, "I'm gonna devour you."

Shoving her face into Lauren's red, smoldering beaver, Karin had the blonde dripping in no time. Lifting her legs around Karin's shoulders, Lauren moaned as her cunt was circled by Karin's tongue. Karin was like a kid in a candy store licking the blonde's hot honey hole and caressing her soft, white buns.

"Ooohh...don't stop," moaned Lauren. "You're...killin'"

Karin tongued Lauren from hole to hole, and the blonde squeeled everytime her pink bung hole was kissed by Karin's wet, probing tongue.

"Oh, bitch," said Karin, looking at Lauren's twat. "You're so wet."

"Uh-huh," moaned Lauren, pushing Karin's face back down.

Karin wondered if Lauren was cumming, but obviously she wasn't. But still, she was absolutely dripping with sex. Chomping back down on Lauren's pussy lips, Karin sucked them for a minute before running her tongue across Lauren's bung hole. The blonde bucked and yelped, but didn't cum as Karin slipped her tongue in and reamed her out fully. Running her tongue back up Lauren's pussy crack, Karin sucked her clit between her lips as she slowly inserted two fingers up the blonde's ass.

"Oh gawd!" bucked Lauren, forcefully. "Yes!!!"

That did it. Karin's head was bucked out as Lauren shot a stream of cum straight up into her face, splashing her across the left cheek. Instictively, Karin wiggled her fingers in the blonde's tight ass as Lauren literally screamed out her orgasm.

"Damn...bitch!" thought Karin in amazement.


Crista and Kimber lay together on their backs as the waves of the waterbed slowly subsided. Both girls were drenched in sweat and sex, and their bodies ached from the rough intercourse they were having.

"Had enough, slut?" asked Crista, turning her head in Kimber's direction.

Kimber blinked at her as they both were finally catching their breathes. "I'll're a tough fuck..."

"Then you give?" asked the blonde, interrupting.

"No, bitch. I'll never give," Kimber answered sternly.

"You might as well, bitch," said Crista. "You know you can't beat me."

"No, bitch. I don't know that," stated Kimber, sitting up. "Let's end this."

"Scissor?" asked Crista, sitting up now.

"Is there any other way," Kimber posed as a fact rather than a question.


Crawling up next to Lauren, Karin laid down with her as they put their arms around each other's neck and draped their legs together.

"You are one hot bitch," said Karin, gently pecking Lauren on the lips.

"Mmm, so are you, bitch," Lauren answered, rubbing noses with her. "I'd say we're pretty even sexually."

"Close, but not quite," purred Karin.

"Oh really?"

"Uh-huh, really," whispered Karin.

"And I suppose you think you're hotter," Lauren growled in a low, sexy tone.

Karin nodded. "I am."

"Well," said Lauren, "we haven't exactly gone woman-to-woman yet, so maybe we should. Then we'll know who's really hotter."

"And you'll find that to be me, bitch," said Karin.

"Oh, I don't think so, slut."

"Then take me on and I'll show you, bitch," Karin said back.

"Fine...I will. Let's end it," said Lauren, with a yank of hair.

"Let's go, bitch. I'm ready," Karin snapped, responding in kind.


Assuming the position, Crista and Kimber promised to fuck the other's brains out as they leaned back on their hands and aimed their pussies at each other.


The girls grunted.


The girls groaned.


The girls moaned.


The girls winced.

Grind. Grind. Grind.

Crista and Kimber threw back their heads, swearing, as they locked pussies and fucked.


Next door Lauren and Karin's fleeting passion and love making disappeared and their hate and jealousy for each other returned as they scissored up for their ultimate conquest over the other.

"I'm gonna fuck you stupid, bitch," said Lauren as she and Karin worked their legs one over the other and around their hips.

"Slut, your pussy isn't strong enough to whip mine," Karin responded as they leaned back on their hands and got ready to pussy-box.

"Oh yeah, bitch," said Lauren, aiming.

"Yeah, bitch," said Karin, aiming.


They grunted.


They groaned.


They moaned.

The black and blonde slammed their cunts together another dozen times or so, smashing open their pussy lips and bruising their pelvic bones.

"Fuckin' nigger," growled Lauren, leaning forward and grabbing Karin's hair with both hands.

"Cheap, white-ass motherfucker," Karin snarled, sinking her hands high into a mass of blond silk.

Jerking back, the girls winced, and their tits came together slapping as their pussies started catfighting.


Crista and Kimber were back on their elbows grinding as hard as they could into each other. Both pussies were spread and dripping as their clits fought fought it out in the middle.

"Uuuuummm...uuuunnnn...bitch," grunted Crista, her juices boiling.

"Aaaahhhh...huuummph...slut," Kimber groaned, biting her lower lip.


Lauren and Karin tossed each other's head around in circles as their nipples fenced and their clits came out to joust.

"I fuckin' hate you," swore Lauren.

"Fuck you. I hate you more, you white slut."

"Oh! Oh! Aaaahhh!" moaned Lauren as their clits touched for the very first time.

Karin also exhaled with arousal, and threw her arms around Lauren's shoulders. Lauren hugged back as their tits mushroomed and their clits started to tangle.


Beads of sweat ran down the cheeks of Kimber and Crista as they fucked the shit out of each other. Their firms titties jiggled like jello as their abs rippled like waves. Rocking their hips counter-clockwise, Crista and Kimber's clits fought tooth-n-nail, twisting, turning, and bending in all directions. Crista reached down and tugged on a few of Kimber's cunt hairs. Kimber winced, but made Crista wince when she returned the pain. Crista slapped Kimber across the left tit. Kimber pinched Crista's right areola.

"Oooohh gggawd!" moaned the blonde, now turning on the black's rotund areola.

Kimber cried, and then they both cried as they stretched out the nipple and clit fought.


Hugged up tightly, Lauren and Karin fucked pussies as their nipples waged war under the mass of tit flesh. Both were on the brink as their clits took turns catfighting inside of each other. Lauren's. Karin's. Lauren's. Karin's. Lauren's. Karin's. Lauren's. Karin's. Lauren's. Karin's.

"Uuuuunnnngggg!" wailed Lauren as both of her nipples were inverted and Karin's clit stabbed up high into her hood.

"My...clit's...winnin'," huffed Karin, her clit pinning Lauren's clit under the blonde's hood.

Lauren groaned. "Fuck you."

"Uuuummpphhh!" Karin puffed, her clit driven back and turned under.


For the next 15 minutes or so, all four girls experienced the hottest sex in their lives as nobody was able to dominate the other sexually for very long. With hair pulls and tittie twisters, it was fine mixture of catfighting and sexfighting.


Falling back on their elbows, Crista and Kimber fucked each other mad. Their hips lifted and fell against the waves of the waterbed as their clits battled to a feverish ending.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oooohhhh nnnnoooo!" howled Crista, unable to hold back any longer.

"Ooohhh ssshhhit! Ooohhh ssshhhit! I...I'm...cuuuuummmmin!" screamed Kimber at the same time.


Lauren was flat on her back with one leg spread out and the other held high against Karin's shoulder as the foxy black girl was doing a 'ride the pony' on her.

"Give motherfucker! Give!" yelled Karin, fighting to hold on as she had Lauren on the brink of disaster.

Lauren was moaning and groaning as Karin fucked down on her. The blonde was fighting back as she had one hand pinching a nipple and the other digging into Karin's hip. Karin was also using her nails to fight with as she had Lauren's left tit stretched out by the nipple and her chin tucked into her chest by pulling on the top of her hair.


Kimber and Crista fell to their backs spread eagle. Their pussies just barely slurping at the lips as the waterbed kept them brushing together. The girls were both worn out and breathing profusely.


Knocking Lauren's fingers off her nipple, Karin slapped the blonde across the cheek as she spread her clit deep inside of her. Lauren hardly felt the half-ass slap, but she sure felt Karin's clit tear inside of her hood.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" cried Lauren, just before she came.

Falling off backwards, Karin and her defeated rival lay with their legs crossed together as they both labored hard for air.


Kimber ran her hands thru her sweaty hair. "No more."

Crista sat up on her elbows. "Huh?"

"That's it. No more."

Crista brushed her long, matted tresses from her face. "You quit?"

Kimber was silent for a moment. "No, bitch. I never quit. You've won this fight but you're not winnin' the next."

"Ha! I've whipped you this way, and I'll whip you that way too."

Kimber rolled off the bed and on to her feet. "Get up! You fuckin' blond slut and we'll just see who whips who."

Crista wasn't sure if she was ready for a catfight now. But if Kimber was game, then so was she. "Alright, bitch," she said, getting up. "I'm gonna give you the beatin' of a lifetime."

Without saying another word Kimber lunged with a slap, but Crista ducked under and swung in behind her.

"Ooooww!" cried Kimber, her head suddenly jerked backwards by the hair.

"I'm gonna rip this shit out!" shouted Crista, placing her right kneecap into the small of Kimber's back and bending her back like a bow.

"Sssshhhhit! Mmmmmy hair!" screamed Kimber as she felt a big wad leave the back of her scalpe.

Standing on one foot, Crista lost her balance and the two girls stumbled around a second or two before the blonde pushed Kimber down to her knees and shoved her face in the waterbed.

"Fuckin' black bitch!" yelled Crista, still working on Kimber's ravin tresses.

"Oh gawd! Stop it! Le' mmmmeee gggooo!" Kimber cried, struggling to escape as Crista tossed her head up and down into the splashing bed.

"Bitch, you wanted to fight," stated Crista, tearing out a handful of Kimber's hair from the top of her scalpe as the black fox screamed in pain.

Pushing herself off the bed, Kimber was helped to her feet as she was hauled up by the hair. Crista tried to stay behind her, but Kimber was able to twist around and sink her hands into the blonde's long, flowing locks.

"Ooouuuch!" wailed Crista as her hair was pulled.

Standing between the waterbed and the dresser, Kimber and Crista got it on in a wild and wooley hair pulling catfight. Both beauties were swearing and screaming as they dug their toes and heels into the carpet and pulled like hell on each other.



Both females took out a huge fist of hair from the back.

"You cunt!" shouted Crista, grabbing Kimber's left arm and biting it above the elbow.

"Yeeeoooowww!" screamed Kimber, plowing her right fist into Crista's left, dangling tit.

Crista grunted deeply and doubled over. Kimber added a knee to the gut that sent Crista stumbling backwards until she hit the wall.


"Looks like I'm the better woman," said Karin as Lauren started to stir.

"I don't think so."

"What? I just fucked the shit out of you!"

"You just got lucky, bitch," said Lauren as they stood up to their knees on the bed.

"Well maybe you won't think it's luck when I get my nails in your eyes tomorrow."

"Why wait? We can settle it now," suggested Lauren. "I'm sure they're doin' it."

Karin nodded. "Alright...I'm sure they probably are, and I'm sure Kimber's kickin' ass just like I'm gonna do."

"Bitch, you're just all talk."

"Yeah, right," said Karin. "I've talked with my pussy and now I'm gonna talk with my fists."

For a split second the two girls looked at each other with a mixture of emotions. They were jealous of each other's perfect body, and yet very attracted to it. During their sexfight both had given and received pleasure that they didn't know was possible, and now that they had, both wouldn't mind doing it again. But for now, something told them that they had to fight if they ever wanted to be lovers later. And so with that, they called each other a 'bitch' as they grabbed two fists of hair and began pulling.

"Ooww! Bitch," hissed Lauren.

"Oouuch! You slut," Karin spat.

Falling over on their sides, the two beauties locked up their tits and laced up their legs as they slowly rolled back and forth on top of each other trying to pull out the other's hair.

"Oooowww! Ssshhhit!" cried Lauren, loosing a handful of hair.

"I fuckin' hate you," said Karin, removing the hair at the back as she felt Lauren's nipples pucker up with hers.

The rolling grind continued, and Lauren lost another fistful of hair.

"Oooowww! You bitch!" shouted Lauren, working her right leg loose and giving Karin's belly her kneecap.

"Ooommmpphh!" grunted the black beauty as her stomach soaked up the blow.

"I fuckin' hate you too," Lauren said, adding a fist across Karin's jawbone.

Rolling to her knees, Lauren added an karate chop across Karin's left tit, splitting the orb in half. Karin's eyes fluttered, but she made Lauren wince by cutting her fingernails across the top of the blonde's chest, just under the throat. Lauren dropped over on top, and the two females wrestled their way into a mutual bear hug.

"Uunngg...slut," grunted Karin as their tits started catfighting at the nipples.

"Uuummph...cunt," Lauren groaned as her blond beaver butted up with Karin's black box.

The girls strained for breath as they squeezed each other's ribs into their lungs. Fighting her way back on top, Lauren mashed her nipples into Karin's and grinded her blond jungle with Karin's black jungle as their clits met in the middle and brawled.

"Mmmmm, bitch," moaned Karin, cheek-to-cheek with Lauren as the blonde's clit invaded her hood.

"I'm gonna make you cum," said Lauren, turning her face into Karin's and giving her a wet French kiss.

Mixed in the middle of a catfight the two girls couldn't control their urges for each other as they 'made out' and fucked. Their rigid nipples took turns inverting each other while the clit fight stayed up in Karin's hood.

"I'm gonna cum," moaned Karin, just before loosing it.

Lauren busted right after her, and then ran her fingernails down Karin's left cheek expressing her hate.


Crista came off the wall, and both girls had the same targets in mind as they grabbed each other by the tits and squeezed.

"Oooowww! Mmmmy tits!" cried Crista, her orbs crushed and clawed.

"Sssshhhhit! Leee' gggooo!" Kimber howled, both of her nipples turned.

Still twisting on a nipple, Crista slapped Kimber's face. Kimber slapped her back as she too kept mauling a boob. Crista slapped Kimber again. Kimber slapped her back.

"Oh you, bitch! Le' go my fuckin' tit!" yelled Crista, taking Kimber down to the bed by the hair.

"Oooowww! My hair!" screamed Kimber. "Oooooww fuuuuck!"

Crista drilled her nails into Kimber's right tit. Quickly, Kimber worked her right knee between them and was able to shove Crista backwards into the dresser.


The scratch down the cheek brought Karin back to her senses. Obviously Lauren wanted to fight and not fuck.

"Ooooww! You bitch!" cried Karin, grabbing a handful of hair and tit.

Lauren winced and yelped as she was pulled over by the hair and her left tit taking on five angry nails. The two girls then started cussing each other as they both pulled on hair and rolled on the bed.

"Oooww! Shit!" cried Lauren, her tit scratched again.

"You fuckin' white bitch," swore Karin, twisting in with her talons.

Lauren rolled to her knees and slapped Karin across the face. From her back, Karin responded with a backhand across the mouth. Lauren let Karin taste the back of her hand as she popped her across the mouth. Karin then slapped Lauren to the bed, striking her hard across the cheek.

"Uuunnggg!" grunted Karin, suddenly taking another knee to the belly.

"You black cunt," growled Lauren, rolling over and straddling Karin across the hips. "I fuckin' hate you!"

Karin howled like a dog as Lauren twisted the shit out of her brown areolas and stretched her tits into a cone. Slamming Karin tits together, Lauren buried her nails in the left one as she backhanded Karin across the lips, drawing blood in the corner. Drawing up her arm, Lauren then drove her elbow downward, striking Karin flush in the right tit. Karin gasped for air, and then screamed bloody murder as Lauren bit down on her left areola.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggggggg!!!" screamed Karin, clawing her nails thru Lauren's face.

Lauren was forced to let go, but she didn't stop. Reaching around behind herself, she clamped Karin's pussy and twisted her nails into the plump, wet pussy lips.

"I told you I was gonna rip out your cunt, slut," said Lauren, now plucking out several fingers full of kinky, black fuzz.


Before Kimber could get off the bed, Crista dove back on her chest. Looking to end the fight with one fell swoop, Crista clutched both of Kimber's tits and squeezed as she threw her head between her legs and bit down on her pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!" screamed Kimber, her body jolting as if she had been struck by lightening.

Tearing Crista's face out of her pussy by the top of the hair, Kimber yanked her up next to her. Crista fell on the bed next to her as both girls threw and arm around the other neck and punched each other in the face. Lauren treated Kimber to a bloody nose, while Kimber feed her a lip-busting knuckle sandwich. Kimber then sank her talons into Crista's right tit as the blonde reached down and clawed at the brunette's pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Kimber as her body once again jolted in pain.

Slinging herself over and on top of Crista, Kimber ripped her fingernails thru both of Crista's tits as she now went down on the blonde's snatch and gave her a taste of her own medicine.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggg!!!!!" cried Crista at the top of her lungs.

Tearing Kimber off by the hair, the two fighters rolled off the foot of the bed and really laid into each other's hair. Rolling between the foot of the bed and a chest of drawers, Kimber and Crista were screaming as they both tore out a handful of hair at the roots.

"Yeeeeooooowww!!" screamed Crista, trying to scoot back from Kimber.

"Oooowwweee!!" Kimber bawled, her long legs going around the blonde's waist.

Crista tried to scoot clear, but Kimber's legs caught her around neck and shoulders. But instead of working in Kimber's favor, it turned out to be disaster. Locking her legs, Kimber accidentally drew Crista's face into her snatch.


Instantly Kimber's legs flew open and she yanked Crista out by the hair. Crista fell on top of her as they rolled on their sides and wrapped up in another duel headlock. For a few seconds the two girls clawed each other by the tit before taking each other by the pussy and squeezing. Crista screamed as she felt Kimber's nails claw thru her cunt. Kimber cried as Crista tore out a clump of her pubic hair.

"Mmmmmyyyy pppppuuuuuuusssssssyyyyy!!!" screamed Crista, punching Kimber in the nose, making it bleed even harder now.

"Ssssshhhhhiiiiittttt!! Leeeee' ggggoooo!!" Kimber cried, slugging Crista in the eye (giving her what would turn out to be a nice shiner).

The two girls now tore at each other's hair while they wrestled back and forth between the bed and the chest of drawers. Rolling to their knees, pulling hair, Kimber slapped Crista across the face, knocking her down on all-fours. Trying to mount Crista's back, Kimber was shoved off, and they found themselves head-to-toe looking at each other's cunts. Kimber dove in first.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!!!!!" cried Crista.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!!!!!" Kimber screamed.

Kimber dug her fingernails into Crista's ass and took another bite out of her juicy pussy.


Rolling over on her back, Crista grabbed Kimber's buttocks and split them open as she pulled the brunette's pussy towards her face.


Kimber bit back down on Crista' pussy, but the blonde took the pain and kept her teeth chomping on Kimber's vagina. For just a few eternal seconds, Kimber and Crista went stiff on each other as both kept their teeth clamped to the thick, plump pussy lips. Tears flowed and squirted from their eyes as each held on for dear life, desperately trying to win this final siege of their catfight.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!" Kimber screamed, falling out of Crista's legs.

Immediately their bodies drew up in a fetal position as each woman held her pussy and cried her eyes out for over ten minutes. Kimber kept asking Crista to leave, but the blonde was in no shape to get up, much less walk.

"Just've...won," Kimber kept sobbing and repeating.

Finally after about twenty minutes, Crista had recovered enough to stir around. Kimber had already crawled back on to her bed and lay under the covers as Crista gingerly walked to the living room and then collapsed on the couch. It would be morning before Crista (with the help of Lauren) left for her own bed.

Epilog: Karin and Kimber moved away within a few weeks, and Crista and Lauren began a very hot lesbian affair. And although Crista was a great fuck, Lauren still longed for the day when she and Karin could lock clits and tear it up. Fortunately for her, that day would indeed cum.