Baywatch Beach Battle: Gena Lee Nolin vs. Pamela Anderson by John

The present and past Baywatch starlets had been gathered together by the "Baywatch" producers to make a 1999 Baywatch Girls calendar, for which there was a considerable demand. Gena Lee Nolin, Pam Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Donna D'Errico, Nicole Eggert, Kelly Packard, Carmen Electra, Marliece Andrada, and Mitzi Kapture were all present for the photo shot, along with a number of other Baywatch girls for group shots.

It became instantly clear that several years apart hadn't done anything to cool the dislike between Gena and Pam. They never got along well when they were costars on Baywatch, and they weren't any more friendly now. Several times when they were costars, they nearly got into some fights, but the girls were quickly broken up.

They always verbally sparred with each other and traded nasty insults, and today was no different. It was just like they were still costars. Pam walked around the beach while some other girls were photographed. She walked by Gena and smirked a little.

She said, "I see having a kid hasn't done much for that swimsuit of yours."

Gena got irritated and fired back, "You're the one who's put on some pounds honey, so don't go there with me."

Now Pam was mad. "Hey, I wasn't talking about your weight. I meant your tits, sweetie. You're still flat, just like you were before. It's a miracle your kid hasn't starved on those tiny little things," Pam fired with a smile.

Gena flustered at the insult to her curvaceous body said angrily, "I'm not as big as you, and I wouldn't want to be, but I'm hardly flat."

Gena paused to let that sink in, and added, "Mine are original equipment, honey. I don't have a set of overblown sagging piles of silicon."

Pam blushed and got very mad at that. She was ready to punch Gena. David Hasselhoff had heard the raised voices and came over between the girls. He told them, "This is getting tiring with you two. You haven't seen each other in years, and you're right back at each other's throats just like before. We've got a calendar photo shoot to do here, so if you two can't behave like adults, then leave."

Gena and Pam glared at each other. Neither would leave and get left out of the calendar. Pam said, "We'll behave."

Gena responded, "Yeah, we'll stop arguing."

"Good," David said, as he walked off and left the girls behind.

Gena shot at Pam softly, "That was your fault. If you'd keep your voice down, we wouldn't have gotten yelled at."

Pam responded, "My fault? You started it."

Gena said, "No, YOU started it. I finished it."

David came back, "Are you two still at it?"

Both women blushed. David told them in anger, "I told you before that I was sick of your constant arguments. I am sick of it, and it stops now. You two want to fight it out, fine. After the photo shoot is done, you two can have it out. Nobody is going to stop you, or separate you or interfere. I don't give a damn, if you two kill each other!" He stormed off in a furious rage, and left the two women behind.

The rest of the photo shoot went by reasonably well. David had thought that his little burst of anger had settled the two warring women down, though he felt a bit guilty about how he yelled at them. When the photo shoot concluded, the two women sat and waited for David. He saw them. He decided to go over and apologize for the way he yelled at them earlier.

He said, "Girls, I shouldn't have yelled at you like I did before..."

He didn't even get the chance to finish his statement. Pam shocked him when she said, "You were right. The time for arguments is done. We're here to fight."

Gena look angrily at her and said, "Yeah, we want to have this out and finish it."

Pam surprised both David and Gena when she said, "It should be a catfight to a submission or a knockout finish and the loser can't return for any Baywatch functions every again. Nothing barred."

Gena yelled out, "Hey, I didn't agree to that."

Pam glared at her, "What's the matter? You scared of me, Miss Chickenshit?"

Gena replied, "No way. I'll beat the crap out of you."

Pam retorted, "Fine, let's fight then."

David could see that the girls would not be talked out of a fight at this point. So he relented and said, "OK, ladies. Let's go outside. You can fight it out on the beach."

David walked out to the beach with the two blondes behind him. The other girls saw them and followed the trio to the beach.

He stopped and said, "OK, girls. This is a good spot. Shake hands and come out fighting on my signal."

Gena extended her hand to shake, but Pam threw a fistful of sand into the girl's face and lunged at the blinded girl. Pam knocked Gena to the sand, and came down on top of her, as Gena went over. Pam grabbed Gena's long blonde hair and hauled her up to her feet. She slammed Gena down into the sand again, hard on her back.

Gena lashed out with her feet and caught Pam in the thigh even though she still couldn't see very well. She pushed Pam back a little, and that gave her a moment to get together more. Pam charged again, on the attack. Gena set herself and spin kicked as Pam approached. She caught Pam square in the belly, right below the belly button. Pam groaned as the pain surged through her abdomen. Gena looked over and saw Pam was in pain.

Gena grabbed Pam by the hair and forced her head down, while she lifted her own knee. She gave Pam a wicked knee lift to the face that bloodied the big blonde's nose a little. Pam went down and rolled over. She felt her nose, worried that Gena had broken it. Gena continued the attack with a hard kick to the midsection that downed Pam again, followed by a hard elbow drop to the kidneys. Pam yelped in pain as the elbow sank in.

Gena got up and grabbed Pam's leg and applied a painful stepover leg lock. She bent Pam's leg in an unnatural direction to elicit a surrender from the girl. Pam refused to give up. Gena moved in a little to apply more pressure, and Pam swung out with her free leg and kicked Gena away. Gena went down, but she was more surprised than hurt. She got up quickly. Pam started to get up as well, but slower than Gena. Gena hung back and watched Pam for just a moment. Gena was wary of Pam and that her pain could be faked.

Gena decided that it was more important to keep pressure on her opponent than worry that Pam faked her pain. This was a fight after all. Gena grabbed Pam by the hair and wrapped her strong thighs around Pam's head in a standing head scissors. She interlocked her ankles and squeezed. Pam gasped as she couldn't breath, and Gena kept up the pressure. Pam got scared and tried to pull apart Gena's leg, but she couldn't. She did the only thing she could think of to escape. She dug her nails hard into the back of Gena's thighs and raked her nails all the way down to the knee.

Gena released her scissors hold and worried about her scratched up thighs. Pam sensed the scissor hold weaken and wrenched Gena's legs forward as she flipped her opponent over her back and down to the sand. Pam got up relatively quickly, but Gena was already up. Gena ran at full speed at Pam. Pam ducked under Gena's forearm across the throat at the last second. Gena went past Pam as her attack had missed. Gena moved in slower this time and the women locked up and pulled each other's long blonde hair.

They violently tugged on each other's mane of blonde hair for several minutes, with neither women advantaged. Pam surprised Gena when she trapped her leg around Gena's and brought them both down, with Pam on top. The fall forced both women to release the hairpulls. Pam ripped off her own bikini top and smothered Gena's face with her big tits, as she pinned the blonde down. Pam screamed in pain as Gena bit into her tit to force her off.

Pam rolled away with fury in her eyes and stood up. Gena also stood, and they locked up again. Pam dropped onto her back and monkey flipped Gena over quickly. They both got up again. Pam charged at Gena and kicked at her head. Gena avoided the kick, and spun around to deliver a solid spin kick to the kidney as Pam passed her. Gena stopped and watched Pam for her next move.

Pam turned and watched Gena as well. She raised her fists, and Gena did the same. The two women approached each other in a boxing stance, fists raised. They watched for an opportunity to strike. Gena saw her chance and fired a strong right at Pam's jaw. Pam easily avoided the blow and countered with a solid right of her own into Gena's left tit. Gena gasped and backed away. Pam followed. She continued to punch at Gena, while Gena retreated.

Most of Pam's blows missed because Gena was out of range, but some hit. Pam used a burst of speed and moved in close to Gena. She surprised Gena with a series of jabs and uppercuts that were concentrated on her voluptuous tits. Pam nailed Gena's globes with a series of rights and lefts. She staggered the beautiful blonde with the flurry of punches.

Gena managed to back away after she'd taken a dozen blows to her tits. Gena held up her fists to protect her battered and bruised tits from any more damage as she moved away, but Pam followed and continued her attack. Gena's hands were low and Pam feinted with a hook to the jaw. Gena moved to block it, but that left her wide open to the real attack, a solid kick to the ribs.

Gena groaned as Pam's leg impacted against her ribcage. Gena went down to the sand hard in obvious pain. Pam stood over her and grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. Pam put Gena in a headlock/chokehold as she tried to knock out her opponent.

Gena struggled though and elbowed Pam twice in the gut to get free. Pam released the hold and looked at Gena. Pam raised her hands for a test of strength. Gena reluctantly obliged and interlaced her fingers with Pam's. They pushed and strained against each other. Their biceps bulged as their muscles worked to overpower the other woman's muscles.

Pam quickly overpowered Gena and forced her back. Pam dug in and used her strength. She forced Gena down to her knees. Pam quickly kneed her in the face, and shoved back. The knee bloodied Gena's pretty face, but she didn't even get a moment to check the damage. Pam moved in fast and dropped her strong leg across Gena's tits. Gena yelled in pain from the increased damage to her injured tits.

Pam held Gena in place by the hair as she snaked her long leg around Gena and clamped on a tit scissors. Gena was weakened by the scissors and needed to get free. She tried, but couldn't get Pam's legs apart to escape. Gena reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of Pam's huge tits and squeezed them as hard as she could. Pam shrieked as her tits came under attack.

She immediately released the scissors and pulled away. Pam got up quickly. She was extremely angry at that attack.

She grabbed Gena by the tits and pulled her to her feet by her already sore feminine globes. Gena's bikini top couldn't withstand all the abuse and it was nearly torn off her. As Pam raised her up by the tits, Gena saw her chance. She kicked as hard as she could at Pam's crotch. Gena nailed her with a perfectly aimed shot between the legs.

Pam immediately released Gena and clutched at her womanhood as she fell to the sand in pain. Gena steadied herself and went over to her wounded adversary. She wasn't in much better shape than Pam, but she knew that she had to press her attack quickly or Pam would recover. Gena stomped down hard on Pam's tits. She wanted to really hurt Pam now.

Gena rolled Pam over and grabbed her arms, while she put her foot into the small of Pam's back and pulled. Pam screamed as the surfboard hold did it's job and pain filled her lower back. The more Pam yelled, the harder Gena pulled.

"Give up, bitch!" Gena yelled.

"Fuck off! No way!" Pam responded as she yelled.

Gena saw that this hold wouldn't do it. So Gena switched her attack and grabbed Pam's legs. She lifted Pam's legs and squatted over Pam's back, as she put Pam in a painful Boston Crab hold. Pam screamed out in pain as her back was once again under attack.

Gena bent back as she tried to add pressure to the hold, but Pam used that to her advantage. She grabbed Gena by the hair and pulled to the side. After several pulls, Gena was off Pam and on the sand next to her. Gena got up faster than Pam and went over dropped her knee into Pam's damaged back. She got up and did it again. She stretched out across Pam's back

and put her into a camel clutch, as she stretched Pam's back and neck.

Gena was frustrated that several minutes in the painful hold hadn't made Pam surrender. She switched her attack and clamped her leg longs around Pam's neck in a choking neck scissors. Gena used her free hands and dug her nails into Pam's full tits. Pam nearly passed out from the pain and lack of oxygen.

Pam wouldn't let Gena win that easily though. She reached down and grabbed some sand, which she threw in Gena's face. Gena was again blinded, and weakened her holds at least a little, as she struggled to regain her sight.

Pam rolled away and got free. She stood up slowly, her tits still in a lot of pain. She backed up to get a good start. She ran at full speed and dropkicked Gena across the tits. Gena screamed in pain as her tits once again took all the damage. Pam went over to her injured opponent and straddled across her chest. Pam reached down and started to choke her. Gena quickly retaliated as she squeezed at Pam's full breasts. They lay there for several minutes in each other's death grips, as Pam choked and Gena squeezed. Gena saw that her squeezes, though painful, would not unseat her enemy. Gena switched her attack and raked her nails hard and deep across Pam's tits. She left a set of long, bloody scratches across Pam's tits. Pam yelled in pain and jumped off Gena.

Pam screamed, "I'm gonna kill you, you bitch."

Pam charged at Gena. Gena raised her legs and kicked Pam away as she got into range. Gena used that opportunity to move away and get up and into a position to continue the fight. Pam was only pushed back a little. Gena barely had enough time to get up before Pam was on her again. Pam roughly grabbed one of Gena's legs and brought her down. She held the leg and grabbed Gena's arm, as she pressed her foot into Gena's midsection and stretched her out. Gena yelped. After a few minutes, Pam released that hold.

Gena tried to get up, but Pam shoved her down again. Pam grabbed Gena's hair and flipped her over to put the girl on her stomach. Pam grabbed both of Gena's legs and put her in a painful double-toe leg lock. Gena yelled as her calves and thighs were twisted and compressed together. Pam's arm were free so she grabbed a hold of Gena's hair and pulled her head back and added a camel clutch to the hold. Gena was just about to give up, when Pam released the hold.

"Not so fast, honey. You're gonna hurt before I let you quit," Pam sneered at her enemy.

Pam hauled Gena to her feet by the hair again. Pam held Gena with one hand, while she punched at Gena's tits with her free hand. She alternated punches to each tit. Pam stopped just before a surrender once again. She raised Gena up in the air and power slammed down to the sand, tits first.

As Gena tried to get up, Pam jumped up and dropped her knee across Gena's lower back. Gena slumped back to the sand again. She hardly even cried any more. She was so hurt and in so much pain, she didn't even have the energy to cry. Pam clamped her legs around Gena's head in a figure-4 head scissors and squeezed with all her strength. Gena tried to surrender, but Pam's legs were too tight and she couldn't even talk. After several minutes in the scissors, Gena stopped fighting. She was nearly out cold.

Pam yelled at Gena, "Hey, you're not passing out on me yet. I still haven't shown you my finisher."

At that, Pam picked up the unresponsive girl and carried her close to the water. Pam then slammed her down hard into the wet sand. Pam straddled her and secured her arms, in a schoolgirl pin position right at the edge of the water. Pam sat there with her opponent secured, and waited for the next wave. She didn't have long to wait. The water came in and rushed over the women.

The water hit Pam right around her shoulders and got her hair somewhat damp, while Gena was momentarily underwater. Pam was shocked when the water hit her and her boobs erupted with pain. The salt water got into the scratches that Gena left on her tits and the pain got Pam's full attention. As Gena was quickly revivednd and pulls up on Pam's thong, sawing the suit into Anderson's pussy. Pam screams louder as Donna squats a bit, then lifts Pam off her feet. Anderson wails like a banshee as her twisted arm and pussy carry her full weight. Mercifully, Donna drops her before her arm breaks.
Donna straddles her beaten foe grabs both of Pams's nipples and twists, corkscrewing the screaming woman's tits till they turn an angry purple. Donna finally stops, stands up and hauls the miserable Pam to her feet. Twisting Pam's at into Jennie's ass, dropping her like a bad habit.

Anderson slowly peels up the top of Jennie's skintight swimsuit, separating her small breasts, and whispering, "Oh, what's under here?"

Then, like a child ripping into a Christmas present, rends Jennie's top, leaving her small sweat glazed breasts hanging wide open, glistening like jewels. With Jennie's arms still painfully throbbing, Pam gleefully gropes both breasts, squeezing and kneading the soft white flesh in her hands before digging helue eyes. Her head ready to implode, Pam can't pry her hands away from Jennie's thin, yet powerful thighs. She calls out for help, but none of her costars are at ringside. Pam eyes start to droop as she tries to pry Jennie's ankles apart. Jennie aids the process, breaking the head scissors, and choking Pam with her forearm before finally applying a sleeper. With the sleeper firmly in place, Garth still snakes her thighs around Pam's ribs, squeezing her there too.

With Pam fading fast, Garth unlocks her ankles and drops them to the mat, concentrating on maintaining the sleeper in place. Finally Jennie lets Pam go, allowing her flop unceremoniously to the mat. Cautiously giving a her a quick but very hard pinch on her butt to make sure Pam is out, Garth stands up as the victor. She then grabs her own tights and