Pamela Anderson vs. Bobbie Phillips by Tom 10-Aug-2000

{Prefight} :
Bobbie Phillips had just finished guest starring on an episode of VIP portraying a villain that, Pamela Anderson in her detective role, naturally thwarted. Pamela made a comment about her character's triumph on the show to which Bobbie mentioned it was fortunate for Pamela that the writers wrote the script. Words led to other words, at which point Bobbie challenged Pamela to a catfight at a mutual friend's home with a few invited guests. Pamela agreed, and the match was set.

{Entering the room} :
About a dozen spectators await the entrance of the two combatants. The room is spacious with thick carpet and the furniture removed in one large area; the spectators sit on chairs and sofas which still remain in that part of the room. The beautiful brunette Bobbie Phillips enters first wearing a skimpy, see-through, white bikini. Obviously, Bobbie works out on a regular basis as evidenced by her sinewy arm muscles. Afterwards, Pamela Anderson walks in wearing a similarly tiny bikini, pink in color, and her features also suggest gym activity.

Just before the match is to begin, Pamela reaches her taut arms behind her and unties her bikini top string, displays the garment in front of her, and drops it to the carpet. Pamela then raises her arms to the top of her head to display her fit arms, well-shaped underarms, and to thrust out her hard, round boobs, aided by implants, to the spectators.

Bobbie, smirking in a dismissive way, reaches behind her back with her strong arms, unties her bikini string, brings it in front of herself, and slingshots the top over to the spectator area. She also puts her arms on top of her head and displays her superior biceps, vein-visible forearms, inviting underarms, and thrusts out her chest. Her rack is not as impressive in size and not exactly balanced either in their proportions, i.e. the left and the right breasts, but is obviously natural compared to Pamela's.

As Bobbie states, "Pam, now exactly how many operations did it take to turn you from a flat-chested, British Columbian geek to what you consider to be a sex symbol."

Pamela responds, "You have a right to be jealous looking at your uneven tits, and the fact that the only parts that are smaller than your boobs are the TV guest-starring roles and some D- grade movies like Chameleon that you appear in."

The match now begins as each circle the other with arms extended upward for an impending test of arm strength. Hands clasp as the contest begins; the arms shake with applied force, but neither takes the early advantage. However, now it appears that Bobbie is gaining the upper hand, so to speak, as Pamela's body is sinking under the arm pressure of Bobbie. Pamela is now on her knees with a pained look on her face and her hands bent awkwardly backward. Bobbie smiles as she forces the blonde onto her back. Bobbie remains standing as she applies kicks to Pamela's famed, concave abdomen.

"Ughs" are heard from Ms. Anderson every time a foot connects. Bobbie then moves up Pamela's body and plants some feet into Pamela's prized possessions, her 36C tits. Pamela immediately brings her hands up to protect her boobs so as to absorb the blows from Bobbie's kicks. With Pamela's hands and arms down a bit for that protection, Bobbie does a couple of leg drops on Pamela's neck and throat area. This damage affords Bobbie the time to move behind Pamela's head and engage a head scissors with her strong legs. Pamela is paralyzed with pain as Bobbie cranks up the pressure, sometimes raising herself up on her muscular arms to increase the force via leverage. Finally, Pamela is able to roll herself and Bobbie over and slips her head from between Bobbie's legs to free herself.

Both arise, and Pamela moves to apply a hold on Bobbie. But Bobbie is expecting her attack, scoops her up, and body slams her to the thick carpet. With Pamela on her back, Bobbie drops her knees onto Pamela's shoulders, pinning the blondes arms to the carpet. Bobbie then squeezes her thighs together trapping Pamela's head, once again applying pressure to Pamela's beautiful face. With her free hands, she alternates between playing with Pamela's rack and punishing her abdomen. Ultimately, Bobbie rocks back to reverse face sit on Pamela's beautiful face to show who's in charge at the present time, in addition to the practical advantage of restricting breathing. As Bobbie leans the other way towards Pamela's feet, Pamela is able to bring her feet up and shove her off her body. While being rolled off, Bobbie gets in a couple of kicks to Pamela's side as she departs.

Pamela appears frustrated with the course of the fight. Pamela launches herself into Bobbie's body. As their forms collide, Pamela engages a headlock and shakes Bobbie's head for effect and for added pressure. Pamela intertwines her legs with Bobbie's and essentially trips Bobbie to the carpet while maintaining the headlock. Pamela lands on Bobbie's body as they hit the carpet which gives her the bonus of winding Bobbie in the process. With her free arm, Pamela rapid punches Bobbie in the abdomen to keep her breathing labored. After ending that maneuver, Pamela slips her free hand down to Bobbie's bikini bottom and rips them off exposing an extensive dark, lush bush around Bobbie's pussy.

Pamela grabs a handful of pubic hair and pulls, eliciting a scream of pain from Bobbie and the exclamation, "You cheap slut, can't you beat me without resorting to low blows. Guess it shows why you had to get your tits done multiple times to be sexy, always taking the easy way."

Pamela doesn't appreciate that and inserts her hand into Bobbie's pussy and delivers immediate pain. Then, Pamela moves her free hand onto Bobbie's boobs and mauls her chest.

"Bobbie," Pam says, "maybe I should help you even out the size of your tits, because they surely look odd now."

The spectators, who on the whole seem to favor Pamela in this match, smile approvingly at the current course of the battle. However, Bobbie moves her stronger arms around Pamela's arm holding her head and eventually pulls it away so she can slip her head free.

Bobbie is incensed at Pamela's personal attacks on her private parts. As both approach each other, Bobbie rears back and throws a hard right to Pamela's jaw and knocks the blonde down with one punch. Bobbie jumps immediately onto Pamela's prone body, to spreadeagle the blonde who is lying on her back.

Bobbie then sneers, "OK, bleached whore, now you are going to get paid back."

First, Bobbie raises her chest up several times only to drop in down onto Pamela's firm boobs. Bobbie briefly lowers her right arm and tears Pamela's bikini bottom off; she then grabs Pamela's pussy in retaliation of earlier action. This action brings the most interested response of any action so far in the match from the spectators. Pamela has been a fantasy woman for many of the ones invited to this match. Bobbie moves her firm ass onto Pamela's arms pinning those limbs, pulls Pamela's gorgeous face towards her pussy, and grinds Pamela's face into her sweaty crotch area.

Bobbie cracks, "Pammy, how do you like the pussy of a real goddess?"

Bobbie then places Pamela's face into her right armpit, wet and smelly from the hard fight.

"How does this taste, whore?" Bobbie snarls.

Bobbie moves her beautiful butt even higher on Pamela's body to grind a classic face sit on her. Bobbie slides off Pamela's face, wraps her powerful, long legs around Pamela's upper chest, trapping her arms in the process in what is called a "crucifix" hold. Bobbie strains to apply the most pressure she can to force a submission. Pamela struggles to manufacture an exit, but is being squeezed to unbearable pain.

After a couple of minutes, Pamela can withstand no more and cries, "I give, I give up."

A wide smile crosses Bobbie's face, perhaps more in the anticipation of the next few minutes than satisfaction with previous events.

Bobbie releases her crucifix hold, grabs a dildo thrown from one of the spectators, sits her magnificent ass on Pamela's upper chest, and begins to move the dildo in and out of her own pussy. Having exciting herself to a climax, she cums all over Pamela's face. Then she moves her butt over those area to smear it evenly over Pam's face. She then moves in position to grab Pamela's face and force it in the cleavage of her natural breasts.

Bobbie derides Pamela, "Why don't you visit the greatest natural canyon behind the Grand Canyon-feel the ecstasy of my sweaty boobs as they smother your breathing."

Bobbie grabs Pamela by the hair and pulls her up to her knees. She stands over Pamela almost in a riding position and pulls Pamela around the room by her hair, the blonde crawling beneath her.

Bobbie turns to the spectators and smirks, "So this is the tramp that so many of you find so sexy and attractive-personally, I don't see it. I'm more attractive, smarter, have better natural breasts and a pussy that won't quit, and obviously am the much stronger and athletic. I hardly broke a sweat in this match."

The spectators are in awe as they see a blonde sex symbol icon being humiliated by such a magnificent woman as Bobbie Phillips. However, if you asked them who they would rather spend the night with, Pamela Anderson would still probably win in a landslide. Some are even more turned on by the blonde goddess now that she has suffered such great embarrassment. After a lap around the room, Bobbie releases the grip on Pamela's hair, but delivers a final kick to send Pamela flat on her back. The seemingly invincible blonde cries uncontrollably at the thought of her domination by a brunette no less. Bobbie prances out of the room knowing that she has the admiring stares of its inhabitants.

{Analysis} :
Bobbie was simply too strong for Pamela. She had the advantage in the arms, legs, and back areas. Pamela normally has the determination or "spitfire" advantage over her opponent, but Bobbie's was equal to hers in this contest. Plus, she seems able to take punishment and get extra motivation by it instead of being disheartened by setbacks in the action. Bobbie has obviously spent long hours in the gym to get her body in the shape it was in today, and she enjoyed displaying its effects on a blonde goddess such as Pamela Anderson, whom she considers an overrated "actress".