Dumb and Blonde: Denise Richards vs. Pam Anderson by bocarat

Denise Richards let the steamy, hot water from the shower cascade over her full breasts, stream over her flat belly to disappear between her firm thighs. The day’s events had brought her relationship with her costar Pamela Anderson to an angry, fiery exchange between the two on the set. Just before the “discussion,” Denise tossed a couple of photographer’s laptops over a third story ledge injuring a couple of elderly ladies. Denise was heard saying as she marched off the set, “I’m having SUCH a bad day!”

The photographers were focusing on Denise, but also trying to get pictures of the blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, Denise’s blonde costar. A rumor was going around the set, and eventually the paparazzi was that Pamela was pregnant, and that during filming on the set of her new movie “Blonde and Blonder” was that after one of the scenes, Pamela miscarried. Denise needed to release this pent-up energy; maybe a run or a trip to the gym, but the paparazzi would be lurching in the corners and ready to pounce on her privacy.

Denise was finishing showering off the events and stress of the day, when she turned off the hot water and reached for her soft white towel to cover and dry herself. Denise moved about the room with the towel covering some of her precious assets. As she prepared to sit down on the bed, and make some phone calls and watch some mindless television. A succinct knock on the door, and a familiar voice behind the request for entry to the room asked Denise to open the door so that the two beautiful blondes could talk. Instantly Denise hopped off the bed, and answered the door.

Denise opened the door to her suite, hiding behind the door to avoid any interlopers with cameras. Pamela walked in an instantly turned around to face her costar. Denise quickly closed the door and moved back towards the bedroom, but Pamela grabbed Denise’s arm and spun her around. Pam too needed some vigorous physical activity to balance her.

“Ouch! What are you doing?” Denise cried out.

“You know very well bitch!” Pamela replied. “You leaked to the press that I was pregnant and miscarried. Before that,” she spewed, saliva misting Denise’s upper chest. “You began to flirt with Bobbie (Kid Rock) behind my back you little slut!”

“What are you talking about you crazy bitch? I did no such thing?” Denise protests. “In fact I have a picture of you flirting with MY man on my cell!”

Meanwhile, during the discussion both women strutted out their bountiful assets, and as they spoke they inadvertently hit each other with their hands to emphasize their points. Eventually the two women got closer and soon in each other’s space. Denise broke off the verbal attack, and moved again towards the bedroom to dress. Pamela followed and confronted the opposing blonde.

“Hey bitch! I’m talking to you!” Pam screamed.

“Fuck off!” Denise snarled as she stepped toward the bed where her clothes were laid out.

Pamela approached Denise, but the younger blonde stiff armed the well-endowed blonde actress and told her, “Stop, or you’ll be sorry Pam!”

Pam grabbed Denise and threw her on the bed. Denise landed among her clothes, bounced up and then went sprawling back as Pam dove and locked up with her. Pam tried to rip into Denise full mane of hair. Pam seeing that the two were in a stalemate stopped struggling with her costar and turned around and began to leave the costar’s bedroom.

“Let that be a lesson to you slut!” Pam growled.

Denise hopped off the bed, and grabbed Pam by the elastic fabric around her sweat pants and top. In one swift move, Denise latched onto Pam’s thick blonde hair and stopped her in her tracks. Pam twisted around and grabbed Denise’s slender wrists and pulled the claws away from her scalp and clothing’s fabric.

The two blonde vixens separated, Denise spoke first as the two women caught their breath, “You crazy bitch do you really want a piece of this?”

She spread her arms out holding the edge to the large bath towel and displaying her chest and body to Pam who didn’t reply, but moved closer. Their eyes were glued on each other, and noticing each other’s heaving chest. The once taunt towel wrapped around Denise’s lithe body was becoming loose, and slipping down the blonde’s body. Denise moved to secure the body towel, but Pam took the initiative and moved her body into Denise’s.

Denise, feeling the encroachment into her personal space, drew back her left hand and WHAP, slapped Pam. Her head flew backward and she landed limp against the bed. Denise attacked the older blonde’s chest and pulled her up by her hair, then slammed her head into the comforter on the bed - several times! Denise then dug her left hand into Pam skirt near her lovely derriere and gave her blonde costar a wedgie. Pam reached back and pulled Denise’s hair and threw a punch at her “hostess” that missed, but it still forced Denise to back off from the blonde hellcat.

The two blonde vixens each struck cat fighting poses with determined looks and clenched fists. A true catfight was on! The hellcats slowly circled as they gradually drew closer; each looking for an opening to begin their assault on the other. Pam moved in closer and puffed out her substantial chest and moved into Denise’s chest in an attempt to intimidate the other blonde.

“Let’s go bitch!” Denise whispered.

Pam smirked, “You are So out of your league slut!”

The two blondes leaned into each other body going chest to chest with clenched fists, and tightened abs and thighs. Pam rubbed her breasts in her thin fabric top against the soft cotton white towel still barely clutching Denise breasts and body. Pam then lower and raised her breast up against Denise’s matching pair. Denise took a step back as if the physical-mental battle between the two blondes was just a tug of war, and Pam had just fired the first shot.

Pam then slowly brought her right hand up to Denise soft left shoulder in an erotic move, she then lowered her hand to Denise’s left breast and began to kneed the flesh. Denise’s breathing became deeper. Their faces were only inches apart, and then suddenly Pam pulled down Denise’s body towel and Denise’s face turned red with rage.

Denise instantly attacked the better-known assets of Pamela Anderson and dug her nails into the soft flesh through the modest fabric. The two blondes were now tearing at each other’s breasts. Pam broke the grip of her foe on her breasts and pushed Denise back, slamming her against the bedroom wall.

Denise quickly recovered and pushed off the wall with her near perfect ass and both blondes careened wildly back onto the bed. Pam recovered first and threw her opponent onto her back, and then threw her right knee up between Denise’s flopping legs. Pam kneed Denise between the legs again, hammering her love mound as Denise cried out in pain and tear welled up in her beautiful eyes.

Denise recovered and wrapped her legs around the thin waist of Pam and the two beautiful, sensual blondes began to rock and roll around on the bed. But Pam used her impressive chest and strong legs and thighs to pin the struggling young blonde actress to the bed. Denise squirmed and rocked beneath Pam in an effort to escape the oncoming darkness of her massive cleavage.

Denise legs kicked and eventually found Pamela’s love mound and she was soon free from the cave of Pamela’s cleavage. Pam still had the dominant position, and saw the tanned, tone flesh of Denise’s ass and tore into the flesh with her talon’s. Pam left the long red scratch marks on Denise ass, but the pain did not stop her aggressor from continuing the fight. Denise focused on removing Pam’s skirt and top. Denise ripped apart Pam’s top revealing her bountiful breasts, and provided another target for Denise to attack.

However, Pam countered the attack on her breasts by clawing and biting Denise firm, ripe ass. Denise cried out as she threw her arms and hand over her head and away from Pam’s ripe chest. Denise was failing her arms and legs and eventually got control over her body, and emotions and tugged and pulled at Pam’s blonde mane of hair. Pam then rose up took a breath and bit into Denise round ass again. Pamela also found Denise love mound exposed and began to rip and pull her lovely “curlies” to inflict more pain on her opponent.

“You’re not even a real blonde, you bitch!” Pam screamed.

Denise finally gained some leverage in Pam’s scalp and actually pulled her over her own prone body so that Pam was now teetering over the edge of the bed. Pam leaned back and was now having her hair ripped out of her scalp. Pam still had the dominant position, but taking the brunt of the attacks. Pam sat up and was now stilling on Denise’s thighs and ankles. She arm-wrestled with Denise to keep her talons off her now exposed bountiful breasts.

Denise proved that she took could use her teeth and bit down on Pam’s vulnerable inner thigh. Pam jerked up from her prey, and slapped the younger blonde actress releasing the grip on her flesh. Pam then tore at Denise’s breasts with her sharp claws, and moved in to pin the younger blonde sprawled at on the bed. Denise bucked the buxom blonde off of her, and soon the two blondes were in a sixty-nine position with each actress attacking the other’s thigh flesh, and asses. They scratched and bit into each other’s firm flesh. Wild screams and grunts emerged from the bedroom as if two wildcats were killing each other.

During the melee, Denise was able to remove Pam’s loosely fitting sweat top and bra and was working on her cute sweat pants, while Pam was punching and tearing at Denise stomach and love mound. After a few moments of intense battle, the two women separated to opposite ends of the bed. The sheets, comforter, pillows, bath towel and clothes were strewn all about the room. Pam was wearing only her pink panties. Denise and Pam each had a grasp of Pam’s former supportive bra, as the two were now engaged in an impromptu tug of war. Pam let go of the bra first, and Denise fell on her back and Pam moved in for the attack.

As Pam attacked Denise’s assets, but she was stopped by a hard left to the gut, and the older blonde actress was doubled over. Denise reared back and nailed Pam in the side with a hard right. Denise stopped the assault hoping that the battle would be over, but Pam latched on to Denise’s breasts and hair and Denise matched the move. The two women grunted and groaned from the pain and anguish their bodies and senses were being put through.

Driven by rage, Pam drove her left hand into Denise’s groin area, scratching and clawing the sensitive area. Denise screamed in pain as tears streamed down her lovely, flushed, cheeks. As she defended her “honor,” Pam tackled Denise and began to pin her on the edge of the bed. As Denise began to slide backward, she forced her own right hand into Pam’s crotch and took retribution!

Pam was screaming at the top of her lungs; struggling to pull Denise claws from her sensitive area. She snaked her right arm around and again attacked Denise’s love mound until, as if by some mutual cease-fire agreement, both women ceased their attack and went for more obvious targets.

Pam still on top threw her right leg and thigh over the prone actress and tried to pin Denise down by using her hunched up back, strong legs and shoulders to secure and pin the younger actress. Denise kicked and punched Pam, and eventually was able to kick Pam in the gut and force the buxom blonde off the bed. Denise began to squirm away from Pam, but Pam caught her left leg and leaped on top of Denise. She crawled up Denise’s struggling body and tried once more to smother her out with her large breasts.

Denise swung wildly at Pam’s surging body, and caught the blonde actress with several punches and slaps and stopped the momentum. Denise squirmed out from underneath Pam, and the two were now on their knees fighting and slapping at each other. The two wildcats were now pulling hair, breasts and each other down onto the bed.

As the vixens continued to struggle, Denise was gaining the advantage as the buxom older blonde was running out of gas and anger. Denise was able to roll Pam over on her back as the older blonde was gulping in air into her burning lungs. The stinging slaps and scratches to her breasts did not help the situation. Denise was on one knee and able to easily trespass Pam’s defenses. Denise lowered her attacks to Pam’s sweat pants and panties. Soon both her removed, and now both women were in their “birthday suits.”

Pam uncharacteristically tried to “protect” her modesty, and Denise was happy to take in much needed air during the respite from the attack on her breasts. After removing Pam’s clothes, Denise mounted the exhausted blonde and pinned Pam’s arms over her head. Denise was still full of anger and she knew how to end a fight!

Pam wrapped her right leg around Denise’s firm, thin yet sweaty waist. The two women could feel flesh rub against flesh and both women felt the sensation of eroticism shudder through their bodies. The two began to move in rhythm as Denise applied more pressure to her holds, and to her body weight against Pam’s minimal resistance. The breathing became deeper masking the women’s grunts, ooh’s and aahhh’s. Each knew the end was drawing close. Pam’s pride was on the line and the last thing she wanted to do was to submit to the women who’d broken up her marriage!

Pam wrapped her arms around Denise’s back and pulled the younger blonde towards her in a hope to slow the friction, and go breast to breast with her younger foe. Denise exclaims “So that what you want! Well let’s do it bitch!” Denise then lowered herself on top of Pam, as Pam rose up to meet her. The two struggled on their knees but Pam never could gain any leverage as the two women squeezed and rubbed their breasts against each other’s matching pair. Pam’s full breasts slick with sweat knock Denise’s breasts around, but Denise’s firmer pair matched Pam’s every move. Soon both women’s hands slid down each other’s backs towards their thighs and ass, and as erotic sensations shot up their body; their hands would cup and tear into each other’s fine derriere.

The slippery wetness of their bodies allowed their breasts to slide off each other, but also allowed their hands to slid past their asses to their love mounds and soon the erotic fingering took more energy out of their upper body battle.

“You wanna fuck bitch?” Denise demanded.

Both combatants realized this and began to pull and tear at each other’s groin area as they both re-gained their focus and began to fight in earnest once again. Both women screamed from the pain, and now both were longing for air for their lungs and muscles. Spasms in their muscles began to occur as woman tried to keep on fighting. Denise once again lurched forward and pinned Pam down on the messed up bed. Denise slapped the older blonde actress, and the contact dazed the buxom blonde and sent her backwards on to her back. Denise reared back and slugged Pam in her right breast, and it felt to Pam like her entire body exploded.

Denise then again moved up on Pam’s body and pinned her down on the strewn about bed. The sweat glistened off their body, and made the movement of Denise up Pam’s body that much easier. Denise’s left hand had a fistful of hair, and her right arm pinned Pam’s left arm above her head. Denise’s legs were wrapped like a pretzel around Pam’s long legs. The two groaned from muscle spasms, and searing pain in the oxygen starved limbs. Denise and Pam locked eyes as their bodies once again rubbed against the others. Pam tried futilely to rock Denise off her, but the movement only caused Denise to tighten her hold and resolve to defeat this buxom blonde bitch.

Denise used all her remaining strength to pin and hold Pam down to their bed battlefield. She stretched out her taunt body against Pam’s flexing and battery-drained body. The perspiration of their body formed small ponds of sweat in the nooks and crannies of their bodies. A small pool of sweat formed in the small of Denise’s back, and whenever she or Pam moved, the perspiration dripped down her lovely ass and into her love mound. This sensation heightened the sensual sensation of having Pam nude beneath her. Nipples rubbed and poked each other as Denise tightened her boa-like hold against her blonde foe.

Pam could only offer minimal resistance as she grimaced in pain as she tried to escape’s Denise increasingly tighter embrace. The two women could feel the warm deep breaths of the other as each sucked in precious air into their bodies. Denise shifted her upper body, and continued to shove her own impressive chest into Pam’s breasts. As their bodies battled it out for dominance, the women’s legs would kick and shove their precious love mounds into each other. Each time this happened one or the other would accuse her rival of being either “a horny bitch” or a “lezso slut!”

“Kiss ‘em bitch!“ Denise demanded as she began to lower her breasts to Pamela’s frantic face. “Or they’ll be the last things you see, bitch!”

Pam rolled her head side to side, but then Denise grabbed a handful of hair with her left and pulled upwards and then she slammed her breasts down on Pamela’s face. Denise then grabbed Pam’s face and head, as if she were cradling one of her young children close to her body. As quickly as the fight started, the fight was over. Pam over no resistance and after a few brief moments of smothering out her foe with her breasts, Pam didn’t move or resist any more.

Pam wasn’t unconscious, just totally exhausted. After a few moments Denise felt Pam’s tongue or her red, sore and achy breasts. Denise slid down Pam’s body, and just laid on top of her defeated foe. Pam’s body was hanging precariously over the edge of the bed. Denise looked closely at Pam’s and saw tears streaming down her once made up face. Denise untangled her legs and body from Pam’s and rolled away. She lay there for a few minutes, then heard someone knocking at the door.

Fearing it would be hotel management; Denise decided to answer the door. She grabbed her robe and closed the door to the bedroom where Pam still laid out on the bed. Denise answered the door already getting her story ready, and trying to remember the production’s publicist press who already did damage control and helped her with the press during her tirade with the photographers.

Denise asked, “Who it is?” and a harsh female voice responded wiht a demand the door be opened.
Denise checked the room, then herself, then slowly opened the door. Surprised would be an understatement when she saw Heather Locklear and Jenny McCarthy who suddenly forced the door wide open and charged in, driving her backward. Jenny closed it behind them while Denise, dumbfounded by their abrupt appearance, never saw Heather’s low uppercut punch to her belly.

Her robe flung open as Denise struggled to maintain her balance as she groped around for something to balance herself. Then she was instantly doubled over by something that just caught her eye in the instant before everything went black. Another Locklear punch had dropped her to the floor in a daze! Denise’s head was spinning. Denise’s tough struggle with Pam had left her exhausted and now she was in another fight with yet another enraged blonde!

Heather leaped on Denise and began to scratch and claw her breasts but the searing fire of pain in her chest snapped her out of her daze and she screamed at the top of her lungs. “OOOWWWW!”

A quick SLAP by Heather cut the cries from Denise’s mouth. Denise looked up at her tormentor with a puzzled face, and Heather leaned in really close to Denise and said, “You didn’t think I’d just sit back and let you TAKE my man, did you, you dumb bitch!?”

Denise tried to reason with Heather that she and Richie had already separated, but Heather would have none of it! She, WHAP! SMACK! slapped Denise again and again, then proceeded to maul her breasts. As she wailed away at the defenseless actress, Heather reached back and pulled and clawed at Denise’s love mound for good measure.

“Come on bitch; fight back, you slut!” Heather yelled.

Denise attacked Heather who was wearing a knit top, and sweat pants by pulling at her hair, clothes and breasts, but the pain being inflicted and the previous fight exhausted Denise to finally bucking Heather off and pulling herself into a fetal position. Heather got off the defeated actress, but gave Denise a couple of good kicks to the ass, back and ribs of her defeated foe. While Denise sobbed, Heather gave her another swift kick to her bare ass, then started to sing an old Grateful Dead song, “Busted, down on Bourbon Street; Set up, like a bowling pin; Knocked down, it gets to wearin’ thin; They just won’t let you be; or should I say, I ain’t lettin’ you be YOU BITCH!”

Heather gave Denise one final good, hard, swift kick to the chest that left her curled up in a sobbing, gasping fetal ball on the floor!

Jenny McCarthy watched the action, then went hunting for Pamela Anderson who was still sprawled on the bed, barely awake after being roused by the sounds of the scuffle in the front room.

When the door swung open Pam looked up, hoping to see Jenny as her savior. Nothing could be further from the truth! “Thank god you’re here! That bitch and I had a little disagreement…”

Pam laughed to herself, but Jenny was not in the mood for jokes. As Pam was searching for her clothes, Jenny asked, “How could you let the producers pick THAT BITCH,” pointing at the sprawled Denise in the other room. “Over me?”

Pam, surprised by the question, looked blankly at Jenny who responded as Heather had earlier - with a punch to Pam’s gut, then a quick following upper cut to the bottom of Pam’s cantilevered left breast. Pam’s body flew backward as if shot out of a cannon!

Heather moved in behind Jenny and the two blondes viewed the spectacular blonde bombshell looking like a spent shell. They looked at each other, then moved forward in unison toward the surprised, shocked blonde.

“It appears your plan worked to perfection,” Jenny said.

Heather just looked up at her fellow blonde and smiled. “Now let’s have some fun.”

Pam tried to move, but Jenny caught Pam’s slender ankles and held her while Heather removed her clothes, then crawled up onto the bed. She climbed Pam’s naked body toward her pleading face where she lowered her crotch onto Pam’s blubbering countenance.

“And now for my just desserts!” As Heather ground away on poor Pam’s red face, she reminisced out loud about how she and Tommy used to enjoy sex.

Jenny just laughed and shook her head in disbelief at how the two dumb bitches gave ‘blond’ a bad name. Then she turned and headed back to the living room. ‘No sense in Heather being the only one having fun,’ she thought as she straddled Denise’s head, hitched up her dress and settled down for a long, slow ride.