Gillian Anderson vs. Mimi Rogers by Doug Haig 13-Nov-99

Gillian Anderson threw a hard punch that smashed into Mimi Rogers' jaw, so hard it knocked the sultry brunette actress flat on her ass. As Gillian came up on her, Mimi hooked her muscular arms around Gillian's knees and took her down. Anderson landed with a solid thump, right on her back, as Mimi climbed on top of her and savagely raked her nails across Gillian's much smaller breasts as Anderson gasped in pain. Rogers began to give her redhead rival hard open-handed, nails-first, slaps that smacked loudly into the outside of Gillian's firm left breast and had Anderson literally white with pain.

As Gillian cried out in agony, she managed to clasp her hands around Mimi's huge white breasts and pushed them as high as they would go. It was now Mimi's turn to cry out in pain as Gillian slammed her backwards onto the floor, driving her knee into Rogers' groin as they fell. Mimi's face turned red from the force of the blow, and Gillian's beautifully manicured hands tore into Mimi, ripping into her breasts, and viciously driving her fiery red nails into the massive breasts around the nipples.

Mimi Rogers moaned in pain as her supersensitive nipples were harshly worked over by Gillian Anderson. Gillian looked intent on clawing off one of Mimi's silver dollar nipples, and the pain seared through the brunette's body. Gillian crushed the larger breast hard into her nails, as Mimi fought to pull the redhead's hands away. Nearly blind with pain, Rogers clamped her strong hand around Gillian's left breast and tugged the small mammary down with all her strength, getting a cry of pain from Gillian and felt her nipple mauling lessen.

Mimi kept her fingers tightly gripped around Gillian's breast, twisting and jerking around the smaller nipple so hard Rogers thought she might rip it off the breast completely. Gillian moaned in pain, as it felt like Mimi was stretching her pink nipple to unbelievable lengths. The brunette wrapped her meaty legs around Gillian's slender waist, while still painfully pulling Anderson's mouthwatering nipple around. Clamping her strong legs around Gillian's body, Mimi locked her ankles and poured on the pressure like never before as she ripped and tore at Gillian's breast, the nipple now bleeding where Mimi's sharp French manicured nails had sunk into it.

But then a loud scream filled the room as Gillian, her head right in front of Mimi's chest, sunk her teeth hard and deep into Rogers' left breast, biting into the baggy breast just to the right of the nipple. Mimi frantically pulled and tugged at Gillian's thick red hair, trying to get Gillian's teeth off her breast, but to no avail. Mimi's face was twisted in agony as she moans in pain, as Gillian starts shaking her head viciously from side to side, putting the hefty brunette in even more pain. Mimi retaliated by sending two teeth-rattling punches to the side of Gillian's head, which hurt Anderson enough for Rogers to slip her fingers between her teeth and breast, and slip her soggy and bleeding nipple out of Anderson's mouth.

Staggering back, Mimi cups her wounded breast, and then flies at Gillian in a rage, cocking her fist back and smashing it into Gillian's mouth, mashing her lips hard against her teeth, and ripping them open on the inside. The redhead goes sailing back, blood spurting out of her torn lips as she crashes down on the floor with a loud moan of pain. Mimi is on her

in an instant. Smashing her body down on top of Gillian's, Mimi grips both of her breasts and begins to grind them hard between her fingers. Gillian gasps in pain as Mimi takes both of her red and throbbing breasts in her hands and starts to rip the sweaty breasts around by the nipples as hard as she could, and as Rogers' tight grip finds a milk sac behind Gillian's nipple and crushes it, Anderson screams in total pain.

Out of desperation, Gillian reaches up and latches her hands onto Mimi's huge swaying breasts, and with one massive wrench Anderson rips her breasts hard to the sides, as now Mimi Rogers screams in utter agony. Gillian slashes her rings across Mimi's throbbing breasts, and then attacks with her nails, and mauls the brunette onto her back. Once again Gillian grinds the two rings on her right hand hard against Mimi's breasts, getting a moan of pain from the brunette as she knows that Mimi's huge nipples are almost at the bursting point. Gillian crushes Mimi's breasts against her ribcage, driving in her nails.


Anderson reaches back with her fist and smashes Rogers full in the mouth, both of her lips exploding in blood. Gillian delivers some solid punches to Mimi's belly, her fist sinking into her taut stomach as Mimi struggles to free herself and fight back. Both women roll across the floor, with Gillian still in control, although Mimi tries to pull herself free by giving Anderson a blistering back raking with her nails. Gillian winces in pain, and separates from the brunette, her hands trying to soothe the fiery pain in her raw, sweaty back.

Feeling the torn and bleeding trenches Mimi dug into her skin, Gillian charges Rogers and slams her up against a wall, smashing her fists hard and deep into Mimi's breasts, pounding them like they were speed bags. Mimi's arms come up to protect her chest, but Gillian's punches rip into her breasts like line drives, as Anderson buries her fist up to her wrist in Mimi's ravaged left breast. Gillian's rings carve bloody furrows into Mimi's breasts as the brunette screams in pain.

Both women are exhausted, this fight taking longer than either had expected. Sweat streamed down both women's bodies, and their breasts were bloody from scratches and mottled with black-and-blues from their constant twisting and pounding. Gillian pushed some sweaty strands of her lank red hair out of her face before attacking Mimi again, this time taking a crushing hold of Rogers' tight nipples and throwing her to the floor by them, ripping her hands away at the last moment so hard she thought she might've torn the brunette's breasts right off her body.

Gillian takes no chances as she stands over the brunette, raising her foot and sends it smashing down onto Mimi's body with all her weight behind it. Rogers' body jerks about painfully on the floor, as Anderson rams her heel into Mimi's stomach and breasts over and over as she pounds Rogers into the floor. Blood vessels in Mimi's tits explode as Gillian's foot crunches down again and again.


Gillian jumps into the air and comes down hard on the brunette's midsection, her shapely, slender ass crashing down on Mimi's red and aching breasts. Gillian bounces up and down on Mimi, and each time Mimi lets out a low and throaty moan as her breasts are crashed into her body. Gillian reaches back and snatch-slaps Mimi in the cunt, raking her hard nails across Rogers' clit as the brunette screams in pain.

Mimi's eyes grow wide as Gillian again smacks the palm of her hand hard against her moist pubic mound and curls up her two middle fingers into Mimi's stinging groin and starts applying pressure. Mimi's body stiffens and quivers under Anderson's assault, and she lets out a deep moan as Gillian's strong fingers and nails tear into her warm moist pussy, her whole body on fire from the excruciating pain.

Feeling the fight won, Gillian lets off the pressure between Mimi's legs and locks her legs around Rogers' battered midsection and pumped the woman's body. Mimi is hardly putting up a fight anymore as Gillian slams her hands onto her foe's throbbing breasts and crushes them, digging her nails in and shaking the breasts back and forth. With a heave Gillian lifts Mimi's body up off the floor by her breasts alone, while keeping Rogers' lower body locked down with her legs and ass. Mimi screams as her breasts burned in pain.

Gillian ripped at both her huge melons with abandon, clawing bloody streaks down their sides. Mimi's face was twisted in agony, her tongue pressed tightly against her clenched teeth as she gasped and moaned in pain. Her breasts felt like they were going to burst at any second, and if she let Gillian go on like this much longer the fight would belong to the redheaded bitch.

Mimi reached up, and slapped Gillian hard across the face, leaving a huge red hand print on the X-Files beauty's cheek and snapped her head to one side. Staggering at first, Gillian came right back and clasped Mimi's large milky breasts in each of her strong hands, digging her healthy red nails into Rogers' soft titflesh as Mimi screamed in pain. Gillian roughly shoved Mimi into a corner, trapping her there, as she mashed Mimi's firm breasts together while grinding her nails into them.

Streaks of blood smeared across Mimi's breasts as Gillian's nails further pierced her skin. Mimi moaned out in pain, but managed to punch the tender underside of Gillian's right breast hard, causing the woman to cry out in pain as Mimi's fist crushed the small, drum-tight breast against her body.

But then Gillian rammed her knee down into Mimi's groin so hard she nearly knocked the older brunette unconscious, as Mimi's eyes bulged in pain. Gillian tore into Mimi's breasts with her nails again, clawing the full round breasts up and down as Mimi's face turned white from the mauling.

Grabbing each of Mimi's breasts Gillian commanded, "Give up, bitch, or I'll rip them off," very slowly twisting Mimi's sweaty breasts.

"Go fuck yourself, Gillian," Mimi whispered back.

Gillian then surged on the pressure, twisting Mimi's breasts so hard the nipples turned a deep purple as blood vessels erupted inside of Rogers' tits. Tiring of this, Gillian hair-hauled Mimi to her feet, and as Gillian kept her manicured hands locked tightly onto Mimi's breasts, both women staggered around in a circle with Gillian in complete control, but suddenly Mimi turned the tide of their fight.

Mimi smashed her fist down on Gillian's left breast after putting her other hand underneath it in a fist, knuckles up. As Gillian's breast was slammed onto Mimi's knuckles and rings, Mimi pushed down on it ground her fist downwards with all her might as Gillian now moaned in pain. Mimi would swear that she could feel her knuckles meeting through Gillian's mangled titflesh.


Mimi attacked both of Gillian's creamy breasts immediately, sinking her fists hard into each one, then drove her knee into Gillian's taut stomach, doubling her over. Mimi grabbed her in a headlock from the side, and started to plow her knee into her breasts as the hung down, causing Gillian untold agony as she crushed her breasts. Mimi began throwing a knee into her stomach every few times, with enough force to lift Gillian off her feet. Gillian blindly grasped at Mimi's groin, grabbing a large fistful of dark pubic hair and yanking on it, as Mimi drove another particularly hard knee shot to Gillian's already swollen breast, her breast exploding in pain as Mimi ground her knee in. As Mimi stood on one leg, Gillian was able to knock her over and they both crashed to the floor in a tangle of limbs.

Mimi hauled Gillian up by her hair, but Anderson slammed her into a wall with enough power to break off Mimi's assault. Gillian smashed a punch hard into Mimi's face, bloodying Mimi's nose, and splattering a thick streak of blood grotesquely across Mimi's face. Gillian Anderson threw another punch into Mimi's face, as Mimi's left eye is nearly swollen shut from the rings on Gillian's hands smashing into her. Gillian delivered a vicious knee to Mimi's groin, putting the older brunette in even more pain.

"OOOOooooooooooooohhhhhh....MY CUNT!!!! OOOHHH GILLIAN!!!" Mimi cried out.

Gillian clapped her hands onto both of Mimi's breasts and ground her nails into Mimi's saucer-like nipples. Mimi's blazing nipples felt like they were being torn of her breasts as she tried to pull Gillian's hands away, but only added to the pain as Gillian had an iron grip on her fiery nipples. Gillian slammed Mimi into another wall with a jarring impact and mashed her manicured fingers into Mimi's huge, swollen mounds, pushing both breasts upward as the titflesh strained to its limits.

Through the blinding pain, Mimi trapped Gillian's nipple between her fingers and savagely ripped it from her grip by slapping the breast away hard. Gillian Anderson's nipples looked like they were about to tear away from her breasts as Mimi Rogers completely ravaged her. Gillian moaned in pain, and pushed Mimi's breasts even higher, threatening to push her breasts into her face and then right off her body. It looked like Gillian was trying to take Mimi's breasts and pull them over her shoulders.

Gillian kept on torturing her breasts, and slammed another knee into Mimi's pussy. Gillian's large nipples were as hard as rocks as she ground them against the tender undersides of Mimi's upturned breasts. Mimi hand closed in a fist and she whaled away at Gillian's firm breast, causing the younger redhead to wince in pain as Mimi's fist buried itself deeply in the soft titflesh, Mimi's rings carving painfully into Gillian's swollen tit. . Mimi fired a punch at her right breast and kept alternating blows as Gillian moaned with each punch.


Mimi wrenched Gillian's tits over hard, feeling milk sacs within Gillian's breasts pop and explode.


Still keeping a tight grip on Mimi's red and aching breasts, Gillian bit Mimi's breast, trying to mouth all she could of the planetary breast and almost severing the nipple as she bit down, and was rewarded with a moan of intense pain from Mimi as Gillian chewed on her breast. But a tremendous knee to the pussy had Gillian screaming in agony, as Mimi rammed her knee up there again, as Gillian's swollen pussy lips parted painfully from the blow. Gillian was still twisting Mimi's throbbing breasts, as Mimi dropped her right hand down to Gillian's groin and raked her long manicured nails upwards from clit to breast, trailing burning red welts.

To counter that Gillian raked her red nails across the tender undersides of Mimi's breasts, as Mimi screamed at this new torture. Slapping both her hands down on Gillian's lush back, Mimi gave her a blistering back rake with her nails, and as Gillian leaned her head back to scream Mimi delivered a solidly hard punch to Gillian's face, as Gillian's full red lips practically exploded in blood, her bottom lips rupturing open completely.

Mimi hammered Gillian again across the face, this time grasping her hair in her free left hand before ramming another punch home against the young redhead's swollen face. Both of Mimi's fists swung in a wide arc and crashed hard onto either side of Gillian's breasts, as Anderson moaned in pain. Mimi took a step forward and smashed her fist deeply into Gillian's soft stomach, doubling the woman over, and then Mimi launched another uppercutting punch that cracked into Gillian's jaw, splitting her chin wide open and sending the woman sprawling out over the floor. Mimi brought her foot crashing down like a freight train onto Gillian's cunt, and Gillian's screams echo across the room as Mimi grinds her heel in deeply. Gillian can't dislodge Mimi's foot, even with both hands as Mimi's heel burrows further into her pussy and Mimi takes a tight hold of her leg, turning her over onto her belly, Gillian's small breasts slightly oozing out of the sides of her body.

Mimi slides up onto Gillian's sweaty back, and sees that Gillian's small breasts are slightly oozing out from under her upper body. Mimi brings her kneecap up over Gillian's tit and then smashes it down on to Gillian's right breast, crushing the mound flat between her knee and the floor as Gillian moans in pain.


Pulling Gillian's head back with a fistful of hair, Mimi twists her head about, as she continued to grind her knee into Gillian's breast.

"Do you give, you fucking whore-bitch???" Mimi snarled through puffy lips, pushing hard onto her breast while pulling up hard on her hair.

"Oh God, no I can't," was Gillian's only reply.

When Mimi thrust her fingers deeply into the sides of Gillian's raw breasts, Gillian sobbed out in pain, but when Mimi drove the tips of her sharp fingernails deeply into Gillian's silky tits, Anderson shrieked out hoarsely in total pain.


Mimi rolled her sweaty body off of Gillian's, cupping her massive, aching breasts, the sweat streaming in rivulets down her dark, thickset body. Gillian lay on her side, moaning in pain. Her creamy body was now mottled with bloodstains and deep scratches, her small breasts swollen and throbbing.

Mimi Rogers wanted to finish Gillian Anderson off in style, so lowering her powerful body down on top of the young redhead's, Mimi positioned her pendulous breasts to fall over Gillian's face. Gillian's body bucked weakly against Mimi's, as Rogers dropped her breasts onto Anderson, the brunette's larger globes forming a perfect seal around Gillian's pretty face. Mimi wrapped her strong arms around Gillian's head, cradling it, and pushing Anderson's face deeper into her cleavage. With the sides of her arms Mimi pressed her breasts together, further cutting off Gillian's air supply.

Gillian struggled weakly now, but since Mimi's breasts were so sweaty and moist, Gillian could just move her head slightly, sliding her chin down the sloping side of Rogers' breast and slowly opened her mouth. With ferocity, Gillian bit down hard on the side of Mimi's left breast, just next to the nipple. Searing pain shot through Mimi Rogers' body from her tit, and Gillian ripped open her breast with her teeth, biting down until she tasted blood.

Mimi screamed so loud it hurt Gillian's ears, but pulled her body off the redhead's. As soon as Mimi was off her Gillian buried her foot into Mimi's midsection. With a pained grunt, Mimi's knees collapse under her, sending her to the floor in a heap. Mimi rises quickly, but not wasting a second, Anderson rises shakily to her feet and follows up by smashing her elbow into Mimi's nose, and then crushing her forearm to Mimi's face, bursting the older brunette's nose and sending Rogers crashing to her generous ass with a loud thud.

Gillian steps behind Rogers, securing a chin lock and dug her knee into Rogers' back, grinding away at Mimi's lush back and neck. With Rogers busy checking her nose for blood, Gillian's left hand snakes its way around Mimi's hefty body, groping for the brunette's soft breasts before finding the prize. Mimi Rogers moans in pain as Anderson's probing fingers find her super-hardened nipple and begins to work her swollen teat, twisting, tugging and pinching Mimi's mammoth breasts.


Gillian Anderson in turn kept working Mimi's breast. Gillian jabbed her sharp, manicured thumbnail deep into the centre of Mimi's raw, swollen nipple, while her other fingers crushed Mimi's breast into her red nails. Gillian grunted and moaned with exertion.


Gillian tore her manicured hand away, giving Mimi a vicious slap on the breast, each of Gillian's rings leaving its own bruise on the tit. Anderson got to her feet, Mimi rolled onto her back in agony, and Gillian delivered a horrific crotch stomp. With Rogers' hands holding her burning crotch, Gillian goes high, banging her hard fists deeply in Mimi's big white breasts and large hanging nipples. Mimi Rogers' breasts swing and sag as Mimi awkwardly tries to regain her feet. Gillian slowly rakes her red nails down Mimi's sweaty shoulders and ribs, leaving long crimson streaks of pain across Mimi's sides and back. Gillian then used her rings to do the same, scratching and ripping them into the raw flesh of Mimi's back.

Arching her back in agony, her hands rubbing her shoulders, Mimi's huge nipples stand tall and present a tempting target to Gillian. Gillian refocuses her attention on Mimi's baggy breasts, and rips into them, giving her breasts clawed slaps that slice into Mimi's raw nipples. Taking a firm hold of each sweat-soaked breast, Gillian starts to jog and shake Mimi's breasts as hard and fast as possible, mauling her way on top of the older brunette.


Gillian takes a tight hold of Mimi's swollen nipples between her knuckles and pulls the woman off the floor and smashed her down hard again.

With the Mimi rolling in pain on the floor, Gillian Anderson then turns to Rogers' back, this time grabbing only one of Mimi's tree-trunk legs, leaning back into a half crab. Sweat pours down from Mimi's sultry face as she yells in pain and pounds on the floor, feeling helpless against Anderson's weight stretching her back and leg. Anderson, for her part, works the hold masterfully, locking Rogers' leg underneath her armpit, threading her forearm under the knee, and pounding on Mimi's thick legs with her clenched fist.

Mimi's moans turn up a notch as Anderson slyly begins digging her heel into the thick pubic hair between Rogers' legs. With a superhuman effort, Rogers pushes her self up and again flings Gillian forward, and Gillian Anderson hit the wall so hard she left an imprint of her slender body in it, and she collapses onto the floor below.

Mimi rises slowly, rubbing her lower back, but quickly follows Gillian with a vengeful gleam in her eye. Rogers finds Anderson stunned, lying on the floor trying to regain her footing. Mimi immediately goes after Gillian's small erect teats and clamped down on them with ferocity. Mimi grins as she twists the hardened nipples, feeling the Gillian's soft breasts between her knuckles as her fingers do the damage.

Gillian screams in agony and tries to roll away, but the clamping grip on her sensitive nipples is too strong. Mimi brings the redhead to her feet, pulling her up by the breasts, and pushes her roughly into the corner. Gillian first falls to one knee, then staggers forward wincing in pain, her hands massaging her aching back, again making her small breasts perfect targets for the big brunette. Mimi grabs both breasts, kneading them, squeezing them in a frenzy of pain. Anderson moans in pain, trying to hold back the fire she feels in her chest as Rogers smiling squeezes her small breasts.

Mimi forces the redhead to her knees, squeezing and mauling her breasts. After a slow nipple rip, Mimi tosses Gillian back into the middle of the room. Gillian is lying on her back, still massaging her fiery breasts. Mimi rolls to a sitting position behind Gillian, wrapping her large powerful thighs around Gillian's waist and then moving up to her ribs, squeezing the air from Gillian's body.

Gillian screams in pain as Mimi uses her legs to crush Anderson's chest and ribs, making it even easier for Rogers to crush the sexy actress. Mimi leans forward, pressing and rubbing her massive tits into Gillian's sweaty back. Mimi's breasts sway from side to side as she works the body scissors mercilessly. Mimi rolls to her side, taking Gillian with her. Rogers reaches forward, enveloping Gillian's small breasts in her large hands, feeling the warm sweaty flesh in her bare hands as she crushes and squeezes the mammaries, alternating left and right and punctuating each squeeze with vicious teat torture.

"Lets see if I can get some milk outta these udders, Gillian," Mimi says.

With a pained look on her face, Gillian breaks the leg scissors with a trip between Mimi's legs. Reaching back, Anderson's fingers find the sweaty floor of pubic hair, snaking her fingers into Rogers' sweaty groin before the brunette realises what is going on. Ripping her hand out of her opponent's crotch area quickly, Anderson earns a screaming rest from the leg scissors.

Although still in a lot of pain, Gillian manages to dig her fingers under Rogers' protective hands and rip her crotch again before, making her way out form between Rogers' legs. Gillian can barely make her way out from between Mimi's thighs. Holding her ribs, she tosses Rogers thighs apart, and starts to crawl away, holding her aching breasts.

Mimi allows her to rise to all fours before dropping a crushing elbow and forearm across her lower back. Mimi Rogers repeats this process several times, allowing Gillian Anderson to rise before pummeling her back to the floor with an elbow in the lower back.

Having toyed with Gillian quite a bit, Mimi helps Gillian to her feet, and Rogers spreads her arms wide open, readying to trap Gillian in a deadly bearhug. Mimi's widespread arms envelop Gillian Anderson, easily wrapping around her sore kidneys and lower back. Gillian and Mimi both scream in unison, Anderson leaning back to try and part Rogers' steel grip, Mimi putting every thing she has into crushing Anderson's body. Mimi loosens the grip a little, allowing Anderson to slide down a few inches, before crushing her again, this time around her mid section. Feeling Gillian's rock hard nipples digging into the soft flesh of her own breasts, Mimi knows she can beat this redheaded bitch.

Anderson's body begins to droop forward in Mimi's arms, reacting only with a moan each time Rogers puts a little more squeeze into the bear hug. Soon Gillian's hard body is loose in Rogers' powerful grip. All at once, Rogers releases the bearhug, allowing Gillian collapse to the floor, a heap of sweaty flesh. Mimi slowly lays her opponent out, pinning both of Gillian's hands straight above her head with one hand, and slapping the redhead hard across the face with her other hand. Groggily, Gillian seems to awaken, only muttering and moaning.

Mimi reaches down and grabs Gillian's small left teat, twisting it and jogging it side to side, jiggling Anderson's milky white breast. Anderson's moans become screams as the pain brings her in out of the fog and her eyes open with a start.


"Just thought you'd like to be awake for this," Mimi mutters, lowering her large white breasts into Anderson's face.

Again, Mimi's sweaty breasts fall into Gillian's face, forming a perfect seal around her nose and mouth, smothering her out again like a light. Mimi again grabs a breast, and twists the nipple until Anderson's awakens with a screaming start.

Mimi Rogers hauls Gillian Anderson to her feet with a handful of Anderson's thick hair. Both women are spent, exhausted, and bloody. Sweat dripped down Gillian's swelling breasts, while Mimi's tits heaved painfully from all of Gillian's scratches and punches.

With her hand still wound in Gillian's luxuriant hair and her fist cocked back, Mimi threatens, "I'm gonna kill you, you little Bitch. Give it up now or I'll knock your fucking head off."

Gillian didn't say anything but started to raise her fists.

"All right, if that's the way you want it, Gillian."

Mimi hauled back smashed her fist against the side of Gillian's face, the blow crunching into Gillian's left cheek. Mimi watched with satisfaction as a torrent of blood exploded from Gillian's mouth. Gillian amazingly didn't go down, but slumped down against one wall. Mimi marched over to the bloodied redhead and sent an uppercut arching into her belly. Mimi knocked Gillian's breath out with such force that her own breasts and shoulders were sprayed with Gillian's blood.

While Mimi smiled down at the splashes of blood on her front, Gillian, from somewhere mustered up a left uppercut which lifted Mimi's huge right breast. The sharp, searing pain dulled Mimi's reactions giving Gillian time to follow up with a last ditch straight right into the same sack-like breast. Gillian's sore vagina clenched as she watched Mimi stagger away from the blow.

Mimi Rogers didn't go down, but blood began to bubble from her teat, the blood running down her swollen hard breast. Seeing her burst and bloody nipple, Mimi went wild, blood flying from her breast as she smashed her hard fists into Gillian's ruined face and bloody nose. The rings on Mimi's fingers thudded and crunched into Gillian's face and small jiggling breasts, followed by Gillian's dull moans and gasps. All the movement worsened the blood loss from Mimi's breast, her body wet with blood. Gillian fought back through her terrible pain, looping punches that smashed Mimi's raw breasts, driving her swollen nipples deep in the breast meat. The split across Mimi's breast widened as Gillian slammed more punches into it.


The blood from Mimi's ruptured teat splashed down her body onto her bare feet.

"Come on you "bitch, we're not done yet," Mimi Rogers panted.

Mimi fired a straight right to the face, Mimi's rings connecting hard with Gillian's swollen nose, getting more than a trickle of blood from each of Gillian's nostrils, joining the blood that streamed over her chin since the start of their fight. The upper slopes of Gillian's firm breasts were smudged and splashed with her blood. Mimi's breasts ached horribly, and swelled in pain. The more her massive breasts swelled, the tighter the delicate skin of her areolae became. Mimi really began to put her shoulder behind her right fist as she smashed her ringed knuckles into Gillian's soft face. Gillian's head snapped back again and again, as Mimi's fists struck home. With Gillian glassy-eyed, Mimi lowered her punches to Gillian's torn breasts. Mimi was grunting loudly each time her fist smashed into Gillian's bloodstained breasts. The brunette backed the redhead up against the wall with a flurry of punches, and as Mimi's fists banged harshly into Gillian's tits, Gillian cried out ion agony, her breasts being ripped apart.

Both of Gillian's nipples began to split apart painfully, under the heavy punches. Blood pumped from her ruptured nipples and ran down her sides. Again Mimi smashed a hard punch to her face and then went back to Gillian's ruptured breasts. Gillian Anderson's once beautiful breasts swelled up and dark blood pumped freely from her torn nipples.


Anderson's slender arms dangled beside her blood-streaked thighs as her breasts were crushed and torn apart by Mimi Rogers. Mimi pushed Gillian over to a chair, and bent Gillian's body over its back. Gillian's spine cracked as Mimi bent her almost double, Gillian offering her white bleeding breasts up for Mimi's hard uppercutting punches.

"No, Oh God no. Please Mimi, my breasts hurt so much. Don't do anything else to my tits." Gillian pleaded, sobbing out her surrender. "I give up Mimi. Please, no more..."

But Mimi smiled cruelly, and grasping the back of Gillian's sweaty neck Rogers pulled Anderson toward her and gave her a hard, painful kiss on the mouth, pressing their swollen and torn lips together hard, before Mimi whispered back, "Oh no you don't, you lousy slut. You and those mosquito-bite tits of yours aren't going to be the same after tonight, Gillian."

Mimi knew she had to end it here. Pressing back on Gillian's split chin, forcing her head back, and Mimi pumped her right fist hard into Gillian's breasts. With a sickening, squishing noise Gillian's breasts split wide open, as Gillian moaned and screamed out in ultimate pain. Mimi stepped back and watched fresh blood spurting from Gillian's burst nipples. Gillian Anderson collapsed to the floor, hard, rolled onto her sweaty back and lay still. Mimi Rogers knew she would not get up.

It was over.