Gillian Anderson vs. Mimi Rogers by HlywdCatft 13-Feb-00

Beautiful brunette Mimi Rogers started making appearances on the X-files. Gillian was not too happy about this because Rogers was kind of a bitch. She went to the new producer Haywood Jablomi and started telling him and director Dick Fitzwell that Gillian is a has-been and all washed up. Of course David overheard and felt he should release this private conversation to Gillian. He just knew he would get Gillian mad, and he loves to get her mad because she will fight. David loves to watch Gillian fight because he's a sick fuck. He goes to his dressing room and "punches the clown" after all of her fights.

Gillian overheard, sure enough she was pissed, David was so happy and excited about that so he had to relieve himself and "Flog the Baldheaded Bishop" in his dressing room - crazy fucker.

Gillian headed right to Mimi Rogers dressing room and knocked on the door three times.

Mimi answered.

"I hear what you been saying about me!!!" said Gillian. "you are a fucking bitch who can't act and there is no way in hell you are gonna replace me cunt!!!"

"Whatever you redheaded piece of shit!" said Mimi.


Mimi's face stung from the force of Gillian's hand so hard that it dropped Mimi to her knees. But while on her knees, Mimi gave Gillian and solid punch in the pussy that dropped Gillian to her knees.

Gillian and Mimi traded punches while on their knees. Within minutes both of their shirts and bras were off and they were trying to latch on to each other's nipples. It began to be a tug of war with each other's nipples as they pulled. Both really wanted to give up at this point, but there was no way in hell that they would submit to their pain, it would show them as being weak.

Meanwhile, that fucking pervert Duchovny was getting a lump in his pants and felt he was going to explode if he didn't run off and "punish his pontiff" soon.

Both Mimi and Gillian's tits were getting beet red at this point and no one was letting go. With all the grunts and groans it was actually getting quite harmonic as they moaned at the same time while trying to annihilate each other's nips.

Gillian with her left hand let go of Mimi's tit and batted Mimi across the head knocking her on her back. Gillian quickly got up and stomped Mimi's vagina. Mimi curled up in agony holding her cunt.

Gillian commanded Mimi to get up. As Mimi did, Gillian sent a spin kick right into Mimi's face bloodying her nose, putting her in a daze. Gillian went over to Rogers who was lying on her back and removed her pants and panties and threw the panties in Mimi's face. Mimi was completely nude as Gillian approached her again.

This time Mimi saw her coming and Mimi sent up a kick into Gillian's unprotected cunt.

Mimi yanked off Gillian's skirt and left Gillian clad in only a pair of panties. Mimi got up and kneed hunched over Gillian in the face spinning her 180 degrees landing face first into the carpet. Mimi jumped on Gillian's back and pulled on the elastic of her panties and gave her a horrifying wedgie that compressed Gillian's clit. Mimi turned Gillian on her side and held on to both sides of the panties and pulled back and forth in a sawing motion until the panties tore apart.

Mimi reached right into Gillian's gash and grabbed her clit and pulled on it hard making Gillian scream in pain before passing out.

Mimi noticing that Anderson had passed out lowered her pussy onto Gillian's face. Mimi was about to wake Gillian back up with a hair pull, but Mimi leapt to her feet like a jack in a box screaming running off holding her bleeding cunt that left a trail on the floor.

Gillian got up and approached Mimi who was facing the other way still attending to her box and kick boxed her in the back of the head sending Mimi flying head first into a wall falling on her ass. Gillian stomped Mimi in the cunt and then her tits. Gillian stradled Mimi wrapping her legs around Mimi's neck in a head scissors while pulling on Mimi's knockers. Mimi screamed out her submission.


With that after giving one final squeeze, Gillian got up off of Mimi and left Mimi curled up in a fetal position holding her sore tits. Gillian had won that by bringing out a submission from Mimi and figured she was free to go and would not be bothered by this part time brat.

Gillian went to put her clothes back on. As Gillian bent over to put her panties back on, Mimi came up behind sending a foot up Gillian's beaver, all five of Mimi's toes disappearing up it.

Gillian fell to the ground crying.


Mimi brutally stomped Gillian's twat 10 or more times making it bleed.

Gillian was now close to passing out.

Mimi took Gillian's panties and stuffed them in Gillian's mouth.

"This is so you don't bite me again."

Mimi sat back down on Gillian's face, but this time her asshole was resting on Gillian's nose. Gillian was soon in la-la land.

Mimi removed the panties from Gillian's mouth and woke her back up by balding the red pubes from her pussy. Mimi now had a bottle of nail polish (with alcohol) in her hand. Mimi commanded Gillian to lick out her pussy, and if Gillian disobeyed Mimi would pour the nail polish in her cut up pussy which would definitely bring out major pain.

Gillian obeyed and licked out Mimi's snatch bringing her to orgasm five times.

"Oh fuck it! what the Hell!" said Mimi as she poured the entire contents in Gillian's pussy. Gillian unable to stand the pain passed out.

Mimi trashed the dressing room, piling all of the items in the dressing room on Gillian leaving her at the bottom of the pile and quit the show.

The End