Gillian Anderson vs. Mimi Rogers by TNT


The terrified scream seemed sooooo out of character. The busty brunette staggered as she reeled backward from the punch, then with a groan slammed into the edge of the pool table, her delightful backside feeling the crunch as she arched back over the smooth, green felt top. Her hands reached up for her torn top and, in a daze, she clumsily pulled the ripped fabric back together to shield her huge breasts from a dozen pairs of leering, hungry, bloodshot eyes that stared at her ravenously. Mimi Rogers truly wished she wasn't so drunk, but the booze had been soooo good and gone down soooooo smoothly. Then her mind snapped back alert as she heard the angry swearing of her rival and she winced!

"Grrrr-aaaah!" The normally quiet, reserved redhead let out a savage war cry, then cut loose with snarls and hisses; her leg muscles tightened; she flexed her fingers into fists and then she lunged...but an instant before impact she dropped down...

"Argggggh...." Mimi grunted as her upper body went into numbed shock and the crowd let out a cheer as Gillian's shoulder drove into the brunette's chest like an enraged linebacker. Two long luscious legs shot skywards and two stiletto high heels sent spinning in opposite directions. It could've been an excellent view, had the redheads body not blocked the choicest view as Mimi's legs flew open as they rose - her toes pointing at the ceiling - for the lovely brunette was wearing the shortest of short leather miniskirts.

"Always loved this pub," an inebritated patron groaned. "Usually some good action, even on a slowwwwww night!" he smiled as he heard Mimi's pained screams over the sound of fine fabric ripping apart.

"Nooooooooo..." Mimi wailed as Gillian smacked her hands aside and pulled open her tattered top to expose a lovely white lace, and incredibly overstuffed, bra! It instantly caught the attention of the happy observers who were staggering across the bar following the action.

"Gonna get 'em, and get 'em good!" Gillian muttered as she grabbed for Mimi's bra.

The redhead had harbored secret jealousy and angry toward the voluptuous actress since the first day Mimi had appeared as a guest star on Gillian's show, "X-Files." Her irritating attitude and huge melons; a devastating combination of attributes that would have made any 'normal' woman jealous of another's lovelies that cannot ever be overestimated. And the idea of her partner 'Mulder' getting to enjoy Mimi's treasures in their movie while she 'got none'....."Hmmmmpffh! Here, let's show 'em to EVERYBODY!" Gillian snarled as she yanked hard at the stubborn bra, finally only partially releasing one huge orb whose thick nipple had just peeked over the top of it's cup when Mimi landed a punch to her attackers jaw.

"Oucccch! What was that?" Gillian growled, but she recovered quickly from the feeble blow and fired an angry punch of her own that flattened Mimi's nose. Then Gillian drew her knee back and fired it upward, hard and accurate to the brunettes pubic bone with such force Mimi's feet were briefly lifted off the floor.

"Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh...." Mimi groaned as she leaned back against the pool table, bent over at the waist with both hands wedged tight between her squeezed-together tights. The busty actress was struggling to believe SHE was on the losing end of this wimpy redhead's wrath. Like most of Hollywood, Mimi had heard that Gillian was a 'soft touch' and even after an evening of drinking and carousing, Mimi had expected little resistance from the proud redhead. Now, however, pain flooded her luscious body as she struggled to raise her hands to grab a double handful of lustrous red hair.

"YEOWCH!! OK BITCH..." Gillian snarled. "If you pull that, then I'll do THIS!"

Gillian yanked down furiously on Mimi's bra, rewarded for her struggle when two huge breasts found freedom; jiggling erotically as Mimi's nipples stiffened quickly once exposed to the cool, smokey air of the bar. A loud collective gasp signaled the approval of the ecstatic excited patrons as Mimi's famous melons seemed to demand their full, lustful attention.

"YIEEEEEEE!!!!" Mimi squealed as Gillian grabbed her full breasts with both hands, squeezing hard and digging her talons deep into the hugd, soft, mountains of pale flesh.

"Yeah, twist her tits!" someone cried.

"Squeeze those jugs good, red!!" another pleaded.

"Milk her, girlfriend!" a black hooker advised as she closed her fist around her customers pecker.

"Make the ...bitch squeal!" another man begged between gulps of beer.

"Be the cat; claw her hooters; hear me grasshopper," an elderly Asian man intoned as if in a mystic trance.

A dozen or more intense, sizzling instructions filled the room and the redhead tried to give each their wish. The battered brunettes cries, screams and squeals filled Gillian's ears with such delight that she barely felt the vicious hair pulls, and she totally ignored Mimi's wildly thrashing, kicking legs.

"Such nice big fat tits. God, I wish David were here to see it," Gillian rasped as she grabbed a now rock-hard nipple and pulled with one hand while twisting its sister with the other as she snarled and glared into Mimi's beautiful, flushed face and met her tear-filled eyes with a steady gaze. The redhead could barely believe she was actually winning a catfight - and not just ANY catfight, but one with one of the most respected and admired figures in filmdom! She was glad that Mimi had drunk toooo much, waaaaay too much, while she'd had so little. The booze, her incredible jealousy and her anger were making this catspat one for the ages!!

"YEOWCH! Unnnnhhh...." A hard, flat (and incredibly rude) hand seemed to come out of nowhere to slam into Gillian's nose and she felt the sharp nails raking down her lovely soft cheek.

"Uhhggggghhhh..." Gillian grunted as two strong legs suddgnly clamped tight around her waist.

She felt herself being pulled sideways and a loud shout erupted from the excited crowd as Mimi wrestled and pulled her halfway up onto the pool table with her scissoring legs. Mimi grunted, half in pleasure, half in determined exertion, as she dragged Gillian's body upward, then she yelled again as the two rolled to the side and tumbled off the table to the floor.

"Uhhhhhhh," Gillian groaned as her back hit the floor hard and Mimi landed with her full weight on top of her, knocking the wind from the fiesty redhead.

"Now, how about everybody seein' YOUR tiny little skeeter bumps," Mimi snarled as she ripped Gillian’s blouse to shreds, unsnapped her beige bra's front clasp and jerked the cups apart with a wide sweep of her arms. Two long, stiff, dark pink nipples were eagerly grasped by her angry fingers as Mimi cupped Gillian’s perky breasts in both hands and pressed them together; the flesh mushrooming and leaving the dark-tipped caps poised for her pinching fingers.

"Them ain't skeeter bites," one enamored patron noted as he ogled the two beautiful breasts as they were viciously tormented at Mimi's angry hands.

"Nice nips!" Mimi hissed as she pinched and tugged on Gillian's' rosebuds. Gillian squealed and bucked frantically, her legs waving desperately in the air, her sheer pantyhose treated to an occasional bit of unwelcome attention by Mimi's hard, sharp nails as they raked the redhead’s tender, sensitive inner thighs.

"Ungggggggh!" The grunt seemed savage, incredibly determined and was caused by Gillian’s devastatingly powerful punch as her fist rose off the floor catching ALL of Mimi's chin as it snapped her head back. Gillian winced as pain coursed up her arm from her knuckles, but she ignored the fiery pain as she saw Mimi's lovely eyes widen and roll back in her head. She bucked again and this one sent Mimi flying.

"Nuuuh…..unnnnnhhhh," Mimi groaned as Gillian dove on her and buried her fingers deep in her wildly disheveled dark hair and used the double handful of brunette ‘crowning glory’ to jerk Mimi to her feet. The shattered brunette could barely stand, swaying on unsteady legs, her huge breasts jiggling on her heaving chest as Gillian grabbed her by the hips, pushed her back against the wall, then drew her leg back and fired three hard, hard, kneelifts up to Mimi’s unprotected pubic mound.

BAM! “Unnnhhhhh…”

BAM! “Unnnhhhhh…”

BAM! “Unnn…”

Two blistering slaps, backhand-forehand WHACK! CRACK! to Mimi’s face buckled her knees, but Gillian kept her (more or less) upright with her knee wedged between Mimi’s buckling legs as she unleashed a dozen hard, stinging slaps to those huge luscious ‘twin peaks’. Just before the last slap, Gillian removed her knee and then sent Mimi reeling back across the space separating them from the pool table … and into another dimension of hurt.

"Big boobs make big targets,” Gillian laughed. “'specially for a highly trained government agent!"

Gillian fired punches to Mimi's huge delicious melons, whiplashing them back and forth like twin speedbags, then driving her knuckles straight down into the mounds, inverting the thick stiff nipples with her knuckles with each punch.

"Guess that's why they're called knockers," somebody laughed.

"And this is why they're called ‘milk jugs',” Gillian giggled. “Just like down on the farm, they're perfect for milkin’.” She fired a punch into Mimi's gut, and Mimi doubled over gasping, then dropped to all fours. Gillian stepped around behind the wheezing brunette, knelt behind her, slammed her pelvis into Mimi’s butt and leaned onto her back as she reached around underneath and grabbed each huge breast with one hand. After several seconds of painful squeezing, she captured Mimi’s thick nipples and began to pull down hard as if milking a cow while Mimi bawled loud and slow. "You sound just like old Betsy," Gillian giggled after she released her groaning rival’s black and blue boobs.

Gillian grabbed Mimi’s hair and jerked her up and pulled her back on her knees. Mimi swayed unsteadily on her knees, her arms dangling limp at her sides while Gillian stood in front of her, one hand on her head as she wound up and fired another punch to the brunette's vulnerable jaw. Mimi grunted and swayed but Gillian’s handful of hair held her up until she fired another punch to the jaw that dropped the busty brunette beauty flat on her back like a lovely sack of potatoes.

"Oh, my! She, I mean those big boobs, need some attention and tender loving care," Gillian chuckled. 'Any volunteers?”

As she stepped over Mimi, Gillian quipped to the bartender, “And put my drinks on her tab, buddy. Be sure she pays when she wakes up and tell her I said to give you a big tip…or else. Now, I'm gonna go have a party myself!"

She started to leave, then suddenly turned on a dime, walked back to her fallen rival, reached down, pinched and tweaked Mimi's rock hard nipples once final time. Mimi groaned, but she didn't move.

"I always like to take one last nip for the road," she guffawed as she swaggered out a winner at last!!