Gillian Anderson vs. Jeri Ryan (I Want To Believe) by S.P.Eider 25-Apr-00

She thought it was thunder. At least, she did at first.

Gillian Anderson stepped from behind the curtain and let the roar of the crowd wash over her, the sound of their appreciation instilling a confidence in her that had heretofore been absent. As she made her way towards the ring, some members of the audience lent over the barrier, eager for a touch of her hand or even her blazing red hair that bounced in time with every step that Gillian took. Those that were unable to reach her, satisfied themselves with just a look at what the thirty-three year old redhead was, or more importantly what she wasn't, wearing tonight. They were not disappointed.

Gillian wore a backless, red swimsuit, kept up by what seemed like a special arrangement with gravity to take the night off. The design allowed the muscle tone of her back to be seen in all its glory, taut and muscular, yet still feminine. The rest of Gillian's frame was similar. She was broad shouldered, but not excessively so. Standing only five feet and two inches tall, she could hardly be described as an Amazon. Nonetheless, her physique was clearly fit and few members of the audience, men included, would have challenged her. Her ample chest was barely contained by the outfit and her breasts looked ready to liberate themselves at any given moment.

On a normal night, Gillian's outfit would have been completed with her bright red boots. Tonight though, Gillian approached the ring barefoot, the floor of the aisle feeling unusually cold against the soles of her feet. The reason for this change was sitting on a stool, in the corner of the ring, watching Gillian approach. Her name was Jeri.

Jeri Ryan always fought barefoot and tonight's match would be no different. No-one knew exactly why Jeri always declined from fighting in boots, though the most frequent rumour was that she liked to feel her defeated opponents under her feet. Looking at her opponent, Gillian thought that such a rumour probably wasn't far from the truth.

Jeri was an imposing figure, even sitting down. She was in her early thirties, with long blonde hair, the kind that seemed to move in slow motion with every action of Jeri's head. Her face was attractive, yet stern. Jeri only smiled when someone else suffered. In most of her matches, she smiled a lot. Jeri's outfit was more modest than Gillian's but no less appealing as a result. She wore a silver metallic swimsuit, with a large circle cut from the centre to expose her exquisite midriff, a smooth stomach, toned to absolute perfection. Jeri's overall physique was far more defined than Gillian's. The Voyager star's long, muscular legs had often put a smile on her face whilst she wrapped them around the torsos of her many hapless victims over the years. The look on her face suggested she planned to do the same tonight.

As Gillian leapt over the top rope and into the ring, the crowd erupted into their loudest cheer yet. Gillian could not help but break into a wide smile and wander to the centre of the ring, acknowledging the rapturous crowd, drawing energy from their adulation. This was to be the first time Gillian had fought in a ring without a referee, her first all-in, no holds barred match. She needed the crowd to get through this. They would be her strength.

The opening bell came suddenly, well before Gillian had had time to compose herself. Jeri, on the other hand, was focused on the moment and when the bell went she leapt from her chair like a Greyhound out of a trap. Gillian turned to see the blonde powerhouse coming straight for her and could do little to avoid the perfect flying kick that Jeri had executed. Jeri's right foot smacked into Gillian's jaw, the other thudded into the redhead's right bosom. Any illusions Gillian may have been under that a kick without boots would not hurt were immediately dispelled. She stumbled backwards into the ropes, only just managing to stay on her feet.

Jeri moved in fast as Gillian floundered against the ropes. Before Gillian was able to steady herself, Jeri powered her right knee between the woman's legs. Jeri's knee crashed into Gillian's sex, bringing a scream of agony from her as the impact of the blow sent white hot pain coursing through her body. Jeri smiled, pleased with the effect of the technique. She addressed the crowd, who had already started to boo the villainous fighter.

"If a job's worth doing," she shouted, snarling at the jeering spectators, "it's worth doing twice."

The statement was Jeri's catchphrase and all present knew what it meant. Gillian realised what was coming but had little time to prevent it. Once again, Jeri's knee crashed into the redhead's crotch. Gillian cried out and her hands dropped to her now tender womanhood.

Jeri took advantage immediately, unleashing a powerful punch to Gillian's left breast. Jeri's fist was almost enveloped by the substantial orb as it sunk in to the flesh. She quickly threw another punch, this time at Gillian's right bosom. Gillian moaned as the blows found their target without mercy. She knew she had to get off the ropes, as long as she was trapped here the fight might as well be over for her. Struggling to focus though the battering her breasts were receiving, Gillian saw an opening. And took it.

Slowly, so as not to indicate to Jeri what she had planned, Gillian secured her grip on the ropes, wrapping them around her arms and grasping them tightly with her hands. Until now, she had merely been trapped by the ropes. Now she intended to use them. Once secure, Gillian waited for the right moment. Jeri was still pounding her breasts as though they were punch bags. Each strike bought with it a new wave of pain, not to mention further cries of derision from the crowd. Gillian knew she had to endure for just a few seconds longer.

Gillian watched as Jeri drew her fist back, preparing to throw another punch. As Jeri swung her fist, Gillian leant back at the last possible second. Jeri's fist missed by only millimetres but it was enough for Gillian. Immediately, she kicked her legs upwards, whilst still gripping the ropes. Her legs swung first outwards and then together, one on either side of Jeri's neck.

Resting her legs on Jeri's shoulders, Gillian quickly locked her ankles behind her opponent's head and secured the head scissors with a cry of triumph. For a second, Gillian hung suspended between the ropes and Jeri. Gillian then twisted her body at the waist sharply, turned her legs quickly and flipped Jeri to the canvas. Jeri landed heavily on her back to sounds of elation from the watching audience.

As Jeri rose groggily to her feet, Gillian released her grip of the ropes and waited for Jeri to get to her feet. Once upright, Jeri sneered at Gillian, amazed at what had just happened.

"You stupid bitch," she said. "D'you think I'm gonna let you get up when I knock you down? You've just missed the only chance you gonna ge - Ooooooffffff!!!!!"

Gillian's foot crashed into Jeri's stomach, cutting her off mid-rant.

"You talk too much," said Gillian simply and kicked Jeri again.

Using the exposed circle of Jeri's skin as a target, the ball of Gillian's foot buried itself into the pit of Jeri's gut. As it did so, Gillian felt a pleasant feeling she had not felt in combat before. Until today, Gillian had always fought wearing boots. The sensation she experienced when her bare foot connected with Jeri's stomach was a pleasant one and something the redhead was eager to explore further. Such discoveries would have to wait until later though, a winded and angry Jeri was charging towards her.

Using the older woman's momentum against her, Gillian let Jeri get close and in one smooth movement placed one arm between the charging woman's legs, her other arm across Jeri's shoulder, lifted the amazon-like blonde and them slammed her into the mat. A perfect bodyslam.

Jeri groaned and again rose to her feet, slower this time than before. She looked at Gillian and in a gesture of peace, offered the redhead a hand of friendship. The crowd immediately sprang to life, a thousand voices telling Gillian not to fall for it, to stay away. For her part, Gillian played on the moment, looking to Jeri's outstretched hand, then to the crowd, shrugging her shoulders as though uncertain of what to do next.

Eventually, and to screams of panic from the crowd, Gillian approached Jeri and offered her hand. The moment their hands gripped, Gillian quickly turned 360 degrees, twisting Jeri's arm. When the move was complete, the two fighters were still holding hands, but Gillian was clearly in total control. Her hands gripped Jeri tightly, one held the blonde woman's hand, the other clasped Jeri's wrist. Jeri was leaning forwards, fruitlessly trying to ease the pain in her twisted appendage.

"I may be a good girl," said Gillian, smugly, "but I'm not stupid."

Jeri moaned as Gillian increased pressure on the captive arm.

"No, no, no, please no," pleaded Jeri.

"Your vocabulary seems somewhat limited," said Gillian. "Let's see if we can improve that shall we?"

Pulling down on Jeri's trapped arm, Gillian swung her left leg up and over the captive limb, turning as she did so. Gillian was now facing away from the bowed Jeri, the blonde woman's arm trapped between her legs.

"Oh no, not that, please don't," squealed Jeri, having correctly assuming what was coming next.

"Sorry Seven," mocked Gillian and immediately pulled upwards on Jeri's arm.

Jeri screamed as her already twisted limb was forced up, against Gillian's groin. The blonde fighter could feel the bone and muscle in her shoulder stretching painfully, threatening to tear if she did not do something fast. Gillian relaxed the pressure for a second, only to apply it again with even more venom. Jeri cried out, a burst of intense pain followed by....nothing. Jeri feared the worst as her shoulder began to feel numb, useless. She needed to act now or risk losing to this pretender.

With her free hand, Jeri reached behind her and up, feeling the air blindly until she found her objective. Grasping Gillian's red hair tightly, Jeri pulled her tormentor down across her back. Gillian's first instinct was to put her hands to her head, hoping to break Jeri's spiteful grip. The moment Gillian released the armlock on Jeri's hand, the Borg beauty took control of the situation, drawing on her years of experience. The hand that was holding Gillian's hair released it, only to grab the redhead underneath her chin. Jeri's other arm, though still between Gillian's legs, was no longer trapped but wrapped around Gillian's right thigh.

Taking a deep breath, Jeri stood slowly upright hoisting Gillian off the ground and across her shoulders with the power of a champion weight lifter. Jeri roared in triumph as she held her prize aloft, ignoring Gillian's desperate attempts to unbalance her.

"Stop struggling," ordered Jeri, pulling down on Gillian's chin and thigh to emphasise the point. "Resistance," smiled the blonde, "is futile."

Gillian groaned as her back was stretched against the blonde woman's shoulders.

"And now," said Jeri, "I'm going to teach you what No-Holds-Barred really means."

Less than a second later, Jeri dropped sharply to her knees. Gillian screamed as the jarring impact reverberated through her spine like a electric shock. She had little time to recover when she felt Jeri again pull downwards on her neck and thigh, straining her already damaged back. This time the pain was worse, the initial back drop having done significant injury. Gillian bit back the scream of agony that was building in her lungs. She wouldn't give the rival actress the satisfaction.

Jeri rose slowly to her feet, noticing that Gillian had stopped struggling. A clear indication that this would all be over soon. She smiled, and spoke the words that Gillian had been dreading.

"If a job's worth doing" she said, "It's worth doing......."

For the first time since the start of the match, the crowd fell silent. There was a moment of perfect anticipation, a thousand hands ready to cover a thousand eyes.

". . . twice." said Jeri.

She jumped upwards, tucked her legs beneath her and crashed to her knees. The loud thump as her knees hit the canvas turned to a thunderous like rumble as the ensuing vibration shook the ring like a small earthquake. Accompanying the thunder was the sound of Gillian, no longer able to prevent her scream of anguish making itself heard by all present. Even a few passers by outside could only guess what had just transpired inside the auditorium.

Gillian did not have to guess. She knew exactly what had happened, the burning pain throughout her entire body was reminder enough. Her eyes had began to water, not tears but a response to the agony she was being forced to endure with what appeared to be little hope for respite. She realised that Jeri had again lifted her aloft and was now walking towards the corner post. Gillian struggled weakly but every movement sent a bolt of pain throughout her body. Instead she could only capitulate to the blonde powerhouse. For now.

Jeri hoisted Gillian off her shoulders and placed her in the corner of the ring, against the turnbuckle - upside down. Each of Gillian's splayed legs hung on either side of the corner post, hanging over the top rope at the knee. Her arms lay uselessly on the canvas and her bosoms dangled onto her chin.

"I don't think I've hurt you enough yet," said Jeri. "That's about to change."

Jeri placed a hand on each of Gillian's inverted thighs, partly to keep the redhead in place and partly to brace herself for what she was planning.

If Gillian had been standing upright, Jeri's headbutt would probably have concussed the attractive fighter. As it was, Gillian probably would have preferred it that way. Jeri's vicious headbutt caught Gillian squarely in the crotch, Ms Ryan's forehead crashing authoritatively into Gillian's vulnerable vagina. The redhead's scream caught in her throat as her body jerked in torment. Sheer, unalloyed pain tore through Gillian's body, as real tears began to form in her intense green eyes.

Gillian Anderson was finished and literally hung out to dry. Any other fighter would have walked away and toasted a well won victory. Any fighter except Jeri Ryan.

"If a job's worth doing," she yelled, exhilarated at her victory, "it's worth doing twice."

Once more she fired her head towards Gillian's throbbing groin. Unfortunately, Jeri's catch-phrase had served as a warning to her opponent. Motivated by the most basic desire of self preservation, Gillian was able to straighten her legs at the last possible moment, just enough to slump limply to mat. It was not the most dynamic of escapes but it was still as effective. In the absence of Gillian's softest area, Jeri's head connected with a sickening jolt against the top of the turnbuckle. The padding that covered the corner post did little to lessen the impact of Jeri's kamikaze blow and the blonde woman stumbled backwards, stunned.

Gillian was on her feet in an instant, doing her best to ignore the pain that still resided in various parts of her body. She knew this would be her one chance to turn the match and she wasn't going to miss it. Grabbing the still dazed Jeri by the wrists, Gillian spun on the spot, whipping the slender woman into the corner post. Jeri smacked front-first into the turnbuckle, squashing her voluminous breasts as she did so. Before she even had a chance to turn around, Gillian was at the blonde woman's back, powering a knee strike into the base of Jeri's spine. Jeri screamed and arched her body as raw agony coursed through her back.

Unmoved by Jeri's cries, Gillian continued her assault like a woman possessed. Turning the blonde woman around so her suffering back was now against the post, Gillian took a step back before firing a swift snap kick between Jeri's legs. Gillian's foot hit home with a thump, accompanied by a yelp from the battered blonde. Once again, Gillian began to feel the sensation that she had experienced earlier in the fight and fired another kick into the crotch of the weakening Ryan. The redhead smiled as her kick connected and she felt the soft flesh of Jeri's pussy against the top of her bare foot. Jeri grunted, the muscles in her face seeming to collapse as Gillian's foot found it's mark. Gillian paused for a moment and looked into the eyes of her now apprehensive victim.

"If a job's worth doing," mocked Gillian, "it's worth doing as much as I damn well like!!!"

The red haired beauty then sent her foot smashing into Jeri's pussy one last time. Such was the impact of the blow, Jeri's entire body jerked as Gillian's foot sunk deep into the blonde's destroyed sex. The blonde let out a weak gurgle and sunk slowly to her knees, sobbing to herself and, somewhat belatedly, covering her sore crotch with her hands.

Gillian knew it was nearly over but was unwilling to let the vicious slut off lightly. Jeri had hurt her only minutes beforehand and good-girl or not, Gillian was going to hurt her back. Dragging the beaten blonde from the corner of the ring, Gillian pulled Jeri's sobbing form to the centre of the mat. Once there, Gillian laid out the still kneeling Jeri with a vicious knee to the face. Jeri fell back immediately and lay sobbing to herself, battered and defeated. With her feet either side of Jeri's body, Gillian looked down on her vanquished opponent and smiled.

"It's like I always say," said the anticipatory redhead, "Trust no-one."

Jeri quickly realised what was coming and made a futile effort to roll away. Gillian stopped her with a swift stamp to the beaten woman's breast, digging her heel deep into the soft mammary.

Dropping quickly to her knees to pin Jeri's weakened arms, Gillian positioned her groin just above the blonde's chin. For a moment Gillian placed all her weight onto Jeri's breasts, forcing her rump down hard on the bruised bosoms. None of the audience heard Jeri's subsequent squeal of pain as it was quickly muffled by Gillian's unforgiving crotch.

Moving slightly forward, Gillian gripped the blonde's long hair in both hands and pulled Jeri's head up sharply into her welcoming sex. Jeri's protests were audible to few in the audience, the occasional suppressed sob interspersed with a sound that can only be made by a woman with a face full of pussy. Gillian began to writhe in delight as she forced Jeri's face up into her virile sex lips. The flame haired battler was soon moaning to herself as her pleasure increased with each passing second. As she continued to grind her increasingly wet vagina into the face of her stricken foe, Gillian's head fell back in ecstasy and she looked skywards to the bright lights of the auditorium.

Still Jeri's weak protests continued and Gillian released one hand from the woman's golden hair, the other still quite capable of positioning the woman's face in all the right places. With her free hand, Gillian placed her fingers at her intensely satisfied crotch and pulled aside the red material that covered her full thatch just far enough to ensure that Jeri was now getting a mouthful of red hair. Feeling Jeri's features against the soft pink flesh of her pussy was more pleasure than Gillian could contain and her orgasm exploded with the force of an atomic ecstasy bomb.

Satiated at last, Gillian rose from the barely conscious body of her humiliated victim. Jeri's face was red and a few short scarlet hairs were visible on the blonde's nose and lips. Gillian stood and received her tumultuous applause from the crowd, acknowledging Jeri only long enough to put a bare foot on her sobbing victim's face.

"I win." said Gillian Anderson softly.