Gillian Anderson vs. Anna Nicole Smith by Doug Haig 30-Jul-99

Gillian Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith square off in the center of the room, exchanging insults as the two women slowly circle around, nails curled like talons.

Gillian taunts Anna, "Couldn't you find a bra that fit, you stupid Bitch..... "

"Fuck you" Anna shot back, "You scag slut. I can't wait to rip those little tits right off your body!!" she replies with a snarl.

The two women slowly circle each other, each one watching the other hoping to strike the first blow. Suddenly Anna rushes at Gillian and rakes her nails across her chest, drawing bloody scratches from the neck down, ripping just short of Gillian's firm breasts.

Suddenly the blonde and redhead smashed their beautiful bodies together, in a tight embrace. As the two sweaty women were locked together, they locked their arms around each other's body in a massive bearhug, tightly wrapped around the other, they stumbled about the room, grunting and moaning softly as Anna's massive tits and Gillian's small breasts pressed against each other.

Anna snarled softly, "I'm gonna destroy you, you fucking BITCH!!! I'll put you in so much pain you'll beg me to knock you out."

True to her word, Anna bit down hard on the top of Gillian Anderson's ear, her teeth biting clean through, spitting it out in a bloody spew. Gillian gasped in total pain as she felt blood trickling down her face, pulling away from her blonde foe, her hand clamping on her bleeding earlobe.

Gillian swipes out at Anna face, slicing the blonde's right cheek with her red manicured nails. Anna is furious and charges at Gillian again, this time she tackles the petite redhead to the floor and the two of them struggle back and forth, clawing and ripping their nails across each other's body. Anna ends up on top , but only until Gillian grabs her long blonde hair and pulls her off of her to her side As Anna falls she grabs at Gillian's breasts, savagely corkscrewing both small tits until Anderson's breasts turn an angry shade of purple as Gillian lets out a throaty scream of pain. Before Anna can take advantage of this Gillian wraps her strong legs around Anna's midsection and locks her ankles together. Anna is squeezed unmercifully by Gillian's powerful

legs and begins to rake her nails across Gillian 's right thigh leaving red bloody streaks as Gillian's screams in pain and releases her leg scissors. As Gillian removes her legs from Anna she kicks out with the sole of her left foot and smashes Anna's right breast bringing a wail of pain from Anna as Smith's silver-dollar nipple disappears completely into her breast, along with Gillian's heel. Anna rolls over holding her battered breast as the pain slowly subsides.

"Bitch" she yells as turns to face Gillian, only to be slapped in the face by Gillian's red nails, which leave some more marks on her pretty face.

Anna lashes out, yelling as she grabs at Gillian's right breast, raking her talons across it with wild abandon over and over, as Gillian tries to defend herself against this vicious attack. Anna was scratching red, burning streaks across Gillian's breasts, as the redhead cried out in pain as Anna Nicole Smith tried to scratch her breasts right off her body. Bloody smears streaked across Gillian's aching tender breasts as her fiery nipples felt only seconds away from bursting apart.

Anna grabs Gillian's right nipple between her sharp French Manicured nails, twisting till she draws blood, as Gillian, in vain, struggles to remove Anna's hand from her aching and bleeding nipple.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKING BITCH!!! LET GO OF MY TIT!!! FUCK!!!" screams Gillian as she finally succeeds in escaping from this tit torture, drops of blood rolling down her small plump breast.

Gillian again lashes out with her foot, slamming Anna square in the face, knocking her back stunned, Gillian Anderson's foot connecting just below her left eye. Before Anna knows what's happening Gillian is astride her stomach, raining punches down on her face and breasts. Gillian attacks Anna's black lace bra, barely containing Smith's huge breasts. Only managing to release one large globe, Gillian gouges it with both her hands, twisting and pulling the soft titflesh as Anna screams out at the pain she is being subjected too.

With a cruel smile on her face, Gillian continues her torture, only pausing long enough to punch Anna in the face when she seems about to come to her senses. Gillian's first punch cracks Anna right across the mouth, Gillian's rings splitting Anna's bottom lip wide open. In desperation, a thrashing Anna reaches her hand into Gillian's shorts from the right thigh side and rips them off the redhead's body, then she starts to wrench at Gillian's pubes. Gillian refuses to release her tit hold, despite the pain in her cunt, and begins to pummel Anna's breasts with slaps and punches, Gillian's hard fists sinking in to her wrists in Anna's larger breasts.

Anna is now scratching hard at Gillian's cunt, cutting up Anderson's pussy. Gillian manages to free Anna's other breast, and despite the burning pain in her torn vagina, Gillian begins to slam and crush Anna's breasts together, Smith's tits overflowing in her small hands. Gillian Anderson cries out at the pain she feels in her cunt from Anna's scratching, as they both try to ignore the pain as they maul each other. Reaching up with her free hand, Anna again latches onto Gillian's right nipple with her nails, squeezing it and causing new cuts as she grounds her nails in, almost severing the nipple in half.

Gillian wails " MY NIPPLE!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!!! OHHH SHIT!!! ANNA---YOU'RE RIPPING MY TIT APART!!!" as she starts twisting her body to try and escape from Anna's nails.

Anna releases Gillian's pubes and reaches up and grabs the left nipple. Anna twists and turns her nipples causing Gillian to finally release her breasts and grab her wrists to try and free her bruised and bleeding nipples from this blonde's clutches. Anna pulls Gillian off her to side by her nipples then wraps her legs around her waist still twisting brutally as Gillian cry's out in anguish at her predicament.

"How's it feel you fucking BITCH?!! I think I'm gonna rip both these titties off!!!" shouts Anna as she squeezes her supple legs harder as she releases the right nipple only to grab Gillian 's hair and slam her head to the floor.

"TAKE...THAT...YOU...SLUT!!! Anna yells with each smash of Gillian's throbbing head to the floor. Anna Nicole Smith knows she has Gillian Anderson under control. Anna's large legs crushing her stomach and her nipples on fire, Gillian rakes her nails across Anna's legs as Anna shrieks in torment, but refuses to release her scissors. Gillian changes tactics and grabs at both breasts and again mauls them, slamming them together with such force that Anna screams in distress as her battered and abused breasts can take no more pounding. Each time Gillian smashes the pendulous breasts together Anna's tits make a loud wet SMACK. In pain, and her breasts sore and aching, Anna reluctantly releases her scissors and rolls away clutching her sore tits, moaning at the intensity of the pain.

Gillian is still on her back, blood dripping from numerous cuts on her breasts, crying at the unbelievable pain she is experiencing from Anna's nipple torture. Neither woman is in any shape to continue, but they both are extremely angry at what the other has done to them and each silently vows to totally destroy the other before the fight is over.

Gillian rolls over onto her hands and knees slowly as Anna rises to her feet, massaging her now intensely aching tits. Seeing Gillian struggling to rise to her feet, Anna rushes over and kicks out with her left foot smashing her foot into Gillian's stomach.

"OOOOOOFFFFF!!!" cries Gillian, as Anna's foot smashes into her hard-toned stomach.

Gillian Anderson slumps back to the floor holding her stomach, landing ass first on her back, as Anna Nicole Smith, with a flying leap jumps on top of her back, crushing Gillian's chest on the hardwood floor and knocking the wind from her lungs.

With a huge grin through the tears running down her face, Anna reaches back into Gillian's shorts, grabbing a handful of cunt hair and pulls wildly ripping hair out as Gillian shrieks, "AAAYYYYYEEEE....NOOOOOOO!!!! NOT THERE!!! MYYYYY CUNT!!!! OHHHH GOD ANNA!!! NOOO!!!"

Anna is again in full control and grabbing Gillian's head by the hair takes full advantage by slamming her face into the floor, giving Gillian a bloody nose.

Blood pours out from Gillian's broken nose, as Anna sneers, "I've got you now, you piece of shit", as she reaches around and grabs a handful of Gillian's breasts in each hand and pulls both of them around Gillian's armpits from the sides.

Gillian screams out in pain, "OHHHHH GOD!!! MY TITS---ANNA!!! MY FUCKIN' TITS!!!"

Not satisfied Anna releases her hold and turns Gillian around onto her back. Blood is all over the floor and on them from Gillian's nose.

Anna again begins to torture Gillian's chest laughing at her yelling, "I'LL RIP THESE SHIT-TITS OFF YOUR BODY BEFORE I'M FINISHED WITH YOU, BITCH!!!"

Anna then starts to smother Gillian with her own enormous breasts as she continues her torture.

"These are what real tits feel like, Honey." she yells as she slaps Gillian's face over and over with her tits.

Anna's huge white breasts form a perfect seal over Gillian's pretty and bloody face, cutting off light and air.

In desperation Gillian Anderson reaches out and scratches at Anna's eyes. Anna Nicole Smith screams out in rage and pain as she is blinded momentarily in both eyes and Gillian is able to drag her off, grabbing Anna's by the nipples in her nails and pulling her off to her side.

Knowing how close she came to defeat, Gillian is determined not to let this chance slip by her, she kicks with her left knee right into Anna's pubic bone, her heel cracking into the blonde's crotch hard, smiling as Anna screams in agony. Gillian releases Anna's torn bleeding nipples, and the redhead positions herself behind her and wraps her legs around her waist while Anna is still defenseless from her groin shot. Anna starts to struggle so Gillian puts her right arm around Anna's throat in a choke hold while reaching around to pound on Anna's tits, smashing first the right one then the left one again and again as Anna yells and twists.

Anna struggles fiercely to escape but to no avail as she is too exhausted from Gillian's attack. Anna moans in pain as Gillian slaps her in the face with her own small breasts over and over, using her smaller, firmer mammaries to cover her foe's face. Gillian grinds her knuckles into Anna's breasts, twisting the yielding flesh as she relentlessly squeezes her waist in her python-like scissors grip.

They are both covered with Gillian's blood as her nose is still bleeding all over them. Gillian releases Anna's now black and blue covered tits, and moving her legs up around Anna's neck proceeds to scissor the blonde, Gillian's creamy gams locked tightly around Smith's waist. Anna cries out in pain as the breath is driven from her body.

"OOOHHhhhhhh FUCK!!!" Anna gasps out, "Its like being cut in two!!!!"

But Gillian is weak too, and after a few moments of racking torture, Gillian removes her legs and slowly and unsteadily crawls to the other side of the room.

Looking down at herself Gillian Anderson chokes back the sobs at seeing her condition. Gillian's nipples are still bleeding, her tits are covered with scratches, more than half of her pubic hairs lay on the floor, and her every move causes her pain. Anna Nicole Smith's mouth is covered with her blood, and Anna's once-magnificent breasts are mottled with black and blue bruises with scratches covering them, her sultry face scratched and marked up.

With a battle scream of rage, both women charged at each other and smashed their breasts together with a loud 'SMACK' as they fell back and repeated this again. This time a small grimace appeared at the edges of Gillian's mouth, her tits still sore and aching from Anna's pounding. Anna grabbed a handful of hair in both her hands and savagely pulled Gillian around by it as Gillian latched onto her right tit with both hands and twisted clockwise as she dug her manicured fingers into the flesh deeply. They staggered around the room for a few minutes in this manner till Anna was forced to release one of her hands to free her tortured tit from Gillian's clutches.

Seeing an advantage to exploit, Gillian twisted as hard as she could as Anna now howled out in agony and in revenge drove her knee into Gillian's undefended cunt. Releasing the breast hold the redhead fell back massaging her injured crotch as Anna came forward with and elbow smash to her tits, knocking her backwards and to the floor on her ass. Anna grabbed Gillian's red tresses and began pulling out strands of it as she attacked the blonde. Gillian's scalp was on fire, so Gillian slipped her manicured hand into Anna's groin and yanked on the cunt hair. Anna bellowed in suffering but continued her hair pulling assault with one hand as she frantically tried to remove the blonde's hand from her crotch hair. After two tries she managed to secure a hold on Gillian's wrist but when she tugged her hand away Gillian still had a firm grip and managed to rip out another handful as Anna bellowed out again and released the blonde locks from her other hand and backpedaled out of Gillian's reach.

As she massaged her aching cunt Gillian grabbed her foot by the ankle and lifting her leg off the ground she twisted it tripping Anna to the ground in front of her. She immediately wrapped her sexy gams around Anna's head and began to squeeze for all she was worth using her legs to slam Anna's head and shoulder to the ground and stunning the blonde beauty. Reaching out with her left hand she started to pull at Anna's right breast, tugging it sideways, then squeezing part of it, over and over as Anna screamed in agony and tried to pry the legs, that were crushing her head, apart with her hands to no avail. Anna raked her hand down the side of Gillian's shapely leg.

Gillian was grinning in triumph as she continued to maul the blonde's right breast, her fingers leaving deep red splotches were they had dug into the titflesh. Suddenly she let out a scream and released her tit hold to grab at her crotch. Anna had managed to grab her clit between her fingers and was twisting and pulling it for all she was worth, driving her manicured nails in deep.

Distracted by the pain, Gillian's scissors was not as secure as before and with a loud yell of success she slipped her head free still holding Gillian's clit firmly. Anna tore her hand away from Gillian's pussy, ripping out a handful of hair as the women rolled apart, both sobbing, sweating, and in tremendous pain.

Slowly the two beautiful women struggle to their feet, breathing hard and heavily.

"You BITCH!! I'm gonna love twisting your pink nips till you beg for release, Bitch" snarls Anna.

They began again, circling each other, taking small swipes at each others breasts with their nails, each testing the other's defenses, eyes knitted in concentration as they searched for any signs of weakness. The room rang out with Gillian's cry of pain as Anna smashed a hooking punch that slammed into her right breast. Anna's large rings smashed hard against Gillian's small tight breast. All of Anna's weight and power was behind it, as Gillian both felt and heard one of her milk sacs burst under Anna's fist.

"OHHH GOD!!! MY BREAST!!! Gillian moaned out.

But twisting back around, Gillian Anderson sent her right fist flying into Anna's huge left breast, burying her fist and grinding it in. Gillian carved the three gold rings on her right hand in hard against Anna's flaming nipple, till a red faced Anna punched Gillian in the face with a left and then a right hook to each side of her head, the second blow really rattling Gillian's head and stunning her. Gillian stumbled back, spitting out blood from her smashed lips.

Gillian's guard was high, protecting her face as Anna set her stance and pelted Gillian now-soft gut with two extremely hard blows that sunk into Anderson's stomach, Gillian's taut belly folding around Smith's fist as all the air whooshed out of her lungs. Gillian Anderson lowered her guard to protect her stomach, then yelled out as Anna Nicole Smith side-stepped and delivered a brutal kick to her right breast that smashed it painfully against her ribcage and knocked the redhead flying, Gillian's agonized scream filling the room as she collapsed to the ground clutching her wounded breast in both hands. Anna strolled over confidently, reaching down and grabbed her opponents thick red hair, pulling Gillian up by it, but suddenly Smith's cunt explodes in agony as Gillian's fist slams into it. Anna's lips open so she can scream in pain, the buxom blonde falls to her knees, she clutches her throbbing organ.

Gillian grabbed Anna's nipples and ripped her towards her, releasing her nipples and bringing her head down to smash painfully into the middle of her foe's expansive chest. Before Anna could counterattack she bellowed in pain as Gillian's fists and rings were burrowing into the underside's of each of her huge wonders, each being driven up and up till she was sent flying backwards onto her back. Gillian slowly dragged herself over to her moaning rival, then the redhead begins driving her hard ringed fists into each of her blonde's heaving breasts from above, But Anna, thrashing about in pain, kicks Gillian's sweaty right breast and sends Anderson falling back in pure agony, tears flowing down from her green eyes as her now swollen and bruised breast has another matching bruise forming, the pain monumental as it throbs thought the breast in waves, radiating pain outwards. Anna had burst some blood vessels in Gillian's breast with that kick, evident from Gillian's screams of pain that echoed in the small room.

But Anna is still out of it, totally spent just from the small kick, unable to take any advantage of the moment as she rocks back and forth in agony, till a few seconds later Gillian reaches out with her legs and wraps them around Anna's neck starting to strangle her. The hurt and utterly furious redhead wants to put this blonde bitch under. Gillian Anderson rocks Anna Nicole Smith back and forth between her powerful shapely calves but suddenly decides she would much rather humiliate her now.

Slamming Anna's head to the floor she releases her and straddles her foe's stomach, draping her small chest across the blonde's face again in a smother hold. The blondes struggles become weaker and weaker till she is seemingly out and Gillian sits up, massaging her battered breasts. Anna moves around beneath her, and Gillian looks down just in time to see a flash of fist as the blonde's right hand crashes into the top of her cunt, Anna's rings ripping into Gillian's womanhood, painfully parting her lips as Smith buries part of her fist inside Anderson's cunt.

Anna grips Gillian's small sweaty breasts and all but tosses her off her by them. The devastated redhead is powerless to stop her as Smith flips her over onto her stomach and comes crashing down ass first onto Anderson's upper back, squashing her small breasts as they ooze out the sides of her body. Jamming and pressing the palms of both hands down onto Gillian's glistening back, Anna raises up her knees and brings them crashing down on the parts of each breast that's sticking out and is rewarded with a wail of pain that rattles the windows. Anna grinds down hard on Gillian's trapped breasts, crushing the tits between her kneecap and the hardwood floor.

Anna pulls up on Gillian's damp red hair, raising her face off the floor and says, "How's that feel you fucking CUNT?!!?!! Lets see if I can make this titty explode"

Anna grinds her knee again into Anderson's destroyed breast as Gillian continues to cry in defeat, her tits on fire from the savage kneeing. Anna then moved her right knee forward and positioned it just above Gillian's other shoulder blade, bringing it down forcefully on the tit flesh that was oozing out the side of the redhead's body from under her.

Anna Nicole Smith pulled a dizzy and pain-racked Gillian Anderson to her feet, then Anna's right fist came crashing onto Gillian's face, the knuckles slamming into her left eye driving her back a step. Both women punched each other as hard as they could, trading hard, vicious blows as fast as they could throw them. Anna's fist crashed into Gillian's smaller breasts, sending spasms of pain shooting through Anderson's body, as Gillian's punches plowed deep into Anna's pendulous tits, burying her fists up to her wrists in the sagging titflesh. Both women's breasts looked deflated, as sweat poured off their bodies. Summoning up all her strength, Anna rushed at Gillian, with a loud cry, slamming the heels of her hands hard against the tender undersides of Gillian's freckled breasts.

Taken completely off-guard, Gillian Anderson caught the full fury of Anna's charge and was driven back. Gillian's sweaty body smashed into the wall, but Anna Nicole Smith still had her large hands clamped over Anderson's small breasts, and as Gillian's body hit the wall Anna gave Gillian's tits a mighty push upward, looking like she was trying to literally push the breasts off Gillian's chest. Smith almost succeeded, because the redhead's small tits reached their threshold for pain, and as Anna pushed them up the undersides of Gillian's breasts split wide open, right where the bottom of the breast joins the chest. White-hot pain shot through Gillian's sweaty body as Anna let her collapse to the floor, moaning in pain.


Gillian gently cupped her torn breasts, and when her hands came away covered and dripping with blood a look of terror and rage clouded her face.

An uppercut exploded painfully on the underside of Gillian's right tit, driving it upwards as Anna flinched in pain, still on the defensive as the redhead suddenly sprang forward, plowing her head into Anna's chest, flattening her breasts into pancakes, and smashing her into the wall.

"How does THAT feel?!!!!" yelled Gillian, her chest heaving now with each breath.

Gillian's small firm breasts were heaving as Anna moaned in pain from Gillian's nails-first rake across her left breast. Gillian gave Anna a nipple pull that had her crying out as Anderson sent a punch burrowing into her right areola, sending it deeply into the soft tit flesh. Gillian grabbed Anna's huge right tit after punching it again and twists it clockwise with both hands as Anna's face twists with pain. Anna's face turns red with utter pain as Gillian grabs her left tit and twisting it, pushes it upwards with the other, driving the blonde further back. Anna desperately pulls at Gillian's tits, screaming out as the X-Files beauty begins alternately pulling then pushing each of her huge breasts up and down, then side to side, as Gillian relishes Anna's cries of agony.

"Are you ready for THIS!!!" screams Gillian, who begins jogging Anna's breasts up and down, shaking Anna's huge mounds as hard and fast as she could as Anna trembled and moaned in pain.

Gillian continues her assault even as Anna's fingernails dig deeper and deeper into each of her tits, trickles of blood beginning to flow down where the nails have penetrated the skin.

"What's wrong? The Cow can dish it out, but can't take it?' purrs Gillian as her foe cries out again from her savage tit-ripping grip. "Payback's a bitch, and so am I!!!!" yells Gillian into Anna's face as she tugs her around by her tits, dragging her around the room as they continue their titty tug of war.

Anna abandons here useless attack on Gillian's melons, slamming her fist into her stomach instead, stunning the redhead. Seeing the effect of her blow the blonde repeats it, but weakened by the constant pain emanating from her tits the blow only pauses her again, and shaking it off, Gillian retaliates by pushing Anna backwards into a wall and all but raises her off her feet by her boobs, pushing them as far up as they can go as she twists them back and forth, her foe screaming out in anguish.


Anna furiously dug her nails into the back of each of Gillian's hands as she tries to get them off her chest. Gillian really turns it on, Anna's soft pliable titflesh oozing through her red-nailed fingers as she crushes, twists and pushes over and over, twisting Anna's nipples painfully between her rings, bending the blonde's large nipple harshly, the blonde securely in Gillian's grip now.

"Still think you're hot shit because of those cow udder tits, BITCH?" Gillian spits out as she again mangles both of Anna's swollen, agonized boobs.

Pounding her fists down on Anna's breasts hard, the titflesh painfully expanding outward, both of Anna's implants shifted slightly, as Anna Nicole Smith turned white in pain.

"OHHHH GOD GILLIAN!!!! YOU'RE WRECKING MY BREASTS!!!! MY BREASTS!!!!" Anna screams out hoarsely.

"Okay BITCH!!!" snarls Gillian, "You wanted to wreck MY breasts?!!! Lets see if I can get your tits to explode!!!"

Gillian struggled to her feet, pulling a moaning Anna along. Gillian Anderson dragged Anna Nicole Smith over into the doorway, draping Anna's massive right breast on the floor in the doorway, and the Gillian viciously slams the door onto Anna's right breast, crushing it hard and painfully between the door and the frame. Anna screamed in ultimate pain, her breast turning an angry reddish-purple, and small droplets of blood leaking out of her torn and split nipple. Gillian kept on smashing the door against Smith's breast, crushing the tender target, bursting blood vessels, almost making her pass out in pain as Anna shrieks in utter agony, devastated.

"How's That Tit Feel NOW, Anna??!!!" Gillian asked.

"NOO NOO NO MORE!!! PLEASE GILLIAN!!! MY BREAST!!!" Smith sobbed out.

"Uh-uh Bitch," Gillian snarled, "You don't get off that easy!!"

Anna saw what was coming as her eyes grew wide in terror, "OH NO!!! NOT THERE AGAIN GILLIAN!!!!"

Gillian smashed the door closed, completely closing it until she heard that latch snap into place with an audible click, smashing Anna's breast completely as her breast burst and erupted in pain, blood spraying from her shattered nipple. Pulling Anna's defeated, sobbing body out of the doorway, Gillian knelt down and added a punch to the sore and throbbing side of Anna's wounded right breast, immediately shattering the last of Anna's resistance.

She sobs out, "You win Gillian....Stop." in barely a whisper.

Another hard punch got a low moan from Anna's lips as the redhead drives her knuckles deeply into the wounded mammary, Gillian ripping her rings across Anna's blood-engorged nipple.

"Please...., No more......' , she pleads, as tears stream down her beautiful eyes.

Gillian Anderson winds her left hand deep into Anna Nicole Smith's thick blonde hair, close to her scalp, anchoring her head. Gillian drew back her right fist and smashed it full into Anna's mouth, her lips exploding in blood and a torrent of red spurting out, as Anna Nicole Smith lay bloody and utterly defeated under Gillian Anderson.