The Battle for BayWatch (Donna Spangler VS Pamela Anderson) by WRDWVR

Donna had just arrived at the Producers mansion and was walking up the walkway to the door when she heard another car pulling in. The Butler was already at the door waiting for her and he directed her to the study to wait. When she entered the Study she found the Producer looking through various photos of the women he had to choose from. There were pictures of her and another Blonde named Pamela Anderson whom she had become acquainted with in the dressing room at the studio, almost punching the bitch out after she had pushed into her while she was applying some eyeliner. She did not know or care if it had been an accident, she only knew that neither of them had backed down from the other. It was only because Donna was up next and she really wanted this part that she had let it go. Now as she stood over the Producer looking over the pictures, the little blonde walked into the room and abruptly stopped in her tracks as she saw Donna.

With a cruel smile on her lips, she purred, " Trying to get the part the only way you know how?"

Donna gave her a look that could kill as she calmly shot back with a smile, "No, I know that's your strong point so I won't bother, I'll just use my acting talent, thanks anyway."

Before things could heat up the Producer put his hand up for silence.

"I had decided to give Donna the part, but some of my colleagues think Pam should get the part. How would you ladies like to settle the matter?" he said suppressing the grin of anticipation that was about to cross his face as he already knew how it would be decided.

When both ladies indicated they had no idea he gave told them how it would be decided.

"My Butler will escort you both up to one of the bedrooms were you can fight it out to decide who gets the part."

Both Ladies smiled at the mental pictures that popped into their heads of their opponent laying defeated at her feet. They both agreed and were escorted up to the room. Donna was ecstatic at this news, she was a wrestler and had also scratched up her share of rivals in catfights so she figured she had an advantage.

When the Butler then told them they would wear gloves so that they could not use their nails she instantly lost some of that advantage, but not all. Pam had no idea of her background in Women's Wrestling and was in for quite a surprise.

They decided to strip to bra's and panties after putting on the leather gloves. Donna started the battle off, grabbing Pam by the hair an monkey flipping her to the floor. Pam landed on her back with a loud 'OOOOOOWWWWWWW' and Donna, still gripping her hair stomped on her stomach till Pam managed to grab her foot and twist it forcing her to crash to the ground or risk a broken ankle. Donna quickly secured a waist scissors around Pam and started to crush her with all her might as Pam bellowed out at the immense pressure on her sides. Donna reached around and ripped off Pam's bra unleashing her globes and latched onto each one. Pam screamed out in pain and thrashed around as Donna expertly crushed her tits in her strong hands. As a look of agony started to cross her face after a minute of this abuse, Pam started to twist like a madwoman till she finally managed to face Donna and retaliated with a hard punch to Donna's stomach. Seeing Donna shake the punch right off she raised her attack upwards, her fist flattening Donna's right boob as it drove into it, eliciting a cry from Donna's lips.

Another punch to the same tit had the same effect, then Pam ripped down her top and grabbed both nipples in her hand squeezing them as she turned the tits by them. Donna was beside herself with pain but continued to squeeze Pam's globes as they each tried to out maul the other. Pam's face was showing the strain of having her tits attacked while her sides were continually crushed but she refused to give in as she started to drag her foes tits around by the nipples, pulling the skin taut one way then tugging them hard the opposite way as Donna's attack on her titties was becoming unbearable. Donna could see her foe weakening and she turned on the juice, crushing, squeezing, pulling, and twisting Pam's large mammaries with

everything she had as she slowly bringing Pam to the limits of her endurance for tit mauling. Pam released her foe's left tit and reached down grabbing Donna's panties. As she ripped them off she took some pubic hair with it and smiled through her pain at the look of anguish that crossed her foe's face.

Pam cocked her fist back and slammed it repeatedly down onto the pubic bone as Donna screeched in agony. Finally Donna's legs sprang open and Pam's sides were released, but she kept up her tit squeezing even as another blow slammed into her already sore cunt. Her pussy on fire Donna released her tit hold and fell back covering her cunt with her hands to protect it. Pam came right after her , but a kick to the stomach had her grunting in pain and drove her back. Donna was cursing at her for the blows to her cunt and on her knees she screamed at Pam, " Come on Bitch, let's see whose tits are tougher" figuring her breasts could take more punishment then Pam's. Pam was not eager to comply as her chest had already taken a lot of abuse from Donna' hands and as they each faced each other, on their knees, and secured grips on the others mammaries, she bellowed out as Donna repeatedly smashed Pam's tits together with a loud 'SMACK' sound as Pam, her face twisted in pain, pulled hers in opposite directions till the skin was pulled to it's limits and beyond. Pam was being forced backwards as she tried to reduce the pain Donna was causing her from her tit smashes as Donna grinned in delight. She soon had Pam on her back and was twisting savagely as tears began to form in Pam's eyes as the pain built up to an unbearable level.

Donna grinned as she thought she had her all but defeated and she taunted Pam as she mashed her sore tits into one another till Pam, furious, grabbed her by the nipples again. The already sore right nipple was crushed between Pam's strong fingers as she pulled at the left nipple, twisting it round and round. Donna continued her mashing attack with all she had, but slowly began to lose ground as Pam's attack on her nipples sapped her strength, her sensitive nipples throbbing, as she was now the one with tears flowing down her face from the torture she was enduring and she finally released her hold to grab at her foes hands. With a barbarous snarl Pam gave a mighty tug and pulled Donna off to her right side by her nipples. As Pam, on her side, continued to pull and twist Donna managed to wrap her legs around Pam's midsection. Pam gasped in pain as the powerful legs again crushed her sides, the muscles straining as Donna squeezed while still trying to free her nipples.

They rocked back and forth as they struggled with snarled at each other. Pam's sides were screaming to be released, but she stubbornly refused to give in even as Donna finally freed her now red and swollen nipples, incredulous at the pain they were causing her, all her other fights had involved tit punching and squeezing with scratching, but no one had attacked her nipples so extensively before. Pam tried to free her wrists but Donna was too strong and Pam was weakening by the second. Pam slammed her right hand to the floor suddenly rapping Donna's knuckles on the floor repeatedly till she managed to dislocate a knuckle and a screaming Donna was forced to let it go. She punched at Pam's face before she thought about what she was doing and screeched in agony as the knuckle hit Pam's jaw weakly. Pam recovered instantly and brought her hand down as hard as she could on the right nipple driving it into the tit as Donna screamed out again.

Still she refused to release her scissors so Pam lowered her attack and punched Donna in the cunt till her legs sprang open and Pam rolled away holding her agonized sides as Donna sobbed and moaned in pain as she rubbed her cunt. Recovering, but just barely, Pam dragged her self over to Donna and struggled to her feet. She stepped on Donna's hair with both feet then reached down and grasped both nipples securely. She reared back and pulled savagely as Donna started to arch her back and rise off the floor till her hair pulled at her scalp hard stopping her rise and her breasts were pulled beyond their normal limits and she screamed in utter agony, but still would not concede. Pam repeated it till Donna finally bellowed out a sobbing surrender.

Pam released her and fell back on her ass, her tits still showing white hand prints from Donna's savage mauling, the pain so great, she was surprised she had lasted as long as she did. Her torso was throbbing with pain with every slight movement. It took her a full 20 minutes to get up enough energy to dress and go downstairs, leaving a defeated Donna moaning, a sweaty mess as she lay on the floor slowly massaging her red, swollen nipples as she cried at the lose of the part even more than the tremendous pain she had endured for nothing. The Producer was extremely surprised to see Pamela stagger into the study and he handed her the contract to look at and return signed. When he mentioned to her that the Woman she had just defeated was a Professional Wrestler, Pam smiled weakly and said' No, she was a tough bitch, but still a bitch and I enjoyed trouncing her ass!!'. With that said, out the door she strolled and into TV history.