Pam Andersen vs. Donna Speir (author unknown)

Pam enters the ring wearing a white thong bikini and a cowboy hat. She moves from corner to corner, flexing her impressive biceps, unhooks her bra and shakes her boobs for the appreciative crowd.

Donna approaches the ring, stops and glares at her foe.

Pam walks to the ropes, steps onto the ring apron to block Donna's entrance. Again, she flexes. "Match these if you can," she challenges, and shakes her tits for emphasis. Donna, not taking her eyes from her opponent, slips off her robe. She wears only a blue bikini bottom. Smiling, Donna slowly stretches her arms backwards, thrusting her incredible boobs forward, and then pulls her arms up in a double flex.

"No problem," she returns.

Pam flushes beet red. Donna's biceps are as big as her own, her tits, noticeably bigger. Pam throws off her hat and leaps down on top of Donna. Speir sees her coming, side-steps and tosses Pam into the front row of fans. Moving with the grace of a cat, Donna hops up to the apron, hurtles the ropes and moves to the center of the ring, waiting while Pam extracts herself awkwardly from the groping hands of her fans. Pissed, Pam climbs back into the ring.

Setting her self with fists up, she approaches Donna with murder in her eyes. Pam's martial arts skills are lethal. While Donna blocks some of her kicks and punches while she retreats around the ring, Anderson is soon calling her shots, taking target practice on Donna's belly, arms, legs and especially her tits. For the better part of two minutes, Pam has her way with Speir. Anderson lands a wicked kick to Donna's right tit. "Look at those big old jugs shake," taunts Pam. Pam spins and kicks, her foot slams into Donna's belly and knocks the blonde backwards into the ropes. Anderson leaps forward, yanks hard on Donna's hair, arching her back over the ropes. Pam unloads a barrage of elbows smashes across Speir's tits. Her adrenaline pumping, Pam moves her right hand down between Donna's legs and hoists her off her feet.

Walking to the center of the ring, Pam raises her foe high into the air and then cracks Donna's back down on her knee. Pam holds the big boobed blonde bent across her knee, still yanking down on her hair with her left hand. She pounds her right fist again and again into Donna's already bruised tits.

"You're not so tough, are you dearie?" she laughs.

Pam moves her left hand to Donna's throat; her right hand slips into Donna's bikini. Her fingers claw at Donna's pussy. Donna thrashes and flails violently. Mangled, she finally manages to roll off of Pam's knee.

As she tries to get to her feet, Pam calmly walks over to her grabs her hair and hauls her to her feet. Pam wraps her arms around Donna's waist, pressing her into a bear hug, Anderson lifts her off her feet. Donna moans as her bruised tits mash flat against her chest. Her arms hand at her side. Confident, Anderson pours on the pressure and struts around the ring, demolishing her latest victim.

"I am the greatest! Pam hoots.

With a wild yell, Donna arches back, wraps her legs around Pam's waist, grabs Pam's hair with her left hand and beats her right fist into Anderson's face, nailing Pam eight times before Anderson is able to shove her to the mat. Pam's nose is bleeding and bottom lip is swollen.

"You bitch!" she screams, and throws herself on top of Donna.

Pam quickly discovers that this is a mistake.

In close, Donna is strong and dangerous. Speir wraps one arm around the back of Pam's neck, holds her tight while her free fist pounds on Pam's face. Rolling the dazed Anderson over, Donna lies across Pam's chest. Her legs secure Pam's left arm while she pins Pam's right arm down with her left hand. Donna's right fist beats relentlessly into Pam's belly, landing hard, thundering punches that leave Pam panting for air. Pam tries to buck free, but Donna slips her left arm around Pam's neck, her left arm under Pam's right leg. Locking her fingers together, Donna cradles Anderson with terrific force, straining Pam's neck. Donna cranks up the pressure with her left arm, crushing Anderson's neck muscles. Pam musters all of the leg power she can to try and force her way out of the cradle, but Donna ratchets up the pressure on her neck.

In an a battle of wills that lasts for a minute, Donna wins the intense contest. An exhausted Pam ceases her struggling. Donna plants her knees firmly on the mat and shifts her weight backwards. Demonstrating her strength, she stands, hauling Pam up with her.

"Payback," Donna hisses, as she crashes Pam's back down across her knee.

Pam rolls to the mat, lying on her back. Speir drops an elbow across Pam's chest. Speir hair-hauls Anderson to her feet. Twisting Pam into a hammerlock, Donna yanks the arm up close to the breaking point. As Pam screams, Donna reaches down with her free hand and pulls up on Pam's thong, sawing the suit into Anderson's pussy. Pam screams louder as Donna squats a bit, then lifts Pam off her feet. Anderson wails like a banshee as her twisted arm and pussy carry her full weight. Mercifully, Donna drops her before her arm breaks.

Donna straddles her beaten foe grabs both of Pams's nipples and twists, corkscrewing the screaming woman's tits till they turn an angry purple. Donna finally stops, stands up and hauls the miserable Pam to her feet. Twisting Pam's arm, Donna delivers a series of kicks into her belly, spins her around in circles and throw her into the ropes. She catches Pam on the rebound in a bear hug.

"Let me show you how its done," she taunts.

Donna mashes her bigger chest hard into Pam's sore tits. Bending Pam backwards, Donna bears down on her victim, shaking her like a rag doll. Pam struggles feebly, unable to breath, her ribs crushed, her back in unbearable pain, a thoroughly beaten Pam screams out her submission.