Shania Twain vs. Gillian Anderson by Doug Haig 06-Jul-99

Gillian Anderson and Shania Twain glared at one another, neither lady backing down from the other.

"I'll kick your ass anytime and any place bitch, just name it!!!" Gillian threatened.

"How about RIGHT NOW!!!!" screamed Shania as she charged at Gillian.

Each woman grabbed a thick handful of titflesh and began throwing each other around the room, each one's mouth twisted in pain as they tugged and twisted the soft pliable flesh between their fingers. Gillian cried out as Shania smashed her breasts against one another and grinded them together painfully, Shania's manicured nails painfully biting into Anderson's breasts. Moaning in pain, Gillian shifted her attack lower and gave a mighty tug on Shania's hairy bush, getting some relief, as Shania released her right breast from her rough grip to try and pull Gillian's hand from her aching pussy.

Gillian managed to drive her foe back first , slamming her against the wall and pressed her attack, twisting Shania's left nipple against her full breast as she again gave a hard tug on her pussy. Shania's face twisted in pain and she renewed her attack on Gillian's chest, her face lighting up with glee through the pain as Gillian cried out as her left breast was twisted then pushed upwards towards her face.

"I am going to rip these breasts right off your fuckin' chest, you cow!!!, Shania yelled in her hurting rival's face!

"AHHHHHH", Gillian cried out again as Shania's other hand found her pussy hairs and she gave a few tugs on it before reaching back up and getting a good grip on the right breast and pulled both down at the same time. Gillian's face showing the agony of the move as her knees started to buckle and she was slowly forced downwards to her knees, an anguished moan emanating from her lips.

"Here, get a good look at a pair of real breasts, BITCH!!!", Shania said as she buried Gillian's face in her titflesh and tried to smother her with them, rubbing her face deeply into her expansive cleavage.

Already Shania had Gillian in trouble, her breasts throbbing in pain and she struggled hard trying to push away and get her rivals breasts out of her face, but Shania was too strong and had her wedged tightly against her chest. When Gillian's struggling became weaker Shania, confident of a fast victory, suddenly tugged up on both of the small breasts she had pieces of crushed in her hands, getting a cry of pain from her rival's lips as Gillian's sensitive breasts were ripped upwards, and she was forced to follow.

"Up we go", she said while pulling, the muscles in her shoulders and arms bulging from the exertion.

As Gillian desperately gulped in needed breathes of air Shania yelled, "Now lets see how you like this!!! as her strong fingers burrowed deep into Gillian's swollen breasts.

Shania stepped back, locking her arms straight out, pushing herself forward as she drove her hands even deeper into Gillian's yielding titflesh. Gillian's breasts were flowing out around her rival's hands as she sobbed in pain at Shania's savage move.

She grabbed at her Twain's wrists, trying to alleviate the pressure to no avail as she cried out, "ARRHHHHHH, my fucking TITTTSSSS........!!!!" then she desperately reached out and grabbed Shania's breasts by the nipples and started twisting and pulling with all her might, getting a small cry from Shania which gave Gillian all the incentive she needed to rip away even harder.

"Now, how does that feel, you Slut?!! How do YOU feel NOW???!!" Gillian screamed out at Shania, the brunette's face twisted in agony as her own breasts ached severely from Gillian's torturous attacks.

Gillian wrapped her slender arms around Shania in a bear hug, lifting Twain off her feet. Shania twisted and bucked against the redhead's strong arms trying to escape. Their breasts were crushed together, and Shania's larger tits were getting poked painfully by Gillian's rock hard nipples.

"My nipples are gonna slice through your tits, Bitch!!! the redhead snarled as Shania's huge breasts were totally engulfing Gillian's smaller globes.

Gillian grinded into her tits into Shania's, as Twain tried to push back, hoping her own rock hard nipples were also hurting Gillian. But Gillian got too close to a wall, and Shania put one foot against it and pushed off ,sending them flying across the room, crashing down onto the floor, as Gillian let go of Shania. But in a flash the redhead's legs were tightly wrapped around Shania's waist. Shania Twain gasped as Gillian Anderson's powerful creamy thighs crushed her sides, and in retaliation she uppercutted Gillian's right breast, sending the mammary flying upward as now the redhead let out a cry at Shania's vicious blow. Gillian tugged Shania's head backwards hard, with both hands buried in Shania's thick brown hair as Shania's scalp exploded in pain.

Shania buried her fingers into the soft pliable breast flesh of Gillian's left breast, wrenching the breast left and right as her nails dug in deeply, drawing blood, her rival's face twisting in pain then in defiance as she tightened her legs around Shania's waist and was rewarded with another gasp of pain as Shania's sides protested at the new pressure. Shania rammed her forearm into Gillian's left breast and cried out as Gillian gave her hair another good tug while also crying out at the pain that had erupted from her left breast as it was crushed under her rival's forearm! Shania gripped the left breast and began pushing both breasts upwards and soon was driving her red haired rival backwards onto the floor by her breasts, forcing Gillian to release her hair and try and pull her hands from her throbbing breasts.

It was just a matter of time before one or the other could not take it anymore and surrendered to the pain. Shania thought it was almost over till Gillian's left hand ripped down Shania's bruised and scratched breasts, and this time it was Shania Twain's turn to roar in agony as Gillian expertly crushed her right breast in her strong fingers, then gasped loudly as Gillian Anderson added some twists back and forth.

"Your tits are gonna drop off your body once I'm through with you, BITCH!!!" Gillian sneered, as she released Shania's breast only to bring her closed fist smashing down onto it, striking it right in the nipple and bursting blood vessels under Shania's bruised titflesh as her rival let loose an anguished cry of total pain. Gillian grinded her knuckles and rings in deeply with a huge grin on her sweaty face, as tears began to flow down Twain's cheeks.


Gillian gripped each breast at the base and bore down on them, Shania's red tits swelling up against Gillian's hands. Corkscrewing each breast around hard, Gillian crushed Shania's globes harshly against her nails.

"I can't TAKE ANYMORE!!!" Shania screamed out.

Shania knew she was almost done for it unless she did something real fast, the pain in her aching breasts too much too stand. Tugging Gillian's right breast upwards with all her remaining strength she raked her nails down the underside, Gillian screaming bloody murder then bellowing out in utter pain as Shania repeated it twice before burying her fist deep into the soft underside. That got Gillian's full attention, and in agony now herself she sent her forearm crashing into Shania's face as she pulled her to the side by her hair, releasing her scissors and wrestling herself on top of Shania, her breast attack forgotten for the moment.

"Oooohhh.. look what I found!" Gillian said as her left hand crept up Shania's leg and found her pussy.

Gillian gave a mighty tug on Shania's pussy hairs just as Shania had been about to punch her in the face, forcing her, screaming, to reach down with both hands and grab Anderson's hand from her pussy before she could do more damage. While she struggled to pull the redhead's hand away Gillian took full advantage of Shania's undefended chest and started alternately punching each breast over and over with her right fist. The brunette cried out in utter agony as Gillian's red nails ripped a gash in her cunt wall, but she managed to finally extract her rival's hand from her pussy, only to scream out again as Gillian started to twist her left breast around pulling it out like taffy. As Gillian brought her other hand to bear and started squeezing and twisting the other breast, Shania, all but finished now, in a last ditch effort raked her nails across Gillian's eyes, blinding her and causing her to draw back, releasing her fight ending breast attack to rub at her watering eyes.

Barely able to see through the tremendous flow of tears from her own eyes, Shania brought her head up and took a bite of the creamy left breast dangling above her as Gillian let out a scream of pain that shook the window. Gillian grabbed Shania by the hair and tried to tug her head from her now bleeding breast they struggled for a few seconds as Shania ripped her head left and right, sinking her teeth in deeper and deeper.

Gillian, unable to pull free and frantic to stop the pain, suddenly screamed, "OHHH GOD!!! NO MORE!!! ....MY BREASTS!!!!!!!!!!

Removing her mouth from the small mammary, the brunette used Gillian's tits for hand holds and dragged the redhead off her by them, maneuvering her around till Shania had her pinned against the wall Shania, on wobbly legs, shot her knee into Gillian's groin, not once but three times, rewarded with a cry for each one as they crashed into Gillian's blazing pussy.

Shania clamped her hands down on Gillian's red and aching tits, and Gillian was getting completely ravaged as the redhead cried out in utter pain. But Anderson battled back, gripping both of Shania's fiery nipples, and soon it was Shania, her face showing the agony of her rival's nipple assault, who was forced to step back, her face a mask of pain. Gillian's sharp red nails had ripped into Shania's areola, as Gillian tried her best to slice through Twain's nipples. With a cry Shania ripped Gillian's tenderized breasts out and then pulling a screeching Gillian with her by them, she tugged her foe's breasts outward and tossed her by them to the floor, freeing her aching nipples from Gillian inflicting more pain.

Gillian fell to the floor and clutched at her swollen and utterly aching breasts as she lay on her back, Shania's finger marks bright red on her ravaged breasts! Before she could even think of recuperating and try to get to her feet, Shania was suddenly behind her head and reached down as she stepped on Gillian's hair and she grabbed a good piece of titflesh in each hand before she tugged them up by it. Gillian bellowed out in utter agony as her back left the ground.

"YOU'RE MINE NOW, BITCH!!! I'm gonna keep pulling till I rip them off your fuckin chest and stuff them up your ASS!!" Shania yelled down at her aching and hurt foe!!

Both ravaged women knowing she could not take another such tug, Gillian , her face a mask of ultimate pain, tears now streaming down her eyes and at the end of her rope, frantically tried to reach out and grab a handful of pussy hair.

"Ohhhhh, no you don't", Shania cried out as she swatted her rival's hand away.

Crushing the nipple of Gillian's left breast in her palm tightly she gave it the strongest tug upwards that she could. Gillian's shoulder blade left the floor as she grabbed at the wrist of her foe with both hands, screaming in agony at the immense pain.

"You think that hurts, bitch, how does THIS FEEL!!!!, she said as she smashed her hand downward, fingers splayed outward, slamminmg deeply into the right breast then grinding her hand back and forth as she put her weight behind it.

Gillian's small breast mushroomed out around her hand and fingers as Shania twisted the other breast around clockwise in her tight grip, Gillian's screams echoing off the walls.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH ........ OOHHHHHH ........ .GOD!!!! SHIIIIIT!!!!!!!!! MY BREASTS!!!! SHANIA---NOOO!!! MY BREASTS!!!" Gillian cried out.

Shania slammed the bruised and swollen orbs together, enjoying more cries from her redheaded foe as she grinded them into each other, the tight flesh oozing out between her fingers as she gave them all she could and then finally released them, while Gillian sobbed at the cruel punishment she was dishing out to her.

"I guess we know whose breasts are better now, don't we??!!! Shania yelled.

Shania stepped back and started punching Gillian all over, uppercutting her bleeding left breast, then the right one, added a blow to each nipple, driving them in deeply as Gillian cried out in pain. Shania Twain rammed her fist into Gillian Anderson's pussy and her next blow crashed into her rival's belly, almost doubling her over till Shania sent both fists crashing into Gillian's small breasts in front of her and sent her flying back against the wall, a defeated, sobbing wreck.

Pulling Gillian to her feet, Shania slammed her breasts like a freight train into Gillian's breasts, knocking her back into the wall. As Gillian bounced back Shania slammed her breasts into Gillian's again, as she started sliding down the wall. Grabbing her hair, the brunette held her up as she slammed her breasts over and over into Gillian's, enjoying her cries of pain. Finally, taking a firm grip of Gillian's hair, Shania pressed her smaller breasts against Gillian's face, her sweaty breasts forming a perfect seal around Anderson's face, cutting off air and light, slowly and deliberately crushing and smothering her thoroughly beaten foe. Gillian's body soon went limp as Shania let her fall to the floor.

Gillian Anderson was sobbing loudly as she cupped her bleeding left breast, Shania's teeth marks quite prominent just below the nipple. Shania Twain collapsed as well, totally exhausted from their fight. Shania gasped when she saw the extensive damage she had taken, blood was dripping down her body from her raw, bloodstained breasts, both her tits black and blue and swollen to twice there normal size.