Booty Call: Marliece Andrada vs. Jenny McCarthy by kit

Her nipple swelled as she let him run his hand inside of her bra. Feeling his member thru the lump in his jeans, she knew he would be long, thick and meaty. She purred in his mouth as their tongues probed back and forth in a passionate French kiss. She was growing damp, and tonight would be the night she'd let Mick fuck her.

"Shit," he moaned, breaking off their kiss. "Who the fuck..."

"Don't answer it, baby," she whispered, holding him around the neck.

(Knock, knock, knock!)

"I better see who it is," he said, unclasping her hands.

Marliece brushed back her hair as she sat up on the couch. She'd been dating Mick for a couple of weeks and was ready to lay down with him.

"Oh, hi," Mick said, opening the door.

"Hi," said a female voice.

Marliece instantly turned around, then stood up for a better view past his shoulders.

"Uh, now's not a good time," he said.

Jenny looked past his shoulder and saw her. The unbuttoned blouse told her the story. "Oh, sorry. I didn't think you'd have company."

Marliece locked eyes with the attractive blonde, and wondered about her relationship went with Mick.

"I'll call you later," said Mick.

"Yeah, sure," nodded the blonde, as both girls tried to get a better look at each other from around him. "I'll see ya."

Mick closed the door and turned around with a smirk. "She's just a friend."

"Who's that?"

"That's Jenny," he said, going up to her. "She's just a friend...that's all."

"Did you used to date her?"

"Well, yeah...sorta," he answered. "But a long time ago."

"How long?" asked Marliece as he tried to put his arms around her waist.

He sighed. "About a year ago. It was no big deal. We're just friends now."

"Did you fuck her?"

"Oh come on, Marliece," he sighed in disgust. "Of course I did. We were datin'. That's what people do when they date."

She said nothing.

"Well," he said, sliding his arms around her waist. "Don't tell me you're a virgin?"

"No," she said softly, putting her arms around his neck.

"Then don't make somethin' out of nothin'.''

She let him kiss her her neck. "I don't like the bitch...and I don't want her comin' around."

He kissed up to her ear.

"OK?" she asked.

He leaned back and looked into her eyes. "Sure. She's just a friend, but she won't be around."

That night they made love, and as she lay in bed awake, she wondered if Jenny would be here if she wasn't. Her female intuition told her that Jenny was more than just a friend, and she wondered just how long ago it was that Mick fucked her. Well, whenever it was, it would be the last. She liked Mick and wasn't about to share him. The next time Jenny showed up, she'd answer the door and her greeting wouldn't be as friendly.

About a year ago Mick and Jenny dated each other for a few months, but they broke up because neither one of them could commit to a steady relationship. After Mick got into one fight and Jenny two, they both decided to call things off and only see each other occasionally. Now, about once a month or so, they get together for a 'booty call'. Sex between them had always been a pleasure, and they didn't see any reason why it should stop. After all, Mick was a 'horn dog', and Jenny was just plain horny.

Mick spoke with Jenny like he promised. He explained to her that he was dating Marliece and that she better not come around.

She understood and agreed. "We can just fuck here," she said.

"That was my plan," he said. "I knew you'd understand." They fucked.

After a few days, Marliece more or less forgot about Jenny. Mick seemed to be falling in love with her and she was definitely falling for him. They had even started talking about living together. They fucked again.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, and Marliece had just finished unpacking some of her things at Mick's apartment. The night before he had agreed to let her move in, and they'd see where that led them. To Marliece it was the first step down the wedding isle. But to Mick it was a hot piece of tail sharing expenses.

Donning her little red bikini, Marliece grabbed a towel and headed out to the pool. A nice dip and relaxing tan was just what she needed while Mick played golf with the boys. About 15 people were in the pool area when she arrived and stretched out her towel on a chair. The water looked clear and cold, and she couldn't wait to dive right in. She made small talk with a male tenant for a few minutes until he put the moves on her, and she politely excused herself and swam away. Now at the other end, she hopped up on the edge and dangled her feet in the water as the sun warmed her body. The rays felt good on her face and flesh, and she soaked them up with zeal.

A blonde a few feet away turned over on her back and caught Marliece's attention. The girl gave her a friendly smile, and she smiled back. But there was something strangely familiar about the blonde. Was it someone in her past? Where did she know her from? Her mind clicked like a Rolodex, and then suddenly it hit her.

"Oh shit!" she thought. It was Jenny! She recognized her from some pictures she found around Mick's apartment. "Wasn't it?" she wondered, suddenly unsure. After all, she couldn't be absolutely sure. Deciding to get a better look, Marliece got up and slowly walked past the stretched out blonde laying on the deck chair. The blonde looked at her and smiled again. But this time Marliece didn't smile back. Instead, her face was just blank as she surveyed the blonde in the tiny black bikini.

Going back to her chair, Marliece stared at the blonde from across the pool. She was pretty sure it was Jenny, and if it was, then what was she doing here? Mick had told her that he had spoken with Jenny and told her not to come around. And if that was true, then what was she doing here. Marliece could only conclude that Jenny was after her man. And if that was the case, she'd whip her ass. But first she had to be sure.

Jenny stood up and stretched out. She knew the guy's eyes were on her, and she hammed it up as she stepped to the edge of the pool and splashed in. 'What a slut!' Marliece thought, watching her brazen display. It had to be Jenny. Getting up, Marliece went to the pool and hopped in. Jenny was swimming towards the other end, so Marliece casually made her way in that direction.

Stopping at the 7' mark, Jenny held on to the edge of the pool as she wiped the water from her eyes and hair. She knew Mick liked to swim and if she didn't see him out here soon, she'd stop by his apartment. A good fucking was what she could really go for, and they were always good at fucking.

"Hi," Jenny said to the attractive blonde joining her at the pool's edge.

"How's it goin'?" Marliece asked, wiping water from her face.


"Not bad," said Marliece.

For several long, lasting seconds the two girls held on to the edge and simply looked at each other.

"Do you know me?" Jenny finally asked, curious about this silent stare-down.

"Why? Do I look familiar?" asked Marliece.

"Sorta," Jenny said. "I've noticed you starin' at me. You're not some horny dyke are you?"

"Well," said Marliece, her leg touching Jenny's leg. "Are you Jenny?"

Jenny's mind was racing. Where'd she know this bitch from? "Maybe," she said, reversing the question. "Who are you?"

Marliece inched a bit closer. She knew it was Jenny now. "Does the name Marliece ring any bells in that little blond brain?" Ding! Dong! "Aaahh," moaned Jenny. "So you're Marliece."

"That's right, bitch!" said Marliece, hooking her leg around Jenny's leg now. "And Mick's MINE."

Jenny didn't back down one bit. She drew Marliece's leg in and leaned forward. "And what's that supposed to mean, bitch?"

Their other hands found each other now and laced up as they drew in close and touched bodies at the breasts.

"It means, keep away, bitch, or I'll kick your ass," hissed Marliece softly.

Their fingers squeezed together as their legs tangled to the hip.

"Sounds like you wanna catfight," said Jenny, her eyes flashing with Marliece's eyes.

"I'd love to catfight you….bitch," said Marliece.

"Is Mick home, cunt?" asked Jenny, her breasts riding against Marliece's breasts.

"Bitch, that's none of your fuckin' business," said Marliece, pushing her 36D's above Jenny's 38D's.

"He always loved watchin' me kick ass," said Jenny, rolling her tits over Marliece's tits.

"Well, I'll just have to tell him about this one," said Marliece as they shoved together.

"Then let's just go around back and fight," suggested Jenny, nose to nose.

"Fine, bitch," Marliece growled. "I hope you're ready for the beatin' of your life."

"No, bitch," snarled Jenny, "but I'm ready to give the beatin' of my life."

"We'll just see about that, bitch."

"Yeah, bitch. We will."

Getting out of the pool, Jenny and Marliece toweled off a second, and then made their way together around the back of the pool house, which also doubled as the complex's laundromat. Set some 80 feet back from the pool, the building was about 50 feet long with nothing behind it but a big grassy field, as the apartment complex was located on the edge of town with no neighborhoods behind it. Rounding the corner of the building, Jenny and Marliece stopped in the middle and immediately started catfighting. Fighting was nothing new, so there was no need to get their nerves up with catty chat and shoving. Besides, they had done all their talking on the way back.

Veterans of several catfights, Marliece and Jenny weren't afraid of mixing it up and getting down and dirty. Neither one had ever suffered a loss, and although both knew this could be a tough fight to win, each was confident in the outcome. They matched to a 'T', both blond with a nice head of thick hair halfway down their back. Jenny's was more on the bright side while Marliece's hair was more a honey blonde or a golden wheat color. Each was 5' 7", but Jenny outweighed Marliece by 2 pounds, 120 to 118. Both worked out and kept their bodies in tip-top shape; broad shouldered, with good upper body strength. Their bellies were flat, smooth and toned. Jenny measured 38D-24-34, Marliece a more even 36D-24-35. Marliece appeared to have the stronger legs of the two.

"Bitch!" said Marliece, filling her hands with Jenny's hair.

"Slut!" Jenny said, grabbing two big fists of Marliece's hair.

Wincing and grunting, Jenny and Marliece exchanged long, hard tugs and pulls as they staggered around in a little circle with their breasts slapping each other.

"Ouch! You fuckin' cunt!" grunted Marliece, her head twisting sideways.

"Uunngg! You bitch," Jenny groaned, her head stretched backwards.

Their breasts bumped and bounced together as the girls hooked up a leg and tripped each other down by the hair. Once on the ground, their legs intertwined as they went into a series of tight, grinding rolls while steering each other by the back of the hair. Their little bikinis crept up their cracks as their skimpy tops slid off and exposed their nipples. Marliece came out on top, her hard nipples inverting Jenny's nipples as she mashed down with her crotch.

"Uuummm...shit," moaned Jenny.

"What's the matter, slut?" asked Marliece, grinding and pressing.

"Uunngg...nothin'," grunted Jenny, jerking her off by the hair and rolling on top.


Now it was Marliece's turn to moan under the pressure as Jenny's 38d's mashed her 36d's flat.

"What's the matter, bitch?" asked Jenny, shoving her snatch into Marliece.

"Get off fat fuck," Marliece grumbled, lifting her hips into Jenny's hips.

Fighting hard with her legs against Marliece's legs, Jenny pushed with her tits and pressed with her crotch. "I think my body's better, bitch."

"I don't, bitch," said Marliece, jerking Jenny off by the hair.

The girls rolled a time or two.

"My body is much better, bitch," said Marliece, coming out on top and roughly rubbing her tits with Jenny's tits.

Their legs spread and Jenny pumped up with her snatch as her 38s held firm. "Then why's Mick keep fuckin' me?"

"You're lyin', bitch," said Marliece. "He's not fuckin' you."

Jenny pulled her off by the hair. "Where do you think he was Tuesday."

"Oh, you fuckin' slut!" growled Marliece, pulling Jenny off by the hair.

They rolled over each other a time or two more, their thighs and legs working like mad to break each other. Coming to a stop sideways, they hooked up in a duel bearhug. Marliece had her arms on the inside and crushing Jenny's ribs, as Jenny's arms were around Marliece's waist and squeezing her guts. With their faces covered by hair, the two girls battled tits and nipples as they tried to hug the life out of each other. Jenny had larger, pinker areolas, but Marliece had longer, stiffer nipples. Jenny had a little bigger set of tits, but Marliece's tits matched in fullness and firmness.

"Uuunngg. Uuuummm. Uuuunnggg," grunted Marliece, trying to break Jenny's ribs as her tart nipples were winning.

"Uuummpphh. Uuugghh. Uummpphh," Jenny groaned, squeezing like hell on Marliece's tight, toned waist as her tits mushroomed around her rival's. With their hip bones grinding together, both could feel the other's thigh muscle flexing against her vagina as their legs worked themselves into tighter knots and contortions.

"'...slut," huffed Marliece, her abs trembling between Jenny's arms.

"Mmmmm, ssshhit. I...can't...breath," Jenny gasped, her ribs poking into her lungs.

Jenny couldn't stand it any longer. Marliece's upper body strength was too much. Releasing her arms around Marliece's waist, Jenny dug her sharp fingernails into her rival's side, clamping down with a claw-like grip.

"Oooowww," winced Marliece, flinching in pain.

Balling up her left fist, Marliece punched Jenny under the right eye. Jenny's head popped back, and together they rolled up to their knees and trapped each other's head in a headlock.

"You slut," Jenny said, punching Marliece in the left cheek as Marliece latched on to her right tit and squeezed. "Ooowww!'

"You cunt," said Marliece, jarred by the fist.

Marliece then doubled up her fist and stuck it in Jenny's face, under the other eye, as Jenny took her by the nipple and stretched it. "Ooowww!"

Still on their knees and doubled over in a duel headlock, both girls gave each other's tit a good squeeze and scratch, and then a twist of the nipple.

"Ooohhh gggaaawwdd, lee' ggoo," Marliece sang, her nipple withering in pain.

"Ow, ow, ow, hhhuurrttss," yelped Jenny, her nip turning blue.

Letting go of each other and falling back, Jenny and Marliece sat up staring and rubbing. Only a couple of minutes into it, and already they were wiping the tears from the corners of their eyes.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Jenny, examining her swollen areola.

"Fuck you, bitch," muttered Marliece, rubbing herself. "You asked for it."

"I'm gonna get you for this, bitch," said Jenny, standing on her knees.

"C'm on, bitch," Marliece said, getting to her knees. "I'm not scared of you."

Walking on their knees a few feet, Jenny and Marliece grabbed a handful of hair and tit alike. Both swore thru gritted teeth and clinched closed eyes as they jerked back on each other's hair and buried their nails into a firm tit.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" cried Jenny as her left tit was savagely sliced open.

Marliece's nails left five long red lines in their wake as she then took Jenny by the nipple and pinched the shit out of it. Jenny screwed her nails back and forth, but she cried out again as Marliece dug her thumbnail deeply into her blue areola.

"Ooooowwww!" Marliece wailed as a handful of her damp hair was torn out.

Marliece slapped Jenny very, very hard across the face, knocking her to her back. Yanking on a big fist of hair, Marliece tore it out as Jenny screamed in pain. Jenny retaliated by running her fingernails down Marliece's right cheek, leaving lines of red wake behind.

"Yeeoowww!" screamed Marliece as her flesh was ripped open.

Tearing at the top of Jenny's hair with one hand, Marliece drove a pair of hard, hooking right fists into her ribs.

"Uuugghh! Uuugghh!" grunted Jenny with each hammering slam.

Now taking two fists of Jenny's hair, Marliece fell back and jerked Jenny on top of her, wrapping her strong, powerful legs high around her waist in a scissor. Jenny's eyes bugged as her smooth, flat waist oozed over Marliece's firm, tan thighs. Jerking Jenny's head sideways, Marliece slapped her cheek and then grabbed on to her left tit and squeezed.

"Aaaarrmmmpphhh!!" Jenny grunted from the pit of her crushing guts.

Going after Jenny's blue, throbbing left areola, Marliece pulled straight out on it, causing the blonde to vibrate between her legs and shoot long streams of tears.

"Ssssshhhhhhhit!" groaned Jenny, and in a move of desperation, she threw her arm around Marliece's neck and pulled her into a neutralizing headlock. Balling up her left fist, Jenny quickly drove it into Marliece's nose.


Blood instantly flowed out of Marliece's right nostril, and her eyes watered in shock. But tearing back on Jenny's hair, she pulled the blonde over on her back and quickly straddled her waist. A right hook to the jaw dazed the pinned blonde, and Marliece made her pay with a terrible breast mauling.

"Aaaaaaarrrrgggg!!" screamed Jenny as both her 38D's took the wrath.

"Whore!" shouted Marliece, punching Jenny across the jaw again. "I'll teach you to fuck with my man."

Marliece dug back into Jenny's tits, turning them both red with deep, bleeding welts. Sobbing her eyes out, Jenny grabbed a handful of hair and slapped Marliece's face. Bucking and pulling, Jenny then backhanded Marliece, knocking her off as her knuckles split the corner of her mouth open. Falling on her back, Marliece cupped her bleeding nose and then pinched the bridge, trying to stop it. Gasping and coughing for breath, she was completely unaware of the five guys standing at the end of the building.

Jenny rolled over on her side and curled up, drawing her knees into her chest as her tears of pain tried to wash away the fog in her head. She was shaking and struggling to get her wind as her hands gently cupped her bleeding, swelling breasts. For nearly a full minute, neither one stirred, as their only thought was to feel their pain go away and their breathing return to normal.

"," Marliece heard Jenny say, her voice weak and trembling between gasps and sobs. "'ve...won."

Sitting slowly up, Marliece looked at her opponent, still curled up in a fetal position and softly crying like a babe. The blood from her nose had stopped, but now lay caked around her face, neck, chest and in her hair. She spit a wad of blood from her mouth. "Then you'll keep away from Mick?"

Jenny, nodding her head, sobbed, "Yes...yes. He's...all...yours. You won…you...won...him."

Although Marliece won, she also lost. She lost Mick because she refused to date a man that would cheat on her. And although she lost, Jenny also won because she and Mick are still fucking!.