Three For Tea: Linda Evans, Ursula Andress and Bo Derek by TNT

"Why Linda dear, I thought you could surely fight much better, now squirm honey," Ursula's beautiful face morphed into a deliciously wicked smirk as she tightened her long, luscious incredibly strong and sexy legs around Linda's waist and squeezed.

"Yeah, reach down in there and give 'em a good squeezin'," Bo snickered as she moved in closer, to see the sexy erotic confrontation. She smiled and flicked her tongue along her beautiful sensuous lips. It was simply delightful to watch Ursula slip her eager long fingers down into the front of Linda's low-cut dress, cup her large full left breast and squeeze it hard.

"Nooooo, damn you bitch," Linda snarled. "Uhhhhh!" The beautiful busty platinum blonde screamed expletives and curses between gasps as she struggled against Ursula's perfectly excruciating leg scissors.

"More tea, ladies?" the distinguished male serve queried.

"Yes, please, you can fill all three cups, I'm sure after our little tiff that we'll all be a bit thirsty-and more of those delicious pastries, too please," Bo Derek said with a smile. She watched the servers eyes who was trying hard not to look at the struggling Linda. Ursula was slowly tearing her dress open exposing her rivals strapless, overstuffed lace black bra.

"Mmmmm, thank you kind sir, now please leave us alone, as you can see, we're merely having a pleasant conversation; we were all married to the same wonderful man, and we are, ahem, er, uh, just comparing notes," Bo chirped trying hard not to laugh.

"Tata! Bye now," she cackled as she waived the wide-eyed man away, then turned back and smiled; no one else was around to interfere or enjoy the three blonde beauty's 'conversation.'

The small sun drenched outdoor cafe on the seashore had been reserved by the three women for a special reunion. They'd met several times before, by chance or by design. Always peacefully, but always with 'innocent' barbs, veiled insults or subtle provocation's. Today, however, was different. Today, James Bond beauty Ursula, the perfect 'Ten' Bo, and the gorgeous trophy wife, Dynasty Diva, Linda, were in 'that kind' of a mood; ready to put on the gloves, deliver a slap at the first insult and to bare claws at the first hint of sarcasm. Ursula had made the first nasty remark and Bo had felt the heat and returned fire. Ursula blushed red, made a mental note to strike back later, but aimed her next broadside at Linda who fired back tenfold, receiving a stinging backhand for her brazenness.

"Ladies, control yourselves," Bo quipped halfheartedly, as the two lovelies sprang to their feet.

Linda slapped Ursula and took a swipe at her tight silky blouse. The blouse ripped, Ursula screamed and sunk a perfect punch to Linda's stomach. Four angry hands flashed toward lovely blonde hair as both women moved from the table and leaped at each other. Ursula brought Linda down with a scream. Bo watched the fight with interest, unsure of who she wanted to win, but dearly wanting to take them both on herself.

"Squeeze her boobs harder; rip her bra off," Bo shouted, grinning as Ursula eagerly followed her advice.

"Noooooo!" Linda screamed as she felt her left breast bounce free as angry fingers jerked half her bra down.

"Uhhhhhh…" Ursula groaned as Linda's fist smashed into her face. Another scream erupted as Linda dug her sharp nails into her rivals tender thigh and clawed at her face.

"Awwwwwck! YIEEEEOWWW! HELP!" Ursula shrieked as she involuntarily loosened her leg hold.

"Ya know, I think I just might help myself," Bo snarled as she moved in close and reached down.


"I've never really liked you, you long legged skinny blonde bitch," Bo snarled as she jerked Ursula to her feet via a most nasty painful hairpull.

"Wha...mmmpppfh..." the tall gorgeous blonde blurted out as she received Bo's blistering backhand that sent her tumbling back into a nearby table. "And you, Linda, take THIS, honey," Bo smiled as she spun and snapped a well-placed kick to the rising Linda's stomach sending her sprawling backward as well.

"Ahhhhh! "Eeeeeek," Bo's combination groan and squeal signaled Ursula's angry attack, her fists slamming repeatedly into Bo's back. Ursula's punches sucked the wind out of Bo who was now trying to get away.

"What's the matter Ms Bo?" "Lost your fighting spirit, already?" Ursula taunted as she grabbed the back of Bo's tight blouse and tore it down. Her arm snaked around Bo's neck as her fist slammed into her kidneys again and again.

"Nooooo...uhhhhhmfff..." Bo moaned her arms reaching as she tried to claw and scratch Ursula's face and grab her hair.

"Yeah, get her! Pound her good," Linda shouted as she brushed her disheveled hair out of her face, stood up and slowly moved towards the action. She looked gorgeous despite of her fierce battle. Her beautiful hair was a mess, her flawless makeup smeared, one breast was exposed, her clothing torn and she was wearing only one heel. Her lovely eyes blazed as she stared at both women; she hated both of them. Opportunity offered one up for immediate attention.

"My, my look who's so pretty, so defiant, so helpless, the lovely Ms Perfect, Ms Perfect Ten," Linda chided as she moved towards the captive Bo. She chuckled as she heard Bo scream and immediately saw the reason why.

"Good move Ursula, hon," Linda snipped as she watched Ursula quickly unsnap Bo's bra, reach around and jerk it upward exposing her beautiful ample rack. Linda danced in snarling, talons bared and ready.

"ARGGGGGGH!" Bo gasped as Linda's grabbed her full breasts and dug her fingers deep into the firm mounds; her thumbnails roughly stabbing into the swelling areola as her thumbs pushed rudely, angrily, against the dark stiffening nipples.

"Too bad our ex- isn't here to referee!" Linda cackled as she felt Bo's lovely body stiffen and watched her expel a groaning gasp, her lovely face grimacing in pain.

"Didn't know you were that kinda girl," Ursula chirped, in stunned amazement as she watched Linda suddenly drop her head and tease Bo's left nipple with her flickering tongue. Bo groaned, her face flushing with embarrassment.

"Maybe Joan and Linda weren't enemies after all; maybe they were really lovers!" Ursula laughed with a mischievous, but highly lustful, tone to her voice

"How dare you say that, smart-ass!" Linda snapped as she jerked away from Bo.

WHOCK! Linda's fist blazed upward; her hard knuckles plowed into Ursula's cheek snapping her head back.

Ursula yelped in pain, released Bo. Sensing freedom, Bo broke from her captor, jumped to the side, raised her arm and fired down hard.

"Unggggh!" Linda gasped as Bo's' hard elbow slammed down hard into the small of Linda's back. Ursula grabbed Linda's hair, jerked her forward and fired her leg up hard smacking her in the chin. "I'll teach you to call me a smartass, Lezzie Linda," Ursula snarled as she jerked Linda to her feet, pulling and twisting her hair. She fired a punch to Linda's stomach then socked in the face.

"Yes dear, I know you want to, so come join me," Ursula chirped as she saw Bo rubbing her sore breasts, sniveling and looking eager but hesitant to side with one enemy to defeat another.

WHOOSH... WHAM! WHOOSH.... WHOOSH... WHAM! "Uhhhhhh..." Ooofff!"

Ursula and Linda were now exchanging punches, each firing shots as hard and fast as they could. Ursula was dodging and blocking Linda's blows rather easily. Linda was taking a pounding as Ursula's found their targets quite often, her knuckles connecting with Linda's stomach, ribs, face and her breasts, especially the exposed one that seemed to begging for special attention.

"Uhhhhh…AIEEEEE!" Linda screamed as Ursula blocked a hard punch, grabbed her arm, jerked it up hard, then bent it painfully. Ursula slipped behind her rival and put her into position.

"There we go, now Bo, I think you know what to do," Ursula laughed as she watched Bo move in, her long fingers extended, making slow squeezing motions as she licked her lips in delight.

"Nooooooo...AIIIEARGGGGH! Uhhhhhhhh." Linda screamed like a banshee as Bo grabbed her beautiful huge breasts and began squeezing and twisting them painfully after ripping her torn bra clean off.

"Turnabout’s fair play right, Linda dear?" Bo sneered as she suddenly caught her rivals erect nipples in between her thumbs and index fingers and pinched as hard as she could.

"AIEEEEE! Stop it….pleaseeeeee…" Linda bawled. Ursula jerked her arms back hard, tightening the painful full nelson as she caught the rival blondes earlobe in her pearly whites and delivered a most agonizing nip. Linda’s beautiful tear-filled eyes widened as she gasped and squirmed.

"Too bad Joan isn't here to join in the fun," Bo laughed as she released a breast, tore Linda’s dress down below her waist and clamped a painful stomach claw on her victims quite firm abs.

"Huh? Well, you ARE in amazing shape for an old broad!" Bo snickered. "Even your boobs are quite fir…YIEOWWWW!" Bo's backhanded complement morphed into a shriek of pain as a hard sharp heel slammed into her leg. Desperation had turned into sheer survival for Linda who had suddenly let her body lean back into Ursula as she fired off a hard kick. Bo's loud cry was followed by a grunt as Linda suddenly wrapped both legs around hers and pulled in hard.

"What the he…Umpfffh.." BONK! Bo fell forward as Ursula dropped Linda unable to hold her. As Linda dropped to the ground she grabbed Ursala’s legs and pulled hard. Both Bo and Ursula went down in a pile.

"You stupid, stupid bitch!" both angry women screamed at the other as they landed to the side of a fast escaping Linda.

"Argggggh! Uhhhhhh! I'll kill you, you idiot."


Rolling to the side, Linda rubbed her sore breasts and tried to keep from laughing at the angry screaming, cussing and moaning as her two enemies went at it tooth and nail a few feet from her. She felt a bit lucky as she knew both would have loved to take her down in a most agonizing and humiliating way. She kicked off her one remaining heel and jumped to her feet.

"Argggghhh!" Ursula moaned as Bo snapped a punch to her chin that rolled her eyes. Bo's hand shot out, grabbed a thin bra strap and pulled. The top of Ursula's areola made its lovely appearance before the strap broke. An angry fist plowed into the underside of the bra’s cup. Ursula yelped as her breast exploded in pain. Linda smiled as she noted the erect nipple now peeking sensuously out of the thin lace bra. Bo let loose with a war cry as she fired another punch aimed at the newest vulnerable target.

"Yeoooowwwch!" Bo shrieked as Ursula sidestepped, and in one smooth move that would have made James Bond proud, blocked the incoming blow, grabbed the wrist, twisted viciously and jerked the arm back painfully. Ursula's free hand grabbed a handful of hair and pulled hard as she slipped behind her whimpering rival.

"She's one smart and vicious beauty," Linda whispered to herself as she watched Ursula's lovely face turn into a confident smirk as she took full control of Bo.

"Ya really don't need an invitation, do you?" Ursula said with a mischievous smile as she suddenly released Bo’s arm.

"Come and get her," Ursula continued. Bo shot her arm up in a futile attempt to make Linda think twice. WHAP. Linda knocked her arm away as she danced in with eager, hungry and ready fingers.

"Uhhhhhh…Ohhhhhh…please noooo!" Bo's pleas and screams went unheeded as both Ursula and Linda double teamed her with slaps, punches, hair pulls. Linda delighted in treating her rival with light stinging slaps to her breasts. Both took turns peppering her stomach, ribs, breasts and face with light firm punches. "Nooooo, stop it, my boobs, not my boobs, pleaseeee," Bo squealed as both took turns squeezing, twisting, slapping and pinching her firm breasts and rock hard nipples.

"Let's turn pretty little Miss Ten, into a five," Ursula laughed.

"Naaaaah, lets go for a two point five….how 'bout that Bo-peep?" Linda cackled as she grabbed a handful of beautiful hair. "Such lovely, gorgeous hair, haven't braided it in a while, huh dear?" she snickered.

"Ever wonder if that's her true color?" Ursula giggled. Before Linda could stop laughing and answer, Ursula pulled her screaming captives' skirt off and was shredding her pantyhose.

"Why only her hairdresser knows," Linda quipped. “And of course John…. and now us!" she continued.

"Help, help, helpppp me somebody, hel…mppppfffh!" Bo's frantic loud yells morphed into muffled gasps as Ursula suddenly applied an effective sleeper hold.

"Stupid, silly broad, she should've known better than to tangle with me," Ursula said as she gently laid the unconscious beauties head down. Linda swallowed hard, feeling quite stunned and awestruck as well as a bit fearful after watching such efficiency in Ursala’s quick effective move. She took a step back.

"And you my dear, dear Linda, bet you think since you win all those pretend fights with Joan that you're invincible, huh girl?" Ursula said as she slowly rose to her feet. The tall beautiful blonde slipped out of her heels which had amazingly stayed on."We both know that we hate each other, don't we?" Ursula continued. "Ever been in a real fight Ms Evans? Oh, yes I did hear about one, with that hot little bitchy redhead, what’s her name, Stefanie Powers. Over what a boy, and oh so lonnnngggg ago."

"Stop it. Shut up! Just shut your face," Linda snapped as she felt her entire body bristle. She stared into Ursala’s beautiful blazing eyes as she felt her fingers ball into tight fists. How she hated her rival and wanted to totally annihilate her and her exquisite beauty.

"Yeiaiahhhh!" Simultaneous savage guttural cries filled the ocean side air as both women signaled their intentions.


"Argggggh…Uhhhhhh…Ohhhhhh." Both women lunged forward. Their fingers buried deep into their rivals hair, pulling, twisting, tearing viciously.

Angry threats, promises and predictions of total destruction, furious demeaning expletives and curses turned the air blue as the two pushed and pulled each other back and forth trying to bring the other down or at least rid her opponent of a good portion of gorgeous hair. Soon their pantyhose clad feet were on fine sand instead of the cafe's patio.

"Whaaa…Umpppfffh!" Linda's gasp of surprise turned into a groan as Ursula suddenly flipped her to the sand. Linda landed hard on her back, gasping. She kicked her legs out hoping to bring her angry attacker down.

"Aaawccck!" Linda screamed as Ursula caught her leg, latched on with both hands and dug her sharp nails through her pantyhose into her ankle. She shrieked again as Ursula jerked her leg up high.

Whump! Ursula's legs gave way as Linda’s other leg slammed into her hard. The deep warm sand seemed to rocket up to her luscious body, rudely slamming into it. "Umppppfffh!" Ursula groaned as powerful arms pushed her down face first into the sand.

"Have a nice trip?" Linda snarled as she pounced on her rivals back. She pushed hard on the back of Ursala’s head, grinding her face into the sand.

"Whooops….So sorry, I don't wanna take you down so early in our little tiff," Linda snarled as she jerked the groaning head out of the sand with a hairpull. She reached down and cupped Ursala’s chin and bent her head up and back. "We really are quite evenly matched, this will help make things a little more equal," Linda laughed as she quickly unsnapped Ursala’s bra, reached around and pulled it off. She tossed the bra to the side, reached down cupped Ursala’s firm right breast and squeezed hard, captured the nipple, crushed it, stood up a bit, and rolled her rival over on her back. "Oh yes, and please note I did say "Little", Linda sneered as she began to deliver quick painful pinches to Ursala’s' smaller breasts.

"You’re gonna regret thi…OUCH! YEOWWW!" Ursula's angry promise of a predicted threat was followed by yelps as Linda continued her painful pinches. Linda added insult to injury with her giggling and teasing of her rivals smaller treasures.

"Whoa! Whoops! Yippppeeee! Whoa, hey settle down." WHAM! Ursula squirmed and writhed then began to buck as she executed hard pelvic thrusts trying to throw her tormentor. Linda almost fell off several times before suddenly ordering the "wild bronco" to stop. She suddenly leaned back and fired a hard fist into Ursala’s crotch.

"Uhhhhhh," Ursula groaned. Her short skirt had slid clean up to her waist. Linda had duly noted said fact and delivering the nasty punch, she grabbed hold of the skirt and jerked up even further.

"I'll kill you I swear," Ursula snarled as she suddenly spit at Linda.

"Why you stupid blonde bitch," Linda snapped as she delivered a blistering backhand to Ursala’s face. She leaned back and clamped an excruciating crotch claw onto her rivals groin, digging her nails into most vulnerable sensitive flesh.

"AIEEEEEEEEE!!" Ursala’s bloodcurdling, "wake the dead" scream was followed by a pelvic thrust that would have launched a small elephant into space.

"Eyaaaaahh! Umppppppfh…." Linda landed hard in the sand, her lovely breasts meeting the hard gritty white granules most abruptly. She grunted in pain, gasping for precious air that had seemed to completely disappear from her lungs.

"Unghhhhh…." Ursula summoned all her strength as she uttered a pained groan. She blinked her eyes rapidly trying to rid the blurriness. She rubbed her aching, "onfire" crotch as she slowly stood to her wobbly feet. Determination, gritty, steely willpower and a deep hunger for vengeance propelled her rapidly toward her lovely blonde foe.

Wham! "Yeoucccch!" Linda gasped as Ursala’s hard foot slammed into her ribs. Another foot slammed into her beautiful tush and brought her down hard to that amazingly gritty, rough sand.

"My turn," Ursula shouted as she jumped full force onto Linda’s back. Like an excited school girl, Ursula couldn't wait to take "her turn." She bounced up and down hard on Linda’s back, pounded fist after fist into her neck, head, shoulders and upper back, and relished every yelp and groan of her hated rival. Vicious hairpulling brought screams to Linda’s quivering lips. To the once proud dynasty divas despair, Ursula leaned back, unfastened her skirt and sunk her hard sharp nails into her tight sensitive cheeks. She shredded the pantyhose and panties as she attacked the twin firm mounds with a vengeance. "Now lets give special attention to the two special wonders," Ursula snarled as she suddenly stopped one assault to launch another. Linda groaned as she realized what was to happen.

"Please, no, I give up," Linda whimpered as Ursula turned and leaned forward. An angry strong hand grabbed Linda’s chin, pulled back hard as another angry hand slipped between tender firmness and warm sand.

"Give up? You wanna give up? I don't think so hon! After all you’re the superior woman and they definitely are bigger!" Ursula taunted as she cupped Linda’s huge right breast, squeezed and dug her talons in deep. Linda kicked her legs frantically, screamed and squealed as Ursula executed a perfect camel-clutch and boob attack. To Linda’s horror she was soon on her back. "Such nice tits, why did dear old John dump you anyway?" Ursula taunted as she bounced up and down on Linda’s stomach and began to slap the busty blondes huge beautiful breasts back and forth in perfect rhythm.

"Leggo….leggo my breasts….noooooo…not my nipples, pleaseeee stopppp….Aieeeee!" Linda shrieked through tear filled beautiful blue eyes as Ursula squeezed, twisted and pinched her breasts and thick brown nipples. "Pleaseee, no more, I concede, you're the best," Linda groaned and was now grasping at straws hoping to say something to bring relief.

"Why Linda, what nice things to say, you really are or I mean were, a true trophy wife and such a sophisticated mannerly babe," Ursula said suddenly stopping her torture.

Linda whimpered, gasped a sigh of relief. Suddenly Ursula jumped to her feet, grabbed Linda by the hair and pulled her to her feet also. Linda's loud whimpers finally softened as she looked at her confident rival in timid surprise. "Wha…? Are you letting me g…ga…goooo?" Linda asked.

"Well as a matter of fact, Y… ya… yess…" Ursula laughed, mocking Linda’s uncontrollable quivering, stammering. She turned, took one step and Wham! Ursala’s fist slammed into the big blondes kidney. Long, strong beautiful arms brought the busty platinum blonde to the sand as long legs wrapped like sexy pythons around her waist.

"Uhhhhhhh….ohhhhhh…" Linda gasped as she struggled futilely against Ursala’s long luscious, perfectly muscled tanned legs that slowly squeezed her prisoners breath, energy and strength from her.

"Sorry, I was just taking a rest, I'd never let a haughty, beautiful, arrogant bitch like you go….until…" Wham! A fist slammed into Linda’s jaw dazing her. The strong legs squeezed even tighter. Clouds seemed to be forming in the clear sky. Things were getting a bit darker. Linda groaned as she heard fast skillful fingers ripping the remainder of her clothes to shreds then from her luscious body. "Show me your submissiveness lovely Linda dear," Ursula snarled as she wrestled Linda into a full body pin.

"Nooooo… pleaseee, nooooo…" Linda gasped as Ursula assumed the victors traditional position.

"Nowwww, who's the best of us?" Ursula asked with a delightful smile.

"You are….Umppppfffh!"

"Ahhhhhh….Ummmmmm…Yessssss," Ursala’s' ecstatic groans filled the salty ocean side air. Her mind raced to paradise and back and then once again to paradise before enjoying the afterglow of victory achieved.

"Darn, I forgot my tea," Ursula muttered. "A real Bond girl never forgets her tea!"