Jennifer Aniston vs. Tyra Banks by Harry 03-Jun-00 (from Stonerage's page)

As a result of the apparently never ending wrangling over payment for the "Friends" stars, the producers agreed that more episodes could be shot on location. This allowed the stars, and particularly the female stars, to mix lucrative modeling assignments with the arduous task checking out new locations. It was this that had brought Jennifer Aniston to Miami and a penthouse room in the best hotel in town (as recommended by Will Smith).

In taking this room she clashed, unknowingly, with the super model Tyra Banks, who was also in town to do her own photo shoot. Although the two women barely knew one another, their close proximity caused friction. Tyra was, bluntly, pissed off at having to stay at the second best hotel and by being over shadowed by a "2 bit TV actress". Jennifer for her part had become very irritated with super models who only wanted to get guest slot on Friends to prove that they could act.

"Frankly," Jennifer said, "models like Tyra can barely act a block of wood, let alone the complicated task of speaking short sentences."

This simmering tension grew like Caribbean storm and finally broke when he two superstars appeared at the same party in near enough as makes no difference outfits. As to who was trying to up stage who, and whether it was deliberate or not was no longer relevant, there was only one way this could be settled. So as to not damage her carefully cultivated image, Jennifer got word that Tyra should either come up and see her to resolve the dress issue or get out of town. Jennifer had barely walked into her room and taken off her shoes when there was a knock on the door. When she opened it, there stood Tyra Banks.

"I hear you want to talk bitch, you've certainly got a big enough mouth, which it is going to be my pleasure to shut!" snarled the Supermodel

"Oh my gosh", said Jennifer in mock horror, "you really can speak in whole sentences!"

"Bitch!" snarled Tyra as she pushed passed Jennifer and into the apartment, leaving the actress to close the door. When Tyra got to the far side of the spacious room she turned to face the actress, and slipped of her heels. The room was large with the expensive furniture, strategically placed round the edge to increase the perception of size. Jennifer wore white trousers and a strappy white vest top, through which the outline of a red bra could be discerned. Tyra was also in white trousers, with a white jacket buttoned up at the middle with a white bra and part of her stomach in view. Each wore their hair long and natural. After eyeing on another up for a few moments, the two women started to walk slowly towards one another, hands out stretched like claws. They started to circle one another, their feet sinking onto the carpet, before Tyra leapt forward like a cat onto its pray, sinking her hands into Jen's soft, long hair. Jennifer brought her own hands up and took hold of Tyra's long dark hair. The two superstars began an intense hair pulling struggle as they tried to drag one another around the plush surrounding.

It was Tyra who took the advantage first by pulling Jennifer's head down and holding her in a headlock, causing the Friends star to let go of her hair. With one hand round her white opponents neck, Tyra used her free hand to slap Jennifer's face and twist her nose. Whilst Jen squealed with pain and embarrassment at being put at such a disadvantage so early on she started to rain punches onto Tyra's backside. These were driven more by anger at her situation than aimed with intent. However slowly but surely Jen's punches started to cause Tyra some discomfort and then some pain. In retaliation Tyra used her free hand to take a painful hold on Jen's nose and started walking round the room, dragging the reluctant TV star along. At the same time, and unintentionally, playing to Jen's fear of being denied air. Tyra cackled nastily as she thought of her superiority. This laughter was soon replaced by a pained gasp as Jennifer, fed up of her position drove a fist up between the supermodel's legs. Despite her positioning preventing a true blow, the force with which her knuckles connected with Tyra's womanhood had the desired affect.

Tyra instantly released her grip on Jen and placed both her hands on the crotch of her trousers. Free now Jennifer stood up and, having checked that she had suffered no real damage, looped an arm round Tyra's neck and pulled her backwards. As she did so, she drove her right fist into the base of the darker woman's back. As a new wave of pain swept over her body, Tyra remembered where she was and realised the predicament she was in. Jennifer now started to drag Tyra backwards, using her spare hand to tug on her long dark hair. Tyra started to struggle to free herself, but Jen held her tightly and held the thrashing supermodel tightly. The Friends star then casually moved her hand from Tyra's hair and planted it over the models mouth intent on smothering her. But she did so casually and allowed one of her fingers to present itself as a target. Tyra needed no second opportunity to free herself, and snapped her teeth into the fleshy part of the finger.

Jennifer yelped with pain and automatically pulled her hand back. She then released her neck lock so that she inspect the damage to her digit. As she did so Tyra fell to the floor as gravity took hold.

"Bitch!" hissed Jennifer as she rubbed her finger which was sore and red, but with the skin intact. Tyra reached back with hands and hooked them round Jen's ankles and pulled hard, so that it was now the TV stars turn to fall to the floor hard. This move came as a complete surprise to Jen who had been preoccupied with the damage that she might have suffered. The two women sat on the floor for a few moments pondering what to do next.

Tyra took the initiative by grabbing hold of the toes on Jennifer's left foot and bending them painfully. In retaliation Jennifer leaned forward and took hold of the models hair, wrapping it around her fingers, and then pulling backwards so that she was flat on her back. Tyra squealed and let go of Jen's foot. She had no choice but to allow herself to be pulled backwards or risk loosing some of her hair. She ended up with her head resting upon Jen's stomach, unable to break free because of her opponents hair pulling. Jen used her feet to try and pry apart Tyra's legs, but Tyra struggled and thrashed to prevent this. After a brief, and Jennifer soon realised, pointless struggle in this hold, Jennifer twisted her body and rolled her and Tyra over so that the supermodel was now underneath her.

As Miss Banks felt her face pushed painfully into the carpet she heard Miss Aniston sneer, "You sweaty little ho, I bet you're more used to getting carpet burns on your back!". To reinforce her dominant position her butt and slammed her womanhood down into Tyra's back resulting in a muffled scream.

Just as Jennifer was about to repeat this attack, Tyra drove her feet into the carpet and pushed upwards and forwards. This took the Friends star by surprise and instead on hurting her opponent she started to slide forwards. She was unable to stop herself until slid off of Tyra and landed on face first on the carpet. Jennifer tried to get up onto all fours, but Tyra quickly sprang forward and landed on top of her keeping her prone. Tyra took hold of Jennifer's hair with one hand and pulled sharply, yanking the TV stars head back in the process. Jennifer felt as if Tyra was trying to pull her head off and started to thrash and squirm to break free from this painful grip. Tyra was having none of this and drove her free hand, balled into a fist, into Jen's flank. Jennifer elicited a pained groan and her struggles briefly lessened in intensity.

Having made her point as to who was now in charge of the fight, Tyra reached forward with her spare hand and used her fingers to pinch shut Jen's nose, mindful to keep fingers away from teeth. This coupled with the painful position of her head made it difficult for Jennifer to breath, which flooded her mind with images of past loses. Jennifer's hands had been trapped underneath her and she now managed to free them sufficiently to push herself up from the floor. That she was able to do so was testament to the benefits of her working out and that Tyra was of a similar stature to herself. This move surprised the supermodel who lost her dominant position and her nose pinch, but kept hold of Jen's hair. Jennifer had now managed to raise herself up onto her hands and knees with Tyra lying next to her hanging onto her hair. Jen reached out and slid her right hand under the upper part of Tyra's jacket and sunk her fingers into the supermodel's right breast. Tyra howled in pain and instinctively used her free hand to grasp Jen's arm and pull it away.

"Let go of me you dirty white slut!" howled Tyra, but Jennifer just smiled nastily. From this position Tyra could do little but pull harder on Jen's hair, which did at least wipe the smirk from her face. But that was small compensation for the pain that was burning into her chest. Tyra may not have been an experienced catfighter but she realised that this couldn't go on. She stopped trying to pull away Jennifer's hand and instead put her strength into twisting her body and punching Jennifer. Miss Banks had been aiming for the side of the Friends stars' head but her pain caused her to misjudge and instead her blow caught Jennifer on the side of her neck. Jennifer let out a howl of pain which quickly and fell away from Tyra, breaking her hold on the supermodel's chest and losing some strands of hair. Now free from the assault on her chest Tyra took the opportunity to roll away from her opponent.

Now that there was clear carpet between them the two superstars took the opportunity to assess how they had suffered. Tyra lay on her back and opened her jacket to look at her breast which didn't seem to have suffered any lasting damage. Miss Aniston was also laying on her back massaging her neck.

"Hey, white slut!" called out Tyra. Jennifer painfully turned her head to look at her opponent. "The shampoo you advertise can't be all that good, as I've still got some of your hair!" sneered Tyra as she waved a hand at her opponent across which strands of light brown hair were clearly visible.

"You'll pay for that you filthy fucking tramp!" snarled Jen as she rose up onto her hands and knees and advanced towards her opponent. Her face was bathed in the ruddy glow of sweat, hair stuck to her face and her sweat darkened top now clung to her body. Tyra adopted a similar pose and the two women started to prowl towards one another.

Miss Aniston reached forward with her left hand and caught hold of Tyra's hair. Tyra tried to block the attack, but failed and thrust both her hands in to Jen's hair. Jennifer then brought her other hand up to join in the hair pulling. The two superstars tussled and yanked at the other locks, dragging their opponents head up, down and from side to side. The air conditioned silence of the luxury room broken only by the grunts and ever more desperate squeals of pain.

With the two women leaning towards one another on their knees, Tyra broke her hair hold on Jennifer and instead grabbed hold of the straps of her opponents vest top. She managed to hook her fingers underneath the shoulder straps and pulled. The sweat dampened vest rapidly climbed up Jennifer's body and over her face, exposing her breasts encased in a lacy red bra. In a panic Jen let go of Tyra's hair and started to pull the vest down. Miss Banks put her strength into one more pull to remove the vest and in doing so fell backwards with the vest in her hands, Jennifer lying on top of her.

Discarding the now superfluous item of clothing Tyra again grabbed hold of her opponents hair whilst simultaneously wrapping her trouser clad legs around Jen's stomach. Jennifer howled with pain under this twin assault and painfully raised her head to look at her opponent. She tried to reach for Tyra's hair but all she could reach was the lapels of her jacket, not quite able to grab her dark opponents breasts. To try and gain some more leverage Jennifer pushed herself up onto her knees, still trapped in Tyra's vice like grip, but now at least causing her opponent some discomfort. Tyra responded by applying more pressure with her legs.

Jennifer let out a fresh squeal of pain as she felt her stomach being crushed, her face contorted in pain. As she looked down a source of salvation came into view. Jennifer let go of her opponents jacket, bringing her hands down Tyra's body taking the opportunity to scrape her nails over her stomach. Now Tyra's face was contorted with pain, but her mouth let out no sound. As Jennifer's started to fumble with the waistband and fly of Tyra's trouser, the look on the supermodel's face turned from one of pain to one of horror as she realised what was about to come.

As the trousers opened to reveal white underwear, Tyra let go of Jennifer's hair and tried to defend her womanhood. But she wasn't quick enough to prevent Jennifer pulling down her panties and plunge her fingers into her opponents pubic mound. Tyra howled with pain as Jennifer tore into her pussy and desperately tried to pull the TV Star's hands away. This however, brought only momentary relief to the supermodel whose previously dominant position was now hindering her own defence.

Slackening her leg lock on her opponent slightly, Tyra raised her body and grabbed hold of Jennifer's hair with one hand. Ignoring the pain of her opponents assault on her womanhood, Tyra swung the open palm of her right hand and slapped Jennifer across her face. This attack caught Jennifer pretty much by surprise and the force of the blow knocked her sideways twisting Tyra's body slightly as she fell. Now that Tyra's legs no longer held her in place, Jennifer hit the carpet with a squeal of surprise and pain.

But Miss Aniston didn't let go of Miss Banks pussy and gave it a tug to remind the supermodel that she wasn't out of the fight. Tyra now brought back her right leg which was on top of Jennifer and drove it into her opponents stomach, pushing her away from her. Jennifer's initial grunt turned into a shout of pain as Tyra's heel ground into her stomach and pushed her backwards. Jennifer instinctively broke her hold on Tyra and used both her hands to try and protect herself. Now that her womanhood had been released, Tyra brought back her foot and sharply drove it back into Jennifer. The Friend's star howled in distress as she rolled further away from her Tyra.

Once she was free of her opponent Tyra dragged herself backwards to increase the space between them, all the time keeping her eyes on the groaning Jennifer. When she was satisfied that she was in no immediate danger Tyra looked at her pussy. Having satisfied herself that only a few pubic hairs has been ripped out and that her womanhood was undamaged, Tyra stood up, at which her open trousers slid downwards revealing her long dark legs. She stepped out of them, let her jacket slide to the floor as well and advanced towards Jennifer.

Miss Aniston felt dreadful as a result of being kicked in the stomach, especially when she felt she had gained the upper hand. When she checked to see what Tyra was doing she saw the trousers hitting the carpet and the long black legs approach her. Despite feeling less than steady, Jennifer started to get up. As she stood upright she found Tyra in her face. Before she could react Tyra pushed her backwards, but although Jen stumbled she didn't fall over. As she steadied herself, Jennifer felt her opponents fingers tugging at the cups of her bra.

"Get off of me you slut!" she cried.

"You wanted to fight white trash, so fight don't whine like Rachel" snarled Tyra as she yanked the red bra cups out of the way to reveal her opponents hardening and darkening nipples. Jennifer senses rushed back to her as she realised what was about to happen and she raised her hands to attack Tyra. As the long dark fingers of Tyra Banks sank into her breasts, Jennifer Aniston started to fumble with the supermodel's white bra. Jen bit her lip rather than cry out with pain as she Tyra's fingers cruelly pinched and probed her sensitive flesh. But once the dark fingers started to squeeze her nipples, Jennifer could hold back no longer and screamed in pain. The only relief Jen had was the growing sound of Tyra's cries of pain. The models white bra was pulled down exposing her breasts and Jennifer started to repay some of the pain she was being put through.

The two superstars twisted and pinched tit flesh without pity, their screams testament to the pain being inflicted. Neither Jennifer or Tyra cared about their famous status. It was Jennifer whose nerve broke first and she reluctantly let go of her opponent to use her hands to protect herself. Tyra was herself hurting badly and it didn't take to much effort for Jen to pull her hands away. The two sweat soaked combatants stood there, breathing heavily almost to weary to continue. Jennifer let go of Tyra's wrists and wrapped her arms around her opponents neck, like a lover and dragged the darker woman closer to her. As their upper bodies touched, Tyra thrust her breasts forward into Jen's, her nipples digging into the TV stars breasts.

Jennifer let forth a new expression of pain and took hold of Tyra's long black hair, her fingers sinking in as if it were water. Tyra wrapped her hands around Jennifer's back and unhooked her bra, which slide downward, before taking hold of Jen's hair. The two women pulled at one anothers hair, trying to drag one another around the room. Jennifer managed to unhook Tyra's bra which allowed their breasts to participate in the struggle unrestrained.

As they staggered around their groans and squeals of pain grew bringing both women to the verge of tears. Jennifer tried to hook a foot around Tyra's ankle, but this coincided with a new push from supermodel whose nipples painfully scraped across the Friends star's breasts. Jennifer screamed and staggered backwards trying to regain her balance. As she did so, her left foot came down onto an upturned shoe which had been discarded at the start of the contest. As the heel dug into her soft sole Jen screamed again. Before she could steady herself Tyra clamped both hands over her breasts and shoved her opponent backwards. Jennifer had no chance to protect herself and fell to the floor pulling free several strands of Tyra's hair, landing heavily on her back.

Before Miss Aniston could recover sufficiently to get up Tyra was on top of her, sat astride her waist, her fingers again clamped on her breasts. This was all becoming to much for Jennifer who struggles to break free started to get weaker, not only was she being physically beaten but her ego was taking a pounding.

As Tyra's fingers cruelly went about their work, first pulling apart then pushing together Jen's breasts, the TV stars resolve broke and tears started to roll down her cheeks. She made one last attempt to salvage the fight be raising her body and trying to get hold of Tyra's hair. But the supermodel was having none of this and easily parried this, pushing Jen back to the carpet. As Jennifer Aniston lay there sobbing, Tyra broke off her attack on her opponents breasts and instead clamped her hands over Jennifer's mouth.

The sobs of pain and pity slowly became quieter and quieter until Jen stopped making any noise. When Tyra was satisfied she had won, she stood up. As she did, she saw her reflection in a large wall mirror and was horrified at the toll the fight had taken; her elation at winning was masking the pain. Tyra let out a strangled gasp of horror, and started to collect her stuff. But before she departed she kicked the now recovering Jennifer in the crotch out of hatred for what she had done.