Jennifer Aniston vs Helen Baxendale by Harry

When Helen Baxendale first appeared on "Friends," the female cast members had viewed it as no more than a brief guest shot. But as the role was developed and the ongoing saga of appearance money the producers started to consider replacing one character with Helen's. The logical choice to leave would be Rachael, played by Jennifer Aniston. They toyed with the idea of an on screen cat fight for Ross, but dropped the idea after heavy lobbying from sponsors and Jennifer.

Helen was livid that her chance to make it big in the US had been denied her. She blamed rumours put out by Jennifer, questioning her acting ability and her suitability, and retaliated by slagging off Jennifer. Matters came to a head one day when Helen started to suggest that Melissa Joan Hart, Jennifer's avowed enemy, should make a guest appearance. The two women then had a stand up slagging match, encouraged by Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox.

Rather than fight on the set, and risk being caught, Helen had suggested that Jennifer visit her hotel room that night, on her own which disappointed the other stars, to settle it like women with a no-holds-barred catfight. Not wanting to back down, Jennifer agreed to be there at 8pm.

On the dot of 8pm, Helen heard the tap on the door of her expensive hotel room and she opened the door, and let her opponent it. Jennifer was wearing trainers, ripped blue jeans, a red shirt with only the middle three buttons done up and a baseball cap with her hair loose. Helen's black hair was also loose and she wore leather trousers and a white blouse. The walked into the sitting area which was adjacent to the bedroom. Jennifer surveyed the room, someone had kindly removed all the furniture.

"Is this all you get sweety? When I travel with the show I get a room equal to my status!"

She took off the baseball cap and her trainers so that there were both barefoot.

"Would that be in a brothel Jennifer?" inquired Helen in a mocking tone. "Besides which, Brad said that he liked the view from the bedroom! There is more than enough room to swing an old bag like you around."

"Bitch!" hissed Jennifer and she started towards the British woman.

"I'm happy to fight clothed, are you sure you don't want to fight 'au naturel'?" mocked Helen.

Jennifer noted that at least one of her female co-stars had talked to Helen, maybe they had put her up to this. That thought only served to enrage her further and she rushed forward. Helen stood her ground as Jennifer collided with her, and the two stars buried their hands into one another's hair. The danced around the room struggle with one anothers locks, their feet sinking into the thick carpet, and their breasts slapping together. Helen removed one hand from Jen's blonde hair and placed it over her mouth, stifling a shout of surprise. Jennifer knew only to well what Helen was trying to do, as it had been her downfall previously. She tried to push the British woman away, but to no avail, so instead she wrapped a foot round Helen's ankle and pushed herself forward. Taken by surprise Helen fell backwards dragging Jennifer with her, and they landed in an unseemly heap.

Jennifer, being on top, recovered first, and raised herself on to her knee above Helen, using her hands to pin her arms. Helen tried to break free but she was trapped. Jennifer's gloating about how easy this had been was ended when the British woman raised her right knee violently into the American's crotch area. Although not a clean hit, it still hurt enough to cause Jennifer to roll to one side clutching at her groin. Helen rolled over and got up onto her knees, looking down on her opponent.

She grabbed a handful of blonde hair and started to pulled Jennifer's up off the floor. But the American twisted herself slightly and drove a fist into Helen's unsuspecting and unprepared stomach. The English woman let out a shout of pain, and bent forward as the blow landed. But this was not Helen's first fight and she used her spare hand to return a punch which connected solidly with Jennifer's right breast, driving it backwards. Now the American screamed and let forth with a stream of expletives. Despite the immense pain in her chest, Jennifer used one hand to try and break the hold on her hair, and the other to again punch Helen in the stomach. But this time Helen was ready and the blow had little impact.

But instead of withdrawing her hand for another blow, Jennifer instead started to fumble with the zip on the front of Helen's leather trousers. The British star used her free hand to try and stop this attack on her womanhood. The two women struggled in this awkward position for about a minute, when Jennifer managed to manoeuvre herself into a position where she could use her knees. From a sudden position of dominance, Helen was on the floor clutching her left leg where Jen's knee had made contact. Now free from attack the American started to edge backwards, aiming a few wild kicks at her opponent, who returned in kind, but to no effect.

Having broken apart the two women got to their feet, Helen with more difficulty given the painful bruise on her left leg. They circled wearily before locking their hands together in a test of strength. Helen wanted to draw Jennifer in close to her so that she could get to grips with her, but the American wanted to stay at arms length for now.

Try as she might Helen was unable to get to grips with her opponent and the two fighters stumbled around, trying to bend each others wrists back. Jennifer broke this inconclusive by using her right foot to kick at Helen's injured leg.

After several blows, albeit insubstantial ones had landed, Helen broke her hold in order to reevaluate her strategy. As she did so, Jennifer, sensing an opportunity charged forward, pushing her Helen backwards by the shoulders. As their momentum took her backwards, Helen aimed a couple of wild blows at Jennifer, which appeared to have no affect. This drive by the American only stopped when the pair moved into the bedroom, and into the bed, causing Helen to fall onto her back, with Jennifer on top. Disappointed as she was by not smashing the darker haired woman's head into the wall, Jennifer set about plunging her hands into Helen's hair. Helen returned the compliment and both women struggled on the bed, their legs dangling over the edge.

"Filthy English slut!" hissed Jennifer.

"Dirty American slut!" replied Helen.

As the rolled back and forth, never quite getting to the edge of the bed, Jennifer started to press her larger breasts against Helen's. Even through the material of their tops Helen could feel Jen's larger nipples seeking out her own, trying to dominate her. They rolled back, their legs thrashing, the pain in their scalps growing ever more intense. The darker hair gave first and Jennifer triumphantly waved the strands of black hair in front of Helen's face.

"You should use the same shampoo as me little bitch!"

The English woman responded, slapping Jennifer across the face, leaving a ruddy hand print and rolling her over so that it was Helen who was now on top. As their legs thrashed around, one of Helen's feet caught in one of the tears in Jen's jeans and she pushed so that one of the legs almost got ripped off. Jennifer placed one of her hands under her English rivals chin and started to push upwards. Helen responded by again placing a hand over the American's mouth.

Again the nightmare started to flash through Jennifer's mind, and she increased her efforts to break free. But the more that she struggled the more precious energy that she used up. In desperation, she used both hands to rip open Helen's blouse to reveal two white globes encased in a lacy silk bra, and she dug her fingers in. Helen howled with pain and thrust her groin down into Jen's whilst arching her back to get away from the pain. But in doing so she only made the target for Jen's hatred larger. She tried to use her hands to break the grip on her breasts, but this brought no relief. Eventually it was Jen who partially ended Helen's pain by removing one hand from a tit and instead she drove a fist into the side of Helen's head.

The Englishwoman was concentrating more on the pain in her breasts than on what her opponent was doing, and the blow took her completely by surprise, with t he effect that she was knocked clear of Jennifer and off of the bed landing in an unseemly heap. Jennifer didn't follow up as she was gulping down air to fill her lungs after a period of denial.

Helen slowly got up, rubbing her head were she had lost her hair. This only served to fuel her determination to defeat Jennifer, and she rose with the intention of dragging her down. As her head rose above the level of the bed, Jen twisted round and extended her bare foot catching the Brit across the mouth. Helen was taken totally by surprise and was again sent flying backwards, her head almost hitting the wall. Jen smiled to her self as she moved off the bed and towered over her now hated opponent.

She reached down and grabbed to handfuls of black hair and dragged Helen upright, before throwing her back against the wall. Helen was only slowly regaining her senses from these multiple blows, but was sufficiently aware that she knew she didn't want to get trapped against the wall. She moved forward and tried the bull her way past Jennifer, who easily repelled the effort. To prevent a further escape attempt, Jennifer pinned Helen by using one hand to grip her neck, whilst the other hand grabbed her hair so that the two women were looking directly at one another.

"So do you give bitch" snarled Jennifer.

Helen managed a weak, "Fuck you!"

Jennifer released her grasp and moved forward and pressed her breasts against Helen's already battered chest. Although the British woman squealed at this assault, she looped her hand round Jennifer's back and took hold of the waist band of her jeans. Jen was enjoying herself so much that she had no idea of Helen's attack until the rough cloth of her jeans bit through her thin panties and into her crotch. The pain was intense, more so when Helen managed to lift Jennifer off her feet with the effort. The American scream as the burning sensation worked its way deeper inside her. She used her hands to push Helen's head against the wall and arch her back in an effort to free herself of her pain. Satisfied that she had returned some measure of her own pain on the perpetrator, Helen released her grip and let Jen fall back to the floor. The overwhelming sense of relief as the pain subsided in Jennifer's body was replaced by new pain as Helen launched a flurry of punches into her stomach.

Jennifer slumped forward onto her opponent, in an effort to get in close to gain some respite from the short jabs that were raining onto her midriff. But Helen was having none of this. Before Jen could make a clinch, the Brit pushed her backwards, tripping her over left foot. Jennifer landed on her butt and before she could get up, Helen planted a foot in her chest across her breasts, sending her flat on her back screaming. Helen straddled her opponent and sat astride her waist, and started to unbutton Jen's white top, and let flap open to reveal her breasts which were snug in a silk bra. Jennifer, although groggy, knew what was about to happen and moved her hands to protect herself.

"Since you clearly fight like a whore, you won't be wanting to keep your bra on will you" said Helen with an evil hiss.

She took a firm grip of each breasts and starting to rip the bra away, and at the same time applying some pressure. Jennifer screamed anew and tried to buck and arch her back, but Helen kept her position. The American gave up trying to break the Brit's grip and instead reached up and grabbed Helen's left breast. She then removed her second hand and feinted to launch another breast attack, but instead moved towards the crotch of Helen's leather trousers. The fly zip was already half undone from the earlier struggle, and it was no obstacle to letting Jennifer plunge her hand into the hole and use her fingers to tug and scratch at Helen's pussy.

"Noooooo!" screeched Helen as her womanhood was ravished by Jen's angry fingers.

Like a scalded cat Helen started to move backwards, breaking off her own attacks, to get some respite. As she moved backwards Jennifer was unable to attack the Brit's c--- and withdrew hand, her fingers covered in short black curly hairs. When she was out of hand range Helen stopped retreating and started to pay some attention to her minge and how damaged it was.

In taking her eyes off of her opponent, she didn't see Jennifer free one of her legs from under Helen, and thrust it into the Brit's stomach. Helen was totally unprepared for this assault and fell into the corner of the bedroom, now close to tears at the punishment she had taken. But Jennifer felt in no condition to finish her opponent off, as she was nursing her own damaged breasts. Hearing sounds of Helen stirring for a new attack Jennifer started to crawl back into the bedroom, still needing more time to prepare for the end of the fight. Helen had discarded her blouse and ripped bra and started after Jen also on all fours, her breasts swaying as she pursued.

Helen caught up with Jen and dived forward to and took a grip of her faded and ripped blue jeans, causing the American to fall flat on her face. Jennifer rose to continue her retreat but fell again. She raised herself a third time and this time unbuttoned her jeans and started to moved away. When Helen dived forward, intent on sinking her claws in, all she got was the discarded jeans.

Now half naked Jen had nearly run out of space in which to manoeuvre in, so turned to face her opponent on her knees. But as she did so, Helen threw the discarded jeans which hit the American across the face. Having temporarily blinded her opponent, Helen leapt forward and pushed Jennifer over onto her back, and then launching an assault on the golden minge the outline of which was visible behind Jen's skimpy panties.

Helen thrust aside the underwear and taken a handful of short blonde hair, causing Jennifer to scream, "You dirty fucking slut!"

This assault was cut short when Jennifer swung the jeans round and caught Helen on the side of the face, the metal fly buttons striking her painful across the left ear. Having gained an advantage, Jennifer now used her experience as a catfighter to bring her legs out from under the Brit and wrap then around Helen's head, locking her ankles. The pressure from Jen's thighs, brought Helen back to her senses, and she tried to resume her attack on the blonde minge.

But the American had moved her hands to prevent such at attack and Helen could do no more than grab stray hairs. She then tried to break the grip by raking her nails across Jen's thighs. But although she could see tears welling in Jennifer's eyes and the skin was broken, there was no lessening in the vice like grip. Her final effort was to try and get up off her hands and knees, but Ðto no avail. She feebly scratched at Jen's butt, but could take no more, "I give" she shouted, her voice muffled.

"Can't hear you bitch!" said Jennifer.

"For fuck's sake, I give. You're the better woman!" screamed Helen now desperate to be free and not be humiliated by passing out.

Jen slowly, released her grip and let the gagging Britain fall to the floor. After a few moments respite Jen got up and walked back into the bedroom, discarding the remnants of her original outfit, and selecting some cloths to return home in. When she returned, Helen was on her back sobbing gently, her eyes closed.

"I'm taking some of your rags to return home, I'm sure you don't mind. Now you know your place, you'll tell the producers that you won't be available for the next series."

"Yes" said Helen weakly, just wanting to be anywhere but in New York at that moment.

"Just to make sure...." said Jennifer, she picked Helen up by her hair onto her knees, and the pulled her face into her battered golden pussy. Helen Baxendale was in no condition to resist.

The End