Look Out! Cat Bell vs. Jennifer Aniston by TNT

"Don't get snippy with me you self-centered little bitch!" Cat snarled at Jennifer as they primped backstage for an awards show. Cat had had just about enough of the little tantrums Jennifer was throwing; it reminded her of a spoiled two year old - very cute, and yes, even pretty, but VERY spoiled. Jennifer was making a big scene over some lucky paparazzi sneaking a pic of her luscious breasts. The way she ranted and raved one would think she was a real prude instead of a 'hottie' who flaunted her nipples in prime time!

Jennifer's "friends" Lisa and Courtney watched the two banter back and forth; now they were calling each other nasty little names and exchanging threats. Both Courtney and Lisa hoped that the little spat would escalate; they wanted to see a catfight; all the cattiness and nastiness behind-the-scenes at the event was in full swing and, so far, it had been amazing more catfights hadn't taken place. There had certainly been more than enough verbal fights between the actresses, divas and famous floozies. Most wanted Jennifer to win of course, but they all wanted to see her taken down a notch in the process. Seeing Jennifer make a big fuss about her boobs was funny.

"You're up," one of the attendees yelled to Cat who was straightening a low-cut evening gown.

Cat flashed a threatening look at Jennifer who stood up and growled, "Don't threaten me, Ms Bell! I'd love to kick your ass right here, right now!" she hissed, her angry yet beautiful face just inches from the tall gorgeous brunette's.

"Back off you little twit," Cat warned; her open hands flattening Jennifer's firm breasts as she shoved the surprised beauty back hard.

Jennifer screamed as she stepped backwards; she briefly lost her balance; Cat snickered and left thinking, "I oughta kill that haughty little bitch. How dare she act like that!"

Cat stepped onto the stage to applause; gave a small speech to more applause. Everyone applauded Cat's acting talent but moreso, her wondrous beauty. Her full breasts were perfectly showcased in the expensive gown. Too bad for so many that she wore such a sturdy bra...no nipples showing.

"Here she comes...maybe now I can get her. I just want to give her one good slap, put a damper on her day and spoil all that adoration," Jennifer thought as Cat walk back off the stage carrying a bouquet and her award.

"Drat...they just called me," Jennifer muttered as she heard her name.

Cat looked up as Jennifer headed for stage, quickening her pace to meet Cat at the door.

"I see they even honor old cows" Jennifer snickered. "Such pretty flowers for such an ugly, big-boob bitch. How sweet!" Jennifer wrinkled up her nose and rolled her eyes at the tall brunette who's face was now flushed with anger.

"Why you nasty little smart-mouthed bimbo. I'm gonna kick your ass," Cat snarled.

"You wouldn't...I mean you couldn't...I can take you any time, anywhere," Jennifer cackled. Then added, "...and I'll strip you naked after I beat you."

Then she smiled, turned and stepped out onto the stage. Applause greeted her. Was it for her acting skills or because of those sexy hard erect nipples that always pushed erotically in her tight gowns? She started her speech and it went on and on - and on. The audience began to murmur, wondering how to get her to shut up. Lisa and Courtney stepped on stage and tried to signal her to zip it, but she just ignored them.

"How can we shut her up?" Courtney asked as she stepped backstage with her exasperated friend Lisa.

"She's smitten with diarrhea of the mouth," Lisa laughed, "Maybe Cat's boobs in the limelight did something to her noggin."

Cat smiled as she walked up to the two Friends stars, "I'll go out there and shut her up!"

"What are you gonna do?" Courtney asked.

"Just wait and see," Cat said with a devilish smile.

"NO! Don't hassle her," Lisa said, grabbing Cat's arm. "She's our friend."

Lisa stood resolutely in front of Cat who warned her, "Back off you ditzy blonde bitch," as she pushed Lisa aside and stormed toward the stage

"Ow! How rude!" Lisa gasped.

Cat had elbowed her square in her left breast and now Lisa was mad; so was Courtney. Cat needed to be cooled off, but then again, Jennifer needed more than just cooling off. Cat slipped up behind Jennifer and spoke just low enough not to be heard by the audience, but loud enough for Jennifer to get the point.

"Hey lady, your time is UP! Take your award and get your ass off the stage; you've had your say, now say 'Goodnite!"

"Stay away from me Ms Bellllll," Jennifer said, drawing out her veiled threat as she turned to glare at the lovely brunette. Suddenly Jennifer swung her award but Cat ducked just in time to avoid the blow and landed a hard slap to Jennifer's face.

"OHHHHH! You bitch!" Jennifer screamed then smashed the small statue deep into Cat's belly button.

Cat gasped and grabbed Jennifer's hair as someone yelled, "Fight! CATFIGHT!"

Cat knocked the award out of Jennifer's hand but with both hands free, Jennifer grabbed the front of Cat's gown and pulled...

RIPPPPPPP! Cat's overstuffed plunging bra was exposed as numerous audible gasps were heard from the lucky audience. Some idiot began to call for security but two happy bystanders quickly punched his lights out. Most were cheering the two lovely battlers on as Jennifer tugged at Cat's bra with one hand and tried to pull her hair out with the other. Cat was slapping at Jennifer's face with one hand and pummeling the screaming young beauty's stomach and ribs with punches with her other. She didn't want to hurt the brat too badly, but she definitely wanted to administer some well-deserved punishment.

"Let GO!" Cat shouted as she finally knocked Jennifer's hand from her bra.

One strap was already broken and the other was hanging off her shoulder; a luscious breast's areola exposed and both erect thick nipples at the point. But Cat was too mad to be modest.

"So you want to expose me...Well, I hear YOU don't like being exposed!" Cat snarled, delivered three hard slaps; backhand, forehand and backhand.

"Uhhh...ohhh...ahhhh!" Jennifer groaned as she staggered with each slap.

"Such, luscious nice pretty hair," Cat laughed as she buried her fingers in Jennifer's long silky mane and pulled her around the stage before she slipped in behind her, clamped her left hand under her chin cupping it, and bent her head back slowly. Her right arm slipped around, grabbed the front of Jennifer's gown and tugged.

"NO! You wouldn't dare," Jennifer rasped, her voice full of anger and fear.

Cat bent her head back further and Jennifer's breasts bulged in her tight gown, her hard nipples threatening to poke through the sheer fabric.

"Hey everybody out there, did you all see Jennifer's tits in that magazine. Yes? No? Don't remember?" Giggles went through the crowd. "Well, does anybody want to see this little hot bitches boobs now?" Jennifer squirmed, squealed and struggled as Cat tugged harder at her gown and bent her back even further. "Nice nipples...she has such nice nipples...sure is proud of them...they do display very nice...don't they, folks?"

Cat let go of Jennifer's gown and traced a finger over her right nipple and it instantly stiffened even more.

"Please...I'll do anything...please," Jennifer pleaded.

Cat whispered in her ear, "But Jennifer, this is so MUCH fun and you seem so proud of those boob...they're so very nice, you really should let everybody see." Then she pinched Jennifer's nipple hard, relishing the groan from her captive. "Now, guess what, Jennifer, the next sound you hear will be..."

RIPPPPPPPP! Jennifer moaned, the crowd gasped and Cat laughed as she tore Jennifer's tight gown clean down to her waist. Jennifer's luscious breasts made their public debut, sporting sensitive, erect, hard nipples.

"Ta-da Jennifers titties!" Cat shouted, as she slipped her topless victim into full-nelson. The audience cheered, both male and female, as they watched Cat pull and turn her prize captive to showcase her lovely assets.

"That's enough! Lets roll!" Courtney and Lisa cried simultaneously and rocketed out onto the stage. Lisa grabbed a handful of Cat's hair, Courtney smashed her fists, one after another, a total of five blows into Cat's back and side. "ARGHHH...UHHHH...OPHHHHH!" the surprised lovely Cat tried to keep her iron grip on Jennifer, but the punches, painful hair-pulling and excruciating pain forced her to let her go. Jennifer was in tears trying to pull her torn dress back up but it was beyond hope and so she just cupped her breasts with both hands as she sobbed.

"This feels good," she thought as she watched her two friends come to her rescue.

Cat struggled to break free of her attackers but Lisa had a vise grip on her hair and Courtney was continuing her attack her back and ribs from behind. Cat reached back and put Lisa in a headlock but DANG! The little bitch Courtney was now in front of her where she drove hard, well-placed fast punches into Cat's belly, ribs and ouch...NO!...OW...those large firm breasts. Cat had to release the tall blondes head to try to block Courtney's fists but too late! The last three knocked her left breast clean up out of her bra and now the brunette was working on her right breast. The punches hurt like hell. Cat blocked one and shot her foot up into Courtney's groin just as she felt Lisa unsnapping her bra. Courtney gasped in pain but she grabbed Cat's loose bra and pulled it off.

Cat could feel her torn gown being pulled down in the back...DAMN that blonde bitch Lisa! Cat swung at Courtney and the brunette ducked - but not fast enough! Cat's punch landed solid enough to daze her as it smashed into her jaw then Cat went for Courtney but her feet tangled in her gown which now was around her ankles and down she went to her hands and knees. Lisa caught Cat's ankles and yanked, dropping Cat on her chest with an explosion of air from her lungs. The tall blonde jumped on her lower back...reached up and put her in a camel clutch under Cat's pretty chin, pulling her slowly and firmly into a backward bend. Just about everyone was impressed including Courtney and Cat. Who knew Lisa knew any wrestling moves? Courtney smiled as Cat squirmed and she stared at the tall busty brunettes huge beautiful freely swinging breasts which jiggled every time Lisa tightened her clutch or bounced on Cat's back.

"Hey! Nice tits!" Courtney laughed as she kneeled in front of Cat, her own firm breasts bulged out of the top of her low-cut gown as she reached out and cupped Cat's breasts, squeezing slowly and firmly. Courtney licked her lips hungrily as she felt Cat's erect nipples stiffen and lengthen against her palms.

"NO!" Cat winced, fearing her back would break as Lisa was bouncing up and down on her and giggling like a happy schoolgirl.

"Hey Jennifer, quit your blubbering and come over here. Don't you want to have some fun too?" Courtney yelled.

The thrilled crowd was enjoying every second of the show; heck, half of Hollywood would give up their awards to see a show like this...wouldn't they? Jennifer wiped her eyes and walked over to join the action. Her sobbing turning to mischievous laugher at the sight of Cat's predicament. Courtney and Lisa were laughing too - at Jennifer whose mascara and makeup had run making her look like a raccoon around her eyes. Even Cat began laughing at her until...


Jennifer slapped Cat as hard as she could and Cat winced even though she was surprised by the little wenches utter lack of strength. She punched and slapped like a toddler - OK, maybe a preschooler.

"How's this feel?" Jennifer taunted as she grabbed, squeezed and pinched Cat's bare breasts. "Oh my, they're somewhat firm...nice, nice nips too, but nowhere near as good as mine!" Jennifer grinned, twisting Cat's gorgeous hard thick nipples. Courtney and Lisa enjoyed every minute of the fun too as they each had their own portion of Cat's anatomy to abuse.

"Bounce, Lisa, bounce!" Jennifer ordered, smirking as Cat grunted and whimpered with each bounce.

"Hey, Jennifer, chicken-shit. Why don't you take me on yourself or are you too scared? You're such a wuss. Hell, I could take you out with one finger," Cat taunted, tormenting Jennifer in spite of the titty-twisting and painful nipple pinching and stretching she had to endure. Jennifer became angry, very angry and screamed at Courtney and Lisa, "Let her up! I wanna kick her ass myself!"

"Don't be stupid. Don't even think about it," Courtney said. "You don't stand a chance!"

Courtney and Lisa tried to reason with their beautiful friend and the crowd held their breath as the three continued to bicker. What did the crowd want? To see more fighting!!

"OK, but we warned ya!" Lisa said as she slowly released the camel-clutch and got up. Courtney moved away but Cat groaned again when Jennifer delivered a last boob and nipple twist before she too stood up and backed away, taking a defensive fighting stance. She was was pumped - ready to kick some Cat Booty.

"I'm gonna ring your pretty little Bell, Cat! Get it? It's funny eh? Get it?" Jennifer giggled and began to do a little boxer-jab-dance while Cat slowly got to her feet.




Cat's foot whipped out like a lightning bolt and smashed into Courtney's pubic bone. The brunette dropped like a rock clutching her crotch as her body went into spasms. A hard spin kick caught Lisa just below the naval, then three punches to her face and one to her pubic bone and the tall blonde was history. Jennifer had started her lunge just as all hell broke loose but she stopped in terror, then turned to run but caught her by the hair.

"Whoa girl! You aren't going anywhere but coming to me! We’re going to have some FUN, OK?"

Five rapid-fire slaps dazed the gorgeous actress and sent her reeling like a drunken sailor-a very sexy drunken sailor.

"No! Please...stop...somebody help meeee!" Jennifer shrieked.

The tall, gorgeous brunette stripped off Jennifer’s gown leaving her in very sexy silk panties, "Now, Jennifer, hon, guess what? More than just your luscious titties are going public!"

Cat let Jennifer break free to run; then like a ‘cat’ toying with a mouse, she caught her by that long luscious hair again and whirled the shrieking, topless, Jennifer around the stage. Cat put her in several humiliating positions; a full-nelson to display her bare boobs, a reverse headlock, bending her backward so Jennifer's firm breasts and famous nips pointed skyward, her gorgeous legs and thighs jiggled frantically when Cat bent her back over the podium. Finally, using a slow back-breaker, Cat put Jennifer bent her back over her knee; left hand on chin...folding the bitch in two. And as Jennifer squirmed, Cat alternated between squeezing and torturing each breast and yanking her silk panties to give her a slow, painful, wedgie.

"Very nice down there, Jennifer, honey, is that PRIVATE down there, or can the folks take a few pics?"

"Please...I'll do anything...just let me go...oh please, pretty please," Jennifer was blubbering as Cat tugged at her pubes and her long legs twitched and squirmed with every painful tug.

"Lets see if you can jump. How high can you jump, Jennifer?" Cat slammed her fist down hard into Jennifer's stomach and the young woman's beautiful body jackknifed and spasmed, then flopped back down, laying still draped over Cat's thigh.

Jennifer barely whimpered when Cat yanked her panties up so far they disappeared from view until the fabric tore. Cat tossed the tattered panties into the audience where a guy named Brad jumped and caught them. Cat smiled as she lifted Jennifer up and gently laid her on the floor. Courtney and Lisa were just coming back to their sore reality. They both looked at Jennifer; then at Cat.

"Why you bitch, somebody oughta teach you a lesson," they said simultaneously; both standing but still groggy.

"Well-bring it on," Cat smiled. "But I didn't think so!"

Cat went after Lisa first and grabbed her by the hair; a few slaps, a couple of punches to the ribs, and Cat was in total control.

"Strip her...strip the blonde!" cheers erupted.

Cat took her time; she’d always considered Lisa a drop-dead gorgeous babe. Her gown ripped rather easily and her modest bra soon ended up in some lucky guys hands. Then Cat slipped around behind Lisa and cupped her breasts, working her nipples like the expert at it that she was. Pleasantly surprised by the lack of resistance…followed by audible, "Oh this DOES feel good" moans, Cat soon had the tall blonde stripped down to her pantyhose.

"I'd love to play more, but I have other things to do," Cat whispered in her ear, then applied a perfect sleeper hold that left Lisa with her own dreams.

"You are a nasty person! Why somebody hasn't stopped this or you I'll never know," Courtney screamed. "I guess I'll have to stop you myself - and I AM going to enjoy it!"

Courtney took one-two-three steps forward then…WHAM!

"Some people never learn," Cat said as her foot slammed into the beautiful brunettes crotch.

"Oh no, this is gonna hurt," Courtney thought just before Cat's fist smashed her nose; hard enough to hurt like heck, but no blood. "No...don't! Please...this is a very expensive gown...NOOOOO!"

Courtney's gorgeous gown was ripped clean down to her sexy tush. Cat was an acknowledged expert at stripping woman and it was clear that Courtney would be no exception. She tried desperately to cover her firm breasts and block Cat's pesky slaps at the same time...no dice! In seconds, Cat was mauling her tits and making snide comments about her nips as she flipped Courtney over her knee and gave her a good embarrassing spanking; her French-cut panties offering scant protection until Cat threw her off the small stage into the crowd.

"Now, Jennifer, looks like you're waking up. Well good, how nice! You need some refreshment."

She walked over, picked up a pitcher of ice water intended for the speakers - hey, Jennifer MIGHT want to speak, right? Indeed, she'd be singing soon.

"ARGHHH! OPHHHHHHH! AHHHHHH!" Jennifer screamed as Cat drenched her with water; her gorgeous PRIVATE chest and even her PRIVATE thatch from which steam could be seen rising. Was that possible for such a hot spoiled little wench?

"Look folks, water makes those little nubs grow bigger," Cat shouted as she pulled Jennifer up to a sitting position and cupped her breasts, squeezing to force Jennifer's hard nipples straight out. "How are you when it comes to service, Jennifer? Do you just PUT OUT or do you GIVE GREAT SERVICE TOO?" Cat leaned over and whispered into Jennifer's ear, "Now service me good and proper or you really WILL be history, you and your famous private tits."

Cat walked over and pushed a button that started the stage rotating. Only a few Hollywood insiders knew about the button but Cat wanted privacy; wanted Jennifer all to herself. Soon they were behind the curtain and Cat waved everybody away. She looked mean enough that everybody moved quickly. Jennifer moaned a sigh of relief and Cat grinned as she shook her head and pushed another button. The crowd gasped as a huge screen lowered; on it, a full-size projected picture showing the two lovelies backstage.

"To hell with privacy, I'm not Jennifer. The public deserves to see this!" Cat said as she slowly stripped in a most sensual way. The crowd was breathless, hearing every word as Cat snarled, "Now Jennifer, you little PRIVATE bitch. Do me! This is just between you and me so you'd better do me GOOD...REAL GOOD!"

Jennifer moaned; tried to run but Cat brought her down slowly with a double hair-pull using her head and pubic hair! Throwing her on the floor, Cat straddled Jennifer's waist and slowly went to work squeezing her firm sensitive breasts, kneading, pulling, twisting kissing and sucking her stiff nipples.

"These really are great, huh?" Cat laughed, then wrapped her talented tongue around the stiff sensitive nub and pulled it into her mouth, suckling like a new-born until Jennifer climaxed.

“Her nipples really are sensitive,” Cat thought. “I wonder if hers or Theron’s are THE most sensitive I’ve ever seen. Hmmm?”

Cat lowered herself onto Jennifer's face and Jennifer squirmed briefly, but Cat's hard nipple twisting quickly brought a submission exactly the same way it had from Charlize Theron and dozens of others before her. In fact, Cat got more than just submission...

"Work that PRIVATE little tongue...yesssss! Uummmm. Yes! Deeper....UHHHHHHMMMMM...YESSS! OH GO YOU LITTLE BITCH! YESSSSS!" Cat moaned, groaned and screamed in ecstasy as Jennifer pleasured her with her tongue.

"At least THIS isn't being watched," Jennifer thought as she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of being able to make Cat’s body jerk and twitch with each flick of her talented tongue. "I guess I may as well enjoy this too," she thought and smiled inwardly as Cat cried out and climaxed again, spilling her fluids onto Jennifer’s face. Jennifer felt Cat's fingers reaching for her PRIVATE area and gasped, thinking "Too bad Brad can't see THIS!" Then she remembered, "Oh wait! I'm his girl, he can't have Cat...he'll never have ANYbody but me. Hell, I'm keeping EVERYTHING about me private from now on!"