Jennifer Aniston vs. Courtney Cox by Shanahan 19-Oct-99

When Jennifer Aniston heard that her Friend and co-star Courtney Cox had fought Melissa Joan Hart and lost, well, the losing was secondary. Fact was, Jennifer had lost two of her own three catfights with Melissa, and she thought that Courtney was butting her nose in where it didn't belong. One day after shooting an episode, Jennifer confronted Courtney on the matter.

"Who the hell told you to fight my battles for me?" growled the blonde. "I can take care of myself!"

"Who said it was for you?" shot back the brunette. "I was after that little bitch for what she did to me!" Courtney had attacked Melissa after the Teenage Witch had strangled Jennifer unconscious in their third and final fight, only to have the little blonde rebound to face-sit the brunette into oblivion. Melissa had then breast-smothered Courtney out cold in their rematch.

"Don't confuse the issue!" snapped Jennifer. "Melissa is my rival ---"

"--- who's beaten you two times out of three!" finished Courtney, with just a touch of sarcasm.

Jennifer's skin burned. Her face reddened, and her eyes blazed.

"Back room," she growled again. "Right now. You and me."

"Are you nuts?" queried Courtney, not believing her ears.

"You liked to watch me fight so much, now you can watch me fight you," voiced the blonde. "And watch me kick your ass for meddling in my affairs!"

"Meddling?" stammered Courtney, who had indeed made it a point to watch all three Aniston/Hart bouts in secret. "Why, I ---"

"Oh, afraid?" mocked Jennifer. "Afraid I'll kick your fat ass?"

Now it was Courtney's turn to flush red, see red and grow hot with anger.

"Let's do it!" she snapped.

They turned on their heels and headed to the back room, locking the door behind them and heading down the staircase.

The back room was more like a den or even a rec room, a small subterranean place where the actors could come and relax, but now it was all theirs, the rest of the cast and crew having headed off after shooting wrapped.

Heading to the center of the room, they stood and faced each other.

"Wait, let's fight like women," said Jennifer. "Let's go au natural."

"Fine by me!" shot back Courtney, and they proceeded to strip off their expensive clothing, stockings and shoes until they stood totally nude just a few scant feet apart.

They circled each other in the small space, hands outstretched in front of them, each beauty looking for an opening in her co-star's naked armor.

"I'm gonna kick YOUR fat ass!" glowered Courtney as they pawed and feinted at one another.

"No, I'm gonna knock you out - you should be used to that!" chided Jennifer, hitting where it hurt psychologically, bringing up Courtney's humiliating defeats at Melissa's ass and tits.

Courtney screamed and they lunged at one another, hands wrapping up in hair and pulling hard. The co-stars stumbled about the room, smashing each other back first into the walls as they fought back and forth, each trying to gain the advantage as their bare feet slipped and scrabbled on the carpeted floor. They soon started banging their crotches together, trying to weaken one another, belting each other between the legs with sledgehammer-like blows as they moaned loudly with each hit.

Getting nowhere with their hair-pulling, the two foes wrapped their arms around each other's waist in a mutual bearhug, their firm breasts and thick nipples squashing together as they tightened their respective holds and began squeezing the life from one another savagely.

They struggled and squeezed in this fashion for the next few moments, canceling each other out at first, until Jennifer slowly but surely began to dominate. Feeling her spine cracking, an anguished Courtney pushed underneath her foe's jaw with both hands, trying to push free, only to feel her rival's arms tighten further about her waist. Growing desperate, Courtney looped her arms under Jennifer's to bring them in front of the blonde's face, and then pressed them down together over her opponent's breathing passages, smothering her.

Jennifer tried to maintain her hug and crush the fight from her foe, but her lack of air soon took over, and she was forced to release her opponent and look for another avenue of attack. Bringing her hands up like twin blades, Jennifer chopped them down hard into Courtney's collarbones, evoking a yell from the brunette. The blonde repeated the move twice more, harder and harder, Courtney still yelling, until the hands peeled off and Jennifer could breathe again.

Seeing her enemy staggering, Jennifer continued to chop at away at her opponent's collarbones, driving Courtney ever downwards, until the battered brunette sank to her knees in front of the blonde. Seizing this new opportunity, Jennifer grabbed Courtney by the hair and shoved her enemy forwards into her waiting golden crotch. The blonde held the brunette's hair tight with both hands as she gyrated and ground wildly, trying to suffocate her co-star with her muff, Jennifer's rough lower hair rubbing hard against Courtney's mouth and nose. The blonde was in ecstasy, eyes closed tight and head thrown back, blissfully unaware of what her co-star was up to.

A major mistake, as it turned out.

Feeling herself growing lightheaded as her oxygen was cut off, Courtney grabbed her enemy by the back of the legs and pulled forward with all her flagging strength, sending Jennifer toppling backwards and down towards the floor where she struck the back of her head hard. Both women were dazed and did not immediately resume hostilities, although Courtney managed to recover first. Rising to her feet, she slowly advanced on her fallen Friend, and began to bend over Jennifer when suddenly Courtney felt bare feet pressing against her stomach and thrusting her away. Jennifer looked up to see her adversary tumbling backwards, and the blonde smiled wearily as she flipped herself over to stand ready to face a counterattack. The 180-degree tumble, though, left the blonde even more groggy than before, and she rose to her feet with pain and dizziness, a headache blooming in the back of her skull where she had met the floor just moments ago.

Disoriented, Jennifer didn't see Courtney charging at her until it was too late, the brunette coming up full speed and ramming her shoulder into the blonde's chest, driving them both backwards towards the foot of the staircase. They hit the far wall hard, Jennifer taking the brunt of the impact, as Courtney followed up with a pair of alternating punches to the face that knocked her co-star onto her ass. Still woozy, Jennifer grabbed the stairs with one hand and the wall with the other and tried to push up, but only caught a kick in the chest from Courtney that floored her again.

Slumped against the wall on her shapely ass, Jennifer could do nothing as her Courtney knelt down in front of her, seized the blonde's throat in her hands, and began to choke her. The rage of fights past came out in the brunette's hands as Courtney squeezed the breath from her co-star, hands working like a garrote, thumbs pressing down hard on Jennifer's windpipe.

Jennifer just lay there helpless, eyes closed and tongue hanging out, coughing hoarsely and feebly clutching her Friend's wrists as Courtney throttled her, the brunette slamming the blonde back against the wood-paneled wall as her hands tightened about her rival's neck. Courtney wished it was Melissa that she was strangling, although she was glad to be socking it to her co-star. The brunette had had quite enough from bitchy blondes lately, and was going to win this time.

Jennifer's hands fell away from Courtney's wrists as she was too battered to struggle anymore. She slumped in Courtney's grip as Courtney squeezed with all her strength, harder and harder, relentlessly ...

Finally, sensing that Jennifer had taken enough punishment and was nearly finished - they were still Friends, after all - Courtney relaxed her hold and pulled Jennifer forwards until she could lay the blonde flat on her back on the floor. Releasing her grip, Courtney flattened her own body out on top of her Friend's before pressing her ample breasts down over Jennifer's face and smothering the fight out of her foe.

Courtney's hands were wrapped tight in Jennifer's hair to hold the blonde in place as the brunette mashed her mammaries hard over Jennifer's mouth and nose. A few minutes more of grinding and pumping her flesh against her victim's countenance, and Courtney dismounted her opponent to see that Jennifer was truly out cold. Her natural position, mused the brunette.

Smiling confidently as she ran a hand through her dark hair, Courtney lightly brushed her victim's chin with her toes before leaning over and gripping Jennifer's chin with one hand, the blonde still out like a light.

"You'll remember this one, Jennifer, " she chortled at Jennifer's prone nude form. "You'll remember that your little Friend definitely CAN fight - and that she definitely BEAT you today."