Jennifer Aniston vs. Courtney Cox by HlywdCatft

Jennifer was happy, she had gotten the part she wanted real bad in an upcoming romantic comedy. She loved doing romantic comedies and this one she was really looking forward to. Jennifer drove to the studio all happy, she was going to meet her costars face to face today, she was unaware of who they all were.

Jennifer got to the studio, and waited in one of the studio rooms for the director. The director Harry Smallwood came out with a smile and greeted Jennifer. Jennifer wore to the studio a white blouse and a tight fitting short skirt and black heels.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Ready for what?" Jennifer asked. "Are we going to start filming?"

"Are you ready to leave the studio and go home?" Harry asked.

"You've been replaced by one of your 'friends'."

"What????" says Jennifer.

Courtney Cox comes out. Courtney is wearing a red silk sports brand skin tight figure showing black leggings that are see through of her red silk panties.

"Hi Jennifer," she says. "Too bad you're not good enough, nice girls always finish last."

"What the....." said Jennifer.

"There are certain ways you get a part," said Courtney. "I know how to get them because I am better than you."

"What did you do, suck his....."

"That isn't your business, all you need to know honey is I'm smarter and better than you!!!"

Courtney slaps Jennifer across the face, before Jennifer has a chance to respond Courtney knees her in the cunt, Jennifer's skirt momentarily flying up to reveal her white lace thong panties.

Jennifer falls to the floor gripping her pussy. Courtney is on top of her ripping off her skirt leaving Jen's bottom half only in her thong panties. Courtney goes to quick work on Jen's clothes tearing off her blouse and bra and tossing them aside. Courtney rolls Jen onto her back and removes slowly Jen's panties revealing a neatly trimmed pussy.

Harry looked at it wide eyed, and that exited him. The site of Jen's neatly trimmed snatch made him want to start punching the clown.

Courtney immediately threw on a devastating crotch claw on Jen, digging her long talons into Jen's soft cunt flesh. Jen screaming out, still surprised by Courtney's attack. The area around Jen's pussy begins bleeding as Courtney's nails pierce the skin. Jen is kicking madly begging the director to get Jen off of her, but the director is too busy flogging his bishop to care about what Jen is crying about.

Courtney lays across Jen and spreads her arms wide open, and pins Jen's legs down with her own. Courtney bites into one of Jen's tits causing it to bleed profusely, Jen is reduced to tears. Courtney gets off of Jen and grabs onto one of Jen's legs and starts stretching it. Jen is screaming out more in pain as the brunette keeps pulling on her leg.

Jen sees her break, Courtney has left her crotch exposed and it is right in target for Jen's other leg as she sends a foot crashing into Courtney's cunt. Courtney lets go of Jen and grimaces while moaning. Tears can be seen forming in her eyes as both hands disappear down her leggings and panties to massage her cunt. Jen begins dragging the screaming Courtney around the studio by her long black hair. Jen whips Courtney into a set of cameras knocking them over falling on top of Courtney.

Jen pulls off Courtney's sports bra leaving Courtney topless, her nice boobs in view. Jen twists Courtney's tits until Courtney withers to her knees screaming out her submission. Jen then yanks on both ends of Courtney's leggings giving her a wedgie by her black pants, her pussy lips

becoming visible in the process. Jen removes Courtney's pants leaving her only in her red thong.

Jen spies an overhead camera attachment that juts out. Jen lowers it enough so that she can attach it to the back of Courtney's thong and Jen pushes the button putting Courtney up into the air by the back of her panties giving her a deadly wedgie that causes the brunette to pass out. Jen doesn't give a fuck if she is out. Courtney's crotch is at Jen's eye level and Jen begins raining one punch after another into Courtney's snatch.

Courtney is brought back to feeling the pain returning to her pussy, a few moments after coming to there is a loud rip and Courtney falls to the floor in a pile, her panties torn in two. Courtney comes to and is on the floor holding her hairy gash moaning. Jen reaches in and pulls out a remaining piece of Courtney's torn panties from her pussy.

"You mean the director went down on you??" said Jen. "We must have a skanky director if he went down on that thing, you need to douche that filthy thing before he eats you out!!!!"

Jen grabbed a handful of Courtney's pubes and yanked a big group of them out causing the brunette to pass out again.

"Oh no you don't!!!" said Jen stuffing the pubes in Courtney's mouth.

Jen slapped Courtney awake, sat down on Courtney's face and commanded Courtney to lick out her asshole.

"No wait, I got something better!!!" says Jen.

Jen turns over and places her pussy over Courtney's face.

"Alright slut, lick me out make me cum in 30 seconds!!!!"

Courtney goes to work on Jen's pussy, but she moans as Jen continues to bald her twat. When the 30 seconds are almost up Jen cums all over Courtney's face. Jen turns back over and makes Courtney lick out her pooper. Courtney goes to work giving Jen great pleasure, but Jen is so occupied she forgets to give Courtney any air, soon Courtney has passed out.

Jen gets up and kicks Courtney in the side and walks off.