Nikki Cox-Heather Locklear-Jennifer Aniston by maverik

Heather was humming her favorite tune while dressing for an evening outing at their club. Now in her 'late thirties' as she called it, Heather was still gorgeous. She'd turned 40 recently and had been slightly embarrassed (or so she claimed) about the fuss over a reported kiss she had with Denise Richards for the TV show Spin City which critics called a 'cynical ploy to revive her 'sagging career.'

"Well," she mused, "nothing's sagging as far as I can see." She studied her reflection in the mirror and admitted that, "Yes, I do have to admire myself."

Her breasts were firm, belly going just a little soft, her meaty legs were by no means fat or unshapely, but still meaty nonetheless. The knees however, told her age out loud as with most women. Nothing she could do there. With her pert, firm arms resting at her hips, Heather smiled as she recalled the rumors she'd heard about Nikki Cox's reaction to her 'lez kiss' scene.

Heather just saw red whenever she faced Nikki. The girl was younger than her daughter, cute as hell, but insolent. Their first tangle only got into aggressive hair pulling and a few slaps, after which Heather backed down. Nikki was no slouch, never mind her cute girlie looks and a charming smile.

Heather slipped into her Victoria's Secret lace bra and panties, fishnet stockings and open sandals with medium heels and finally a one piece black evening gown.
Nikki Cox was excitedly combing her red mane before neatly tying it into a single knot. She tested it to perfection - the hair cascaded down her shoulders after just a slight tug on ther casual knot. "Perfect," she thought, fuming silently. She still wasn't happy about the attention the media had given to Heather's 'dyke' scene. Nikki couldn't afford messing with Denise, but she was really mad at Heather because, "people ought to know when to move on. Especially when younger talent her daughter's age is knocking on the doors of TV success."

Nikki wanted to vent her anger sometime at the party tonight, so she was dressed in a light blue tunic with no bra, black panties underneath and open-toed shoes with straps going up her shapely legs. Nikki was ready!
Jennifer Aniston was all smiles as she talked with Heather just as Nikki arrived. They both looked in Nikki's direction and smiled, as if at some private joke just between themselves. Jennifer raised her sherry glass to acknowledge Nikki but Heather's cold smile irked Nikki no end. She didn't respond to either of the two 'bitches.'

"Now THAT was rude, my dear Jen," hissed Heather, pausing to sip her Diet Coke. "I don't know what gives this bitch such a nasty attitude! Obviously, she needs to be put in her place," Heather purred in Jennifer's ear.

"But how can I take her on? I mean, the last time we jumped her, she really had me beat all ends up!" Jennifer whined with her usual girlish complaining tone, her lips pursed.

"This time, just go out there and do your best," replied Heather, giving a gentle pat to Jennifer's firm butt to push her forward.

Jennifer took some more sips of Sherry as she paced from one end to another. She was finally about to approach Nikki when she felt a hand on her shoulders. Jennifer spun around.

"Pretending to think, Jennie?" mocked Nikki. "Don't worry. We all know you can't."

Jennifer raised her finger and took two steps toward Nikki and said, "You know what..."

But before she could finish, Nikki inched closer herself, breathing in Jennifer's face, with cold stare and said, "WHAT?!"

Jennifer shoved Nikki away simply out of instinct! Before anyone knew what happened, Jennifer's cries filled the hotel room. Nikki had a handful of her famous blond mane in her left hand and she was yanking a crouched Jennifer trying to stand her up. Jennifer was on her knees on the floor, looking up with tearing eyes as Nikki's other hand delivered a series of loud stinging slaps left and right to her lovely cheeks. Jennifer cried out loud with each one.

Nikki pulled Jennifer hard by the hair still in her left hand and Jennifer fell forward on the floor on her stomach. Two stomps on poor Jennifer's rear elicited more wails from the sobbing brunette.

"You conniving little bitch! I'll teach you to gang up on me!!" Nikki was livid.

She lifted Jennifer's head up and rocked her face with more stinging slaps.

"Someone please stop her! HEATHER!!" Jennifer shouted as Nikki landed more of the ringing slaps.

Jennifer could hear bells in her head, as she absorbed this attack. Heather came forward. Taking couple of quick steps, she pounced on Nikki from behind.

Heather tried to yank Nikki away from Jennifer, screaming, "Get off of her, you ill-tempered tramp!"

Nikki elbowed Heather in the gut with her free hand, then spun in three quick steps almost half circle while still holding Jennifer's hair in her hand. Jennifer squealed as the floor rubbed against her open legs.

"QUIET" Nikki barked at Jennifer as she turned to face Heather.

Heather felt the air escaping her lungs as Nikki's elbow hit her belly button. Crouched with her hands on her stomach, Heather looked up. She saw Nikki's fist coming down, but didn't raise her hands soon enough and Heather grunted as Nikki's punch sounded a loud SPLAT on her right cheek.

Heather tried to catch Nikki's wrist as she was pulling away but Nikki snatched her hand back and POW!

Another punch, this time catching Heather's left breast. Heather's breast popped out of her bra but still remained concealed beneath her dress.

Before Heather could react, Nikki tore at her dress and pulled it down. Then she grabbed Jennifer's dress and brought both her arms together. Heather went crashing into Jennifer's face, her knee catching Jennifer square on the jaw.

"OWWW!" howled Jennifer. Or was it Heather? No one really knew.

Heather stumbled past Jennifer and landed on the floor with her right knee hitting the floor first, and her gown unraveling fast. Not only did Heather have good breasts, but she and everyone else knew it! Her pinkish nipple was rising on the one breast already popped out of her bra and the other was straining at the leash to join her sister! Her dress was down around her waist, held together only by her waist belt.

Heather saw red. Nikki aside, she saw red! Raising slowly, she ripped her dress off, stretched her elastic string that went down smack on her powerful thighs, and slipped out of her sandals. Bare stocking feet on the floor, Heather tugged at her bra, adjusting it and put her goodies back in place. Then she glared menacingly at Nikki.

Jennifer was squealing and crying, occasionally kicking the floor with her toes, pleading Nikki to let her go. Nikki was raining slaps and blows to Jennifer's head, but was otherwise just toying with her, very much enjoying the scene Jennifer's bawling created.

Nikki did see Heather poised for attack, and soon as Heather marched on; Nikki let Jennifer's hair go and raised both her fists to greet the on-rushing Heather. Placing one foot back, she raised her front knee as well. Heather's arms wrapped around Nikki just below her armpits but Nikki's hands both found their mark.

Heather cried, "Oh no!"

The blonde pulled back, trying to protect her breasts. Nikki's grip was firm, though, and her knee had caught Heather square in her lower belly. Nikki moved towards the retreating Heather, grabbing her breasts with both hands, squeezing them both simultaneously. Heather was moaning in pleasure and writhing in pain, her hands trying their best to pry off Nikki's firm grip.

Heather tried to kick Nikki but she saw it coming and raised her foot harder, her toe catching Heather in the shin.

The CRACK was drowned by Heather's wails. Nikki placed her other foot behind Heather's other stockinged feet, and moved her body forward to press Heather backwards. No one was surprised when Heather toppled over, her legs flying up, her white panty showing moisture, and her otherwise strong legs twitching clear down to her toes. She hit on her back with a loud moan and after laying still a moment, started trying to get up.

No one was paying any attention to Jennifer at this time. She was six feet away from Nikki, standing up, seething, fuming and ready to charge. She waited till Heather was up then she rushed forward, catching Nikki by surprise as she body slammed into her from behind. Heather had seen Jennifer was up, so she elected to rush in, trying to time her rush with Jennifer's. It worked perfectly! Nikki's hair unraveled and cascaded down as her body was squished from both sides.

Nikki felt a sickening crunch across her body as the two women slammed into her from opposite sides. Heather dodged Nikki's fists this time and head-butted her in her breasts. Jennifer followed her body slam by grabbing Nikki's hair with both hands. Raising a knee and ramming it into the back of Nikki's thighs, Jennifer shouted, "I'll MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!"

Jennifer pulled Nikki down backward by the hair. Staring up, Nikki, the tallest of the three, saw the ceiling when she felt teeth on her left nipple. She shrieked ad then she shrieked again!! Heather's teeth had found her nipple. Shuffling her legs, Nikki tried breaking free but that was not to be. Jennifer's hair pull was severe, burning pain in Nikki's scalp, and more areas of pain were beginning to crop up elsewhere on her body.

Heather stopped biting Nikki's breast and clasped her hands around Nikki's throat, before going down for the other nipple with her teeth. Nikki's shrieks were hoarser and less loud now, thanks to Heather's grip on her throat.

"WHAT? SAY AGAIN" Heather shouted as she bit into Nikki's breast, this time going for a whole mouthful.

Meanwhile, Jennifer kept a hand in Nikki's hair while she shoved the other under Nikki's dress, her fingers clawing between Nikki's wildly kicking legs. Nikki managed to jump; such was her surprise mixture of pain and pleasure as both women had hold of some sensitive part of her body! Jennifer clawed again, her sharp nails snagging and pulling Nikki's black panties down around her thighs.

The panties were still caught under the light blue tunic, but Nikki's shrieks were turning to moans as Jennifer dug in, to first pull pubic hair and then claw at Nikki's genitals with her strong fingers.

Meanwhile, Heather stepped back and then dove back in with right-left punch combinations that buried her hard fists deep in Nikki's belly. Nikki began crying, sobbing, moaning and shouting in random order. Her eyes were closed tight in pain, her mouth open and pouting, saliva dribbling from the corners and mixing with her tears. She was a mess and she knew it.

"Please....please stop....please....Jennifer....please stop....Heather...please..."

Nikki was muttering her pleas, hoping to stop the fight but Heather landed a roundhouse right on Nikki's left temple, dropping her down on her back out cold. Heather moved to Nikki and un-strapped her shoes. Then she used the strap of each shoe to tie Nikki's wrist to her mid-thigh. Heather proceeded to spread Nikki's legs apart, then grabbed her black panties and yanked them down and off!

Jennifer stood there, her head still aching from Nikki's beating and hair pulling. Catching her breath, she placed her hands on her thighs, bent over and panting as she tried to get her breathing back to normal. Nikki had proved to be hard work indeed.

Heather moved to Jennifer who remained bent over breathing heavily.

Jennifer looked up at Heather and smiled, "Thanks, Heather. You saved me."

Heather broke into her impish grin, tapping her stockinged feet in a mock dance, her arms raised over her head snapping her fingers and saying, "Oh yeah!"

She kept smiling, inching closer to Jennifer. Suddenly, her fist shot out right into Jennifer's belly, lifting her feet in a muscular reaction to her pain. Jennifer crouched and back-peddled quickly as Heather followed. Jennifer now knew what had really happened and with Nikki out of her way, Heather was going for another addition to her world famous panty collection!

"Heather, please don't...not today...I'm tired...Ouch!"

Heather's slap cracked across Jennifer's face, stopping her plea for mercy.

The next few minutes were sheer entertainment. Heather was moving towards Jennifer as Jennifer kept backing up. Heather's jabs and slaps met with little resistance though each time, Jennifer raised her arms or pushed her hips in, trying to lighten the impact. But Jennifer wasn't resisting Heather; she had tried it before and wanted no part of her now.

Tiring of the "Ouch!" and "Oww" and similar moans from a pleading Jennifer, Heather caught her by her hair and slammed her down the floor, then landed two more kicks; her foot digging into the small of Jennifer's back, eliciting grunts with each one. Heather crouched to lift Jennifer by her biceps and pulled back, keeping her right foot firmly in the small of Jennifer's back. After a couple of yanks, she released Jennifer and came around to stand in front of the laid out Jennifer.

Heather paced her bare feet slightly apart and said, "GET UP".

Jennifer's cries filled the room, "No Heather, take whatever you want, just please, don't hurt me any more.....I'm done for the day!!"

Jennifer grasped Heather's calves, burying her face at Heather's feet. Heather tugged her leg a little, forcing Jennifer to look up.

"Oh Please, Heather!" cried Jennifer, slowly raising herself as her arms slid up from Heather's calves to her knees, finally resting around Heather's firm thighs.

Looking up, Jennifer said, "Please let me go!"

"Then you'll do as I say," Heather hissed.

"Yes, OK," was Jennifer's nod and meek response.

"I need a ride to search for my shoes," said Heather addressing everyone gathered around.

Jennifer sprung up on all fours and Heather sat down straddling her back.

"You'll go on all fours and sniff both of my shoes for me," Heather said matter-of-factly.

Jennifer, with Heather sitting on her back, crawled around searching for Heather's footwear. She fetched them one by one and each time, she sniffed the shoe as Heather demanded. Then taking the shoe in her teeth, Jennifer swung her head sideways to offer Heather the shoe. When both shoes were collected, Heather made Jennifer stand up. As Jennifer was raising herself on her feet, Heather punched her right between her legs.

"OWWWW...," howled Jennifer, in fear, pain and surprise as she crumpled to the floor.

Heather kept punching until Jennifer was out cold, then she dragged Jennifer by her hair over to Nikki and dropped her right between Nikki's open legs with her face buried in Nikki's exposed pubic hair.

"When you both come to, you'll each know better than to mess with me!" purred Heather.

Then, satisfied, she walked out of the party wearing just her bra, panties and fishnets, but twirling the pair of captured panties over her head, one in each hand, while her fans stood and applauded yet another magnificent performance by this awesome blonde fighter.