Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox vs. Rose McGowan by albert 1-21-02

In Brad Pitt's Manhattan apartment, David Arquette is visiting. They're watching women wrestling on cable when Courtney Cox walks in from the kitchen. She looks at the TV and rolls her eyes.

"Jesus, you're not watching that shit again. Its a wonderful day outside, come on, lets all go out."

Brad looks at her and rolls HIS eyes, "Its not crap. They're all highly trained, fit athletes."

At this point one of the 'athletes' lands flat on her back with her legs spread.

"Yeah," Courtney sneers. "Very athletic. All you need are a few moves, a few holds, some grunts and big boobs."

Jennifer Aniston has just walked in and says, "What can you say Courtney? I love men but they're all pigs!"

Then she blows a kiss to Brad and quickly adds, "Present company excepted of course."

David looks from Courtney to Jennifer. They're both dressed similarly in T-shirts and shorts. For a sweet moment he imagines their slender, tan legs writhing against each other; their manicured fingers groping at each others breasts. Being the 'pig' he is, David decides to set in motion an old fantasy of theirs.

"Hey Jennifer, you know I've lost count of how many times Court's said you're not an actress. I mean, you don't play a character, you ARE Rachel, shallow and vain."

Jennifer stares at Courtney a moment, then asks, "You really said that?"

Courtney shoots her husband a dirty look, then shrugs, "Well, who else would spend four hours searching for just the right nail color."

Brad quickly picks up the ball, "Yeah, Court, and how many times has Jennifer said she's soooooo fed up about you going on and on and on about your 'film career.' In her words, one film and two sequels makes a career - NOT!"

Jennifer raises her hands defensively and admits with a little color in her cheeks, "Well, it IS kinda true..."

"Right!" Courtney says, turning the TV off. "I'm going to show you what real wrestling is. I'm going to teach this tramp a lesson in Southern manners."

"Hey, don't call me a tramp", Jennifer replies as the two men smile and wink at each other.

The guys quickly clear a space in the room as the two women square off, hurling insults. Being friends, each knows exactly where and how to hurt the other. The two men sit back in their chairs and eagerly wait for the action to start.

The women slowly circle each other until Courtney suddenly rushes forward and grabs Jennifer's hair. In self-defense, and in a reflex, Jennifer grabs Courtney's hair. They dance and whirl around the room to a medley of yelps, each pulling and yanking the others hair.

Suddenly, with an "ow!" Jennifer pulls away and steps a few feet back from Courtney and looks down at her right hand.

"Damn! I think I cracked a nail. Look," she holds her hand out for Courtney to see. "Its into the quick," Jennifer pouts.

"Shit, that must hurt," Courtney smiles as she pushes Jennifer down onto a sofa and, remembering a move she once saw on TV, quickly plants her right foot on Jennifer's stomach. "Do you give?"

Jennifer is more concerned about her nail than the fight.

"Sure, I give, you're the winner." As she looks up at Courtney, Jennifer asks, "My hair's not too messed up, is it?"

"Yeah, that's right. I'm a winner," Courtney crows proudly.

She turns round in triumph but her smile quickly turns to a frown as she sees the two men. Both are slumped forward, their heads in their hands shaking their heads sadly.

"What's the matter?" Courtney asks naively.......
ONE MONTH LATER at the Arquette's Malibu home
Brad Pitt is standing on the Arquette's private beach with the two girls. They're wearing matching blue bikinis that barely cover their charms. His arm slides round Jennifer's waist as he asks, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Of course she's sure," Courtney rudely interrupts. "We are going to show you boys we CAN fight."

"Okay, okay!" Brad sighs. "Its just....well, I heard she's pretty rough."

"Yeah, but there's two of us," Courtney sneers. "We'll try not to hurt her too much."

Jennifer rests her head on her husbands shoulders and thinks to herself, "I've taken it up the ass for him and now I have to fight...this married life really sucks sometimes. I wish I were a lesbian like...."

Her thought is interrupted when Courtney says, "Ah, good. Here she is now."

David Arquette appears leading Rose McGowan onto the beach.

Courtney's eyes light up as she steps toward Rose, looks her up and down and then snaps her fingers, "Now I know you! You had a small part in one of my films!"

Rose is in a scarlet bikini. She glares at Courtney, then looks her straight in the eye and mutters, "Yeah. And you didn't speak to me once."

"Well, I cant speak to all the little people I meet...."

"That attitude of yours needs an adjustment," Rose hisses. "That's why I've been dreaming of this day. You're so going to suffer you bitch."

"Yeah, for sure," Courtney huffs. "And you're going to teach US how to fight. Oh, look! There's a pig flying....."

"Well, ladies", David says. "Now that you've gotten to know each other, lets get started. You've already agreed to the rules. There are none. Last one standing is the winner. Right, lets rumble."

David notices Brad turning away to light his cigarette and grabs his arm. "I'd stay focused on this if I were you. Its a blink and you miss it kinda thing."

Brad turns back incredulous, "What? She's that good?"


"Are you kidding? She's one of the best. This should last two, three minutes, tops. Don't look like that. Take a reality check. You and I love them, but my God, they're a pair of whiny, spoiled bitches who deserve to be taken down a peg or two. Or several dozen. And this is just the gal to do it."

Meanwhile the wives are discussing their tactics.

"I'll circle around her and grab her from behind," Courtney says. "Then you get her from the front. Don't look so worried. She'll be easy meat for two of us."

Jennifer nods, "Yeah, that's a plan. What was it again? OK, OK, only kidding."

Rose watches carefully as Courtney slowly moves off to the right. Their tactics are so obvious, she's already decided hers. She just stands there, still as a statue, bait waiting to become the trap. She feels Courtney grab her arms and pull her back to her. For an instant, Rose flexes her strength and realizes she can break out of Courtney's grip whenever she wants. For now she's rather enjoying, to her own surprise, playing the pathetic victim.

Courtney shouts out, "OK, I've got her. Move in."

Rose lets her body relax into her assailant. She feels the studs of Courtney's nipples press into her back. Her head rolls on Courtney's shoulder. She looks up with helpless, frightened eyes and pleads, "Please, please, let me go, the fights over....."

Courtney grabs her hair and snaps her head back, hissing, "Not yet bitch. For you its just starting. I'm going to show those two...."

Jennifer slowly approaches. Something tells her there's something terribly wrong about this. Then her worry stops and a smile shines through like the sun. Rose isn't struggling because she's enjoying it.

"Yes, that must be it," she decides. "I've heard of such people," she realizes as she stops a few feet away.

"Come on, Jennifer, for Christ's sake, hit her! Put her away...."

As Jennifer stands wondering what to do, where to hit her, Rose looks up at Courtney and with a sweet smile announces, "Its show time."

She kicks her leg out and her shinbone slices into Jennifer's cunt. For the first time in her life Courtney can truly say she saw someone crumple. The light goes out of Jennifer's eyes, her mouth gapes open in a mute cry and she falls to her knees like a puppet with her strings cut as her hands grope her cunt as if her brain can no longer give directions.

Then Courtney feels the sharp blow from Rose's elbow in her stomach. All the air is knocked out of her and a she gasps for breath like a fish out of water, she slowly doubles over.

Rose grabs Courtney's hair and whips her into Jennifer who goes flying onto her back with her legs splayed. Never one to overlook such an inviting target, Rose viciously kicks Jennifer in her cunt a second time. She moans and rolls over into a fetal position.

Rose can now afford to ignore Jennifer as she goes to Courtney who is still sprawled in the sand trying to get her breath when she's hauled up to her knees by her hair.

"You were going to make me suffer, bitch? I don't think so."

Rose slaps Courtney's face, snapping it back and forth. She's really enjoying herself and wants to destroy the brunette, but her husband is watching, so she decides to ease off, just a little. She punches her a few more times before she slams her in the sand.

Courtney offers no resistance as she's stripped, just pleads, "Please, please, enough, I give...."

Rose plants a foot on Courtney's butt and turns to the two men. She holds up Courtney's bikini like a trophy before she tosses it away. She bends down and jerks Courtney's head up from the sand. Tears streaking down her face and the naked look of fear in her eyes light a tingle in Rose's pussy.

"Enough is enough when I say so. You got that, bitch?" she says as she slams Courtney's face back on the sand, then flips her onto her back.

"My, you're mighty pretty."

Rose kneels by her victim, spreads her legs and then, with a sudden thrust, stabs four fingers into her cunt. Courtney's sharp scream is suddenly cut off as Rose covers her mouth with her own, kissing her even as her diabolic fingers are fucking her. Soon, Courtney's moans turn from pain to pleasure and so Rose moves down to kiss her erect nipples, then lower still to swirl her clit softly with her talented tongue.

"Jesus, my God...." Courtney gasps, screaming with pleasure as she arches her back and comes.

Rose takes her fingers out, licks them and nods approvingly.

"Yummy, you taste real good, Courtney, you know that. Here, you have a taste."

In disgust and shame, Courtney tries to turn her head aside but Rose forces her fingers into her mouth, making her gag. Courtney lies there, spent, unresisting as Rose stands and peels down her own bikini, then turns and lowers her ass.

"Please, please, for......"

The rest of Courtney's protest is muffled as she's smothered by Rose's soft, full butt. Rose snuggles down and carefully positions herself so the tip of Courtney's nose is teasing her anus.

"Hmmmm, this is so nice," she sighs as she begins to rub up and down on her victims face.

After some minutes Courtney's legs spasm, stiffen and then go still. But Rose continues her face-sit until she opens her eyes and looks up to see the two men. The sudden realization that she's doing this for an audience ignites an explosive orgasm that glazes Courtney's face. Rose gets up and looks down at the unconscious woman, shaking her head disapprovingly.

"You're a real mess, bitch," she sighs. "Time to clean you up."

Rose grabs Courtney's sand-matted hair and drags her unresisting body to the waters edge. She carries her out until the water is waist deep, then casually shoves her floating body, like a piece of driftwood, into the waves. She turns and walks back over to where Jennifer is laying in the sand.

The waves gratefully accept their new toy and play with it until, like a bored child, they toss it back onto the wet strand where Courtney lays on her side, her skin slick in the sunshine, her limbs limp like a discarded rag.

Jennifer is still curled up, rocking slightly and moaning holding herself.

"This isn't happening, this is all a dream, I'm back home safe......" she's muttering, trying to convince herself the pain isn't real.

"No, you're not, bitch," Rose sneers as she bends down and starts unfurling Jennifer, stretching out her arms and legs, opening her up like a flower.

Jennifer looks up, shaking her head, uncomprehending, "Why....why are you doing this? I give, you won."

"Because I can, because I enjoy doing it."

Rose sits down at Jennifer's side and pulls her body face down over her lap. Jennifer knows what's coming but she's too broken to resist. She just moans, "no" as Rose pulls her bottom off. Rose easily captures both of Jennifer's wrists with one hand and then with the other she starts spanking. After several whacks on Jennfier's jiggling butt, Rose stops for a moment and looks to her audience.

"Hey, Brad," she calls. "Bet you wish you could've done this many times."

"Too right," Brad mutters as he watches her rain down a whole torrent of stinging slaps on his wife's bouncing bottom.

The pain and humiliation becomes so much that Jennifer starts resisting. She kicks her legs and tries to twist her body until Rose finally stops spanking and jerks her head up and pulls it back.

"Any more of that and I will really hurt you," she warns.

Jennifer's body goes limp as she stops squirming and Rose resumes spanking. After a few more minutes, Jennifer's bottom is a bright red and Rose stops for good.

She looks down at her handiwork and sighs, "Oh man, I wish I had a cane."

Through her tears, Jennifer's eyes open wider and she mutters, "No! Please..."

"I always knew you were hot," Rose laughs as her hands softly caress their former target.

She shoves Jennifer of her lap onto her back on the sand. A menacing dark shadow falls across Jennifer as her tormentor starts to lower her bare butt on her.

Jennifer shakes her head and pleads, " that...."

"Don't be silly," Rose chuckles. "This is how it has to end. You know that."

When she's a few inches from Jennifer's terrified face, Rose reaches down and spreads her pussy like a sheath that now envelopes poor Jennifer's gasping mouth.

"If you know what's good for you, you better start licking and lick good."

At first tentatively, then with more confidence, as if she actually started to enjoy it, Jennifer's tongue slid up and down Rose's slit and around the hard button of her clitoris.

"Man, that's so good," Rose praised. "I think I'll keep you."

She reaches down and grabs Jennifer's breasts, playing with them, squeezing their clay hard.

"Christ, I could have so much fun with these."

Again, the thought that Brad is watching her with his wife excites Rose as she lightly smacks Jennifer's tits so they wobble like jelly. Her domination of Jennifer sparks an orgasm of such intensity in Rose that she not only nearly drowns Jennifer but almost passes out herself. For the first time, she understands only too well why the French call it, "la petite morte."

On unsteady legs, Rose gets up from Jennifer who is barely conscious.

"We can't have that," Rose says looking down at her. "All my successes must be out."

She steps between Jennifer's legs and kicks her in the cunt a couple of times. Like an electric current is shocking her, Jennifer's body jerks and dances for a couple of seconds then again falls still. Shaking her head sadly, Rose walks over to where Courtney is lying. She picks her up by the ankles and drags her back to Jennifer.

Rose poses her two victims with Courtney's face wedged between Jennifer's legs, her nose in her cunt while Jennifer's sweet face looks vacantly up at the sky from between Courtney's ass cheeks. Rose steps up on Courtney's back and jumps up and down a few times.

"Friends can't get too close," she giggles.

The two guys walk over and when Rose sees the bulges in their shorts she smiles, "I see you enjoyed the show."

"Damn right! I just wish I'd taped it," David says as he and Brad look down at their wives. "Hey, what do you say, Brad, after such a wild start we kinda continue the theme and swap 'em?"

"Sounds good to me,, Brad says as he easily lifts Courtney's body and tosses her over his right shoulder.

David does the same to Jennifer, but as they turn to leave and Rose sees the heads of her two victims dangling in front of her, their hair falling loose, trailing like the banners of a defeated army, she protests.

"Hey, wait a sec guys. Those bitches are mine!"

David and Brad look at each other and with a sly grin, Brad offers, "Wellll, you're welcome can join us if you like."

"Really?" Rose gushes. "Cool.......Now the fun really starts......"