Jennifer Aniston vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by CROZ 30-Mar-00

"Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome celebrity fight night. Making her way to the ring first. Miss Jennifer Aniston."

Miss Aniston makes her way to the ring dressed in a revealing baby blue mesh bikini. Her breasts are visible through her top. She seems a little concerned entering this match up. She waves non-the less to her cheering fans. She enters the ring smiling and waving. She takes a seat against the far corner.

"And making her way to the ring next, Miss Sarah Michelle Gellar."

Miss Gellar walks down the isle waving dressed in a white sports bra and black spandex shorts. She climbs in the ring jumping over the ropes showing off her agility.

This match is big for both women tonight. Jennifer once a top star in the in the celebrity fight circuit, beating the likes of Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey, and Sporty Spice has had her problems dealing with some other the younger competitors like Heather Graham and Alicia Silverstone. Most recently her brutal lost to Lucy Liu in a best of three falls has left her needing a victory.

The same is true for Sarah. She came into the scene as one of the brightest young stars, defeating such names as Charlize Theron, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez, but with recent losses to Neve Campbell and Cameron Diaz her future looks bleak. Most recently Sarah lost a brutal catfight to non-other then Jennifer Love Hewitt. The two women seem to be ready to go.

And there's the bell.

The two women circle looking for an opening. They begin trash talking each other.

"Come here little girl, I promise this won't hurt you, too much." Jennifer says starring across to her younger rival.

"Screw you slut, get a good look at my ass, because tonight you'll be sleeping under it."

The two go to lock up and Sarah sends a kick to Jennifer's stomach. Jen lets out an "oomph!" Sarah follows her prey and grabs Jen by her brown locks. Sarah pulls Jen's hair down and gives her a wicked knee to the face. Luckily most of it hit her forehead. Jen stumbles backwards and grabs the ropes for support. Sarah charges after her and gives Miss Aniston a viscous knee lift to her stomach. Jen grabs her stomach and hunches down a little in pain. Sarah again grabs Jen by her hair and sends her into the ropes across the ring. Jen bounces off and Sarah delivers a drop kick to Jennifer's chest. Jen falls to the ground holding her lovely mounds. Sarah waves to the crowd who responds in cheers.

Jen lays there staring up and Sarah walks over.

"I don't here you big mouth talking now bitch." Sarah says as she pulls Jen up by her hair.

She whips the brunette in to the turnbuckle. Jennifer crashes into the corner chest first as Sarah follows behind, adding to Jen's pain. The friends star is just laying up against the post as she is trying to regain some breath that was knocked out of her. Sarah grabs Jen by the back of her head and proceeds to ram her face into the turnbuckle.

Suddenly, Jen blocks it and sends Sarah's face into the turnbuckle. The crowd erupts at the change of the tide.

Jen smacks Sarah's face into the turnbuckle 5 more time before she throws Sarah to the ground by yanking on the back of her head. Sarah's head smacks into the ground as she gazes up at the ceiling dazed. Jen runs against the ropes and drops a leg drop across the throat of the Gellar girl. Sarah chokes a little as she is pulled to a kneeling position. Jennifer drapes her legs around Sarah's neck and clamps on a standing head scissors.

"How's that feel cunt." Jen says.

Sarah squeals from her neck being crushed. Looking to inflict a little more pain and humiliation Jen works her hands down under Sarah's shirt. Sarah was preoccupied trying to break the scissors and by the time she realized, it was too late. Jen had lifted her white sports bra and had took hold of her breast. Sarah tried to pull her sports bra back down, but Jen was dominating her in this possession. Jen had a handful of each of Sarah's tits and began squeezing.

Sarah began to squeal as Jen went to town.

She would turn each orb as far clockwise as it would go and then turn it counter. Sarah struggled to break free. She began to drag her nails down the sides of Jennifer's legs. Jen held strong as she was now griping each tit with her claws and began pulling up towards her leaving bloody streaks on Sarah's boobs. Jen began to smile as Sarah cried out in pain. Sarah needed to come up with something fast of she would be forced to submit. She saw her chance.

Jen began to pull Sarah sports bra completely off, while Jen was distracted Sarah grabbed Jen's ankle's and pulled back. The tall brunette was caught off guard and had her feet pulled out from under her. She fell face first flat onto the mat. Sarah rose holding her chest. She looked in front of her to see a dazed Jen getting to her elbows and knees with one of hand on her forehead. Sarah devilishly smiled and got to her feet. She then gave Jen a kick between her legs from behind that would make a NFL punter jealous. Jen screamed out as her hand fled to her damaged women hood.

"How that feel your fucking washed up whore." Sarah said angrily as she pulled Jen to her feet and whipped her into the ropes.

Sarah was waiting for her and gave her a kick right to the chin. Jen fell to the ground on her back, one hand holding her head; the other rubbing her hurting crotch.

Sarah stood at Jen's feet. Jen slowly lifted her head to see a smiling Sarah give her a little wink. With that Sarah jumped up and came down stomping Jen right in her snatch. Jen gave an out an unbelievable scream as tears poured down her face. Sarah just stood there, topless, laughing. Jen just lay there crying as Sarah tried to humiliate her even more by stripping her of her clothes.

First Sarah ripped off Jen's bikini top. The sobbing Friend's star barely gave her any resistance.

Then Sarah knocked Jen's hands away from her crotch and peeled away the baby blue bikini. Jen was left sobbing nude in the center of the ring.

Sarah then began slowly and seductively pulling down her spandex shorts. She was really playing to the crowd as she is now left in only a black thong. She walks over and stands above her fallen victim. She slapped her own butt getting a huge roar from the crowd.

"Night, night time."

Sarah lowers her self down so that her ass is covering Miss Aniston's face. Sarah was all smiles as the cameras flash her humiliating pin. Jen is struggling underneath. Suddenly Sarah's face turns from a smile to grim frown. Jennifer has clipped onto the sides of Sarah's thong and is pulling up. Sarah struggled but the pain is too much and she is forced to stand up. She walks away from Jen to adjust herself. Jen gets to her knees and sees her opportunity and jumps from her knee to nail a punch upward into Sarah's crotch.

Miss Gellar never saw Jen coming with her back turned to her opponent and collapsed to the canvas holding herself. Jen, with her hair plastered to her face, slowly got to her feet to face the kneeling Sarah.

Jen threw herself against the ropes and charged into Sarah giving her a drop kick to the back of the head. Sarah was knocked forward and laid out on her stomach. Jen walked over and sat on Sarah's back facing her legs.

"Pay back time, Buffy," she said.

Jen grabbed the back of Sarah's thong and pulled towards her herself with all her might. The thong became wedged high in Sarah's crotch and ass. Sarah gave out some groans in pain. Jen leaned back, adding more pain to Sarah's nether regions. Jennifer then began to start slapping Sarah's luscious ass cheeks which were fully exposed by the thong being wedged so high up.

"How's that feel little girl." Jen said sarcastically as Sarah gave out a small grunt with each slap.

Jen then sunk both of her talons into Sarah ass and pulled towards her, now leaving bloody red streaks on her ass to match those on her tits.

Sarah, still dazed from the kick o the back of the head, was flipped over and Jen sat down on her stomach. Jen grabbed each of the blonde's hands and pinned her to the ground.

"NOW it's night, night time," Jen said as she brought her chest above Sarah's face.

Miss Gellar eyes grew huge with fright as she saw Jen's luscious breast swinging over her face. Jen began to lower her chest onto Sarah's face, but then pulled up. She began toying with Sarah, bringing her boobs down on her face and rubbing them back and forth.

"Now that you've seen what real tits look like, it's time for me to end this little lesson."

Jen lowered her chest down so that Sarah's nose was up against her rib cage. In a matter of minutes Sarah's struggling faded and she lay still. Jen stood up, put her foot on Sarah's face and posed for her victory pictures. She then left the unconscious blonde naked in the ring.

The End