Jennifer Aniston vs. Melissa Joan Hart by bbb4 (Delphi Catfight Forum 08-Jul-99)

Aniston climbs into the ring wearing a tight green two piece, cut conservatively around her large hips and breasts. Her brown hair hangs loose and just barely touches her shoulders. She stretches quietly waiting for Hart to make her entrance. Melissa makes her to the ring with little fanfare, wearing a small silver string bikini bottom that barely covers the subject matter and a light T shirt, cut off just below her smaller breasts. Melissa climbs under the middle rope, allowing her bare breasts below to peek out. Melissa turns to the crowd, lifts the T shirt and tosses it to the crowd, exposing her hard young breasts to the crowd, who rise to their feet in appreciation. Anisiton, not one to be shown up, shows her appreciation by hammering the younger blonde across bare back with a flying knee. Hart is crushed face first into the buckles as the belated bell sounds.

Aniston uses her power and keeps Melissa trapped in the corner, alternating face first slams into the padded buckles with knee lifts and shoulder blocks to Melissa's lower back and butt. Grabbing a hold of her bikini bottoms, Jennifer hauls the blonde so that she falls backward into a devastating knee lift to the groin. Hart collapses to the canvas, her knees locked together as she moans in pain. Aniston lifts up the front her top, and pins down Melissa's hands, applying a cruel breast smother to the struggling blonde. Hart feels Aniston's soft breasts cover her face and quickly turns her head to the side, escaping most of the smother hold, but Jennifer smiles as she humiliates the youngster by rubbing her bare, sweaty tits in Melissa's face.

Releasing Melissa's hands, Aniston sits up, pulling her top back down over her swollen nipples and breasts. Speechlessly, Jennifer hair hauls to topless TV star to her feet, and then into a flying backbreaker, further torturing Melissa's already bruised back. Aniston cracks her first smile as she hears Hart's vertebrae crackle against her ear. Melissa's tortured groans and muffled screams grow intense as Jennifer falls backward, slamming Melissa down and landing on top of her. Aniston quickly grabs a handful of hair, lifting Melissa up before dropping her with a swinging neck breaker. Feeling Hart's neck snap against the canvas, Aniston begins to toy with the younger girl.

Allowing her to climb partially to her feet before delivering a wicked kick to the back, breasts or groin. Aniston signals to the crowd, as though breaking a stick over her knee. The crowd rains down a loud chorus of boos as the brunette peels the blonde off the canvas, hefts her up and delivers a huge over the knee back breaker. Hart's head snaps with the impact of the outstretched knee across her kidneys and hardly even notices that Aniston has taken her bikini bottoms and tossed them to the crowd.

Aniston leads the smaller blonde to her feet, lines her up and heaves her face first back into the corner buckles. Melissa lands and crumples to her knee only to be further crushed by an avalanche from Aniston. Jennifer crash lands on the blonde, using her weight to smash Hart back into the buckle and then crush her. Jen quickly lifts up her top a second time, and applies a standing breast smother, using her bare tits to cut off any air that Hart's bruised and crushed chest tries to take in. Melissa struggles vehemently, suddenly very much awake. Jen struggles with the blonde, but is finally forced to abandon the smother hold. Aniston takes a step back, and admires her handwork, adjusting her bikini top as she watches Hart collapse listlessly to the canvas.

Lifting the sweaty little blonde again, she says, "That was fun, Let's try it again."

Jen lines up the smaller girl and hefts her across the ring. This time Jen lift her top and goes for the bare breasted avalanche. Hart, whether by accident or not, smashes into the buckles and immediately falls to her butt. Aniston crashes into the buckles again, chest first against the hard turnbuckles. Jen moans loudly, resting against the buckle, trying to massage some of the pain from her breasts. She suddenly arches her back, letting out a wailing scream.

Hart, still sitting on her butt, has reached into the leg hold of Aniston's briefs and applied what can only be her dreaded twat pinch. Aniston takes a staggering step backward, covering her womanhood, her crushed tits forgotten. Hart doggedly retains the hold, crawling behind the staggering brunette, but keeping her hand wedged between Jen's thighs, keeping the unbearable pressure on Aniston's privates. Jen finally collapses to her knees in front of Melissa, who doubles her effort.

Tears stream down Jen's face as Melissa asks her for the first time to give up.

"No!" screams Jen, as she takes a half hearted swipe at Melissa.

Hart responds by tearing her hand away from Jen's aching crotch, with a ripping motion. Instead of being relieved, Aniston cries out in agony, as Melissa evidently took a few pubic hairs with her. Aniston rolls onto her back, cradling herself, but the single minded blonde wastes little time peeling down her opponent's briefs and reapplying the devastating hold to Aniston's fuzzy crotch. Jen cries out again, paralyzed by the pain shooting through her body. Melissa rotates her body around and straddles Aniston, her butt crashing Aniston's sore tits.

With a quick motion, keeping the twat pinch applied, Melissa backs her butt up and over Jen's face. Aniston's hands scratch at Melissa's lily white butt cheeks, but another twisting rake of her crotch sends Aniston's hands down to protect her more vital assets. Melissa keeps both the twat pinch and reverse butt smother going, and finally Jen's hands drop uselessly to the canvas.

Melissa sits back, releasing the groin grip and finally rises to her feet, holding her still aching back. She spits on the downed brunette, and scoops up her bikini briefs and well as those of Aniston before leaving the ring to a loud chorus of boos.