Jennifer Aniston vs. Melissa Joan Hart (2 fights) Told to Shanahan by Courtney Cox (28-Sep-99)

It had been three months since Jennifer Aniston had fought Melissa Joan Hart and lost, "The Teenage Witch" having strangled the "Friends" beauty unconscious with her bare hands in a bikini-clad bout in Melissa's basement one hot summer day. Unbeknownst to both of them, I had watched the whole fight from a side window, and like Jennifer, I had lived with the pain of her defeat these many months. But that's a story for another time ...

For three months Jennifer had had to put up with Melissa's knowing smirks, perhaps afraid Melissa might break her word and reveal everything to the rest of Hollywood. Perhaps she was also afraid to take Melissa on and just get choked out again, like Melissa had promised her at the conclusion of their inaugural match. It felt terrible, but I don't know if I blamed Jennifer for not challenging Melissa to a rematch, though. Melissa had proven far tougher than either of Jennifer or I had thought back in that first fight, and the shame of back-to-back defeats - or worse - would be would be too much for either of us to take.

And so my co-star and friend seethed in silence, avoiding Melissa whenever she could, never bringing anything up about their one fight, until the opportunity for vindication presented itself.

It was the end of the summer. Jennifer, Lisa Kudrow and I had gone to visit Melissa, as she had moved into a luxurious new home the month before. The weather was bad that night, so we stayed over the house; but surprisingly, if Jennifer was uncomfortable in doing so, it didn't show, at least not to me. I saw Melissa's face as slightly gleeful, almost as if she expected something to happen before this trip was done, and possibly scanning Jennifer for any sign of weakness in case they came to blows again. I shuddered within. I always felt Melissa wanted another fight with Jennifer, to reinforce her dominance, perhaps, but so far Jennifer hadn't given her the opportunity.

Lisa was summoned to a movie shoot early the next morning for an emergency, promising to pick us up later, and telling us to keep Melissa company before she drove off. Wonderful, I thought, just frigging wonderful. I went outside around 10 a.m. just to fidget about the yard, because hell, there was nowhere else to go. Melissa's new house was situated on a street corner in a newly-developed, out-of-the way upscale neighborhood where most of the homes hadn't been moved into or even sold yet. I also had a premonition that something might happen here that day, and I wanted to stick around and see if it came true, good or bad. Jennifer and I were on hiatus, as was Melissa, so no one had any other acting commitments.

Just the three of us. How nice. I had always wanted to watch Jennifer and Melissa fight one another, the two women having immediately disliked each other from a while back. But after the basement fiasco of three months ago, I wasn't quite as eager to watch them square off anymore, fearing Melissa might just win again. The thought of her throttling Jennifer out cold was still fresh in my mind all these weeks later ... I sincerely hoped Melissa wasn't going to be a bitch that day, and that Jennifer and I could just get through the morning and the afternoon and go home - but of course, that wasn't what happened.

I was just puttering around outside, minding my own business, when I heard voices coming from the bathroom on the first floor. Of course, I went up and peered into the window, staying out of sight in a corner, and saw Melissa and Jennifer conversing. On closer inspection, though, they weren't conversing - they were arguing, and I began to get anxious, my stomach doing flip-flops as my mind reeled with a dozen possibilities. The bathroom itself was quite large - large enough to stand 10-15 people in it at once - but there were only two figures in there now.

Melissa was standing in front of the sink, her arms folded across her chest. She had on a pink terry-cloth bathrobe that ended at the top of her thighs, her long tapering legs in full view, her feet bare. Jennifer stood about eight feet from Melissa in the center of the bathroom with her hands on her hips, a white bath towel wrapped across her chest and extending down to her knee, her feet also bare. Both women wore a scowl across their pretty faces.

"Did I tell you that you could use a towel?" said Melissa testily.

"What did you expect me to use after taking a shower?" replied Jennifer tersely.

"That's not my problem," replied Melissa. "You should have brought your own."

"Like I knew we'd be staying the night. Please!" chided Jennifer.

"I don't think I like the tone of your voice," replied Melissa, a smirk growing across her lips. I think she figured she would sooner or later cow Jennifer into submitting, thinking that Jennifer would recall the outcome the last time they grappled and then back down. Then Jennifer said something that made me both nervous and proud at the same time.

"And what are you going to do about it?" she dared. I could discern no fear in Jennifer's voice. A little trepidation, perhaps, but certainly not fear.

Jennifer was challenging Melissa to a rematch, right here and now! I sure had pegged Jennifer wrong. I thought she was afraid of Melissa, and boy had I been mistaken. She had just been biding her time, waiting for the right opportunity, and I wondered if she hadn't put on the towel today just to piss off Melissa and goad her into a return bout! Now I was really getting excited, because if I knew Melissa, she wasn't going to back down, especially not to Jennifer.

"I think we know the answer to that," cautioned Melissa, as if giving Jennifer one last chance to reconsider her options.

"No, I don't!" barked Jennifer. "Why don't you show me?"

"I don't think I had ever been prouder of Jennifer. Melissa stood there stunned, incredulous at what she had just heard. So did I, although out of sight, I hoped.

"Fine!" replied Melissa coolly. "I see it's time to teach you a lesson - again!" With that Melissa unfastened the attached belt in front of her robe and let the garment fall to the floor before kicking it off to the side. Melissa was now totally naked, her body trim and tan, her ample breasts jutting forward in full view, her firm ass cheeks jutting backwards, her legs long and lean.

"Your turn now," offered Melissa, grinning derisively.

Jennifer took Melissa's cue, calmly undid her white towel, and tossed it to the side to reveal herself completely, her body more than a match for Melissa's.

The two women stared at each other quietly, standing up straight, arms resting at their sides; then, as if reacting to some unheard, unseen signal, they bent their knees and raised their hands as they crouched into wrestling positions. It was just as at the start of their first fight, although this time both women were three months older and had no bikinis on. They were going to fight it out completely nude the second time around ...

My excitement and anxiety knew almost no bounds as Jennifer and Melissa begin to slowly circle one another, weight resting on the balls of their bare feet as they sized each other up, both of them not speaking a word until Melissa muttered a promise.

"I'm gonna make it short and sweet this time!" she snapped.

Jennifer stared back at her, eyes still fixated on Melissa's, and responded angrily.

"We'll just see about that!" snarled Jennifer.

They closed in on one another, hands poised in front of them, their circle drawing ever smaller until the two women came together bodily and locked their fingers in a test of strength. Bare feet shifted and shuffled back and forth on the smooth white tile floor as the two combatants fought for advantage. Arms levered up and down as they pushed and pressed against one another, bare firm breasts squashing together in the process as they struggled to a stalemate, until Jennifer hooked her foot behind Melissa's ankle and pushed forward to send both of them tumbling to the ground. Once on the floor both women broke off to push at each other's chins with their palms, heads being shoved back and necks being stretched backwards as each wrestler tried to wrap her legs about the other's and roll on top of her foe.

Jennifer and Melissa were getting nowhere fast with their chin-pushing contest, though, and soon switched their holds to wrap their hands in each other's hair and pull like mad, their yells filling the bathroom air as they fought savagely but still stalemated. Suddenly Jennifer jammed the heel of her right hand hard up against Melissa's chin, momentarily stunning her, and then Jennifer yanked free of Melissa's grip and rolled hard to the left to get some distance from her enemy.

Jennifer came to rest on her hands and knees, and began to clamber to her feet when she felt a weight on her back, and hands reaching over her face to cover her mouth and pinch her nostrils shut in a suffocating effort. Recovering quickly, Melissa had climbed onto Jennifer's back and was now trying to smother her with her bare hands, a favorite move of Melissa's. Jennifer's eyes were shut tight and her cries were muffled as she tugged at Melissa's wrists, trying to break free; but Jennifer was in a bad position to do so, and she knew it. So did Melissa, who licked her lips eagerly as she watched Jennifer suffer beneath her, the Teenage Witch's hands like adhesive over my Friend's pretty face. Jennifer's chest rose and fell as she tried to inhale air that wasn't coming in, her breathing passages expertly sealed off, and it looked like she was beginning to weaken from lack of oxygen.

Jennifer fell to her knees with Melissa still on her back, Melissa trying to wrap her legs about Jennifer's waist from behind and squeeze her in a scissors, Jennifer's hands still pulling frantically at Melissa's wrists to no avail. Outside I grew disheartened surveying the terrible scene, Melissa in total control just like last time. Melissa had the advantage and all the leverage, and her face was a mask of insane glee, eyes closed and teeth gritted, as she anticipated her eventual victory. There was just no way Jennifer was going to pull free ...

Which didn't mean Jennifer couldn't bite her way free. Just before her lights could go out, and just as she had done three months ago, Jennifer pressed Melissa's hand in close and then bit down on the exposed inner palm as hard as she could, the pain eliciting a blood-curdling scream from Melissa. She tried to pull free but was trapped, Jennifer holding Melissa fast with both hands as she continued to bite down on Melissa's soft palm. Melissa beat at the back of Jennifer's head with her free hand, desperately trying to knock her teeth loose. Her pain only ended, though, when Jennifer released her bite to reach back, grab Melissa behind the head with both hands, and snap-mare her down to the floor on her back, hard.

Both women then lay there for a long while, recovering from their ordeals, Jennifer sucking in some much-needed air, and Melissa shaking her aching hand up and down as she rubbed the back of her head. Neither was ready to attack the other just yet, and they licked their wounds for several more moments before rising to their feet to face one another once more. Jennifer had her back to the sink, while Melissa had her back to the tub.

They stared at each other cautiously, only a few feet apart from each other, neither ready to commit just yet. Suddenly Melissa propped herself up on her left foot before striking out with her right, her bare sole slapping against Jennifer's bare chest and knocking her backwards. Before Jennifer could halt her flight, Melissa was rushing her to force Jennifer up against the sink. Melissa then wrapped her hated foe in a bearhug, arms winding tight about Jennifer's waist and crushing her, as Jennifer groaned and pushed at Melissa's chin with both hands. Melissa began to force Jennifer downwards until she was level with the sink counter; then Melissa released her hug to seize Jennifer by the shoulders and hold her down for a moment or two. Jennifer twisted back and forth, trying to shake herself loose, until Melissa reached over and covered Jennifer's face again with both hands, in order to smother her lifeless.

Jennifer again tugged madly at Melissa's wrists, but Melissa was careful this time not to let Jennifer pull her hand down and bite it hard. Now it seemed as though Melissa would suffocate Jennifer for sure this time, a look of determination chiseled across Melissa's pretty features as my poor girlfriend began to slump against the sink. Part of me wished Melissa would just choke Jennifer instead and get it over with, but I'm sure Melissa wanted her to suffer for as long as possible, and knew it would take longer for Jennifer to pass out if she was smothered instead of strangled. Melissa was in no rush and wanted to enjoy every last moment of her victory - the bitch! I shook my head sadly, knowing Jennifer would be angry as all hell if I interfered; and so I resigned myself to watching Melissa triumph a second time.

... until Jennifer's knee shot up and crashed hard between Melissa's legs, eliciting a shocked yelp of pain from the aggressor. Jennifer followed up with two more hard knee shots to the groin, and my agonized Melissa then jacked Jennifer up by the shoulders before tossing her aside to concentrate on her wounded womanhood. Melissa was bent over in pain by the sink, moaning and groaning, as Jennifer clung to a towel rack on the wall, Jennifer inhaling and exhaling slowly as she recovered the breath Melissa had robbed her of. A few more moments of convalescence, a couple more icy glares, and then the two women rose up to approach each other again, hands upraised in preparation.

"So you want to fight dirty, huh?" growled Melissa.

"Well, two can play at that game, honey!"

Melissa lashed out with both hands, and Jennifer moved her own hands up to cover her face and throat - but they weren't Melissa's targets this time. Setting her sights lower, Melissa reached out, latched onto Jennifer's bare breasts with both hands, and began squeezing with all her strength ...

Jennifer threw back her head and howled as Melissa assaulted her breasts, Jennifer clutching wildly at Melissa's wrists as Melissa's hands crushed her chest, twisting, turning, pulling, squashing and squeezing. Melissa smiled evilly as she saw Jennifer suffering, Jennifer's eyes shut tight and her mouth agape as her breasts were assaulted, Melissa now pushing Jennifer back up against the wall as she stepped up her attack. Melissa twisted Jennifer's breasts clockwise and then counterclockwise, as hard as she could, as Jennifer fought back tears.

"Does it hurt?" teased Melissa, whose back was now to me, her backside in full view.

Suddenly Melissa yelped with pain; and shifting around outside the window, I could see that Jennifer was returning the favor with interest, fingers squeezing Melissa's breasts without mercy. Their standoff continued for a few more moment, both women unwilling to let go, until Melissa shifted her grip, grabbed Jennifer by the sides of the face with both hands and squeezed, Jennifer moaning in pain as her face was compressed in Melissa's palms.

"Bitch!" I heard Melissa cry as she slammed the back of Jennifer's head against the white plaster wall.

Jennifer let out an even louder moan than before upon impact. The blow stunned Jennifer, and I could see her grips on Melissa's breasts lessen noticeably as she fought to stay conscious. Melissa wasn't in too much better shape, but she was in control of the fight - again. And then came the moment that I had been secretly dreading, as Melissa's hands slipped down to Jennifer's throat and began squeezing it savagely, Melissa shaking Jennifer back and forth furiously as she choked the life from her with her bare hands.

It was just like Melissa's finishing chokehold in their first fight, except now Jennifer was pinned up against a wall and not against the floor. She grabbed Melissa's wrists and tried to pull those hands off of her neck, but Melissa only tightened her grip. Melissa's thumbs pressed deeper into Jennifer's windpipe as Jennifer turned red and began coughing hoarsely as Melissa violently squeezed the breath from Jennifer's beautiful body.

"That's it, slut!" roared Melissa upon hearing Jennifer cough, her hands like a vise about Jennifer's neck. "Choke, you bitch! Choke!"

She soon stopped shaking Jennifer back and forth and concentrated solely on squeezing, Melissa rising up on the balls of her bare feet as she poured on the pressure, funneling her considerable strength through her arms and her hands and into her fingers. Melissa was now undoubtedly winning the fight, choking her way to victory once more.

Outside I was on the verge of tears watching this gruesome spectacle, believing history was going to repeat itself. Melissa wasn't the strongest woman in the world, but she was certainly strong enough to choke the life out of Jennifer if she maintained her murderous stranglehold. There had to be something I could do - anything - to help Jennifer out. But what? I couldn't interfere, yet I had to.

But you what they say about those who help themselves ... and even though she was on the ropes, Jennifer had always been a fighter, and she wasn't going to stop fighting now, especially against her hated foe. Steeling herself for a final effort as her consciousness was running out between Melissa's fingers, Jennifer slammed her right knee up into Melissa's crotch as hard as she could before belting Melissa with a hard right hook. Melissa screamed as she felt both blows, the second one breaking her grip and almost taking her head off. Lashing out soon after with her right foot, Jennifer kicked Melissa's legs out from under her, sending the younger woman toppling hard to the tile floor as Jennifer slumped down against the wall and rubbed her raw, aching throat, her breath coming in harsh, ragged gasps.

Melissa lay almost prone on the bathroom floor, stunned by her sudden fall, hands rubbing the back of her head where she had hit after initially going down on her ass. Both women took ample time to recover, neither wishing to attack before she was ready and possibly throw away the fight to a more well-rested rival. Melissa lay face-up on the floor, trying to get up but too wounded to do so, when suddenly she felt two strong legs wrapping about her waist and then squeezing her viciously. Having regained her breath, Jennifer had ambled over to Melissa and captured her in a textbook scissors. Jennifer had also locked the ankles of her bare feet together to increase the pressure (as well as Melissa's agony) as Jennifer balanced herself with her two hands on the floor behind her, her legs tightening further around Melissa.

Melissa squealed and tried to pry Jennifer's legs loose, but Jennifer only poured on the pressure, locking her ankles tighter as she ground Melissa's waist between her calves. Now it was Melissa's turn to throw back her head and howl as all the agony in the world collected about her abdomen and constricted, the breath being malevolently squeezed from Melissa's thirty-something form. Jennifer grinned as Melissa writhed in her hold, and she decided to press her advantage by sliding downwards on Melissa's body to bring her even stronger thighs to bear about Melissa's waist.

But in doing so Jennifer had come within reach of Melissa's hands again, and once more my opportunistic Melissa lashed out to squeeze them about Jennifer's throat, even harder than before. Jennifer clutched Melissa's wrists as Melissa clutched her neck, Melissa fighting back even as her waist was compacted in Jennifer's thighs. Melissa had that look of maniacal determination again, eyes blazing and teeth gritted, as she tightened her grip, trying to choke the fight out of Jennifer for good. Jennifer gasped for breath as Melissa strangled her, bony thumbs again pressing hard into her soft, yielding throat, as Jennifer tried in vain to pry those thumbs loose, Melissa more determined than ever to finish the fight - and Jennifer with it.

"Got you!" crowed Melissa as she squeezed her hands ruthlessly about Jennifer's throat, even harder than before, trying to put an end to her foe. "Got you! Now to choke the life out of you, you fucking whore!"

Jennifer's scissors hold around Melissa began to weaken as Jennifer fought to free herself, her prospects growing dimmer as Melissa continued to pour on unrelenting pressure, the bitch just moments way from sure victory as she began to wriggle free of Jennifer's legs ...

... until Jennifer clasped her hands together and brought them crashing down on the bridge of Melissa's nose. Melissa cried out at this new pain, and softened her grip just long enough for Jennifer to wrench those choking hands off of her neck and then belt Melissa square in the face with a right jab. She followed up with a left hook that sent Melissa tumbling backwards to the floor where she struck her head and gave a wounded yell, before rolling over onto her stomach and lying there almost totally still.

Climbing to her feet as she massaged her throat and gasped hoarsely for air, Jennifer waited a few moments and then grabbed Melissa by the shoulders from behind and lifted her to her feet. Melissa was groggy, unsure of where she was, as Jennifer reached around in front and clutched her foe's vulnerable breasts in both hands before squeezing them without pity. Melissa moaned long and loud as Jennifer had her way with her, sinking her fingers deep into the delicate flesh, crushing the soft mounds like sponges.

"God, leave me alone ... " begged Melissa, likely on her last legs despite a valiant effort, the room probably swimming about her bruised skull.

She tugged at Jennifer's wrists, trying to pull those vicious hands off her soft breasts, but her attacker's grip was too strong.

"I'll let go when I'm done with you, bitch!" was Jennifer's sinister reply.

She mauled Melissa for a few minutes more, shaking and squeezing Melissa's chest angrily, harder and harder as her victim moaned, before dropping Melissa face-first to the tile floor again. Dropping down on Melissa's back, Jennifer interlaced her hands underneath Melissa's chin and pulled back hard to punish her arch-enemy in a camel clutch, Melissa crying out as Jennifer reared back. Jennifer tormented Melissa in this manner for a long while, Melissa feeling like her back was going to break even as her strength was sapped, but all she could do was hold on and pray, until Jennifer tired and finally let her go.

But it wasn't over yet. Grabbing Melissa by the arms, Jennifer rolled her over onto her back before stomping Melissa's breasts, stomach and crotch with the soles and heels of her bare feet, Melissa groaning and recoiling with each blow. Then Jennifer dropped down square onto Melissa's stomach with both knees, knocking almost all the air out of her prey with a great whoosh and a pained cry from the victim. Straddling her opponent, Jennifer wrapped her hands in Melissa's hair, shaking her furiously as Melissa moaned some more, until she dropped her down again and stared at her beaten foe, Melissa pretty much done in by the blows to her head. She lay there almost unmoving, barely breathing.

"You look a little bit out of breath, bitch," whispered Jennifer, grinning. "Here, let me help ... "

In one swift motion, Jennifer reached down, fastened her hands around Melissa's neck, and began squeezing, Melissa beginning to cough and sputter as Jennifer began throttling her. Jennifer gritted her teeth as she stepped up her attack, her gripping hands slamming Melissa's head up and down against the hard floor as she choked the life out of her adversary. Jennifer was finally paying Melissa back in full for her shameful defeat in their first fight three months prior.

"I - HAVE - HAD - E-NOUGH - OF - YOU!" snarled Jennifer, punctuating each syllable by slamming Melissa's head hard against the hard bathroom tiles.

I was incredulous, watching Jennifer in all her savagery, and I felt she would kill Melissa if this kept up. Melissa was totally helpless, weakened and unable to defend herself, and could do nothing as Jennifer proceeded to finish her off. Tightening her hands like a vise about her hated foe's throat, Jennifer maintained her murderous stranglehold and choked the other woman mercilessly for the next minute or so until Melissa was almost out cold. It was a wonder to me how Melissa's skull hadn't cracked like an eggshell, considering how hard Jennifer had been pounding it against the floor, although there was the barest trace of red now staining the grooved tiles.

Jennifer stared down at the broken Melissa, with her chest heaving and rising thanks to her recent exertion, before she released her grip and shuffled further up Melissa's body until her chest was in line with Melissa's face below. Even I was unprepared for what happened next.

Lowering herself down and flattening her form against Melissa's, Jennifer then grabbed by Melissa by the back of the head with both hands and forced her breasts over Melissa's face in a classic breast-smother. Melissa was too weak to resist and could only lie still as Jennifer mashed her ample chest against her face, cutting off Melissa's oxygen supply. Jennifer then held Melissa's head with both hands now cemented on her lower jaw, as her breasts filled Melissa's breathing passages. Melissa's jaws were too constrained to open her mouth and bite her way free, although I'm sure if she had done so, Jennifer would have broken her neck in an instant. Melissa could only slap her bare foot against the floor, her hands gripping at Jennifer's waist in a futile gesture to push her away.

Melissa suffered in Jennifer's trap, eyes shut tight in agony and exhaustion, her nose and mouth unseen. She grew weaker and weaker as Jennifer sweated, ground, and mashed against her face. Melissa's struggles softened more and more, the lights going out for her, until at last she was finally and totally still.

It was over. Jennifer and Melissa had squared off again for the first time in three months, and in a brutal, seesawing brawl, Jennifer had won the rematch! I was so proud of Jennifer for redeeming herself that I wanted to start cheering. Of course, giving myself away would have been totally stupid, so I just bit my hand to keep from yelling. It wasn't a great victory celebration, to be sure; but this time I was on the winning side, even if only I knew it.

Jennifer held on for a few more minutes to make sure Melissa was really out and couldn't rise up to attack her. Soon after she dismounted and rose to her bare feet to stare down at the unconscious Melissa, who was stretched out fully on the bathroom floor between the sink and toilet. Satisfied that it was over, Jennifer then took her long-delayed shower, Melissa still out like a light, before toweling off and approaching Melissa, who was still unconscious.

Smirking, Jennifer grabbed Melissa by the hair and dragged her up to a kneeling position, Melissa still comatose - before shoving her face-first into the toilet bowl and pulling the handle! Jennifer held Melissa's head down in the swirling clear waters as Melissa gasped and gurgled for air and frantically tried to push away from the bowl, all to no avail. Finally Jennifer jerked Melissa's head back and dumped her again onto the floor, Melissa rolling around and coughing her lungs out.

Jennifer laughed, said something harsh to Melissa, and walked away, wearing the towel Melissa had told her before not to take. Melissa lay by the bowl, stunned and battered, and began to weep, and a little bit of me felt sorry for her - a very little bit. Hell, she had gotten what she had deserved, the bitch. She had tried to finish off Jennifer - and failed, I might add - and now she also wouldn't have anything to silently lord over Jennifer at Hollywood gatherings and the like anymore.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, Jennifer getting dressed and then sitting on the couch and reading, while I watched TV. Melissa avoided us both, preferring to stay locked within her bedroom. Lisa dropped by later on and picked us up, and when she asked where Melissa was, Jennifer just smiled.

"Oh, she's not feeling well, let's not bother her and just go."

Inwardly, I smiled, although outwardly I remained stoic, so as not to give myself away - even though I wanted to hug Jennifer, who looked radiant and truly happy for the first time in a long while.

No more painful memories for me, now, either. Let Melissa live with the agony of defeat for a while, as Jennifer and I had. The tables had turned. The two women had fought twice, each winning once, and now Jennifer was the defending champion between them. Nothing more to prove. Then I remembered Jennifer's last words to Melissa that day, and got anxious and excited all over again.

"Now we're even, bitch!" Jennifer had said to the defeated Melissa just before leaving the bathroom. "And anytime you want to go at it again, you just let me know!"

Only time would tell.
Jennifer Aniston vs. Melissa Joan Hart (Backyard Battle) Told to Shanahan by Courtney Cox) 07-Oct-99

It had been a year since Jennifer Aniston had redeemed herself against Melissa Joan Hart, besting her foe in a fully nude, no-holds-barred catfight in the bathroom at Melissa's brand-new house. The victory made up for Jennifer's loss to Melissa some three months earlier in a bikini battle in the basement of Melissa's old home. The score between them was now even, but sometimes, I wondered if they would ever really and decisively settle the differences between them. They had hated each other for so long ...

I had watched their first two fights in secret, and despaired of ever seeing a tie-breaking bout, especially since Jennifer had humiliated Melissa the last time by flushing her head in the toilet after breast-smothering Melissa out cold. I figured that was going to be it for their long-standing secret rivalry, but that all changed almost a year to the day of that second struggle.

I was at Jennifer's home on hiatus that summer, just wasting away an early morning as Jennifer opened the previous day's mail (we had been away the day before). I was sitting on the stairs, out of her sightline, just minding my own business, and I really paid no attention to Jennifer's actions until I saw her open a small pink envelope. She opened it slowly and read the enclosed card with an incredulous look on her face, then stared straight ahead until tearing up both the card and envelope and tossing them away.

Five minutes later I saw her stepping out the front door in a T-shirt, jeans shorts, and sneakers, yelling to me that she had some errands to run and would be back later that afternoon. She adjusted her sunglasses and picked up her handbag before bolting out the door, getting into her car, and driving away.

As soon as I head her car pulling away from the curb, I went to the trash and pieced together the card she had discarded. As best as I could tell, it read as follows:



With a chill in my spine and a rush in my groin, I recognized the handwriting as Melissa's. She was challenging Jennifer to fight her one final time, to see who was the better of the two! I looked up at the clock - 11 a.m.! Melissa's house was about a half-hour away, and after seeing their first two fights, I knew I had to be there for the tiebreaker - I had to! Stuffing the pink semi-confetti back into the trashcan, I hurried to my own car and took off for Melissa's house.

I arrived some 40 minutes later (traffic!) and parked several blocks away, out of sight. I approached Melissa's house as stealthily as I could in the midday sun, Jennifer's car parked in front. Inside my guts were churning as I feared they would fight inside on this hot day and I would miss perhaps their greatest bout of all ... until I heard voices coming from the backyard, behind the high pointed wooden fence ringing the back of Melissa's house. I guess she didn't want anyone to see her in her yard, even if the year-old neighborhood still wasn't highly populated.

The dull gray wooden slats of the fence were so high and tight that you couldn't see over them unless you were upstairs in Melissa's house, and I knew that was where I had to get to - but how? I didn't have a key, and I sure couldn't break down the front door. Then I spied the window to Melissa's bathroom - the site of their second fight - slightly ajar on the side of the house, and I quickly lifted it up and climbed inside before scooting upstairs to the guest bedroom, which looked out upon the expanse of the lush green yard. Peering out the corner of the window, I saw Jennifer and Melissa fully unclothed, standing about ten feet away from each other, arms folded across their chests as they glared at each other, speaking in low voices I couldn't make out, their tones stern.

The two adversaries stared icily at each other, standing up straight, arms now resting at their sides. Then, as if reacting to some unheard, unseen signal, they bent their knees and raised their hands as they crouched into wrestling positions and began to close in on each other, circling as they did so. Immediately I grew excited. The catfight championship bell was about to ring ...

"This is it!" Melissa snarled. "Time to shut up and fight!"

"Only one of us is making it out of here!" growled Jennifer as they came in closer, never taking their eyes off one another, pawing and feinting all the while.

"And I told you it wouldn't be you!" shrieked the nude Teen-Age Witch as she lunged bare-handedly at my equally-naked Friend, who stood poised for the attack ...

Melissa jumped forward, latched onto Jennifer's bare breasts with both hands, and began squeezing with all her strength. Jennifer cried out and returned the favor with interest. Soon they were scrabbling and shifting about the yard, bare feet scrambling for purchase on the lush green grass as they mauled each other's chests mercilessly. Jennifer and Melissa squeezed and shook, pulled and pinched, and turned and twisted each other's bare breasts, the gasps and groans of both battlers punctuating the midday air as they fought fiercely. Neither woman was willing to surrender, or show the slightest hint of mercy, so intent were they on destroying each other.

Eventually, though, they realized that neither was going to win this way any time soon, and they then wrapped their arms around each other waists in a mutual bearhug. Their battered breasts squashed together, and their moans became even louder as they tightened their respective holds and began squeezing the life from one another.

They struggled and squeezed in this fashion for the next few moments, canceling each other out at first, until Jennifer slowly but surely began to dominate. Feeling her spine cracking, Melissa gasped and pushed underneath her foe's lower jaw with both hands, trying to push free, only to feel Jennifer's arms tighten further about her waist. Growing desperate, Melissa looped her arms under Jennifer's to bring them in front of Jennifer's face, and then she pressed her hands down together hard over Jennifer's breathing passages, totally smothering her.

Jennifer tried to maintain her hug and crush the fight from her foe, but her lack of air soon took over, and she was forced to release Melissa's body and look for another avenue of attack. Bringing her hands up like twin blades, she chopped them down hard into Melissa's collarbones, evoking a loud yell from the Teen-Age Witch. Jennifer then repeated the move twice more, harder and harder, Melissa still yelling, until the hands peeled off her face and my Friend could breathe again.

They shoved each other away by the shoulders to take a moment to catch their breath, before Melissa lunged forward to renew her smother holds, one hand clamping over Jennifer's mouth, the other pinching her nostrils shut. Like Melissa's previous grip, though, this one didn't last, either, as Jennifer fired off a terrific right hook that slammed off Melissa's left cheek, broke her hold, and sent her tumbling to her right. Melissa was staggered but stayed on her feet, only to take a right to the gut and then a left. Melissa then swung wildly with a right, the back of her hand connecting with Jennifer's cheek and knocking Jennifer to her left, with Jennifer's back now to the house.

Melissa swung a high left and missed as Jennifer ducked under it and then punched Melissa in her left breast, evoking a yelp from Melissa, who quickly responded with a right uppercut that caught Jennifer flush on the chin and made her see stars. Dazed, Jennifer was unable to defend herself as Melissa then punished her with a left, and then a right, and then another left, each time driving Jennifer further backwards until she was almost up against the round patio table that rested a few feet from the house. I shuddered with each blow, feeling Jennifer's pain from Melissa's punches. Then Melissa cut loose with a powerful right that sent Jennifer sprawling backwards over the table where she came to rest in a spread-eagle fashion, her hands, feet, and head all dangling over the edges of the small surface.

Melissa wasted no time. She clambered atop my fallen friend and lay flat against her, their ample breasts squashing together again as Melissa licked her lips eagerly in anticipation. Two floors up, I cringed, as I knew what was coming. Reaching out with both hands, Melissa got as good a grip on Jennifer's vulnerable throat as she'd ever had in all their fights and again began squeezing with all her strength, determined to brutally choke the life from Jennifer once and for all ...

Jennifer was still bent over the edges of the table, Melissa's hands relentlessly tightening about her throat as she ruthlessly choked the life from Jennifer. Melissa licked her lips eagerly as she poured on the pressure, determined to win this tie-breaking contest at all costs, her thumbs sinking deeper into Jennifer's exposed windpipe by the second. Jennifer coughed harshly and just lay there, battered by Melissa's blows, dazed and unable to defend herself, as Melissa squeezed with all her considerable strength.

Jennifer made no move to attack Melissa or even try to pull those terrible hands off her throat. Melissa kept it up, squeezing harder and harder, victory probably just moments away for her. Jennifer's face was turning red from lack of air and her eyes were shut tight in agony as she suffered in Melissa's grip. The lights were going out for her ...

But here it was months later and I still didn't understand Jennifer's fighting tactics, as suddenly she stopped playing possum and lashed out with both fists to smash them straight into Melissa's cheekbones. Melissa howled in pain as Jennifer lashed out again, and again, smashing Melissa's cheeks hard both times, until Melissa broke off her chokehold and covered up her battered cheeks with both hands.

Jennifer grabbed her by the face and shoved Melissa away, Melissa rolling right off the table and onto the bench below before toppling off that and onto the concrete patio where she curled up in pain. Jennifer then rolled slowly left and off the table and onto the grass, clutching her throat with both hands and coughing hoarsely, spitting saliva out onto the lawn as a souvenir of her ordeal.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief at Jennifer's escape, and hoped that she would now take the fight to Melissa, who had been the aggressor so far. It amazed me how Melissa, who had been so humiliated in their last struggle that she had avoided Jennifer at all costs ever since, had regained her full fighting spirit and had led in this bout so far.

After a few minutes of recovery, they were at it again, Jennifer scaling the table and leaping off of it to tackle Melissa and send them tumbling back onto the green grass. They rolled and wrestled as they wrapped about each other, punching and kneeing as best as they could, each determined to triumph in this third encounter. All I could see was a tangle of long arms and legs and nude bodies rolling over and over, back and forth, as they pulled hard at each other's hair before switching tactics and squeezing each other's breasts savagely.

Jennifer was on the bottom of their pile-up, being straddled but still getting the better of Melissa by sliding her thighs about Melissa's waist and squeezing her mercilessly. Melissa groaned, but then one-upped Jennifer by plunging downwards with both hands to seize Jennifer by the throat and begin choking her again. Jennifer grasped Melissa's wrists to no avail as Melissa pounded Jennifer's head against the lush lawn, harder and harder, fingers squeezing tighter, until Jennifer was almost out cold, her hands falling away from Melissa's wrists as unconsciousness toyed with her.

But it wasn't over yet. Sensing a new opportunity to more fully punish her pretty foe, Melissa released Jennifer's throat, then brought her hands up to her face and licked her palms thoroughly until they were drenched with saliva. Plunging them down again, she fastened them over Jennifer's breathing passages to form two airtight vacuums, one hand clamping hard over Jennifer's mouth, the other pinching Jennifer's nostrils completely shut as Melissa began to smother her lifeless.

Jennifer went wide-eyed at her lack of oxygen and tugged at Melissa's wrists frantically as Melissa howled with glee from above, Jennifer desperate for air but completely unable to breathe with Melissa's bare, wet hands clamped tight over her face...

I looked down from the upstairs window to see Melissa on top of Jennifer and suffocating her, Melissa's bare hands planted over Jennifer's mouth and nose. Jennifer pulled at Melissa's wrists, trying to break her hold; but Melissa's grip was too strong, made even more so by the saliva which drenched her palms. Melissa cackled with glee as she smothered Jennifer breathless, the advantage again Melissa's in this third and tie-breaking bout between the two bitter blonde rivals.

Jennifer has been battered so far in the fight by Melissa's punching, choking, and smothering hands, and now Jennifer was again desperate to breathe as Melissa deprived her of precious air with one of her favorite holds. Jennifer surely couldn't last much longer, and again her face began to redden from lack of oxygen, much as when Melissa had been choking her to death over the patio table earlier in the match. Melissa seemed no worse for the wear for the fight, having taken most of it to Jennifer, and the Teenage Witch grinned wickedly as she held on with both hands and threw her pretty head back with a huge smile.

That was a mistake on Melissa's part, because in doing so she had given Jennifer a perfect opportunity to counterattack. Arching her back as best she could under Melissa's weight, Jennifer thrust her long legs skyward and crisscrossed them in front of Melissa's head before snapping them down as hard as she could, levering Melissa to the ground while pulling her hands free of Jennifer's face. Jennifer wiped Melissa's saliva away from her own breathing passages with the back of one hand as she secured a scissors hold about Melissa's neck with her calves, and locked her ankles to bring tremendous pressure to bear on Melissa's windpipe. Melissa went wide-eyed as she gasped for air and pulled at Jennifer's legs, but she got nowhere in doing so. Jennifer leaned back on the grass and flexed her legs to put more pressure on Melissa's long neck, only to feel a foot covering her face, and toes pinching her nostrils shut as Melissa groped at Jennifer's face and tried to foot-smother her.

Jennifer bit down on the ball of Melissa's foot to free herself, just as Melissa twisted her head and bit down on one of Jennifer's legs just above the ankle. Their screams intermixed in the midday air as they both pulled away in pain and shakily got to their knees, but then Jennifer dove at Melissa and knocked her down. As they hit the grass, Jennifer sat up and fastened her hands about Melissa's neck before strangling her with all her might. Melissa gasped again and tried to pull Jennifer's hands loose, but had no leverage to do so, her eyes closed in agony. Feeling herself fading as Jennifer shook her head back and forth ferociously, Melissa twisted hard to her left and uncorked a left hook that hit Jennifer in her right cheek and sent her sprawling onto the patio.

Jennifer rose to one knee moments later before Melissa tackled her from behind, but Jennifer managed to secure a side headlock on Melissa and squeeze her foe's head mercilessly as they rolled back and forth on the smooth concrete. Melissa reached in front to seize Jennifer's breasts in both hands and squeeze them savagely, and Jennifer yelped and broke off her headlock to claw Melissa's hands away from her chest. Twisting behind Melissa, who was now face down on the deck, Jennifer then grabbed Melissa's left leg and began to twist Melissa's foot around at the ankle; but Melissa yelled and quickly kicked out with her other foot to knock Jennifer away.

They rose to their bare feet soon after and faced one another head on, just a few feet apart, before lunging at each other, hands securing in hair and pulling hard as the two women twisted around and around, neither fighter able to gain an advantage over the other. The stalemate only ended when Melissa released her hair hold to smash Jennifer in the cheeks with both fists, mimicking Jennifer's earlier ploy when Melissa had been choking her off the table. My Friend was staggered as she lost her grip, and she just swayed there, standing up, for a second, as Melissa stopped to quickly catch her breath. Then Melissa made her move to end the fight, snaking out with both hands to squeeze them about Jennifer's throat in the best chokehold I'd ever seen her get on Jennifer, even better than the one before.

Jennifer gagged, her tongue lolling out as Melissa shook her back and forth, Jennifer trying to desperately to pry Melissa's hands loose from her neck. Melissa held fast, though, her steadfast determination etched on her face as her steely fingers coiled tighter about Jennifer's white neck.

"Stop .... choking ... me ..." I heard Jennifer gasp from below as Melissa throttled her, Jennifer tugging at Melissa's wrists in vain.

"Not until you're breathless, bitch!" snapped Melissa as she squeezed with reckless abandon, determined to finish off the fight - and Jennifer - once and for all ...

Melissa held Jennifer in a standing-up stranglehold, her fingers tightening relentlessly about Jennifer's throat as Melissa squeezed the breath from her hated foe with all her strength. Their nude catfight had raged for a half-hour or so across Melissa's backyard, and if the bout had been scored on points, Melissa would have been way ahead. As it was, she was now going for the knockout blow, and I had a bird's-eye view from the second-floor window above the yard as Melissa applied the coup-de-grace. Her hands were like a vise about Jennifer's neck; my Friend strained to pull Melissa's hands free with her own, but was failing to do so as the Teen-Age Witch ruthlessly throttled her.

"This time you're finished!" Melissa snarled through clenched teeth, her eyes ablaze with fury as she sought to finish off her hated rival. "No way you're getting loose this time, you bitch!"

Jennifer could only cough hoarsely in response as Melissa backed her up to the house, slamming her enemy back-first against the vinyl siding before beginning to drag Jennifer down the side of the house towards the concrete patio floor. Melissa felt she could straddle Jennifer there on the ground and finish her off at her leisure with those gripping, squeezing hands of hers.

Jennifer finally hit the hard stone on her rear-end, Melissa kneeling in front of her and soon finishing her off, choking her foe with all her might, thumbs stabbing harder and harder into Jennifer's throat without a shred of pity.

My co-star coughed loudly three times, her face red, her eyes rolling skywards and her tongue lolling out … and then she was still. Melissa held on for a few more moments, smiling wickedly, before getting to her bare feet and looking down at Jennifer, slumped breathless against the side of the house.

It was over. In the third and deciding fight between the two bitter rivals, Melissa had again choked Jennifer out cold. I honestly couldn't tell if Jennifer was even alive or not, so still was she, and so blinded was I by tears of rage. Melissa licked her lips and then strode nude and sweaty (but victorious) towards the patio steps, leaving Jennifer lying there alone.

Melissa had made it through the sliding glass doors, weary and relieved, when suddenly she felt hands wrapping about her neck and squeezing hard.

My hands. I had stripped to the skin and rushed downstairs to settle Jennifer's score with Melissa.

"You fucking bitch!" I roared, shaking Melissa back and forth furiously as I crushed her neck in my hands. Melissa went wide-eyed and gasped harshly, incredulous that I could be attacking her like this.

"What ..." she coughed out. "Why ..."

"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!" I snapped, squeezing her throat even harder. I could feel her life running out between my hands ...

... and then I could feel her bare foot smashing hard into my crotch, causing me hurt like I'd never known in my life. I immediately released Melissa and bent over to clutch my wounded womanhood. It was my fault for standing so open-legged in my attack, but I wouldn't have long to think about my mistake.

I felt Melissa kick me again, this time right behind the knees, and I went down like a shot. I braced my hands against the floor, my pussy still quite sore, and tried to rise, only to feel a weight on my back and sweaty hands covering my nose and mouth from behind as Melissa tried to hand-smother me, just like she always tried to do to Jennifer.

"Little fucking whore!" I heard her exclaim as she sealed off my mouth and pinched my nostrils shut. I almost gagged at the taste of her bitter, acrid hands, and tried to buck her off, but the bitch had wrapped her legs about my waist from behind and I wasn't going anywhere soon.

"So you like to watch me fight your friend, huh?" chided Melissa, now in control of our fight. "Did you like me strangling that bitch, too? Did you? Well, I think I did her in this time!" she cackled with malicious glee.

Melissa's hands muffled my ensuing yell, but now I was enraged. I bucked even harder than before and nearly tossed Melissa aside; but suddenly she grabbed me by the back of my head and, with a scream, she slammed me face-first into the edge of the living room table, opening a nasty gash on my forehead. The blow also stole away nearly the whole of my consciousness, and I was pretty much out of it.

My head swimming, I offered no resistance as Melissa rolled me over with some effort by my shoulders and straddled my chest, taking care to trap my arms inside her thighs. Her position established, Melissa then reached down and choked me with both her hands, strangling me with all her remaining strength. Her hands were like that proverbial vise as she gripped and squeezed without mercy, her thumbs like daggers. If this was anything like the agony Jennifer felt when Melissa's hands would fasten about her neck ...

I tried to roll from side to side, but the bitch was sitting in a perfect position, and her full weight was sitting atop my lungs. It hurt to breathe, what little I could, and I could feel myself gagging as she slammed my head up and down on the carpeted floor.

"I'm going to choke you out just like I choked Jennifer out," she snarled. "I'm going to finish you off just-like-I-fi-nished-her!" she growled, punctuating each last syllable with a slam of my skull. Her hands then tightened further about my neck, and I felt she would soon carry out her threat, but finally, mercifully, I passed out.

I awoke later to the agony of my breasts being squeezed mercilessly in Melissa's hands, the bitch still straddling me. She grinned as I suffered in her grasp, as I rolled back and forth slightly and squealed in pain, but relief only came when the little slut clamped one hand over my mouth and pinched my nostrils closed with the other, smothering me, my protests muffled, until I passed out again.

Still she wasn't done. I awoke soon after to her slaps, but the end - and the worst - was yet to come. Melissa stood over me, grinning maliciously, her bare feet planted alongside my body, before turning 180 degrees so that her backside was over my face.

"No …" I begged softly, too weak to escape, but I knew my fate was sealed. Melissa then got down on all fours, pressed her bare bottom over my bare face, and pumped away until she ultimately smothered her second sparring partner of the day completely unconscious. The last thing I heard was her cackling as I went under ...

I awoke to Jennifer slapping me awake and telling me it was time to go. She was fully dressed and looked very tired. We both felt embarrassed for how Melissa, still barefoot but now dressed in a white bathrobe and smiling broadly, had roughed us up, but we were too tired and battered to care right then. She told us to come back again soon, that she had had fun with us and would like to do so again. I was too exhausted and a little too scared to mouth off to her, but inwardly I burned for revenge. I knew I wanted to brawl Melissa again, woman to woman, no holds barred, but I think that Jennifer was content to let this be the end of things between her and that bitch.

Fuck that shit! I wanted Jennifer to redeem herself against Melissa, also - and if she wouldn't do so willingly, well, maybe I might just have to fight Jennifer, too, in order to change her mind …