Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina Jolie by Blizzard


After yet another tremendous blow to the belly from Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston thought her diaphragm was going to lodge in her throat. The badly beaten blonde sunk to her knees for the third time, her hands clutching her abdomen and her mouth frozen in a breathless gape.

"You all out of insults and insinuations, hun?" taunted Angelina wickedly. "Or are you just out of breath?"

The demolished blonde slowly pitched forward until her forehead made contact with the ladies room tile floor. She waved one hand up at her rival in despair, silently pleading for mercy as her other hand remained buried in her battered midsection. It was like a wounded fawn begging a she-wolf for compassion. Angelina Jolie and mercy don't belong in the same sentence, especially when the subject is bitchfights.

With emotions running high after her well publicized separation from hubby Brad Pitt, Jennifer dissented from the reported "amicable break-up" and went on a hunt for Pitt's castmate in the recently completed 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. Were the noxious rumblings concerning inappropriate behavior between Pitt and Jolie merely tabloid trash or was there some authentic juice behind the story? Apparently Jennifer had presumed the latter. She found Angelina at Sushi Roku in Hollywood and after a half hour of surveillance she followed her into the ladies room. Was she out of her mind? Certainly! Fucking on a bed of nails would have been less painful.

Jennifer just didn't have the killer instinct required when calling out a gunslinger like Angelina. Behaving like a pitiful greenhorn she instead attacked Angelina with a verbal tirade. In the midst of said tongue lashing Angelina responded in true wildcat fashion...she let her fists fly. Now poor Jennifer was learning the true meaning of the adage "Can you walk the walk?"

The merciless Angelina stepped up to her curled up antagonist and stared down at her with disdain. Jennifer lifted her head off the floor enough to see a pair of Doc Martens parked before her. She reached out with a shaking hand and grasped Angelina's leather boot in another display of desperate appeal. Angelina roughly jerked her boot free and abruptly stepped on Jennifer's outstretched hand to grind it against the hard tile. At least Jennifer had recaptured her breath.

"AAAOOOWWWWW!" she wailed as she jerked her arm in a fruitless attempt at release.

Angelina finally terminated the torture and leaned forward to plunge her claws into Jennifer's mane. As she hauled the bawling blonde to her feet she berated her. "Even if I DID fuck Brad? What the hell did you think YOU'RE gonna do about it, cupcake? I always figured you were halfway intelligent but obviously I was mistaken. You're nothing more than another dumb-ass blonde bitch!"

With that said, Angelina rocked her now less than game foe with a wicked open palm slap to the cheek. A follow-up backhand belt sent Jennifer stumbling to the side yelping in anguish. Angelina closed in and was humored by a tepid blow thrown by her opponent that missed her considerably.

"Leave me alo…UUUNNNNGHHHH!"

Jennifer's plea was rudely interrupted with another vicious gut punch that folded her in half like a sheet of paper before she collapsed to her knees in agony. Angelina grabbed twin fistfuls of disheveled blonde hair and with a heave she sent Jennifer sliding backwards across the floor on her ass until she collided against a stall partition with a groan. The dark-haired wildcat showed no mercy as she lunged at the upright seated girl and drilled her with a boot kick to the tits. Jennifer released a sharp cry before her head dropped forward with her chin on her chest. She remained there gurgling and whimpering softly as her nemesis stood before her with a menacing expression still covering her face.

"Get up, bitch!" hissed Angelina as she struggled to haul her uncooperative subject to her feet. Poor Jennifer was a mess. Her knees practically knocked together as she fought to remain upright, all the while sniveling and holding her traumatized belly and boobs.

"P…p…please Angelina!" she whined. "I m…m…made a b…big mistake and I'm so sor…"

"Shut up you pathetic cunt!" growled Angelina. "And get your goddam clothes off…NOW!"

The fear in Jennifer's misty eyes could not be disguised. "W…w…wha…?" she stammered dreadfully.

"My next punch is gonna knock out your front teeth, girl." warned Angelina in a menacing tone. "STRIP!"

The devastated blonde began to sob as she toe-to-heel slipped out of her sneakers. "Leave your little white sockies on." ordered Angelina. Jennifer grasped the bottom of her cotton T-shirt and paused for an instant to offer a pleading gaze. Angelina's expression turned to ice and she drew back her clenched fist. The disconsolate blonde whimpered and shed a tear as she worked her T-shirt up over her head and off, dropping it to the floor. Angelina calmly pointed at Jennifer's brassiere and motioned for its removal. Once it landed atop Jennifer's discarded shirt the dark-maned woman sampled her prey lustily.

"What makes you think I prefer Brad to you, Princess?" Angelina purred as she fondled Jennifer's bare breasts; leaned in close and ran her tongue up Jennifer's cheek while giving her nipples a painful pinch.

Jennifer's body stiffened and her breath caught in her throat, "P…pleeeeessse...don't make mum…mum…make me do….THIS!"

Angelina's visage went ice cold again and she raked her nails across the blonde's tender tit flesh. "Drop your pants." she snarled. Jennifer released another sob and began to plead further. Her nasty rival's hand moved upward to close around her throat in a tight choke. Jennifer gasped and her eyes bugged out before she conceded with a desperate nod. She fumbled with her belt momentarily and finally unfastened the button on her jeans and wriggled them off her hips and down her legs as Angelina continued to maintain the choke hold. She stepped out of them all the while looking into Angelina's eyes with an expression that conveyed her terror.

"Would ya look at those girlie-girl skivvies," teased Angelina, glancing down at Jennifer's lacy pink panties. "Peel 'em off that perfumed pussy...nice and slow." Jennifer was on the verge of hysterics but once Angelina raised her clenched fist she composed herself enough to obey the order. Slowly she slipped her panties downward until gravity took over and they landed around her ankles on the floor. "Pick them up!" commanded Angelina as she took a step back. The whimpering blonde shell of a woman stepped out of her panties and hunched down to retrieve them. "Hand them to me!" she ordered in a calm yet firm tone. Jennifer did as she was told. Angelina sampled the unmentionable with a subtle flare of her nostrils, purring like a jungle cat sunning herself after devouring her conquered prey. She let them flutter to the floor. "Pick them up again!"

With her hands clasped humbly over her femme fur, Jennifer bent over to pick up her panties as a salty tear dripped from her chin to the glistening tile. Suddenly Angelina moved forward and encased her rival's neck between her thighs in a powerful standing headscissors hold. Jennifer immediately cried out and her body began to shake as she fought against the secure hold. Angelina felt her pussy start to tingle as she asserted her dominance over the outclassed blonde. This little princess was going to learn the consequences of rattling a wildcat's cage. The wildcat was going to devour the little princess. Angelina was locked and loaded and her clit was buzzing like a chainsaw.

As Jennifer whimpered and mewled while languishing in the scissors hold Angelina toyed with her at will. She leaned forward to deliver stinging smacks to the blonde's pale ass flesh and alternated with savage nail rakes up her back and probes underneath to assault Jennifer's dangling tits. Soon the blonde's delirious cries softened to labored moans as the constricting hold took its toll. She dropped to her knees and was on the verge of passing out when Angelina finally broke the hold.

The wrecked girl collapsed face down on the floor, her pinstriped breast flesh squashed against the cool surface and her scarlet hued fanny facing her standing rival. Angelina prodded that abused ass with her boot and received a feeble moan in return. She lowered herself to her knees beside Jennifer and picked up the panties from beside her. With a brutal jerk of her hair she wrenched Jennifer's head back and stuffed the panties into the blonde's gaping mouth.

"Get on your fucking hands and knees and crawl for me, bitch!" snarled the brunette as she rose to her feet.

The destroyed blonde offered no opposition and she assumed the position while muffled whimpers spilled from her plugged mouth. As she slowly began to crawl across the floor Angelina quickly removed Jennifer's belt from her jeans. She came up behind the pathetic girl and unleashed a savage belt whip that exploded on Jennifer's ass. The grievous girl convulsed in agony and spit out her panties as she shrieked. Another snap of the belt left a matching red welt on Jennifer's opposite ass cheek and had the poor girl groveling in desperation.

"Gggawwwdddd, P…P…PLEEASSSSE!!!" she blubbered. "I swear Angelina, I…I…I'll do ANYthing yuh…you wah…wah…want!"

Angelina plunged her fingers into her foe's tresses and jerked her up to her feet where Jennifer wavered back and forth on quivering legs. "I don't ask, bitch. I DEMAND!" she snarled. "Before this day is over I'll make that as fucking crystal clear as it can be." She looped the leather belt around Jennifer's neck and fastened it as a makeshift leash. "Pick up your panties...and if I have to tell you where to put them you're gonna leave here carrying your ass in a pail!"

Jennifer sobbed uncontrollably as Angelina gave her enough slack to bend down and retrieve her panties. She quickly tucked them into her mouth and whimpered as Angelina gave the belt a sharp tug. The dark destroyer instructed her slave to pick up the remainder of her clothes and put them under her arm.

"You and I are going to continue this little exercise in a more private place," growled Angelina. "Brad?! Brad who?! I've forgotten all about Brad. Now march that sweet little glowing fanny out the door."

Jennifer obeyed her mistress without even a hint of resistance. The patrons in the restaurant gasped in shock when they saw the naked blonde celebrity submissively make her way to the door while being controlled by the smug Angelina.

"I love this fucking town!" chuckled Orlando Bloom as he watched Angelina march Jennifer out the door. His girlfriend Kate Bosworth watched the two women leave with a lascivious grin, " too! CHECK PLEASE!!!!"