Anna Kournikova vs. Jennifer Aniston by BenPhunk 4/13/01

"Oh SHHHHIIITTTTT!" was the last phrase Anna "The Moll" Kournikova heard from "Touch of Class" Jennifer Aniston as she bounded toward the Russian Princess off the ropes before she received Anna's patented, "Siberian Bitch Slap."

Jennifer had wanted this match to be over five minutes before. Pretty much since the opening bell it had been all Anna.

Jennifer crashed into the mat she was stunned. After that, the only movement from TOC was her black fishnet stockinged legs flailing, her patent leather black boots wagging up and down, the occasional flash of the white cotton support panel of her hose and, of course, Ms. Aniston's furry secrets.

Oh yes, one shouldn't forget to mention the back spasms either. Jennifer had them since her cage match with Charisma Carpenter. Five minutes ago Jennifer had been stripped of her white high cut aerobic bottom after being jack knifed, power bombed so hard she bounced three feet. Two minutes before that, Jennifer lost her tuxedo shirt style jog bra to be power slammed repeatedly by her now tender, warped breasts. The Moll still had her full ring kit- an electric blue and silver sequenced Tt-back evening gown bodice, flesh colored tights, a white lace garter and silver boots. Through the numbed fog of her pain-muddled skull, a ray of hope shone through Jennifer's mind.

Any 14 year old kid with cable could tell you the "Bitch Slap" was just the set up for the "Brighten Beach Rub Out."

A few years ago, Jennifer Aniston had been one of Sy's premiere faces. Along with Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer made up "The Fightin' Friends." Now that was a STABLE!" Sy was found of frequently exclaiming.

Although unfortunately named, they were all headliners, but Jennifer was the hottest draw by far. Then the contract disputes started. Since two friends were better (and cheaper) than three, Jennifer and Courtney double teamed their partner and sniped Lisa out of the Celebrity Female Wrestling game for good. Before long, Courtney and Jennifer feuded. Now Courtney was jobbing in openers and dark matches, while Jennifer found herself on the losing end of more and more late to mid-card matches.

To be honest, Jennifer knew it was going to go down like this when she heard that she was going to defend against Anna. What the hell was a European Belt for except to give promising rookies heat, and journeywomen a little bit of dignity before going to pasture? She just didn't know it was going to be this bad a beatdown.

The match started out fairly typically. Jennifer was introduced first, coming into the arena accompanied by some booing and catcalls. No debris, a few signs, and a few "You suck" chants. At one point, after Aniston and Cox had pushed Lisa "Flower Power" Kudrow into a dumpster, Jennifer had to have security posted in front of her dressing room. The wrestling business was cruel. After taking off her Tuxedo jacket and top hat Jennifer did her strut around the ring, belt held high. After a few snide remarks about Anna's tennis career and her seemingly "low maintenance" dating style, "Touch of Class" Jennifer Aniston (who fondly remembered the days when she was just plain Jennifer Aniston) shoved the mike back into ring announcer Cyndi Lauper's hands and awaited her opponent. If "Princess" (as they called Anna in the dressing rooms) Anna wanted her belt, Jennifer was not about to roll over and do the JOB for her.

As bad Russian disco music began to blare from the PA's Anna Kournikova slinked onto the ramp in an explosion of cheers and whistles. Decked out in her blue gown, the skirt slit all the way up one deliciously muscled leg, frilly garter peeking out, white boa, and her golden hair flowing, Anna sashayed to the ring. She flirted with the fans while Sergi "Boss" Fedorov, dressed in a bad plaid seersucker suit and heavy gold chains made threatening gestures to said molesting fans. An ominous old style camera with an old school giant flash dangled from his neck. It was as cheesy gimmick Sy had ever thought of - almost David McLean cheesy, but to her credit Anna had enough ego to make it work. By the time Anna did a bump and grind to shed her skirt in the ring she had the crowd whipped into frenzy.

The bell rang and Anna strode confidently to the middle of the ring; one arm raised, legs spread, posing a challenge for the champion to a test of strength. A worried look spread across Jennifer's face. Outwardly, it was easy to tell that giving up four inches and about 20lbs TOC did not want to get physical with the Russian. Inwardly, Jennifer smiled. In retrospect that was the turning point; that was when Jennifer decided to piss Anna off.

The champ reluctantly stepped out of her corner, inching her way toward the cocky challenger. Shakily, Jennifer raised her hand, skittishly leaning toward the towering Slavic Sweetheart. Just as they were about to lock up, Jennifer backed out.

"Now I don't want you cheap shotting me," Jennifer insisted. "No kicking, no sucker punches! Understand?"

"Da, I under-stand. Nowe cume get beatink pleaze," the Pride of the Caucuses muttered.

Anna raised her hand again, wiggling her fingers as Jennifer took a step towards her.

"Ref, I don't think she understands English too good," Jennifer said motioning to the referee. "Can you make sure she knows this is a test of strength? None of that funny stuff. Under-stand EN-GL-ISH? Speasky Englishky?"

"Da, Da, Da. Come on haz bin. You get pinned and I get belt nowe, pleaze."

"Okay. Okay. I just want a clean fight," Jennifer said shaking her head sadly at Anna's supposed incomprehension.

Anna stamped her front foot against the canvas, planting her feet wide and shot her hand up again. Jennifer did the same, inching her way over to her impressive-bodied challenger. As soon as she was in range, however, Jennifer punted her black leather boot straight up into Anna's wide open crotch, lifting the Russian onto her toes before her knees gave way and she crumpled to the mat.

"Ever been in a championship match before?" Jennifer taunted.

Jennifer glided to her kneeling opponent, locking on a front headlock and lifting the Russian up, then planting the Moll back down with swift and brutal DDT. TOC Aniston slowly rose with the largest shit-eating grin etched across her face. Looking down, she saw something she never expected, Anna face down on the mat slowly shaking her head from side to side.

A boot to Anna's side flipped the challenger over and another boot to the head kept the Black Sea braggart down - the only sign of offense Anna showed was being directed against the mat - one of her fists gently tapping it. Jennifer flipped the young woman off and ran to the ropes. Jennifer scaled her way up to the third rope, her boobs gently bouncing within her jog bra, as the light shone off her award-winning, nylon-encased legs. Using the third rope as a springboard, Jennifer flipped into the air, landing a moonsault onto the now cowed Anna whose legs jerked involuntarily in the air briefly before crashing back down to the mat.

Jennifer covered her and hooked a limp leg, brushing the Moll's face with her own knee while also giving one of the jumbotron screens a great shot of Anna's crotch and the other one of her own firm ass. Glancing up, Jennifer caught the ref's attention.He gave her a, "You gotta be idding me," look as he dropped to his knees and started his count.




Slapping the mat in frustration, Jennifer 'Touch of Class' Aniston grabbed a handful of Anna's golden silky hair and scooted herself over to straddle Anna's cherubic (and now flushed) face. Jennifer's fishnets bite into Anna's delicate cheeks, the light sheen of sweat in her face adding to nylon rasp.

She started clapping her hands in rapid succession and shouting, "1 2 3! Ref! 1 2 3!" before forming her hand in a claw and raking it across her challenger's face.

Jennifer might never have been up to Queen Liz's level, and it'd been a while since she was even a Shannon Doherty, but she was still a pro. As Anna's body jerked to one side, her legs flailing against the mat, her neck was still trapped firmly between Jennifer's strong fishnet-clad thighs. Anna effectively gave herself a neck wrench. Jennifer shot a toothy grin at her challenger as she decided to work the crowd a little more. It was clear poor Anna wasn't going anywhere.

Jennifer narrowed her eyelids until they scrunched around her to blazing baby blues. She puckered her lips in a frown and wiped her brow, as if it were sweaty, then exhaled a heavy "WHEW" and lowered her white dance pantied ass on Anna in mock exhaustion. Dusting off her hands, Jennifer started to hear chants of, "Aniston Sucks! Aniston Sucks!" The first time she ever heard that it sickened her but now it was music to her ears. She wondered what type of reception "Princess Anna" would get in 5, 6 years.

"Touch of Class" Jennifer Aniston lifted her ass off of Anna's face, dug her hands into 'The Moll's' golden mane and pulled, revealing a very florid faced screaming Anna and discovering the multitude of scratch marks left on her visage. Jennifer gave an extra tug on the hair before shifting into a headlock, pulling the back of Anna's head between her perfectly perky breasts. She stood up, dragging the mauled Moll to her feet, then driving Anna's head against her thigh. Jennifer easily slid her hands from her opponent's chin to her throat. Anna started to slap Jennifer's arm in reaction to the choke as the champion paraded her around the ring. It was a veteran move. After one walk of shame around the ring, Jennifer started a run across the ring, using one hand into Anna's hair.

That was her second mistake!. Jennifer wanted to go for the kill. She knew Sy would be pissed if she just totally kicked his new "Golden Girl's" ass, but afterwards Sy would do what Sy always to varying degrees of success would do, "Make apples into oranges." So what if Anna would gut her in the next PPV? That was a month away. A good old-fashioned bulldog would put the little priss down for her "Class War" and that would be the night. A rare but dominating victory from the crafty competitor. The hairpull was a dead give away. That's what Jennifer thought as she watched the tape later and winced at what came next.

Anna was pissed. She didn't mind making a has-been like Aniston look good, but Sy never said it would be like this. Jennifer had hurt her, and more importantly the pip-squeak American had embarrassed her. Sy never said anything about that. If Jennifer didn't want to lie down, Anna would have to make her lay down.

As the aging champion began to trot, the Moll put her hands around Jennifer's gently swaying hips. When Jennifer kicked her legs out forward to drive Anna's head into the mat, the Russian's hands tightened and she lifted Jennifer well above her shoulders; then slammed Jennifer's crotch down onto her outstretched knee.

The atomic drop almost split Jennifer in two! The color drained from her tanned Mediterranean cheeks and her azure eyes shot out beams of pain that lit the arena. Her jaw moved uselessly up and down, in one part to swallow air, in another to utter a silent scream, and finally to choke down the nauseating pain that started from her crotch and radiated through her stomach and up her spine. Anna just gave her a light tap on the back, but it is enough to push the limp and crestfallen champion off of her knee and allow Jennifer to curl into a little ball on the mat with her hands desperately massaging her aching crotch.

Anna took a moment to catch her breath, then pushed herself upright. Doing her "act" Anna primped a little and blew a kiss to the fans before sashaying over to her target. The Moll towered over a crumpled, convulsing Jennifer.

"I moost break you," Anna said matter-of-factly.

Jennifer couldn't think at this point, but if so, she couldn't be sure if the sentence itself or the fact Anna uttered it with a straight face scared her more. Whatever didn't register mentally, Jennifer experienced physically as The Moll plucked her fetal form off the mat by her perfectly coifed mane (it was perhaps the only talent that would always remain with Jennifer).

Locking her in a vice like front head lock, Anna grabbed the waistband of Jennifer's white lycra and cotton panties and pulled up and away, exposing the point where Jennifer's black hose hugged her trim waist, revealing half of Jennifer's tight ass fighting to stay inside it's nylon confines in a painful wedgie, and lifting Jennifer vertical was all just icing on Anna's whup-ass flavored cake.

Or perhaps the icing was the brutal brain buster Anna administered!. Jennifer's neck acted like a spring, compacting only to quickly release as the momentum of the rest her body came crashing to the mat, bouncing twice before settling. As Jennifer sprawled spreadeagle on her back, she instinctively reached up to her neck, as her legs spasmed uncontrollably. Anna causally walked over to The Touch of Class and knelt beside her.

"I get belt now, pleaze," she cooed.

Anna's body's slow descent was interrupted when Jennifer's hands reached up and raked her eyes. Anna fell onto her ass gripping her face as Jennifer rolled away. The face rake was Jennifer's last ditch attempt, but she couldn't capitalize. At that precise moment, all she could do was kick her feet against the canvass in a futile attempt to focus through her pain. Anna cleared her eyes and on all fours crawled over to her victim.

"You want fight? I give you fight. Sorry for you," Anna hissed.

She pushed Jennifer onto her stomach and straddled her back. Then Anna scissored her legs, lifting the defending champ off the mat. As Anna applied the painful hold, she cupped Jennifer's chin in both hands. Then, in one quick motion, she straightened her legs and pulled back. Jennifer's world exploded in a blaze of white-hot pain as her stomach was stretched, her neck wrenched and her spine popped simultaneously. Anna cranked up the pressure - her flesh covered tights rasping Jennifer's sides, as her legs squeezed Jennifer's agonized six pack of abs. Anna leaned back further, twisting Jennifer into an unnatural "C" shape.

As a high pitched squeal escaped through Jennifer's clenched teeth, she instinctively shot her arms to the sides. Her fingers first brushed the ropes furtively. Then, in a explosion of hope and intense desire to end the pain, she clutched the rope for dear life, until the ref. found his way over and started to administer a five count. When he reached 4, Anna reluctantly released her hold, shooting the defending champion's head into the mat with a thud. Anna unlocked her legs, depositing the rest of Jennifer's body on the mat. Before being ushered into neutral territory, Anna sent a silver booted stomp to Jennifer's back, eliciting more moans and sobs from the fallen fighter.

"Oh gawd. Ropes! Ropes ref.! Uhhhnnnn. Noooo. No. No. Please," Jennifer whined as Anna pulled her up by her frosted hair.

Two droplets of blood flowed from Jennifer's nose as she began her painful ascent. Her legs buckled under her and her well-toned arms hung limp at her sides as Anna guided her head between her sensuously muscled thighs and squeezed.

Anna reached down and gave Jennifer's waistband a mighty tug, wedging Jennifer's bottom up her crack and revealing the second half of Jennifer's rock hard full moon. At first, Anna held Jennifer bent over between her thighs with an arm hooked around Jennifer's stomach, using to the other hand to gently spanked Jennifer's bare asscheeks. The smacks quickly became harder. When Jennifer's legs began to stiffen, Anna switched to a two handed approach and Jennifer's award winning butt began to glow rosy red beneath her black fishnets. Soon, a pool of blood, sweat and tears had formed between Anna's feet.

The Moll wrapped her arms around Jennifer's belly and hauled the humiliated carcass upside down. Anna paraded Jennifer around the ring, Anna's head framed by Jennifer's limp legs. The material bunched up in Jennifer's white wedgied crotch showed the perfect outline of her pudendum. Downstairs was no better; the blood rushed to Jennifer's head and out of her nose, her eyes half shut, and arms akimbo. Anna did a full circuit of the ring, returning almost where she started. It was a matter of seconds before she piledrove Jennifer into the hard, unyielding-giving canvas, sending Jennifer's much abused body (and neck in particular)into a hundred thousand watt convulsions.

As Jennifer's body slumped to the mat, Anna squeezed the tender underside of each of Jen's firm breasts as she leaned into the pin.




The stabbing pain in her chest woke Jennifer up just in time for her to shoot a leg over the bottom rope. One thing was for sure, she was not going to go out like that. Deep down she knew she had one or two more shots in her. Anna slapped Jennifer's breasts in frustration, jerking her upper half reflexively forward. That's when Anna grabbed the back of Jennifer's jog bra and her elongated panties and raised herself to her 5-8 height, lifting the smaller 5-4 Jennifer with her. Hoisting Jennifer over her shoulders like a rag doll, Anna threw the champion cleanly over the top rope out of the ring.

Jennifer crashed onto the thinly padded concrete and started to convulse as Anna strutted around the ring, stopping frequently to pose for Sergi who followed taking pictures. Anna stopped in the center of the ring, her muscular legs spread, bending over from the waist and sticking her magnificent nylon covered ass in the air. It brought a flurry of shots from Sergi and thunderous applause from her fans.

The referee began to administer a slow 20 count. He felt really bad about this. Jennifer could be a complete bitch in the ring sometimes, viscous, but she only humiliated opponents; she was never out to cripple them. Two weeks ago, Kournikova broke Teri Hatcher's tailbone just because the lady was spunky enough to get in a stunner. What was more, these sickos loved it and Jennifer never blamed him if she lost a match. He still had a bruise on his back from where Anna nailed him with a chair after Michelle Williams victory-rolled "The Princess" into a pin.

Now it looked like Anna wanted to snap Jennifer's neck. What was worse was, he couldn't stop the match because Sy needed the title to change hands tonight. This way Anna could get a higher draw, like a Brittany Spears or a Sarah Michelle Gellar for the upcoming PPV and get a nice feud going. He thought how he would miss working with Jennifer as the count reached 10. Just then, Jennifer shambled to her feet.

"If...this bitch wants to play rough. that," she thought.

Jennifer gently readjusted her costume as she stumbled to the corner of the apron and slowly pulled herself up, sticking a foot inside the ring to stop the count at 15. Anna blew a kiss towards Sergi and winked, before sashaying over to the corner. She knew she had the match in the bag, Sy had told her so. As soon as Anna beat the tar out of Jennifer she'd be ready for step two of the master plan. No one would call her just another gorgeous face again. But as Anna strutted toward her, Jennifer stepped out of the ring onto the apron. Anna waved at her and blew a kiss.

"Dosvadania, baby."

Jennifer started to beg off, but Anna grabbed her by a shoulder and cocked her fist. In a flash, Jennifer raked her fingernails across Anna's eyes again, blinding the cocky rookie. Shrieking, Anna pitched forward, rubbing her gorgeous green eyes. But Jennifer grabbed a handful of long golden locks and pulled, pulling Anna's throat over the top rope. Taking three rapid steps across the apron, Jennifer scraped Anna's neck along the tight coiled steel. She hopped off the apron, bringing all 115lbs of her fine female form down across Anna's neck.

When Jennifer's feet touched the ground she released her grip on Anna's hair, sling-shoting her to the mat, the crown of her head thudding on the lightly padded canvas, stunning the Russian Show Stopping Stunner.

Jennifer silently acknowledged the boos with a smirk and quickly grabbed both of Anna's ankles. Jennifer backed up and rammed Anna's crotch into the cold steel post. Anna's groin exploded in pain that shot through her entire body, leaving a sharp chilly tingle in her belly as she gulped air. Jennifer pushed Anna's body back and repeated the move, this time extending her leg onto the other side of the post. Anna's crotch crashed into the steel column yet again. Jennifer extended her leg and leaned back, further crushing Anna's most sensitive of areas, as tears of agony streamed down her florid blondes chipmunked cheeks.

The ref. realized he had to something fast; Sy needed Kournikova to look good. He got out of the ring and got into Jennifer's face.

"Jenny get the hell off of her!"

"Eat me Josh."

And that was it. Much to his surprise, Jennifer kept on working over Anna. She wasn't going to get into this schtick. She wanted to win. He had to admit that Jennifer had class. Then he shuddered when remembered what Sy had done to Christina Applegate when she overstayed her welcome in the fed.

Jennifer pushed Anna forward again, this time twisting her onto her left side. She yanked Anna's sore, throbbing groin into the post again! Anna started bawling while Jennifer reached into the ring and snatched another handful of hair. She dragged Anna's head and shoulders off the apron, one holding her down by her own silky mane, while the other started raining down punches into Anna's chest face and throat. As the sickening sound of bone and muscle smacking into flesh reverberated from the camera's feed, the referee knew he had to take one for the team.

Grabbing Jennifer's shoulder, she spun her around and received a mind numbing left cross for his troubles. A swift kick to the groin followed by the old toss over the rail gave Anna only about 15 seconds of respite.

The time Anna needed came after, when the champ turned around and right into Sergi's camera flash. Blinded, she stumbled back, wedging a empty beer bottle between the heel and soul of her boot. Jennifer crashed to the hard concrete floor headfirst, on her back, finally splayed legs following. Limp, her chest slowly heaving Jennifer rolled into a little ball, cradling her head and started to rock back and forth.

It was at this point Anna rolled onto her stomach, one hand massaging her crotch and the other pounding the mat in rage. Sliding out of the ring, she steadied herself first on the apron, then using Sergi. She nibbled his ear as she glared at the fetal form of Jennifer.

The Moll stumbled toward her quarry, pausing only long enough to grab a steel folding chair. As Jennifer started to sit up, she was met with the oldest staple of pro wrestling. CLANG! Jennifer crumpled to the floor as Anna stood looming over her. Anna reloaded and swung again, then again, ending her cacophony of metal against skull when Jennifer's forehead was busted wide open. Flipping the chair over, Anna began to stab the edge into Jennifer's head, until her face was covered in her particular hue of scarlet.

Finally, the referee wrestled the chair away from her and Anna sunk to her knees, straddling the barely cognizant champion. Anna started to rain punch after punch onto Jennifer's noggin. At first, the blows were concentrated on Jennifer's forehead, further opening her up. Then Anna's aim shifted to Jennifer's cherubic cheeks. Jennifer's desperately flailing legs settled into a weak and despondent shuffling. After two minutes of this barrage, Anna stopped, shook her hand and grabbed the hair that was matted to Jennifer's head with her sweat and blood. Anna started to bounce Jennifer's head off cold concrete floor until the champion was completely limp and motionless. Anna took a moment to gently peck her pouty, petulant lips to Jennifer's already bruising cheek.

Anna then pushed Jennifer's arms over her head and slipped her hands under Jennifer's bra. Anna began a rub Jennifer's breasts until she began to moan as she was caressed back to consciousness. Taking her cue from Jennifer's response, Anna peeled off the blood stained black, white and ribbed garment, freeing Jennifer's perfectly formed breasts. After discarding the souvenir into the appreciative fans Anna resumed her massage as Jennifer started to slowly roll her head from side-to-side and smack her lips.

That's when Anna reared back with both of her arms over her head and slammed her fists down on Jennifer's breasts, as if she was playing a demented game of Whack-A-Mole. Again, Anna slammed her fists into Jennifer's love pillows, this time latching her fingers around the champion's battered nipples, and pinching. Jennifer started to scream bloody murder as Anna pulled herself into a squat.

Next, Anna grapevined Jennifer's legs. As nylon rubbed against nylon, she pulled up and started to shake Jennifer violently, the lion's share of her victim's weight supported by her squashed breasts. This torture went on for a minute, until Anna got bored. Letting Jennifer's sore mounds go, Anna watched Jennifer's head bounce off floor yet again, then Anna released her legs.

Jennifer gently cradled her abused mammaries but Anna sent a stomp into her opponent's stomach. And another. And another until Jennifer brought her arms away from her bruised breasts and down around her battered belly. As soon as she did, Anna stabbed her hands up into the underside of Jennifer's tenderized breasts in a brutal double knife edged chop. Keeping her hands where the action was, Anna cupped her hands around Jennifer's thrashed orbs and stood up, pulling Jennifer up by her breasts. The battered champion began to beg, as Anna turned and started to run towards the Spanish announcers table. Anna leaped, lifting the sobbing Jennifer aloft by her chest and crashed the champ through the table, her own 138lbs adding brutal ballast to Jennifer's impact.

Taking a moment to collect herself, Anna climbed out of the rubble and lifted lifeless Jennifer over her shoulders by the out cold woman's crotch and shoulders.

Anna walked out of the debris, gently squeezing Jennifer's most private of areas to wake her up in a most un-genteel manner; before she slammed Jennifer's chest into the ring apron. Jennifer's sore orbs mushroomed as they were crushed against the unforgiving edge of the ring. Jennifer's body dropped to the concrete but Anna plucked the ailing Jennifer off the floor by the hair and rolled her into the ring. Anna turned to the crowd and strutted, whipping them into a frenzy before she slid under the bottom rope to retrieve her prey.

Stalking over to her prone opponent's form, Anna started to mock Jennifer, daring her to get up. Her entreaties were answered only by Jennifer gentle rolling from side to side and sobbing.

"Just like the cow." Anna thought to herself in her native tongue. "She just won't do anything I ask her. Her funeral."

Working the crowd some more, Anna seductively swayed to Jennifer who cradled her aching breasts, fighting desperately to regain her composure. Reaching her victim, she bent at the waist, sticking her firm, round ass cheeks in the air, their creamy flesh straining against the t-back and tan colored nylon. Grabbing another handful of frosted brunette hair, Anna straightened, forcing the rubbery kneed Jennifer to her feet. Jennifer's hands shot to her scalp and she began bawling, which quickly turned to begging when Anna grabbed her by the crotch and shoulders. The crowd roared as Jennifer was turned upside down, her backside facing the turnbuckle. They knew what was coming and they weren't disappointed!

Anna ran across the ring, ramming Jennifer's back against the turnbuckle! She pulled back and did it again, then again! The force of the third blow almost knocked Jennifer out of Anna's strong grip. Working quickly, Anna hooked Jennifer's legs under the top rope and held them in place as she climbed to the second rope. Bouncing once, twice, thrice, Anna jumped off her perch and landed with all her weight on the one foot that she jammed against Jennifer's upturned chin.

Just as the referee climbed back over the guardrail, he heard a huge crowd pop. He knew Anna just hit one of her big spots. His eyes widened in horror as he saw Anna bouncing up and down on Jen's chin, putting all her weight onto the champion's vertebrae. Usually there was a ref. there to break it up before any serious damage was done but that maniacal bitch had been applying it for God knows how long. He didn't even bother getting into the ring and started yelling as soon as he got to the corner post.

Anna knew this section of the evening had come to an end, but she wanted to send a message to the rest of the girls through Jennifer. Scaling to the top rope, she became a human dive bomb again. This time sifting her weight backward, landing on her rump and flipping Jennifer over the mat with a flat, damp, dead weight thump. Jennifer was out of it as Anna crawled slowly toward her. Anna straddled the knocked out 'Knock Out's' knees with a satisfying swish of stocking against stocking. Grabbing the waistband of Jennifer's panties, she pulled down as she slid backward. Twirling the champion's undergarment over her head and around her index finger, Anna flung it into the crowd.

Taking a moment she slowly rose, grabbing Jennifer's ankles. Once prone, Anna flipped Jennifer over and spread her legs, revealing a thick brown snatch thatch barely covered by a white satin support panel. Raising a boot to chest level, Anna stomped. And stomped again, reviving Jennifer by the intense pain spreading from her groin over her entire body. Jennifer wretched and screamed after Anna laid in a third boot. Jennifer convulsed after the fourth, and twitched after the fifth, emitting a weak moan, as a small reddish-brown stain formed on the once white swatch of fabric. Jennifer met the knee drop to her once secret source of delight with a series of sickening spasms, then went limp.

Anna snaked her hands around Jennifer's thighs and pulled in opposite directions. Getting no response, she took it up a notch. A long protracted moan and a sudden burst of sobs rewarded her effort. Anna placed her knees under Jennifer's thighs and pushed down, the weight forcing Jennifer's hamstrings and groin to stretch to the limit. Jennifer's pudendum pushed against her hose, as her puffy muff lips were force fed scratchy nylon, until it suddenly burst free, splattering Anna with her blood.

The youngster didn't seem to notice as she stood up. Allowing the once proud champion to writhe in agony on the mat while desperately massaging her vagina, Anna did a victory strut around the ring. After making her third circuit, Anna peeled Jennifer's body off the mat. The Champ was being supported by her own hair, but the pain from her scalp gave Jennifer back the minimum of strength to stand on her own two rubbery legs.

Acting from either instinct or pride, Jennifer took an unbalanced swing, which Anna caught easily and used the snared arm to whip Jennifer to the opposite ropes. As Jennifer barreled into the steel cables, Anna formed a knife edge with her right hand and wound it over her left shoulder.

At that moment, Jennifer rebounded toward her, screaming a desperate "Oh SHHHHIIITTTTT!" as Anna set herself and threw all her weight behind a devastating backhand chop that flipped Jennifer a full 270 degrees and sent her crashing to the canvas. The Siberian Bitch Slap was executed and the last thing Jennifer heard was the bloodthirsty throng ignite.

Anna straddled Jennifer's head between ankles and started a sexy bump and grind. Caressing every crevice of her luscious body, Anna's hands slipped down between her legs and undid the snap that held the crotch of her suit, revealing her own thick mane of pubes pressed against her tights. Lowering herself until her soft, moistened, labia engulfed Jennifer's nose and mouth, Anna locked her ankles and leaned forward.

This was the "Brighten Beach Rubout" only it was modified. Perhaps so someone of importance might take notice?

Instead of the usual stomach claw, Anna threw a double-handed crotch claw on Jennifer's much-abused privates. Simultaneously, Jennifer felt the suffocating rasp of nylon over her face and Anna's excited fishy pillows pollute her air. Anna's rock hard thighs squeezed Jennifer's head like a tube of toothpaste accompanied by the worst pain she'd ever felt between her legs. Jennifer immediately tried to tap out. From her fleshy prison, she couldn't hear the bell but she could feel pain. In a panic, she opened her mouth to yell which only excited Anna more when she felt Jennifer's hot breath and protruding tongue on her warm, damp pussy.

When the referee threatened to DQ her, Anna saw the only moment from Jennifer was a gentle twitching so, releasing the hold she rubbed her bloody mitt on Jennifer's belly and squatted over her. With her hand was raised in victory, Anna checked to make sure Jennifer was breathing. Seeing she was, she plopped down onto her face and started to slowly rock from side to side, adjusting Jennifer's face until it was at just the right angle. All the while, Sergi snapped photos.

"Hmmm...Mickrophona plezze?" Anna called.

Handed the microphone, Anna started to undulate her hips in a slow, grand matter.

"Oh, Da, Da. Da," Anna cooed. "What a country! Hmmm."

Her strokes became faster and more forceful.

"Only in America...can I... Da. Da."

Anna slowed, lifting her tingling love nest for a second before dropping it back down onto Jennifer's head yet again.

"Only in America kin eye, seemple Annya, win European championship and get to sit on hag's face. It is...oh"

The crowd roared as Anna resumed her pumping again.


Anna couldn't hold herself back any longer and launched herself full throttle against Jennifer.

The only thing she could muster besides the flood of her love juices opening on Jen's face was, "Hur-ley I THINK OF YOU!!!"

Sy downed three quarters of a bottle of Pepto. This wasn't supposed to happen. Anna wasn't ready for the can of worms she just opened.