Jennifer Aniston vs. Heather Locklear by TNT

"Hit her Jennifer; hit her!"

"Yeah Jennifer, sock her!"

"Swing Jennifer babe, swing!"

The onlookers feverish, excited and enthusiastic encouragement made Jennifer try all the more harder and she swung fast and furiously with all her might. (Whoosh Whiizzzzz) The beautiful popular incredible hot actress, moved in fast, inhaled sufficient air, steeled her determination, took aim and cut loose with another devastating haymaker. (Whoosssh) Her third consecutive swing connected with nothing but thin air. More cheers for Jennifer filled the air, urging her to try, try again.

"Gettin' tired sweetie?" Heather's taunting, teasing, almost patronizing tone angered Jennifer as she sucked air, regained her balance after what seemed like her jillionth missed punch.

THUNK! "Uhhhhhhhhh," Jennifer gasped as her ribs exploded in pain. Heather's punch landed solidly and it hurt like hell! The thickly padded gloves felt like they had no padding at all!

"C'mon Jennifer, hit me, right here; on my nose, do it girl!" Heather taunted, touching the tip of her nose with her gloved hand. Jennifer snarled as she stepped forward, trying hard to put a mean, evil, intimidating scowl on her pretty face as she cocked her arm back, held the pose....(Telegraph for Ms. Locklear!)...and swung. (Whooosh)

THUD! Another sickening impact rocked the now not-so-fresh-as-a-daisy Jennifer.

"Now girl, its my turn?" Heather sneered derisively. "You had your chance; my nose is still here, and my chiny chin-chin, OK? But now I'm gonna start bopping YOU, that okay with you cupcake?"

Heather smiled as she danced in and ripped into Jennifer with three solid punches; the first pancaking her left breast, the second lifting her right breast nearly out of it's built in cup and the third right on the point of her chiny chin-chin! Jennifer's eyes rolled back as her head was snapped back by the uppercut. Her feet tangled in her long evening gown and, arms wind-milliing wildly, down she went on her canny can-can!!

"Get up Jennifer! Hit her!"

"Yeah Jennifer, get your pretty, but sorry, ass up off the floor!" Heather tweaked her in a sultry, sickening sweet voice as she shadow boxed and moved her feet much like Sugar Ray Leonard on his best night as the gorgeous blonde pirouetted and twirled around her fallen foe, pausing briefly to survey the cheering celebrity-studded audience!


An elegant party at this elite nightclub was in full swing; the special entertainment had begun! It was quite a party; quite a scene. The action was also quite unexpected, a real surprise as well as a real treat. No one at the elegant party knew exactly why the boxing ring had been set up off to the side; not the party-goers, not the small special orchestra/band and certainly not the two lovely combatants! Jennifer had been seated at Heather's table but it wasn't long before the two egos had exchanged barbs which escalated to sniping and finally to barely stifled hostility as the evening progressed.

"I oughta smack you good," Jennifer eventually snapped, having had quite enough of the blonde's mouthiness.

"I'd love to see you try, sweetie. You're face could use a makeover," Heather retorted, standing up and leaning over to get in Jennifer's face - as well as giving her rival a good look down the bodice of her dress all the way to her naval!

"Ladies, please!" someone pleaded; and was (thankfully) completely ignored.

"Shut the fuck up!" Jennifer snarled at the well meaning - but quite ignorant - meddler as she leaned over and gave a quick swat to Heather's wrist. Heather blushed red, then snarled and fired a hard kick into Jennifer's leg. She yelped as her lovely face contorting into an almost ugly grimace as Heather's sharp-toed heel found its mark and her leg blazed with fiery pain. She stifled her agony quite well, however, and only a few guests noticed.

"See that ring over there? Let's take our disagreement over there and I'll pound some sense into that empty head of yours," Heather challenged.

"Why sure; I'd love to," Jennifer replied. She was seething with anger for deep down she knew this was probably a big mistake, but the extra wine, the nasty kick, and the lovely blonde's sarcastic words propelled her onward. "Gonna pound you senseless, then strip you, in front of everybody!" Jennifer boasted loudly and the partiers, guests, servers and everyone else within earshot heard this most hot erotic threat.

The meal had just been finished and the band was just getting ready to play its first note. Silence! It was deadly silent. All seemed to hold their breath as the two angry beauties got out of their seats and continued to bicker as they headed toward the ring. Amazingly, whether planned or coincidentally, two pairs of extra padded boxing gloves seemed to be just waiting for such hot action; hanging in opposite corners of the ring over the thinly padded ring posts.

"Now this is gonna be great!" one excited guest said.

"Yeah, two hot babes, in fine evening attire, pounding the stuffin' outta each other," her companion gushed. "Think they'll slip out of their heels first?"

"Don't really care, as long as they lose whatever clothes they're wearin'," came the answer.

Both conversationalists figured that the two lovelies would most gladly relieve the other of her beautiful attire. After all this was bound to turn into more than a mere boxing match. The contenders were two gorgeous babes who both had tempers and had been at each others' throats most of the evening.

"You do know how to box, don't you Jennifer, sweetie?" Heather chirped as she slipped between the ropes and set her feet on the canvas. Her heels made her a bit wobbly and she quickly slipped out of them.

"What a stupid dumb-ass question," Jennifer responded as she bent down, stepped into the ring, her face flushing with anger at Heather’s demeaning, condescending attitude.

"Whooops! Whoa!" the lovely actress yelped as she almost took a tumble due to her high heels. She smiled and tried to think of something appropriate to say as an eager gentlemen bounded into the ring, snatched up the boxing gloves and zipped over to her.

"Here, put these on honey, and get ready to clobber that nasty little blonde witch," he said bubbling with anticipation.

"Why thank you; you’re a really nice guy for helping me with the gloves. And you're soooo smart too! You know I'm gonna clean her clock, dontcha? Oh, and do you think I should take my heels off?" Jennifer asked as the guy finished tying her gloves on.

"Nah! They should make you box better. They'll give more ‘oomph’ to your punches," the guy said with a fully disguised smile. He looked at Jennifer closely, taking in her beauty. Her gown clung to her like a glove and it wasn’t quite clear if she was wearing a bra or not. If she was it had to be a very sheer one as her erect nipples seemed to be encountering no hindrance. He looked quickly over at Heather. An equally beautiful contender. Heather’s long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her dress was stunning as was her body. Probably no bra there either.

"C'mon, lace these babies up," Heather shouted impatiently. The guy smiled, wished Jennifer the best and scampered over to Heather.

"Hope you wished her luck and alot of it, ‘cause she's gonna need every bit of it," Heather said confidently. "If you're smart, you'll put your money on me. By the way, do you think I should strip her after I knock her senseless?"

"Well, er, uhhhh," the guy stammered as he finished lacing Heather’s thickly padded gloves up tight. He was glad that he was wearing slightly baggy pants.

"That's up to you lady, but if you want to, I'd say go for it," he continued as he looked into Heather’s beautiful eyes and tried hard not to let his gaze drop down to the two thick fully erect nipples that were so very, very close.

"Now get your ass outta here so I can get to work," Heather snipped as she fairly leaped past the helpful fellow toward Jennifer.


"Hey Jenny! Are you awake? Can't you hear your fans? They want you to get your pretty ass up so I can continue to give it a nice whoopin'!" Heather shouted at her downed and dazed opponent.

"Uhhhhh. I will win! I will win!" Jennifer mumbled, her positive attitude quickly fading once she finally made it to her feet and experienced the same response from her feisty incredibly fast rival. Heather was virtually all smiles as she peppered Jennifer’s lovely body with punches to the stomach, ribs, arms and face. She danced around the dazed actress like a gorgeous "Ali," and put her on the ropes several times. After each flurry of punches and Jennifer’s falling into the ropes, she'd back away until her opponent would unwisely step out and almost beg for more punishment. Jennifer wobbled in her heels and brought smiles and laughter to both Heather and the audience.

CRACK! "Ooooooh….whoooaaa."

Heather smiled as she saw Jennifer suddenly lose her balance, stumble forward and drop to her knees. The blonde knew instantly what happened; one of Jennifer’s heels had broken.

"Gonna stay down, Jennifer? I'd strongly advise it," Heather chirped.

"Fuck you, you #@%$&#@!! bitch!!" Jennifer cut loose with some rather strong words giving Heather the idea that she really wasn’t a very smart girl.

"OK, hon, since you're no good at boxing, let's fight like girls, okay? You know, lets catfight," Heather said almost gleefully. She raised a glove, caught a lace in her teeth, unfastened it, slipped it off, then pulled the other glove.

"Here, let me help you too," the blonde chirped as she quickly pulled off her dazed and surprised rivals' gloves.

"What the hell are they doin'?" one surprised fan asked.

"Just watch! Now the fun's really starting!"

"Upsie-daisy Jennie dear," Heather said as she buried her fingers in Jennifer’s silky hair and jerked her to her feet.

"Yeowwwwch! HEY, that hurts. It’s not fair," Jennifer squealed as she clawed at Heather’s hands. Sensing her rivals' frustration and surprise at the sudden change of tactics, Heather laughed as she pulled the pretty head in her grip every which way but loose.

"Ohhh, but Jennifer, we're catfighting now. Hair pulling not only hurts, its a helluva lotta fun…plus, it’s legal! Just like THIS!" The blonde continued as she fired a punch to Jennifer’s' ribs, spun her around and backhanded her.

"Unnnnnhhhhhhh," the lovely brown-haired beauty groaned as she staggered backwards. Heather darted in sunk her fist deep into her gut and gave her a hard push to the ropes.

"This is sooooo easy and soooo much fun," Heather whispered to herself as she watched Jennifer fly into the ropes. Another groan signaled the up-front pain of two full breasts greeting the top rope most painfully. "Hey girl, no time for a rest," Heather shouted as she charged after her opponent, grabbed the back of her gown and jerked her off the ropes. The blonde put her rival in a headlock and yanked her around the ring. Jennifer screamed and struggled, her arms flailing wildly as she felt fingers begin to tug at the zipper on the back of her gown. Zipppppp! Jennifer screamed as heard the dreaded sound and realized what it meant. "Such a lovely gown, Jennifer. We'd better take it off so it doesn't get ruined, OK?"

"Screw you, jerk!" Jennifer cussed. She suddenly felt fire in her head and saw stars as Heather treated her to a vicious hairpull, smacked her in the jaw, and switched holds executing a painful reverse headlock.

RIPPPPPPP! The dreaded sound of her lovely gown being rent asunder was followed by the mocking sarcastic words, “Oh my! I'm soooo sorry, I didn't mean to rip it."Heather couldn't stifle her laughter as she heard Jennifer’s embarrassed shriek and saw her rivals' beautiful body stripped clean to her bra and panties. And heels. Those lovely but uneven heels that still clung to those lovely feet. Two beautiful feet shuffled and moved rather clumsily catching in the lovely shredded fabric that had dropped down creating a silent but effective trap.

"Oooooohhhh…uhhhhhhhmpffh," Jennifer groaned as her feet caught in her gown and down she went, Heather gladly releasing her as she watched with delight.

"Lovely bra, wouldn't everybody agree?" Heather shouted loudly as she noted her opponents' sexy plunging black lace overstuffed bra as well as the growing crowd of partiers' that now surrounded the small ring and clamored for a better view. Heather was having the time of her life. She loved a good catfight and better yet an appreciative audience.

"Get up Jennifer honey, and for cryin' out loud, take off those stupid heels."

Jennifer uttered some expletives and made no move to get up. Heather got impatient. She looked at her lovely opponent who seemed to be content to stay down on her hands and knees.

"I said get up! What’s a matter, need a little help?" the blonde asked her voice brimming with frustration. "Here, let me help you Jennifer. Get up so I can pound you sill…Ungggggggh!"

Two beautiful dreamboat eyes rolled as one gorgeous blondes' entire lower body went numb with mind-boggling pain. Jennifer’s fist slammed into Heather’s groin with amazing power. The audience was as surprised as Jennifer seemed as she watched her domineering rival drop to her knees.

"Get up, Jennifer; get up and GIT her!."

Jennifer was all smiles as she jumped to her feet, reached down, grabbed a double handful of silky blonde hair and jerked Heather to her feet. The blonde beauty was still groaning and holding her groin, rubbing it gingerly, her lovely pouty lips puckering in agony.

"Betcha you're quite amazed, huh Heather sweetie?" Jennifer snipped as she wrapped an arm around the dazed blondes' throat. Firing two punches into her captives' lower back, Jennifer whispered quite clearly, "Think I'm catchin' on to this catfight stuff. Now, about my gown…" Jennifer continued as her free hand slipped around and reached for the front of Heather’s dress. Her fingers slipped in and hooked the front neckline.

"Yeah do it!" someone shouted.

"Nuuuhuhhhhh," Heather groaned as she heard the dreaded sound. RIPPPPPPP! Jennifer laughed as she felt her hated rivals' dress rip clean open and her two full beautiful breasts found instant freedom; their thick nipples swelling to a most perfect and erotic hardness. "You stupid bitch! I'm gonna kill you."

"Yeah right!" Jennifer thought it, but didn't have the time to say it. Two angry arms rocketed upward, wrapped around her neck, tightened painfully and pulled down hard. Heather tucked her abs in, summoned all her strength and treated the surprised Jennifer to a brief all expense paid airborne flight.

"Finally, the broad loses those stupid heels!" several folks thought as they watched one lovely screaming babe perform an erotic aerial show, those long beautiful legs kicking wildly, helplessly. Two lovely heels flew through the air with the greatest of ease, a split second before Jennifer’s luscious body slammed down hard, lovely derriere first onto the incredibly hard rough canvas.

"Uhhhhmpffh!" the beautiful actress groaned as she landed, completing her brief but highly appreciated flight her long legs flew up and parted involuntarily.

"Isn't catfighting fun Jennifer?" Heather hissed as she reached down, latched onto her rivals full bra clad breasts and squeezed the firm mounds painfully. She felt the two nipples stiffen against her palms and smiled as she shifted her fingers and pinched them as hard as she could through the sheer thin cups. Jennifer screamed and scratched at the offending hands. Much to her brief relief Heather suddenly released her breasts, then grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

WHAP! WHAP! "Uhhhhh." WHAP! THUNK! The angry blonde treated her rival to several blistering slaps, fired a punch to her solar plexus, then peppered her with a flurry of light punches to the ribs and face. Jennifer staggered backwards and was soon hanging on the top rope, in a half sitting position, her wobbly legs having given out.

"You stupid little bitch! Thinking you could take ME? I'll teach you!," Heather snipped as she licked her lips, surveyed her beautiful dazed rival. Jennifer looked totally gorgeous, totally vulnerable. Her beautiful hair was a mess, her normally flawless makeup smeared. Her full breasts bulged out of the torn black lace bra that seemed ready to lose its twin treasures. The sexy French cut panties that graced the lovely actress were torn and riding low on her hips.

"Now take this girl!" Heather moved in slowly, deliberately, almost treasuring the helpless fearful look on Jennifer’s' face. The blondes' beautiful breasts jiggled with each step she took. To the crowd's delight Heather had made no effort to cover herself with the torn dress that hung at her waist.

"What a hussy! She's not coverin' 'em up and she didn't wear a bra either," one woman sniffed as she watched Heather move in for the kill.

"Oh shut up and watch the show!" a perturbed partier said as he moved closer for a better look.

"Any last words, Jennifer sweetie?" Heather taunted as she moved in suddenly slammed her left arm up under Jennifer’s chin, pressed it against her throat. Jennifer’s response was a gurgle and a roll of her lovely eyes. Heather kept the pressure on her throat as she bent her left elbow, reached down and slipped her fingers into the ample left bra cup.

"Nice! Nice firm boob. Nice nip, too," Heather sneered as her fingers found the stiff nipple and pinched hard. Jennifer groaned as Heather rolled the sensitive nub between her fingers and yanked up hard pulling the entire lovely breast out of the lace cup.

"Argggggh!" An angry embarrassed grunt escaped Jennifer’s beautiful quivering lips as she felt Heather’s right hand slip into her panties.

"Uhhhmpfffh…gonna (gurgle) (gasp) mmmpffffhh..." Jennifer’s face flushed beet red as she began to squirm, her body still suspended in a most helpless position.

"My dear Jennifer. What in the world are you trying to say?" Heather asked in a most sarcastic incredulous tone. She twisted the captured nipple firmly before pulling it hard. Her other fingers continued their own tormenting expedition.

The blonde lowered her head next to Jennifer’s and whispered low taunts in her ear, "Isn't this fun? Bet you'll never catfight a beautiful blonde babe again, huh gir...."

THUNK! (Pain! Brilliant, blasting, mind-numbing pain! Beautiful colored stars and flashing dots)

Jennifer’s surprise head-butt to Heather’s face brought agony and world of flashing beautiful colors to her instantly. The blonde fell down and was greeted with an angry knee courtesy a dazed but quickly recovering Jennifer. Hearing Heather’s surprised gasp of pain seemed to invigorate every part of her sore body. She was off the ropes in a New York minute and was soon pulling Heather fully upright via her silky blonde hair. Two hard slaps greeted the blondes lovely face. And those big beautiful breasts; too much (or should we say TWO much) of a temptation to be ignored.

"Lovely knockers. Simply quite lovely," Jennifer chirped as she treated each target to a solid punch aiming for the thick nipple each time. Heather cut loose with a double shriek and staggered backwards.

"Strip her dammit!" someone yelled.

"Why of course! This is a catfight and that’s legal, right?" Jennifer asked with an impish grin. The audience responded with a raucous affirmative; Heather responded with a glassy eyed look as she raised her hands instinctively to block Jennifer’s fast ripping, tearing hands.

RIIIIIIP! RIIPPPPPPPPP! The tearing sounds were interrupted and overshadowed by frantic screams and shrieks coming from Heather’s luscious lips as she futilely tried to keep your already torn dress from being slowly shredded and torn off her lovely body. Soon the crowd and her rival were treated to the sight of one gorgeous blonde clad only in a pair of black stockings and garters and a most hot pair of lace coal black panties.

"Get her! Yeah Jennifer, go get her!"

Jennifer felt near invincible as she chased Heather around the ring treating her to kicks, slaps and punches. Heather seemed to be in a state of uncharacteristic panic as she tried to block the stinging blows that smacked rudely into her thighs, legs, ribs, tight abs, full breasts and lovely face.

"Look who's winning now Heather!" Jennifer snipped as she landed a surprisingly well placed punch to Heather’s chin that sent her staggering back into the ropes. "Now I'm gonna finish you off good," Jennifer snarled as she zipped in and confidently reached for the blondes' throat. Long fingers had just sunk into the lovely vulnerable flesh when an explosion went off just south of the border. "Ungggggh." Jennifer gasped as her face blanched white. She released the grip on her intended preys' throat and reached for her groin.

"Always guard that sweet spot, got it girl?" Heather cackled almost with glee as she heard her hated rival grunt in agony. "This is highly legal and VERY effective," the blonde whispered in Jennifer’s ear as she bent over her now kneeling, whimpering opponent. "Now that I've got your attention, let me give some much needed attention to other areas or interest," she chirped as she stepped behind Jennifer. "Let's show everybody your boobs. Or should I say tits? By the way, which do YOU prefer Jennifer?" Heather rasped, her voice low and full of spiteful catfight lust as she grabbed the front of Jennifer’s' bra between the cups and jerked up hard.

"NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo........" Jennifer screamed as her huge beautiful breasts bounced free.

"Nice tits Jennifer hon," the blonde hissed as her hands opened wide and latched onto the full firm orbs, pinched the stiff nipples between her fingers and pulled up, hauling her screaming rival up on her tip-toes. "Sorry to be sooooo nasty, but Jennifer this is a catfight, and everything IS legal," Heather chirped as she suddenly released her torturous breast hold, grabbed Jennifer by the hair, spun her around and treated her with a series of powerful slaps that sent her rival staggering around the ring. "You’re such a beautiful babe, let's get closer," the blonde said as she wrapped her arms up around Jennifer’s upper back, locked her wrists and yanked her in close.

"Unggggh!" Jennifer gasped as her tender breasts slammed into Heather’s full chest. The excited crowd seemed to go up several notches in excitement as the blonde interlocked her fingers behind her opponent, dug her bent thumbs into her lower back and engaged in a breast to breast test of strength. Jennifer groaned and gasped as Heather’s breasts and stiff nipples seemed to be slowly overpowering her "pride and joys." Soon Jennifer' was arching her upper body backwards, flailing her arms and begging for mercy.

"Now tell me, Jennifer honey, who's the best at this catfighting stuff? Who's the prettiest? Who's the meanest? Who's got the best boobs; huh girl?" Heather whispered as she tightened her painfully erotic grip.

" are! Heather;'re the best! I give....unnnnnhhhhh."

"That’s my good girl," the blonde whispered in her dazed and dejected opponents ear, then she gave a final squeeze and heard Jennifer's faint gasp. AS she slowly relaxed her devastating grip, Jennifer slipped between her arms down her sweat-slick body to her knees on the canvas. Then, slowly, toppled over onto the mat.

Heather dropped down on top of Jennifer and asked with a Cheshire cat grin, "Wanna wrestle?"

Not waiting for her answer, Heather quickly wrestled her near limp topless rival onto her back and straddled Jennifer's belly, leaned forward and began playfully slapping Jennifer’s' full breasts. Each SLAP brought a barely audible groan.

"So sorry sweetie," Heather purred. "I just can't resist, they're sooooo tempting. Especially THESE," Heather chirped as she captured both stiff nipples and tugged firmly, then bent and gave each trapped nub a long, lingering kiss.

"Stop that! OH damn you," Jennifer groaned.

Her reward was a stinging face slap and a quick mocking apology, "Sorry dear! But hey, this should make them better," Heather laughed as she leaned forward and treated each nipple to a flicking tongue slurp that made Jennifer let out a double pleasurable, involuntary, but highly embarrassed moan. "Time to say Good Night, Jennifer dear. Happy catfight dreams!"

With a delightfully mischievous smirk Heather leaned forward, lowered her beautiful chest down forcing her full luscious left breast over Jennifer’s' face. Jennifer’s' lovely body writhed and grew still.

"Hope everybody enjoyed the show. Now, how about some music?" Heather exclaimed, looking around with a leering grin for someone else to ‘dance’ with!