Jennifer Aniston vs. Lindsay Lohan by TNT

"Can't keep your man, huh girl?" the redhead chuckled sarcastically as she tightened her beautiful legs around the beautiful older woman she had under almost complete control.

"Get off of me. Let go of me, you snotty little bitch!" Jennifer Aniston demanded of Lindsay Lohan who by way of snickering acknowledgment grabbed a handful of silky long brown hair, twisted it around her fingers and yanked hard. Jennifer's head jerked backwards and a hand flashed down; fingers caught the inside of her blouse and sheer fabric gave way with an erotic RRRRIPPPPPP!

"Hmmmmm, nice bra Jenny. And aren't those perky nips kind of famous, huh?" the young redhead taunted as she relished Jennifer's predicament. She looked only for a moment at the sexy lace see-through bra before grabbing a thin strap and yanking it downward. Jennifer yelped, her face flushing as her beautiful left breast exposed itself to twisting, pinching fingers.

"Whatcha think hot, lovely, mature Jennifer? Should I let you go? Maybe you could learn to fight; perhaps boxing, karate, or maybe even CATFIGHTING. Then you could seriously kick Angelina's ass."

Alcohol was speaking through Lindsay's voice and she was thoroughly enjoying working Jennifer over. She added a few more slaps, a bit of painful hair pulling, a quick but hard spanking on that sexy tight ass after she raised the short skirt clean up past her captive's waist. Too bad the plush lounge had emptied out. Only the manager and Jennifer were there. "Nice work," Lindsay complemented herself on the setup. Jennifer was drunk. Quite drunk. Hopefully she'd remember the night. After all it had just begun.

"Jen, I really want to do some of this…"


"And some of this…"

"Please stop. Nooooo!"

The bartender leaned over the bar, resting his chin on his hands and sighed, "You take your time ladies, we don't officially close for our best clients for another hour; another lonnnnnng hour for you Ms. Aniston."

"Noooooooo...please… Yieeeeeee!"

"No please, what?" the young redhead sarcastically mocked as she continued her torture, slapping her lovely, squirming, whimpering victim's face, pulling her hair and occasionally squeezing and twisting that luscious exposed breast. "Whatcha prefer Jennie girl; squeezing you breathless with my fantastic legs, slapping you senseless or maybe some tittie torture?" Lindsay mocked. Then she gave Jen an unpleasant taste of all three possibilities, making Jen shriek when two fingers pinched down on her rock-hard, ultra-sensitive nipple, flattening it as Lindsay pulled down, hard and slow.

"Awwwrggggh. Stop. Leggo, please," Jennifer bawled.

WHAP! Lindsay’s quick release of the pleasure nub was followed by a blistering slap. Then the redhead scrambled to her feet, jerking Jennifer upright. "Stop sniveling you wuss. Stand up and face me, fight like a real woman," Lindsay snickered, licking her lips lasciviously as she admired Jennifer's beauty - hungry for more and even hotter action. Linds winked at the bartender who seemed unable to take his eyes off Jennifer's half exposed chest. "Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should give him a bra for a souvenir," Lindsay thought as Jennifer made two fists and raised them, trying hard to look wicked and mean as she snorted a half-assed challenge. "Ooooooooooh. I'm so scared," Lindsay said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she motioned for Jen to ‘come and get’ her.

Jen took the bait and lunged. "Uhhhhhhhh. Oooooooh!" A quick sidestep, an extended leg yielding an awkward trip from the charging lovely, then a swift kick to that hot, firm derriere, and a satisfied sneer were all had in less than a mere second or two.

"Get your clumsy ass up," Lindsay hissed as she ran over, grabbed the sprawled, bewildered and dazed Jennifer by that long silky brown hair and hauled her to her feet. A bitchslap spun Jennifer around as quick fingers ripped expensive fabric to shreds, seized the torn bra, ripped it off the beautiful chest, then deftly wrapped it around Jennifer's lovely vulnerable throat, made so easily attackable by a vicious hairpull and jerk of that lovely head.

"Ugggggh. Umppppfffh. Can't mupppphfffhh breathe mpfffffh," the older woman gasped and grunted her arms flailing, her beautiful breasts sticking outward and upward as her snickering red-haired rival pulled hard on her bra.

"Got a camera behind that bar dude?" Lindsay asked. She looked up when she noted the lack of a clear verbal response and saw the glazed-but-happy expression on the bartenders face. She smiled, almost wishing she could see below the bar since she knew guys loved this stuff. It was the main reason she liked to fight - that and kicking some other gals pretty little butt. Jennifer was a most delightful bonus - older, perkier but such an easy and yet, unwilling, victim.

"Silk undies, and garters. How nice, you hot bitch," Lindsay noted as she suddenly released the bra to put Jennifer in a headlock, then with one cool fantastic move she flipped her head over heels onto a table.


"Awhhhhhhhhhh." Jennifer gasped in agony as her lower back and butt hit the table first, her heels flying clean across the room, one almost hitting ‘Mr. Happy’ in the face. However tragic, the fantastic erotic look of a hotly dressed Jennifer doing such an erotic move (though rather unwillingly) would have been worth it.

"Nice tummy,” Lindsay chirped as she applied a painful stomach claw. “Kinda hard lookin’, but all soft an’ sexy underneath!" Lindsay had applied the claw just low enough to hook one finger in the black silk fabric below and pull.

"Yieeeee. Stop it you little bitch. Stop. Owieeeee!" Jennifer shrieked as she slapped weakly at the offending hand.

Lindsay grabbed her wrist, dug sharp nails in to the tender spot, then grabbed a finger and bent it back hard causing Jennifer great anguish and making her think twice about using the other hand to stave off the determined redheads intentions.

"We really oughta give him a little bit of a show," Lindsay sneered as she delivered a solid punch to Jennifer's jaw, not enough to knock her out but enough to keep her dazed and disoriented. The redhead cupped her own breasts, hooked her fingers in her top and ripped down, tore the blouse slowly off, cupped her breasts again and teased her stiffening nipples through the sheer, see through cups or her most sexy skimpy bra.

She heard a glass drop and shatter. Yes the bartender/owner was definitely getting his money's worth. Lindsay slowly removed her bra, leaned forward, grabbed Jennifer's hands and pulled them up. "C'mon on Jen. Don't ya wanna cop a feel?" She positioned her dazed victim's fingers perfectly and gasped with a bit of pleasure as the fingers began to "do their duty" squeezing, pulling and teasing the redhead's nips, turning them from pliable to rock hard firmness. "Yeah girl, squeeze 'em, that's it; isn't this fun Jen? HUH?"

"How ‘bout a drink for loser Jennifer?” Lindsay asked as she peeled the older woman's squeezing fingers from her breasts, twisted several digits painfully and grabbing her arms, slammed them together and down above her gasping captive's head. She held the wrists together where the two arms met, ripped a shred of clothing and used it to bind Jennifer’s wrists.

"Thanks for the drink; so kind of you," Lindsay said, giving the bartender a wink. She took two big swallows, then leaned forward and drizzled the rest of the icy cold liquid slowly over Jennifer's breasts. Now sitting on Jen's legs, the redhead laughed as her captive's nips instantly stiffened and grew hard from the cold wet caress. "Enjoy your drink sweetie? Great bartender they have here, right girl?"

Before Jennifer could answer, Lindsay's talented tongue was all over her beautiful chest, sampling the drink's residue as well as Jen's beautiful firm flesh.

"@#@#@ you bitch!" Jennifer snarled in a half pleading whine.

Jennifer tried kicking her legs and bucking but Lindsay rewarded her with several hard slaps to the face and breasts. She once again lowered down this time pressing her own breasts against Jennifer's. A light game of nipple jousting followed, then Lindsay lowered her face and kissed Jennifer forcefully, pushing her hungry tongue into the gasping mouth. With her arms tied and helpless, the older actress could only wish for escape - if indeed that was truly what she wanted - for her moans of protest were mixing with sounds of acceptance and gasps of pleasure that filled the room.

The bartender was close enough to see Lindsay's hand slip between their lovely bodies and slither down into Jennifer's dainties. "Just drop the keys on the bar,” he said.

Lindsay grunted between kisses and groans, “I'll…ungh…close up after…uhhh…we’ve concluded our…ugh…biz..ness. Trust me…ahhhhhh!"

Jennifer screamed. Lindsay sat up and WHACK, WHACK delivered two hard slaps to her lovely face, then dug her nails deep into Jennifer’s breasts, commencing a bit of nasty twisting until whimpers and whines turned once more into reluctant acceptance. Soft-but-firm kisses returned as Jennifer resigned herself to defeat and the fruits thereof as the redhead showed her determination to prove just who was the real winner. Lindsay smiled as she heard the ring of keys hit the heavy wooden bar, a few heavy steps sound off, the big squeaky door open, then close with a loud bang!.

"Time for your final night cap, Miss Priss!" Lindsay whispered in Jen’s ear.

"Ooooooh. Ahhhhhhh. Unggggggh. NOOooo. YESSSS…oooooooo...more…ummm…unnnggh…unnnggghhh…ungh!"