Mariah Carey vs. Fiona Apple by LW 09-Jul-2000

Mariah didn't know why Fiona hated her so much. She didn't really know her but at last years music awards they exchanged mean looks with Fiona glaring at Mariah so long Mariah left the party early. Mariah knew that Fiona would be there this year too and was apprehensive about attending because of it. It was times like this Mariah wished she knew how to fight. At 30 years old, 5'-9" and 124, she was a good size woman; certainly bigger than Fiona who, at 21, was 5'-6" and 110 lbs. Still she feared running in to her this year.

As Mariah arrived she hoped to avoid Fiona but as soon as she walked in, there was Fiona down the hall. Fiona was wearing a tight halter top and shorts. Her breasts were almost identical in size to Mariah's but looked considerably bigger because her body was so much smaller. The one difference Mariah noticed right away was Fiona's nipples. They were huge! Mariah was always so jealous of singers that showed off their big nipples in their videos. Mariah's were so tiny that she couldn't get them to poke thru her top. Mariah hurried to her room but Fiona saw her and walked quickly toward her.

"Do you mind if I come in for a second to talk?" said Fiona.

Mariah was nervous but said, "OK!"

When inside, and the door closed, Fiona's friendliness ceased immediately.

"You fat ass, don't you ever stare at me like you did last year, I'll stomp your ass good," said Fiona.

"I didn't stare at you Fiona, and if you thought I was, I'm sorry," said Mariah with a quivering voice.

"Don't you lie to me cunt" screamed Fiona as she walked right up in Mariah's face. "I think I'll just beat the shit out of you right now."

"Please" pleaded Mariah, "I don't want to fight you."

Mariah's obvious fear didn't matter to Fiona. She reached out with one hand and grabbed Mariah's throat, choking her. Mariah grabbed her arm with both hands and tried desperately to pry it off of her throat. Mariah was losing air fast and couldn't believe how strong this girl was. Fiona just stared coldly into Mariah's panic stricken eyes and continued to squeeze. Mariah was pulling Fiona's arm with all her might and still couldn't remove it from her neck.

Tears began to run down Mariah's face and she thought she was going to pass out any minute when mercifully Fiona let go. Mariah slumped to her knees in front of this gorgeous singer. Mariah was now openly weeping, begging Fiona.

"Please don't hurt me anymore, Please!" cried Mariah, her pretty face stained with tears.

Fiona was not thru however, she wanted to really punish the older lady. She reached out and grabbed Mariah's hair and lifted her to her feet. Mariah just stood there, afraid to fight, afraid to make Fiona any angrier, fearing a worse beating. Fiona reached out and yanked Mariah's tube top off and laughed.

"Your tits are smaller than mine and you have little girls nipples."

Fiona arched her back and stuck her tits out. They did appear to be larger than Mariah's but it was the long nipples that was the biggest difference.

"Kiss them! Kiss my nipples," ordered Fiona.

Mariah, fearing more punishment bent down and kissed her huge nips, still covered by the halter. With that, Fiona slapped Mariah across the face really hard. The stinging slap sent waves of pain thru Mariah. She had been slapped before but never this hard. She couldn't believe how strong this young girl was. Mariah began to cry more, Fiona slapped her again, and again and again, at least 12 times total! Mariah slumped to her knees again. Fiona grabbed her hair and drug her to the middle of the floor, throwing her on her stomach. Mariah was numb now, badly beaten and almost unconscious. Her lip was bleeding from one of the vicious slaps. Fiona began to jerk Mariah's tight jeans down her body and off. Fiona was extremely jealous of Mariah's awesome butt.

As she looked down at Mariah's buns, with her panties way up the crack of her ass from the beating she said, "I'm going to make sure you don't show anyone your mighty ass for some time bitch."

Mariah continued to weep and beg, "Please Fiona, please don't hurt me, I'll do anything, please!"

Fiona then stomped down on Mariah's ass, and big thighs repeatedly. She kept on for 10 minutes, literally stomping all the fight out of the once proud singer. Mariah's legs and ass were purple from the stomping. Then, she turned her over and sat on her chest. Mariah was barely conscious now. Fiona pinned her arms above her head easily and put her legs on them to hold them. Fiona's tight shorts were now up her pussy and she sat it right in Mariah's face.

"If you want to live thru this you wimpy bitch you better start licking!" ordered Fiona.

Mariah began licking thru the shorts with her last bit of strength. She licked and licked for 10 minutes until Fiona began to buck up and down. Fiona then stood up and removed her tight shorts and panties. She sat down right on Mariah's face and resumed her bucking. Mariah continued to lick, knowing that this teenager could beat her senseless at any time.

Finally, Fiona came,in gushes, all over Mariah's face. Fiona then inched back and began to slap Mariah's cum drenched face again and again until Mariah passed out. Fiona showered, dressed and left Mariah laying there on the floor, naked, her face covered in cum and badly beaten where she would wake up 3 hours later and leave, canceling her awards appearance and leaving Fiona to get all the attention at the ceremony.