Shiri Appleby vs. Kristin Kreuk by Interac(?)

The part Kristen Kreuk had to fight Mila Kunis over was hers! She was on the set and walking to her dressing room already dressed in a schoolgirl outfit with short skirt, white cotton shirt and rolled up sleeves; the shirt tied in the middle with a black top beneath. Her hair was in two pig tails. As she entered the dressing room, she looked at a woman in the mirror who turned around, dressed exactly the same as Kristen. The woman in the mirror was Shiri Appleby!

"Ohhhh, you're in this too are you?" Kristen asked.

"Looks that way," Shiri said as she went to hang up her coat as Kristen headed to the mirror to check her make up. She looked down at the script Shiri had. She'd underlined the parts Kristen was supposed to be playing.

"I think there's a mistake if this is who you're playing."

Shiri went over and stood next to Kristen, bent down and looked at the script, then straightened and got right in Kristen's face. "Nope, no mistake. That's my part. Who're YOU supposed to be?"

Kristen had to fight another woman for the part and she wasn't about to lose to THIS bitch! She put her fingers on the page looking down at it as Shiri stepped forward until their bodies touched. Kristen looked back up at Shiri just as the director came in and they separated.

"Oh good, you're both here! There was some kind of mistake at the casting office. Somehow both your agents were told you each got the same part. Just sit here and wait till we find out who really got the part."

He shut the door and Shiri looked at Kristen who stood staring back with her hands on her hips. Shiri smiled as she went to the door.

"Smart move, you real..." but before Kristen could finish her sentence she heard a click.

"This really works out, I want this part and..." Kristen met Shiri halfway and the two women stared at each other for a moment. "And you get to end up like Mila you don't back off. Or better yet, I'll do to you what Rach..."

Shiri slapped Kristen before she could finish, then bent forward glaring at Kristen who was rubbing her cheek. "What Kristen? Don't get cocky you only had one fig..."

Kristen's hand whipped across and cracked Shiri's face, then she grabbed Kristen's ponytail. Kristen quickly did the same and they crashed down on the couch with Shiri on top. Rising up on her knees, Shiri releasing Kristen's ponytail and slapped her face. The next second, Kristen had turned Shiri around and was slapping her! They rolled off and fell to the floor where they pulled each other up to their feet. Their bodies twisted and bent, both trying to gain an advantage but they just ended up falling back onto the couch - again with Kristen on her back and Shiri again on top. This time, Shiri grabbed a cushion and shoved it over Kristen's face the same way Kristen had beaten Mila Kunis and she was frantic to get away before she was smothered out. Grabbing Shiri's shirt, Kristen twisted her body and threw her off the couch, slamming her down on the floor. Kristen rolled off and landed on top of her with both hands in her hair, shaking her head from side to side violently.

Shiri screamed and grabbed Kristen's hair, pulling outward. Kristen screamed and let go of Shiri's hair and again slapped her. Shiri sucked it in as her face was slapped again and kept hauling Kristen upward until she was able to get a foot between their bodies and kick Kristen off. She flew back and hit the couch, struggling to sit up as Shiri got to her feet. Kristen pushed off the couch but Shiri caught her by the waist, turned her around and ripped the white shirt off Kristen's body as she hip-tossed her down to the floor. As Kristen went flying, she kept her hold on Shiri's hair and pulled her down, sending her tumbling as well.

Both women got up and shrugged off what little was left of their white cotton shirts and threw them aside leaving them in socks rolled down, skirt and tube tops. They started circling more cautiously, taking little swipes at the other's hands until Shiri caught one of Kristen's hands and pulled her off balance, opening her face for a hard punch that dropped her on her face down. Kristen landed on her belly and as she tried to push herself up, Shiri jumped on her back, ripping the elastic out of Kristen's hair. Shiri roughly scrubbed Kristen's face into the carpet.

"Not so cute now, are we?" Shiri laughed as she hauled back on Kristen's hair so she could wrap her other arm under Kristen's chin to choke her.

Kristen grabbed her arm trying to pull it from her throat, but Shiri was too strong. Scratching and clawing Shiri's arm, Kristen got little yelps from Shiri before she turned her body, flipping Shiri onto her back. Shiri had to let her choke loosen a bit as Kristen raised her head up but she was pushed off of Shiri before she could snap her head back into Shiri's face.

"Fuck you! That is NOT gonna happen!" Shiri snarled as she reached over, grabbed Kristen by the hair and shook her back and forth. "My part! Dammit, it's MINE!" she screamed.

Kristen shot a backfist to Shiri's cheek and she let go of Kristen's hair and turned to crawl away to gain time to recover from the backfist which had clearly hurt her. Kristen turned around her disheveled hair covering her face. Enraged, she dove forward to grab Shiri by her skirt. She started crawling up Shiri's body, hauling down on her skirt and panties underneath as she used them to pull herself slowly up Shiri's back.

"You little bitch, get BACK here," Kristen saw Shiri's pale ass cheeks and started spanking the soft white flesh. Shiri was screaming at the humiliating treatment but she screamed even louder when Kristen wriggled down and wedged both knees between Shiri's legs, spread them and reached forward to grab Shiri's long hair and haul her upper body backward, putting her in a surfboard type hold. Shiri was screaming, ready to cry out her surrender.

"Say it!" Kristen screamed. "Say it's mine. Say the part is mine!"

Kristen couldn't keep a hold of Shiri's hair and lost it as she fell back, ripping out a large clump. She landed on her back as Shiri fell face down. Her tears angered Shiri, but losing a handful of hair pissed her off and she spun around on her knees just as Kristen had after falling and leaped on Kristen's shoulders, turning her as she slammed her down on her back. Forcing her hands under Kristen's tube top, Shiri found her firm boobs and gave them a squeeze! Kristen screamed but got her own hands up under Shiri's tube top and pulled it up over her perky boobs and squeezed in retaliation! Then both began to claw and rake the soft, sensitive flesh of the other. Tears welled in their eyes as, only inches apart, their legs were intertwined so neither could escape. They had to lie there, cuddled together and dig into the other's breasts as hard as they could until one of them broke.

Shiri stopped the crushing and clawing first, but only to slap Kristen. Then she came back across with a backhand! Forehand, backhand again until Kristen was forced to release Shiri's boobs and cover her face as she tried to roll onto her belly and hide her face. But Shiri grabbed the back of Kristen's hair and hauled back, bringing a squeal from Kristen.

"The part is mine it's mine. Do you hear me, MINE!" Shiri screamed as she slapped straight down. "Say it! Say it's mine!"

"No!" Kristen whimpered through her tears, hurting yet refusing to give in to her tormentor.

Shiri got up off of Kristen's body, grabbed two handfuls of hair and dragged her around the room. All Kristen could do was desperately clutch her wrists and scream in pain. Shiri finally stopped dragging her and jerked Kristen to her feet. Turning her around, she threw her towards the makeup desk. Kristen's stomach hit the edge and, as her body jackknifed forward over the top, she let out a loud, “UMMMPH!” Shiri grabbed her by the back of the hair, lifted her up and slammed her face back down onto the table top.

"Lousy bitch! I'll teach you to spank ME! When I'm through with you, you'll beg me to stop!"

Shiri pulled down Kristen's panties, grabbed a hair brush from her makeup table, reared back and nailed Kristen once! Then she hit her again and again and again! Kristen couldn't take any more and started crying softly as Shiri reached back even further for more. Kristen felt the hand holding her hair loosen a bit and she grabbed Shiri's wrist with both hands and twisted it, pulling her hand from her hair. Shiri went down on the makeup table and Kristen grabbed her hair and stood up. But as Kristen started to slam Shiri's face down on the table, Shiri nailed her with a pussy punch that sent Kristen careening back. Shiri whipped her shirt off and went after Kristen, who dodged and pushed Shiri back, finally throwing her to the floor.

Kristen jumped on Shiri and turned around, slapping her body down on Shiri who let out a moan of pain, but still grabbed at Kristen's shirt and pulled it over her head as Kristen fell back, allowing Shiri to pull it off her in one swift motion. Kristen raised her hand and brought it down in a swift, quick swing, slapping Shiri across the nose and mouth.

"Did you like that?" Kristen cackled. "No? Well, how about this?" she asked as she raked her nails over Shiri's boobs, eliciting a scream. "Well, time to end this!" Kristen muttered as she slid up Shiri's body and bounced her butt up and down until she got her fantastic fanny onto Shiri's cute face.

She bounced up again, but this time Shiri shoved her hands up under Kristen's ass and tipped her over, slamming her face into the door. Shiri crawled out from under Kristen, grabbed her by the hair and started smashing her face into the door over and over. Shiri screamed at Kristen, calling her "bitch" "cunt" and other names over and over until the door was suddenly opened. Shiri didn't miss a beat, quickly adjusting her aim to slam Kristen's face into the floor

"Uhmn Shiri? the part!"

Shiri looked up and saw 'the man' standing there. It wasn't until that moment that she realized she'd won! Shiri smiled and rolled Kristen over onto her back. The dazed girl's face was a bloody mess but Shiri still scratched at her boobs one last time before she stood up stomped her foot down on Kristen's boobs. She posed as she shook the man's hand, beaming proudly.

"I guess it was a bad day all around for her now, wasn't it..." Shiri said just before she dropped her ass down on Kristen's chest and started slapping her again and again. Finally, coming to her senses, Shiri stood back up and muttered, "I'm sorry, I... I... that fight was... I gotta go." Shiri ran back to her room, grabbed some fresh clothes, dressed and left.

Then on her way out, she stopped and gave a final kick to Kristen who, when she finally came to, was none too pleased. She told any and all who cared (or who'd listen) that she'd had the fight won and - if she EVER saw Shiri again - she’d “…rip her tits off and make her PAY for what she did to my face and to my body."

Of course, Shiri had an entirely different story to tell as she explained to a TV tabloid reporter who asked her about it, "Hey! Look at my face and then look at hers! Tells you all you need to know about who's the bad ass and who's the bad ass’s bitch!"