Christina Applegate-Drew Barrymore vs. Denise Richards-Alyssa Milano by CROZ

“I win! You rack!” Alyssa said

It was a Thursday night at the Roadhouse, a little bar on the outskirts of LA Alyssa had convinced her friend Denise to go to a dive bar where the paparazzi wouldn’t bother them and the locals wouldn’t make a fuss about them being there. The two were currently on the third round of drinks and second game of billiards.

“I’m going to grab another drink. You want one? Alyssa asked

“Yeah, grab me a vodka tonic.” Denis responded

Alyssa wearing a shiny floral tank top, black caprice, and black sandals went to get drinks while Denise, wearing a sleeveless v-cut white button up shirt, denim pleated skirt, and black high heels walked over to the far side of the pool table and began to rack the balls. Out of the corner of her eye she saw two women walked into the bar. Denise didn’t take much notice until she realized that the two women were now standing on the other side of the pool table. The brunette looked up to see Christina and Drew who flashed a half-hearted smile at them, while Christina gave a blatant dirty look at Denise.

After several seconds of staring, Drew broke the tension, “Come on Chris, let’s go get a drink.” They took a seat at the bar as Alyssa came back to the pool table.

“Well I guess you saw who just came in. What was that dirty look all about?” Alyssa asked

“Oh she’s still pissed at me for beating her out for that Bond girl role. No matter, its your break ‘Lys.”

Denise and Alyssa continued to shoot pool, both occasionally glancing over at Christina wearing a tight short-sleeve red shirt and even a tighter pair of blue jeans and black boots, and Drew who was wearing a baby blue sweater, plaid short skirt and black boots as well, who were drinking and discussing.

“You know Drew, I’m sick of that bitch!” Christina spoke with bitterness.

“Yeah I know, both of those sluts get on my nerves too.” Drew responded.

“If it weren’t for Denise fuckin’ dyking out with Neve, nobody would even know who she is!” Christina continued her verbal assault.

“Well don’t let her get to you, let me by you a shot.”

The night continued without incident until an hour and several rounds of drinks later. Denise and Alyssa were still shooting pool with the Wild Things star shooting for the eight ball. Denise took the shot and hit both the eight and cue ball in.

“God Dammit.” Denise yelled in frustration.

“You scratch, I win.” Alyssa said with a giggle.

Suddenly, from the bar came a holler.

“Nice shot Richards!” Both girls looked over at the bar to see a drunken and laughing Christina. Drew even seemed a little surprised at her friends out burst.

“Why don’t you shut your mouth blondie!” Denise yelled.

“Make me you whore!” Christina screamed back laughing. Denise put down her pool cue and walked over to blonde who was still sitting at the bar. Alyssa followed close behind her ‘date’.

“What’s your deal Christina, You’ve been giving me dirty looks since you got here. I can’t help it if the MGM people wanted to go with a woman with a little class instead of a white trash bimbo like you.”

Christina stood up and got right in the face of Denise. “Now you listen up slut and you listen good; don’t try to play Miss Proper Shit with me. I don’t know how many dicks you had to suck to get that Bond girl part, but I’m sure it must have been some kind of a record, because you’re the most untalented slut in Hollywood.”

“Imagine that, you calling me a no-talent when YOUR best part was playing a blonde slut on some lame TV Show…and you only had to play yourself!” Denise sneered.

“Watch you mouth little girl, you might get hurt,” Christina said pushing her chest into Denise’s.

“You want it that way, fine. Outside; me and you,” Denise challenged.

“Why wait until we get outside?” Christina snarled as she reached back and clocked Denise up side the face with a sneak right hook.

The brunette was caught off guard and stumbled backwards several steps. Denise gathered herself, looked at the blonde, and charged forward. The two women slammed together, with Christina’s back hitting the bar and several barstools getting knocked over. The two ladies soon found each others hair and began to stumble around.

“Fight!!!” somebody hollered

“Give ’em room” yelled the bartender and the bar patrons backed off to give the two hellcats room while Alyssa and Drew stood watching.

Christina and Denise continued grunting and groaning as they pulled each other around trying to rip the others hair out. The stalemate finally ended when Denise brought her knee up into Christina’s stomach. Christina stopped in her tracks and Denise was able to make enough space them to hammer a punch to the blondes face. Christina lost her grip on the brunette’s hair as her hips shunted backward. But Christina was only pushed back a step because Denise kept a grip on her blonde locks as she continued her punching assault on the TV star’s face. Christina tried her best to cover her face up, but Denise now in control was still able to land several punches before she gabbed Christina hair with both hands and whipped her to the floor.

Drew clinched her fists and took a step towards the brawling ladies when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Drew turned her head to see Alyssa shaking her head. “Don’t even think about it Drew!”

Drew stared back at the brunette for a few seconds before shrugging off Alyssa hand and continued watching the fight as Denise walked over to her downed opponent and unleashed a kick aimed for Christina’s face. But the fiery blonde was able to catch the kick in both hands, then she twisted Denise’s leg causing her to let out a small yelp as she fell. Christina climbed on top of her rival and soon both women had their claws in each others hair again. Denise was able to push Christina off and the two sexy stars began to roll around trying to gain control of the fight.

Finally they rolled into the Jukebox causing it to skip. Denise was able to straddle the Married with Children star and with her blonde locks in her grip began to bang Christina’s head against the dirty floor. Denise could not see very well what she was doing since Christina was still tearing at her hair as well, the grunts the blonde was giving out was indication enough for her that she was causing some damage to her opponent.

“That’s right Denise knock some sense into that brainless bitch.” Alyssa cheered on her friend as Drew turned to the brunette with a cold stare.

“Watch yourself ‘Lys!” Drew said distantly to which Alyssa responded with a smile.

Christina was getting dizzy from her head banging off the floor and decided to change tactics. Letting go of the brunette’s hair Christina grabbed for Denise white shirt and ripped it open. White buttons went flying as all but the bottom two buttons of Denise’s shirt kept the front garment together.

“You stupid cunt!” Denise shouted.

She looked down at her shirt and saw Christina’s greedy hands clasped on to her breasts that were still somewhat protected by a white lace bra. Denise squealed a little as she felt the familiar pain of her luscious boobs being crushed. Seeing her surroundings better now that she was free from her rivals hair pull Denise saw how close they were to the Jukebox. Pulling Christina’s head off the ground she began to ram it into the side of the Jukebox, causing Uncle John’s Band to skip each time the blondes head slammed into the side of it. Christina stopped her attack on her enemy’s tits and yelled out from the new pain she was feeling. Getting her black boots against the jukebox, Christina pushed off and was able to tumble Denise over on her side. Christina rolled with her and now it was the Anchorman star on top of Denise. The blonde quickly found Denise’s hair and began to return to favor of slamming the back of rivals head into the floor.

“How’s that feel slut?” Denise could only groan back in response. She tried to unseat the actress on top of her, but Christina was able to keep her dominate position. Denise decided to go with another tactic. Picking her legs up she wrapped them around Christina waist. The brunettes short denim skirt fell to her upper thighs as the crowd got a quick glimpse of her orange panties before she locked her ankles around Christina. The blonde cried out from the scissors and tried to pry Denise’s thighs apart. When that failed, Christina returned to her assault on her rival’s chest by digging her talons into Denise’s melons which by now were barely contained by her white lace bra.

A stand off developed between the two women over who could withstand the most pain. Denise managed to put the odds in her favor as she toppled Christina to side. The blonde was stuck on her side with her head against the floor. Releasing her breast claw Christina reached up and grabbed Denise’s brown locks with one hand and fired a punch into her opponent’s nose. The brunette was surprised by the punch and how the blonde was able to turn the tables with herself being in the dominate position.

She released the body scissors and got her high heeled covered feet between her and Christina who was able to get off two more punches before Denise kicked her away. Both girls took a second to catch their breaths and gather themselves. Denise sitting on the ground brought her hand up to her nose, she was shocked to see blood trickle down to her palm. She looked up at Christina on one knee, smiling with her shirt so stretched out that it partially hung down her shoulder.

“There’s more where that came from hon!” Christina said as she pushed herself up and charged the Bond Girl. Denise tried to get to her feet, but only managed to get to her knees before Christina took hold of her hair with both hands. The blonde fired a knee into the side of her rivals head. Denise saw small white spots and would haven fallen to the bar floor, but Christina kept a firm grip on her hair. “Here slut, let me help you up!” Christina pulled Denise to her feet before letting go of her hair with one hand and firing a shot to her stomach.

Despite her tight abs, Denise gave out a groan and then another as Christina nailed her a second time in the gut. Standing the brunette straight up and then letting go of her hair, Christina reached back and clobbered Denise with a punch to the mouth. The poor movie star stumbled back landing in a heap against the bottom of the bar.

Christina smiled at her handy work and made her way over her downed enemy, “Looks like you could use a drink babe!” She took a pitcher of beer off the bar and slowly poured it all over Denise’s head. The brunette looked like a mess, as her make up ran, hair became tangled, and breasts were now visible through her white bra. She could do little but take the abuse of the vicious blonde. “Hey Denise, tell me what you think of my new boots!” As the taunt left her lips, Christina began to kick her downed opponent. Denise did her best to cover up as the blonde continued to kick, stomp, and laugh.

“That bitch” Alyssa spoke as she took a step toward Christina.

Seeing her chance Drew quickly wrapped her arm around Alyssa’s neck from behind and put her in a choke hold.

“What the fuck…” Alyssa managed to squeak.

“Save your breath bitch, you’re going to need it!” Drew purred devilishly.

Alyssa brought her hands up to Drew’s arm that was now locked around her neck. The two actresses stumbled around the bar. Despite Alyssa best efforts, she was unable to break Drew’s choke hold. Becoming frustrated and a little light headed the brunette tried to trip her rival by entangling her legs with Drew’s. The move worked and the two women stumbled backwards into a wall with Drew taking most of the impact.

“OW, you bitch.” Drew fired a knee into Alyssa’s side while maintaining her choke hold on the brunette. The Charmed star was feeling the wrath of Drew and starts to swing her body in a desperate effort. The two hotties stumble around clumsily as the friends continue to fight on the other side of the bar. Alyssa swings her body at a nearby entrance and the two girls fall through the swinging door into the bathroom. The actresses spilled to the floor with Drew falling on top of Alyssa. No longer in the blondes choke hold, Alyssa lays there on her stomach and takes in a few much needed breathes. While Alyssa is refocusing the situation she is yanked harshly to her feet by her hair. Drew take hold of the brunette locks and throws her clumsily into the graffiti cover wall. Alyssa face smack into the wall, as the blonde in right on her back.

“I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time Milano!” Drew hissed as she fired a kidney shot into Alyssa’s back. The charmed girl gives out a moan and then another one as the blonde lands a second kidney punch. Drew then spins her rival around and lands a quick punch to Alyssa’s tight stomach. The brunette’s hands shoot up to cover her stomach as the air escapes from her mouth. “That ‘Charmed’ role should’ve been mine, but you screwed your way into it; that’s why you deserve THIS!” Drew punctuated the sentence with a crushing kneelift to Alyssa Capri covered crotch. The brunette eyes widened and she let out a small yelp as she crumbled to the floor cradling her womanhood with both hands.

Meanwhile, Denise was getting the short end of an ass whooping from Christina who continued to stomp the poor actress against the bar. “OK Slut, I think its time to put your sorry ass out of it misery!” the blonde growled as she reached down and pulled the beaten brunette to her feet.

Denise looked terrible. She was filthy with her shirt open, boobs visible through her dirty white bra, her face had traces of drying blood, not to mention the welts she had all over her arms and legs she had from deflecting Christina stomps. Denise gave almost not resistance as she dragged and thrown onto a pool table. Denise could not focus and could only look up at the lights that were spinning above her.

“Yeah this one should work!” Christina smirked as she grabbed a pool stick from off the rack. Climbing on to the pool table, the blond crawled over to Denise and straddled her rival so that she was sitting on the brunette’s waist. “Well honey, this is the part of the night where I am going to choke you out and with your last remaining breaths you will be begging me to stop. Not that I will, so you might as well save your breath.” Christina grabbed the pool stick with both hands and pushed it down so that it was pressing hard against Denise’s throat.

The sudden choking shocked Denise from her daze and she now became painfully aware that Christina was on top of her, choking her with a pool queue. The brunette grabbed the stick and tried to bench press it off her, but Christina’ strength and better position made sure that she maintained her choke hold. Denise was fading fast as short, unflattering gurgle sounds began to emit from her mouth.

“That’s it bitch, choke for me!” Denise began to feel herself fading and tears welted up in her eyes. The music still playing in the background was fading in and out. She looked around for anything that could help her, but nothing. Becoming desperate, the Wild Thing star kicked her legs and tried to unseat Christina. The blonde didn’t budge, but Denise felt her leg hit something. The brunette noticed that she had hit the cue ball when she kicked her feet. Closing her eyes and fading fast, Denise hand fumbled for the spinning ball.

“That’s right, go to sleep skank.”

Feeling around until she found the ball, Denise grabbed it, opened her eyes and swung…slamming her fist holding the ball into Christina’s temple! The blonde was knocked sideways and rolled off the pool table. Denise could do nothing but lay there and gasp air into her empty lungs. Her friend Alyssa wasn’t any better off as she was being punched, kicked and stomped by Drew who finally pulled Alyssa up onto her knees, then fired a punch right to her eye that knocked her back to the ground.

“You’re pathetic, you know that Alyssa!”

The brunette could do nothing but take the insult. She had been in fights before, but she had never been so dominated as she was right now. Drew had been unleashing an assault on her for nearly five minutes she could not get up before Drew knocked her back to the ground again. Alyssa put her hand against the wall and tried to push herself up, but the viscous blonde kicked her in the ribs causing the Charmed girl to fall to the ground and hold her aching sides.

“Absolutely pathetic.” Drew reached down and grabbed a hold of the back of Alyssa’s floral tank top. “Let’s take at look at your most talented attributes.” Yanking the shirt over the brunettes head, Alyssa gave only a minor attempt to stop her. The actress was left in only a red bra and black Capri’s. “Hey this is nice; I think I might keep this.” Drew joked as she hold Alyssa shirt in her hand. Alyssa quickly tried to get to her feet, but Drew met her with a boot to the face. Alyssa was knocked again to floor, now more dazed then ever.

“Well Milano, there’s only one place I a no talent actress like you belongs...” Drew grabbed Alyssa by her hair and dragged her into a stall. Holding the brunette head above the toilet, Drew began to taunt her downed opponent.

“Take a look into your future, cunt.” Drew then tried to push Alyssa head into the toilet, but Alyssa put her hands against the seat to fight it.

Drew put all weight against the back of Alyssa head. Feeling her neck screaming in pain and feeling herself losing against Drew’s leverage, Alyssa fired back and elbow that caught Drew square in the crotch. The blonde was stunned as she stopped trying to push Alyssa head down. Looking over her shoulder, the brunette grabbed Drew’s hair and pulled her head down so that it slammed in the edge of the toilet.

Denise finally getting her breathing back to normal sat up on the pool table. She stood up and saw Christina still lying on the ground holding her aching head. Denise looked at her downed opponent for a few seconds remembering what Christina had done to her.

“You’re fucking dead, bitch!” Denise said. She ran at Christina and kicked her in the head, watching with a tight smile as the battered blonde collapsed to the floor. Christina was quickly yanked back to her feet by the brunette who snarled, “I’m going to make you pay for trying to choke me!”

It was only then that Denise first saw the gash right about Christina temple from where she had slammed the ball into her head. Denise ran forward, taking Christina with her and slammed her into the wall. A neon beer sign fell of the wall from the impact and crashed to the ground. Denise continued to slam the blonde head into the wall before spinning around and sending Christina into the pool stick rack that was in the middle of the floor. Christina crashed into the sticks and then lay sprawled on the floor. Reaching down Denise picked up a pool stick and broke it over the TV stars back. Denise was relentless as she dropped the broken stick and pulled Christina to her knees by her hair.

“Fuck you, cunt!” Denise yelled as she fired a punch into Christina’s face. The blonde would of fell to the ground, but the brunette kept a firm grip of her hair with her left hand. “Try to choke me?” Denise fired another shot into Christina defenseless face. “You’re going to get the beating of your life tonight blondie.” Denise finished with another punch, then the brutal brunette landed six more before letting the blonde collapse on the floor.

Grabbing the downed blonde Denise yanked a barley conscious Christina to her feet. She then threw the blonde on the pool table. Climbing onto the table herself, Denise rolled her rival onto her back and then straddled the blonde so that she was sitting on Christina stomach.

“All I wanted to do tonight was come have a couple drinks and relax tonight. Instead I had to put up with your shit and look where it got you. Beat up, bloodied, and about to have the air choked out of you. Well bitch, not only do you deserve this, but I am really, really going to enjoy this.”

Denise brought her hands to Christina pretty white neck and squeeze. The blonde was taken back to life a little bit, and tried to pry the brunette hands from her throat. She kicked and clawed, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Alyssa was now kicking a topless Drew in the side. “How’s it feel bitch?” She kicked her again. “Hurts right?” Alyssa was now in complete control and was paying Drew back for all she had done to her earlier. “Know what hurts even more?” Alyssa grabbed one of Drew’s legs, raised it up and kicked Drew right in her snatch. “That!”

Drew was being destroyed, and she looked it to laying there only in her plaid skirt, sobbing, and trying to cover her body up the best she could. She currently laid there with her hand down her skirt, holding her throbbing pussy, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Please Alyssa…enough…” Drew pleaded.

Alyssa walked over to Drew and put her sandal cover foot across the blonde’s neck. Stepping down she spoke, “It was bad enough when you almost choked me out from behind, or when you tried to put me head into the damn toilet. Hell, no way am I letting you off now, you ungrateful cunt; you fucking deserve every bit of this ass whipping!”

Alyssa kept her foot on Drew’s neck and she leaned over and spit on the purple faced blonde. Before Drew passed out though, Alyssa stepped off of her. The brunette reached down and grabbed Drew by her hair. Kicking open the stale door, Alyssa pulled Drew in front of the toilet.

“There’s only one place where a little piece of shit like you belongs Drew.” And with that Alyssa shoved Drew face first into the toiled. Alyssa held Drew’s flailing body in place and she kept her hand on the back of the blonde head. After nearly twenty seconds Alyssa let go of Drew head and the blonde flopped backwards gasping and coughing at Alyssa feet.

“Let me tell you one more thing bitch. If you ever fuck with me again, spitting up toilet water is going to be the best thing that happens to you.” Alyssa then fired a knee into Drew’s temple, knocking her out could. Alyssa picked up her shirt from the ground and headed out the main area of the bar. Looking to her right she saw Denise sitting on top of Christina, choking the blonde. Denise saw Alyssa and flashed her a smile. Getting off the unconscious blonde, Denise released her choke hold and made her was over to the brunette who stood in her read bra and Capri’s.

“Next time we go out for a relaxing night, I’M picking the place.”