Christina Applegate vs Jennifer Connally by (Fight dir)

The posh Hollywood Hills party was the place to be seen that Friday night and everyone was there, Bruce and Demi, the Spelling Clan, as well as a host of Hollywood royalty. Invitations were sparse indeed, and so Christina Applegate was thrilled to be invited. Christina found as she was doing more and more films, she was being invited to more and more Hollywood "in" parties. From the moment she arrived in her tight white silk dress, she was one of the darlings of the party Neve Cambell and Courtney Cox were sitting in a corner watching the men drool over Christina's fantastic figure.

"Look she's playing the bimbo act to the hilt." sneered Cox

"Is that the dress she's planning to wear to the Music Video Awards?" Cambell asked.

"Everyone here's in what they're planning to wear," Cox said.

Just about that time Christina let out with a giggle and both beautiful Brunette's flinched at the sound.

"Someone should slap that stupid grin off her face." Cambell said. "If Alyssa were here or Jenny Connally they'd love to, both of them hate her guts," Cox, who was in the know, informed Neve.

The party went on without much incident for about 30 more minutes, and then Jennifer Connally arrived. Bulit almost exactly like Christina, only with Dark hair, she was wearing the same dress Applegate was.

Jennifer's eyes immediately saw what Applegate was wearing. "Bitch." she muttered under her breath, and moved into the party. There was a tense moment when the two young ladies ended up face to face, and finally had to say something. Both Passed it off as a joke.

"Cute Dress." Connally said as she smiled at Christina.

The Blond smiled with her mouth, but not her eyes and said, "I love yours too, you've got great taste."

They quickly parted, another Hollywood party catfight averted.

Christina was just as angry at the brunette sexpot as Jennifer was at her, and she saw her opportunity. A waiter was headed into the room with a tray of red wine, and Christina maneuvered herself near Connally. As the waiter came by, the blonde "accidentally" turned and bumped into him. Jennifer, hearing a noise, turned in time to be covered with red wine, her new dress not only ruined but made nearly transparent.

"I am so sorry." Christina said holding back a giggle.

Not missing a beat, Jennifer said, "It's OK," and quickly threw both arms around Christina and hugged her - effectively ruining the blonde's dress also.

To all watching including Cambell and Cox, it appeared as if Jennifer had let the whole incident roll off her back as she was smiling sweetly hugging Christina. Jennifer had actually tightened the hug more than necessary and as she hear Christina grunt, she whispered "you bitch" in Christina's ear.

Both girls, their dresses ruined, left the party quickly.

Both went home fuming mad, and furious at the other. Jennifer knew that she had to get another dress for the video awards, and she wanted the same one she had planned on wearing. The next day, at the crack of noon, Connally got into her car and drove to the exclusive Beverly Hills shop where she had gotten the dress. As she pulled up, she noticed Christina's car already parked. She made her way into the shop to get her dress but found there were none left. She quickly found a similar dress in all black and made her way to the private dressing rooms.

The room was tiny, Jennifer was small but there was hardly room for her to get her clothes off to try on the dress. With much struggling she, got her clothes off, standing there in her bra and bikini cut panties she had just taken her dress off the rack when she heard a thump in the dressing room next to hers.

Then she heard a voice, she recognized say. "Damn cramped booth."

She knew Applegate was in the next dressing room. The shop was almost vacant, and so Jennifer thought nothing of coming out of her tiny dressing room, in her state of undress, and opening the door to Christina's room.

On hearing the door open, Christina turned around saying. "Hey, there's someone in..." but she was stunned as Connally pushed herself into the now over crowded dressing room and locked the door behind her.

Christina, who was also in bra and panties, said, "What the hell do you want ?" as Connally squirmed, turning so they were nose to nose.

Seeing the identical white dress on the wall, Connally said quietly, "I want that dress."

"Sorry, I've already decided to get it." Christina smiled sweetly.

The two sexy actresses could hardly move pressed into the confined space of the tiny dressing room. Jennifer pressed her firm breast closer to Christina's as they already were, both sets of mouth watering breasts flattened as Christina pressed back.

"I guess we're just going to have to discuss who gets the dress," Jennifer said, her dark eyes gleaming as she pressed against Christina.

Christina's blue eyes flashed cruelly as she smiled and said, "Yeah, and I guess we can't discuss it too loudly or someone will call the cops and neither of us needs that."

As Connally nodded in agreement, she felt Christina's hand, which had moved up, start to squeeze her large breast. Jennifer had to stop the scream which was welling in her throat as Christina tried to milk her tit. The brunette, tried to arch her back in the tight confines of the tiny dressing room, but this did little good, it only served to press her belly and crotch more tightly against the blondes.

As pain wracked her body, Connally realized she was going to have to do something. She leaned back in toward the blonde, an as she did, slammed her fist into Christina's unsuspecting stomach. Christina opened her mouth but only a grunt and a rush of air came out. Jennifer realized she couldn't slam her fist into Christina's tight tummy very effectively in the confining space, and so instead with her fist still pressed against Christina's warm belly, she pressed all her weight forward. Christina opened her mouth to cry out, but Jennifer smiled cruelly at her and shook her head no, as she continued trying to press her fist through Christina's belly button to her spine. Christina's guts where churning as she reached up and undid the clasp on Jennifer's bra, the front snap came off with ease revealing Jennifer's large milk white tits. Immediately Christina sunk her claws into the now bare breasts. Jennifer wanted to scream, but fought it back as her breasts where clawed and pulled by Christina's strong fingers. Jennifer's hands rose and undid Christina's bra, now both girls were bare breasted.

As Jennifer reached up to start mauling Christina's fantastic tits the Blonde started pinching Jennifer's nipples. Jennifer almost screamed, but she was Christina smiling and shaking her head no. With tears in her eyes Jennifer's hands found the soft underside of Christina's tits. Both young starlets continued to mangle the others tits. Christina working on Jennifer's aching nipples and Jennifer returning the favor by working on those sensitive undersides. Both girls biting their lips to stop the screams of agony that wanted to pour out as the continued their assault. Finally Christina could stand it no more, she grabbed Jennifer's hands and pulled them off her aching tits. With both of their hands above their heads the two young actresses/fighters locked fingers in a classic test of strength.

Their bodies pressed tightly together as the each tried to overpower her enemy. The seemed to stand there forever, their now sweat soaked bodies molded together as their arms shook. Their heads rested on each others shoulders as sweat ran down their necks, across their tightly pressed breast and into the impossibly tight compressing of their sexy stomachs. The problem was the booth was too tight to allow one to force the other to her knees. As their sweat soaked bodies squirmed for supremacy each could feel her belly button brushing against the other girls, and knowing that her rival was as sexy as she, drove both battlers on.

Finally realizing the futility of the mercy game they were playing Jennifer reached one hand down and started pulling at Christina's white blonde hair. Christina yet out a small yelp of pain as both of her hands descended on Jennifer's dark tresses. This is what the cruel brunette hoped for as her other hand snaked down and found their way into Christina's panties. With the first yank of her pubic hair, Christina turned white as she bit her lip trying to stifle a shriek. She tried to work her hands down to Jennifer's short hairs but the confines of the booth made it slow going. All the while Christina's hands were making their way down, Jennifer's cruel hands (now both) were mauling her crotch and yanking out pubic hair. Christina was whimpering and moaning as her hands finally made it down and found Jennifer's crotch. Knowing what agony this could cause, Jennifer quickly released her grip, pulled Christina's hands away and locked her own arms around the Blondes thin waist and began to crush her.

"Still want the dress ?" Connally hissed quietly in Christina's ear.

Each time Christina tried to answer, Jennifer pulsed the hug, causing the blonde to grunt out more air. Feeling herself weakening, Christina reached around and sunk her fingernails into Jennifer's succulent round ass. Jennifer threw her body forward and mashed Christina between herself and the wall as she continued to squeeze the Blonde's now aching ribs and back.

"That's not gonna help you now. Slut!" Jennifer whispered into Christina's ear.

The now desperate Christina reached up and grabbed Connally's dark hair, close to her ears and began to slam the brunette's head against the wall. This was making a loud noise, and Christina knew she had to do something quickly. As Jennifer's head hit the wall a fifth time, her eyes were already glassy and her knees started to buckle. Christina quickly raised her knee pressing it into Jennifer's pubic mound and pinning her against the wall. It was now Connally's turn to go pale from the agony. As Connally had done earlier, Christina placed her fist right at Jennifer's belly button and pressed forward, driving the air from the brunette.

A Salesperson, who heard the noise, came to the door saying "Is everything alright Miss Applegate."

Christina, lifted a finger to her mouth in a "shhh" gesture and pressed forward with both her fist and knee saying sweetly. "I'm fine, these booths are just sooooo tight, I keep bumping into the wall. Don't worry I'll probably do it again."

The salesperson went on about her business. Christina released her fist from Jennifer's aching abdomen, grabbed her face and said, "Oops !" as she slammed Jennifer's head as hard as she could against the wall of the dressing room.

The Brunette was almost out on her feet as Christina smiled a sweetly and said, "You look sleepy. Need a pillow ?" and with that forced Jennifer's face into her sweaty cleavage, until the sexy brunette passed out.

With that done, Christina squirmed around, got both her clothes and the dress and stepped out of her dressing room and into Jennifer's. Christina took Jennifer's clothes and stuffed them into her purse, then took enough money out of the beaten brunette's purse to pay for the dress, which she did. As Christina was walking out with the dress, she passed Neve Cambell who was entering.

"Hiya" she smile and went on her way.

Neve found a dress she like, and moved to the changing rooms. Upon opening the door Neve found a half naked Jennifer sprawled beaten in the tiny dressing room.

"Courtney, you're never gonna belive this..." she said into her cell phone.

That Friday at the Music Video awards, Christina, wearing the white silk dress, announced the band of the year. The lead singer took the stage, and hugged Christina. He then made an announcement that the band would like Christina to star in their new video, "School yard Scrapper."

The blonde jumped up and down in excitement, then turned serious.

"Well, I couldn't do it with out the my good friend Jennifer Connally being in the video too. She helped me find this wonderful dress."

The crowed went nuts at the thought of the two hot starlets rolling around wrestling, so the lead singer quickly agreed to using Jennifer right there on television.

Christina smiled at the camera and said, "Jennifer's not here tonight, but I'm sure she's watching, So I just wanna tell her I think it'll be alot of fun to fight on the video, I hope she'll do it and not chicken out."

-The end- Chris