Christina Applegate vs. Courtney Cox by Scott 03-2000

Courtney Cox was mad. She and her "Friends" all got pay raises but not as much as they had hoped. The ratings had slipped a little. The other actors on the show took it in stride but Courtney told anybody who was listening that the reason the ratings were down was because "Jesse" the show that followed "Friends" was not a good show and star Christina Applegate was only hired because she's a cute blonde. Word got back to Christina and she said no one was watching "Friends" to see Courtney Cox and if it wasn't for Jennifer Aniston that show would have been canceled after it's first year.

One day at the studio, the two bumped into one another and almost had a catfight right there. They both decided to settle their differences in private and Courtney told Christina to show up at her place the next day. Right on schedule Courtney heard a knock on her door and there was Christina. She came in and took off her coat revealing a beautiful and trim body. She had lost much of the baby fat she had while on "Married With Children."

She looked gorgeous in her blue panties with matching bra and white stockings. Courtney was dressed in red panties and bra with black stockings and although she was nearly the same height as Christina she paled in comparison. Her body did not have the same curves as Christina and her breasts were much smaller.

Courtney had laid out some mats where they would wrestle out their differences. Both girls agreed to a best out of five match with wins determine by submission. If during the match one lady was unable to continue because of injury or being "knocked-out" then she would automatically lose.

They locked up and immediately Courtney got Christina in a headlock and the two struggled to the mat. Christina quickly got out of that and put a headlock of her own on Courtney. Just as quickly Courtney escaped and the two struggled grabbing at each other trying to gain the upper hand. Courtney landed on top of Christina.

"Get off me bitch" scowled Christina.

Christina pushed Courtney off to the side but Courtney had gained a leg scissors around Christina's waist. Christina struggled but after a few moments was able to wiggle out of the hold and roll on top of Courtney. Both girls were grunting trying to get a hold of the other. Christina managed to get her legs around Courtney's waist but could not keep the hold as Courtney squirmed out. Christina kicked Courtney as the scissor hold was broken and Courtney landed on her back. Christina quickly leaped on her and sat on her stomach hoping for a pin down but Courtney was able to push her off. As both girls were on the mat Courtney was able to again get a leg scissors around Christina and was sitting behind her putting the pressure on. Christina slapped at Courtney's leg.

"Bitch" hissed Courtney.

Courtney was able to maintain the pressure.

"OUHGGGG" yelled Christina as she was feeling the pain.

Courtney was also able to grab both of Christina's arms so she could not slap at her legs.

"Give?" asked Courtney.

The pain was too much for Christina.

"I give" Christina shouted in frustration and Courtney immediately broke the hold.

Christina quickly got up and slapped Courtney.

"Fuck you Courtney," Christina said determined to even these up.

Christina got to her feet and pounced on the surprised Courtney who was still laying on the mat thinking Christina would want a break in the action. Christina was sitting on her chest and holding down her arms. She bounced up and down a few times knocking the breath out of Courtney. Christina then went for a cross body pin and tried to breast smother Courtney. Courtney was able to squirm out and as they struggled. Courtney managed to get on top of Christina.

Not for long.

Christina pushed her off and got behind Courtney and wrapped her arm around her neck causing the smaller girl to gasp for air. At the same time Christina got a leg scissors around her waist. After some struggling Courtney was able to escape the hold but at this point the fight was taking more out of her than it was Christina. After some more struggling Christina was able to get on top and this time she quickly was sitting on Courtney's neck making it difficult for Miss Cox to breath.


Courtney was trying to buck Christina off of her but could not. Christina went for the facesit but Courtney was still too strong and squirmed out of the hold. Christina then went for a neck scissors in an effort to further weaken Courtney.

Christina had the hold on tight and after a few minutes she heard what she wanted to hear -

"I give" screamed Courtney and this time Christina broke the hold.

Each women had gain a submission against the other. Both fighters were mad now and they continued battling. They each got to their feet.

"You want me don't you?'" Christine said as she had a big smile on her face thinking she was stronger than Courtney.

"Screw you" was Courtney's response as she was getting serious now.

They again wrestled each other to the mat where Courtney got on top of Christina and attempted a breast smother on the cute blonde. She tried to grapevine Christina's legs but was unable to do so and Christina quickly escaped the hold. Now it was Christina's turn to attempt the breast smother. Courtney managed to roll on top of Chris. Christina then grabbed a handful of Courtney's hair.

"Let go of my hair" demanded Courtney.

"Fuck you" was her response as the girls continued their struggle.

After a few more minutes of rolling around Courtney managed to get on top as Christina now was getting tired. Courtney managed to sit on Chris's upper chest and neck. Chris tried but could not throw the smaller girl off.

"Give Up?" ask Courtney.

"No way" responded Chris.

Courtney's response was to sit on Christina's face and start wiggling sideways on her face. Chris continued her struggles but could not unseat Courtney .

"Who are you to say 'Fuck you' to me?" Courtney taunted.

Finally Chris got Courtney off her face but Courtney still was able to manage a neck scissors around the blond beauty.

"Give!" demanded Courtney.

Realizing she was not going to get out of this hold Christina whimpered out, "I give."

Courtney released the hold.

Christina could not believe this little woman was getting the best of her and she was mad as hell. After the submission Courtney once again thought Christina would rest but the angry blond went right after the slender brunette as soon as the she was released from the scissors. Christina got right on top of Courtney who was still sitting on the mat. After struggling for position Christina got on top of the smaller girl and went for a quick reverse face sit. Courtney was able to fend Christina off with her arms but Christina was able to scissor Courtney's waist.

Still Courtney was too strong and neither combatant was able to gain control. Christina stood up and tossed away her bra, as she felt it was restricting her and she was hoping to be in a position to rub her breasts all over Courtney's face. Courtney chose to keep her tiny breasts hidden underneath her bra. Christina quickly wrestled Courtney to the mat and was on top of her. She grapevined her legs and started rubbing her crotch against Courtney's crotch causing the older women to grunt and moan.

Courtney kept struggling but Christina had Courtney in a headlock and was pushing Courtney's face against her breasts which was making it hard for the older actress to breathe. Courtney managed to get out of the headlock but Christina maintain a scissors across her waist. Courtney finally struggled out of it as Christina kicked her off. Courtney fell to the mat and Christina was right on top of her. Courtney tried to go for Christina's legs and pull her down to the mat but Christina was able to wrap her legs around Courtney's neck as she settled in a figure four head lock and was pouring the pressure on.

"OOOOOFFF" "UUGGGGHH" Courtney moaned and clawed at Christina's strong legs but could not budge the younger girl. Christina add a hair pull as she maintained her leglock around the older woman's head.

"COME ON BITCH" hissed Christina.

Courtney was about to go out but Christina let up on the pressure has she wanted Courtney conscious as she inflicted more punishment. Courtney's struggles finally paid off as she was able to push her way out of the hold but was now clearly weaken. Christina was not about to let Courtney recover and quickly grabbed her in a headlock and Courtney was once again struggling to breathe as she had her mouth up against Christina's ample chest area. Christina managed to get back on top of Courtney and sat herself on Courtney's upper chest and neck facing her and cruelly teasing the veteran actress by rubbing her crotch back and forth. Up to just below Courtney's face and then back down to her neck.

"You Love this don't you" asked Christina.

"Fuck you," was the response she got as Courtney remained defiant.

Christina then went to a neck scissors as Courtney was still too strong to pin. Christina poured on the pressure as never before and had Courtney in dire striates.

"Aaaagggh! I Give Up," cried Courtney.

Christina would not let up.

"I GIVE UP" repeated Courtney begging Chris to let loose.

This time Courtney slapped at Christina in frustration over the hold not being broken.

"Don't slap me," Christina demanded.

The slap made Christina extremely angry. She decide right then she would not accept Courtney's submission and instead would inflict further punishment on her weakened foe. Christina stood up and grabbed Courtney's legs and dropped her knees right between her legs. She quickly followed with a hard slap across Courtney's face.

"Aaaauuoo" Courtney was now in tears as she was hurt and helpless.

Courtney was able to roll away from Christina but did not have the strength to get on her feet. Instead she rolled up in a ball trying to protect herself from girl gone mad in her home. Christina gave Courtney's body a couple of hard kicks.

"Fuck you Courtney" Courtney tried to hit back and Christina gave her a stomp to her chest in return and then put her foot across Courtney's neck for a several seconds almost causing Courtney to black out. She followed that up with a couple of stomps to the small woman's chest. She then sat on Courtney and straddled her.

"That hurt, you know," Christina said referring to Courtney's earlier slap.

"Do I give a shit?" Courtney responded.

That was the wrong thing to say! Courtney received a couple of knee drops to her lower stomach area for that response. Courtney tried to grab at Christina's legs but could not bring her down.

"Getting wimpy on me?" Christina asked.

She straddled Courtney again and covered her face with her breasts

"Eeeeeeee!" Courtney was screaming underneath Christina's breasts.

She did not want to get defeated this way. Christina continued with the breast smother and grapevined Courtney's legs making escape nearly impossible.

"I GIVE" "I GIVE!" repeated Courtney. Christina now sat up on Courtney, "You Bitch you hurt me. Nobody hurts me!"

Courtney now knew Christina would not accept her submission and was scared of what she might do to her.

"Too bad baby. You're not strong enough for me," said Christina as she started rubbing up and down on Courtney's midsection.

"I said I give" Courtney said pleadingly.

"And I said FUCK YOU" was Christina's response.

Christina then got up on Courtney's neck and pulled Courtney's head into her sexy crotch area.

"MMMMPPPH" Courtney was wearing down fast.

Christina then lowered Courtney's head to the mat and sat on her face. Chris was trying to smother the fight out of Courtney. She grabbed Courtney's hair to get her face in deeper between her legs.


Courtney could only moan now as Christina added some pumping action up and down. After a few minutes Christina got up the and reversed her position and was now facing Courtney's legs. Courtney was not out yet and Christina abandon the face sit for some more head scissors action as she laid on top of Courtney facing Courtney's legs. Besides having her head crushed by Chris's powerful legs Miss Cox also had Christina's weight on her and her nose was just inches away from the crack of Christina's pretty butt, making it difficult to breathe.

Chris added a claw hold on Courtney's crotch area adding to her pain. Courtney did the only thing she could as she wrapped her own legs around Christina's head and was able to put some pressure on.

"OOOOUCCH" Christina shouted.

Instead of weakening Christina as Courtney hoped, Christina just added more pressure to Courtney's head and soon Courtney, out of strength, released her scissors.

"AAAHHH" Courtney was nearly out.

The head scissors was taking it's toll on her and the smell of Christina's butt just inches from her face was not helping as Chris did not ease up one bit. After Christina tired of this hold she rolled Courtney over and switch the scissors to the figure four head lock with Courtney's face now facing Chris's cunt area. Courtney was being choked out and having Chris's panty cover pussy rubbing against her face.

"How about I just choke you to death" Christina said menacingly. "What's the matter can't breathe? You don't like that in your face do you?"

Christina was now full of vengeance as she rocked Courtney's head in her legs. Courtney scratched and slapped as best she could.

"I GIVE" she pleaded one more time but Christina was now a woman possessed.

"You keep saying that, but I want to see you sweat. I want to see you not being able to breathe!" was Christina's frightening response.


Courtney was whimpering now as Christina tighten her head scissors, as her lovely ass was in inches from Courtney's face. Christina then let go of the scissors and went for the reverse face sit. Surprisingly, Courtney still had some fight in her and was slapping away frantically at Christina causing enough pain that Christina broke the facesit. Christina got up but sat right back down on Courtney and grabbed her arms and laid her body over Courtney's body. Christina was in control and starting rubbing her crotch area against Courtney's crotch as she grapevined her legs. Christina then edged up on the smaller girl and starting rubbing her breasts on Courtney's face. Courtney was fading fast. Christina sat back up on the Courtney's upper chest neck area teasing her with a facesit.

"Now I got you where I want you."

Christina knew that she was in complete control now as she grabbed Courtney's head and shoved it in her crotch. Christina then changed into another neck scissors as she wanted to punish Courtney some more. Courtney's pretty face was just inches from Christina's panty covered cunt. Courtney feebly tried to squirm and claw away at the hold but it was no use. "Oh no you don't" Christina said as she again grabbed Courtney's head and put it back in tighter between her legs. Then Christina rolled to her side while still maintaining the scissors.

"OOOOHHH, I give, I give."

Courtney was barely able to speak.

"You sure?"

Courtney could just nod a response.

"How bad you want to give honey? You about to pass out on me? You're losing your circulation"

"You're such a loser," Christina sighed. "Such a wimp. It's over!"

Christina then laid Courtney on her back and went for the face sit.

"Fuckin Bitch, Fumbin Bidge" Courtney's last words were muffled underneath Christina's front face sit.

Christina went to work now rubbing back and forth vigorously both to smother Courtney out and to turn herself on. Courtney's arms were trapped underneath Chris's legs and she had no energy to push her off. Christina had a big smile on her face. Christina now went to a up and down motion-her panties were now getting wet as she went up Courtney's face and back down. By doing this she could prolong the smother by giving Courtney small breaths of air prolonging her humiliation and also prolonging her own excitement. After about 10 minutes of rubbing her sex back and forth on Courtney's face followed by swift rubbing of her butt on Courtney's her nose and down to her mouth area Courtney was barely conscious. "Christina started to rub sideways now and was grabbing her own butt to get maximum pleasure of her facesit as Courtney could only make some moaning sounds.

"OOOOHHHHH" Christina moan in ecstasy as Courtney withered under her.

Courtney was completely under Christina's mercy and Christina wasn't giving any. Christina then got off her face.

"What's the matter Baby?" Christina cruelly commented as Courtney was gasping for breath.

Christina took a good look at her defeated victim and went for the reverse face sit. Christina put her hands on Courtney's stomach and began pumping for all she was worth on Courtney's face. She then alternating pumping with sideways grinding and then grinding up and down on Courtney's face.

"AAAHHHHH" Courtney could just moan underneath as she desperately held on to consciousness.

"OOOOOHHH" Christina moaned in pleasure as she put the crack of her butt right on Courtney's nose, going back and forth up and down as she was putting herself in a frenzy.

"Baby I'm not ever getting off you. I'm just going to sit on your face all day"

At this point Courtney didn't even hear her as she was almost completely out. Christina was frantically bouncing up and down as Courtney's entire face was covered and only allowed breath when Christina lifted her ass off her, which was no more than a second or two. Christina wanted to prolong Courtney's agony and her pleasure as long as she could.

After a few more minutes of Christina's grinding and pumping and humping up and down Courtney stop all voluntary movements as Christina was nearing an orgasm. What a site! Courtney was out. Courtney's head moved in unison with Christina's beautiful butt. Up, down -sideways as Christina's butt moved so did Courtney's head.

"Yes-Yes-Oooo-YES-SSS" and there it was!

Christina had a powerful organism right on Courtney's face. Courtney's legs and arms quivered a little then stopped as Christina's panties could not hold her juices and they spilled on Courtney's face. Christina slowing kept up a rocking motion on her face after her orgasm for several more minutes to completely satisfy herself on Courtney's prone body. No movement was coming from Courtney's body.

Finally satisfied, Christina got up and looked at Courtney unconscious form on the mat. Courtney face and hair were soaked with Christina's juices. Seeing that Courtney had a security camera, Christina put her foot on Courtney's chest and stroke a pose so Courtney would be reminded of this fight forever. After this episode Courtney Cox became Christina Applegate's biggest supporter.

The End