Christina Applegate vs. Nikki Cox by blackcape 04-Sep-00

Nikki Cox awoke to find herself sitting on a hard, wooden chair with her arms tied behind her back. She had been stripped down to her light pink thong, her top had been removed and her beautiful breasts were jutting out for public inspection. She heard a low groan and looking to her left, saw Christina Applegate in a similar predicament, her tousled blonde hair falling in her face, also undressed, but wearing a white thong rather than pink.

Now more cogent, Nikki took in her surroundings. It seemed to be a small apartment; she was seated next to a desk which held numerous computer equipment, a plaid couch had been placed in the center of the room and a large bookcase stood against the wall to the left. The front door was at the right and it swung onto a wall that was plastered with Star Trek and Beastmaster posters. The dark green carpet was stained with remnants of pizza and spilled cola. A hallway to the rear led to hidden or obscure rooms; somewhere within, a dog began to bark.

Nikki heard someone say, "Shut up, Mulder!" and then her captor appeared from the hall and sat down on the couch before her.

He was dressed in Birkinstocks and wore a pair of striped, tight fitting boxers and a tee-shirt emblazoned with the Spiderman logo. He looked to be of medium height, rather doughy and overweight, with long, wavy hair and a receding hairline. His eyes were small and deep set; a pair of Coke bottle glasses was balanced on his short, round nose.

"Oh good, so you are awake, my sweet," he said. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Edgar Higgenbottom, Admiral of the Starship Enterprise, alien abductee and your biggest fan. I would have liked to have been here when you awoke, but I was in my bedroom playing a game of Solitaire Dungeons and Dragons."

A spark of recognition blazed through Nikki's brain.

"Wait a minute, I know you! You are the new chauffeur my agent hired to drive me around!"

Christina, now fully awake, nodded in agreement.

"Yea," she said. "He was MY chauffeur too!"

"THAT'S RIGHT!" he replied happily. "I really fooled your stupid agents. It was so easy making contact with you. Once I was hired on, I knew it was only a matter of time before you asked for a drink, at which time I poisoned you and drove you here, to my humble abode. Are either of you hungry? I could order a pizza maybe?"

"Fuck you Jack! Untie us before we call the cops!" Nikki shouted.

"Ohhh. I don't think so," Edgar replied. "You see, I'm a big fan of both of you!"

Gesturing toward the bookshelf, he pointed to the three lowest shelves.

"I've taped every episode of 'Unhappily Ever After' and 'Married: With Children'. I value them almost as much as my Star Trek, Twilight Zone and Beastmaster episodes!"

"Who gives a shit," Christina snapped. "Just let us out of here, you pervert!"

Edgar sighed and leaned back on his couch.

"Christina, Christina, Christina. I'm not a pervert. Don't you ever cruise the Internet? I've created six web pages in both your and Nikki's honor! I run two message boards in your name! I love you and Nikki both, and this is the thanks I get? You want to leave? Well, here's the thing. You two are going to have a fight over ME. The one who wins gets to leave. The one who is beaten remains here as my slave. She will cook for me, clean my apartment and read me 'The Hobbitt' before I go to bed at night."

The young women looked at each other and grimaced.

Finally, Nikki said, "Well, I can't stay here, I've got a new series to shoot! I guess you're elected Chris."

"What?" Christina replied. "I'm working on a movie career! I sure as hell ain't gonna stay with this freak!"

Nikki frowned. "Well you'd better, Your acting days are practically over while I'm just getting started!"

"You fucking bitch!" Christina snarled. "YOU wouldn't be working without me! If it weren't for that 'Married: With Children' clone you starred in..."

"OK, that's it," Nikki cried. "I'll play your little game! Untie us so we can get down to business!"

"Not so fast, my little piggy!" Edgar said. "I'm not about to untie you. You might come after me if I do that. No, you're just going to have to fight with your arms tied behind your back."

"No fucking problem," Christina shouted. "I can take this bitch down easy!"

"You think so, huh?" Nikki hissed, rising to her feet. "Then come on, let's go for it you cheap slut!"

Christina rose as well and within seconds, the two women were rushing at each other. Their bodies collided breasts first, pert nipples grinding and pressing against one another as the ladies leaned in, their legs spread, for a test of strength. After about a minute of this stalemate, Christina threw her face back and headbutted Nikki between the eyes.

"OWW," the auburn-haired beauty exclaimed.

Christina backed away and charged like an angry bull at her opponent, driving her shoulders into Nikki's slender gut and pinning her to the opposite wall. Then Christina threw her head up between Nikki's breasts and delivered an uppercut to her foe's chin. As Nikki's head bounced off of the wall, Christina applied a standing body-press, forced Nikki's legs apart with her own and then drove her knee up into Cox's pussy once - four times - six times.

Nikki began a slow descent down the wall and Christina waited for the right moment before applying a standing breast smother. Christina leaned hard against the wall, sending Nikki's face deeper into her cleavage. Nikki's arms - bound at the elbows - waved and thrust behind her. To no avail!

Nikki's breath was growing shorter and she had to do something quick. Thinking fast, Nikki turned her head slightly to the right, opening her luscious mouth wide and bit down hard on the inside of Christina's left breast. The blonde cried out in pain and drew back to inspect the deep black and blue indention left by her adversary. Nikki immediately fell to her knees and headbutted Christina in the groin. The blonde landed against the side of the couch while Nikki, scooting forward, headbutted her again and again!

Each blow sent Christina sliding closer and closer to her knees. Finally, on the fifth blow, the blonde landed on her plush round ass, whereupon Nikki drove her brow straight into Christina's face! Applegate's head snapped back and Nikki slowly got to her feet and kicked the blonde fully onto the floor. Then she began stomping on Christina's lush body, smashing her pussy beneath her bare heel, pulverizing the blonde's breasts and crushing her neck while the rival actress twisted and writhed, arms trapped beneath her.

Tiring of this exercise, Nikki leapt high into the air and came down ass first on Christina's punished breasts, bouncing up and down as Applegate rolled her head in pain and dismay. Scooting down slightly, Nikki then applied a face smother, burying the blonde's features completely within her ample cleavage. Christina bucked and arched her back, but could do little else.

When it seemed as though her rival was out cold, Cox removed the smother and placed her ass on Applegate's mounds. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief. The fight was over. Looking down on Applegate's face, she thought she could see...was it...a smile crossing her opponent's full lips?

Just then, the blonde's legs shot up and wrapped around Nikki's neck, bending the auburn-haired beauty almost in half. As Cox gurgled and gasped, Applegate twisted herself onto her side and secured her neck scissors.

"So you thought you had me beat?" Christina snarled. "Well, you thought wrong!"

With that, the blonde began to flex her thigh and ass muscles, exerting as much force as possible. Nikki kicked and writhed; she attempted a bridge, but the move was worthless. Applegate grunted and re-crossed her legs. Cox's breasts were heaving, her face was turning blue and her eyes were fluttering open and closed. In one motion, Christina rolled up and over and in seconds had secured a reverse facesit.

Breathing heavily, the blonde began to rock and grind onto Nikki's beautiful face, her foe's features completely lost beneath Applegate's voluptuous ass. As Cox's body moved and convulsed with each thrust, Applegate's sexual energy rose to a fever pitch; two minutes later, the heat created by the friction between Nikki's face and Christina's tight thong was almost too much to bear and Cox was losing consciousness. Christina stood quickly and turned around to see Nikki's face beneath her.

The defeated actress moaned slightly and begged her enemy, "No, don't, no more..."

Christina nodded, sprang high into the air and smashed down ass first onto Nikki's upturned face for a forward facesit. Cox's muffled groans were barely audible as Applegate continued to ride Nikki's features, grinding harder and faster until she finally came all over her vanquished foe's face. Nikki's body quivered and convulsed and then grew still. Applegate remained astride Cox's face, arching her back as she regained her breath. After three minutes, she stood and stepping along Nikki's body, approached her kidnapper.

"Well," she said, "I defeated the stupid bitch. I'm free to go now, right?"

Edgar looked up at her from the couch and smiled.

"Actually," he began, "I've changed my mind. I don't want the weakest of you two for my slave. I want someone who is strong enough to move my furniture around when I ask her to. You cannot leave."

He pointed at the floor.

"She can leave when she awakens."

"But that's not fair!" Christina snarled.

"Life's not fair," was Edgar's reply.

"Then I won't play fair," Applegate roared and raising her leg, stomped down onto Edgar's balls. With one foot planted squarely on his groin, Christina stepped completely up and using her other foot, pressed his neck against the back of the couch. Spittle flew from his mouth as she crushed his windpipe; moments later, he was unconscious.

Climbing down from the couch now, Christina called, "Here, Mulder!"

Immediately, a small terrier bounded in from the kitchen. It ran between her legs to greet her, and immediately Applegate applied a standing neck-scissors to the poor creature. Within moments, it too was unconscious on the floor.

"And your little dog too!" Applegate hissed.

Approaching the entrance, she turned around and fumbled with the lock until the door swung open.

"Fuck you all," Christina said as she stepped out into the hallway, took the elevator downstairs to freedom and escaped to participate in her next fight.