Christina Applegate vs. Danielle Fishel by LoneWolf (Celebrity Sexfights and Catfights 19-Mar-00)

You don't know me, but my name is Rod Wilkes (not his real name). My girlfriend's name is Danielle Fishel. We have been dating for some time now and I go to all the great parties with her. It was at one of these parties that I saw a side of Danielle that I thought never existed. The Spellings were famous for creating create television shows as well as throwing some of the best parties Hollywood ever saw.

I had gotten home after a hard day at work and found a message on my answering machine. it was from Danielle and she informed me that Aaron Spelling was having a get together and that we had been invited. It wasn't looking forward to it because I was tired, but at least it wasn't formal so I didn't have to dress up.

Well we arrived and mingled with the rest of the guests for a couple of hours. During those hours, several times I noticed that Christina Applegate seemed to be giving me the once over. I figured it was all in my head because she arrived with her own date. As the time crept on I got to feel dead on my feet so I excused myself and went upstairs to lie down for a few minutes. Sort of to get my second wind. As I was laying there I heard the door open and i figured it was Danielle.

The next thing I know she's kneeling down beside the couch and unzipping my fly. I wanted to see how far she would go so I didn't confront her. At first I thought it was a joke of some kind but when she went to work I realized this wasn't a joke. Oh well, a free blow-job, who am I to complain. I sat up and was completely shocked to see that it wasn't was Christina. Christina was wearing a white blouse and red skirt, stockings and high heels. She was hot! I don't know how long we were there having fun, but neither of us heard the door open and Danielle enter. To say Danielle was upset was an understatement. Here she is standing in the doorway and looking at Christina still giving me a blow-job. Danielle was wearing a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt.

"What the FUCK is going on in here?"

Christina looked back at Danielle still holding my dick.

"What's it look like! I'm giving him something you can't!"

With that said she turned her head and went back to work.

"You FUCKING SLUT!" screamed Danielle as she grabbed Christina by her hair and pulled her lips away from me.

Christina landed on her ass on the floor but quickly got up and confronted Danielle. They stood toe to toe and chest to chest.

"Don't you EVER fucking do that again!" yelled Christina.

"Who do you think you are! This is MY boyfriend! Go out and get your own, you little street tramp!"

"Who are you calling a tramp!"

"You Bitch!"

With that said Christina slapped Danielle across her face. Danielle's head snapped to the left from the strike leaving her cheek red and sore. She put her hand to her face where she was hit. She looked pissed off.

"You CUNT!" screamed Danielle as she slapped Christina back just as hard.

"Fuck you!" Christina slapped Danielle again on the same cheek. Then for the next little while the two of them began slapping each others face back and forth.

First Christina would hit Danielle, then Danielle would slap her back.


This went on for almost a minute and I could see the tears swelling up in both girls eyes. Finally I guess Christina couldn't take it blow for blow anymore so she changed her tactics and tackled Danielle onto the bed. I jumped as fast as I could to avoid the bodies flying in my general direction. I ended up on the floor on my hands and knees as I crawled quickly over to the other side of the room where it was safe. When I looked up next Christina was on top of Danielle and was throwing more slaps into my girlfriends face. Danielle's legs were kicking wildly as she attempted to buck Christina off of her and throw back slaps of her own.

I wondered if this was gonna be a slap fight to the finish but my question was answered when Christina stopped slapping and latched onto both of Danielle's tits and squeezed.


"How do you like that Bitch?" screamed Christina as her hands started to twist Danielle's breasts around.

Danielle was desperate so she retaliated in the same way and grabbed a hold of Christina's boobs. The difference being, Danielle latched onto Christina's nipples and pulled them both in opposite directions.

I suddenly yelled "Rip her top off!"

I figured without naming names I could always tell the winner I was cheering for her. They both heard me and abandoned their tit attack and pulled at each others top. Danielle grabbed Christina's blouse and popped the buttons quite easily as Christina grabbed at the neck of Danielle's T-shirt and with a little effort tore it down the front. Soon both girls were in there bras and within seconds their respective bras were laying on the floor next to their tattered tops.

During this time Danielle was able to get Christina off of her and the two of them were now laying on the bed face to face.

"Rip her tits off!" I yelled again, making sure I used no names.

Sure enough, both of them went at the others tits once again. Christina went back to squeezing and twisting Danielle's boobs and Danielle continued to yank and pull on Christina's nipples. Both of them were digging in with what fingernails they had and traces of blood appeared between their fingers. The two began crying as they continued their titty war. I saw Danielle release one of Christina's boobs and I thought that she was beginning to succumb but she wasn't. I watched as her free hand went down towards Christina's skirt and then she reached up it.


From her cry I guess Danielle's hand found her mark. With this done Christina released Danielle's boobs grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand from between her legs. This gave Danielle an opportunity to take control. She got up off the bed and pulled Christina off by her hair. Christina screamed as she landed on the floor on her stomach. When she landed her boobs were crushed flat. That must have hurt I thought.

Danielle began to drag Christina around the floor by her long hair while the carpet started to give her boobs terrible rug burns. Her skirt was hiked up over her waist and I could get a good look at the black thong panties she was wearing. Christina struggled to get to her feet and as she did Danielle would kick out with one of her feet and kick her in the tits. She must have received five or six blows to her boobs before she managed to get to her feet. Christina's skirt became unfastened and remained on the floor when she finally stood up.

Danielle didn't give Christina a chance to attack her as she began to swing her around the room by her hair before letting her go and sent her crashing into and through the closet door. Danielle ran over to Christina as she sat in the closet on the remains of its door. Danielle again grabbed her by her hair and attempted to pull her out of the closet. Christina swiftly raised her right leg and kicked Danielle square on her pussy.


Danielle clutched at her crotch and fell back on her ass. Christina at this point managed to crawl out of the closet and moved over towards Danielle. I could see the burns on her tits that the rug had caused and I could imagine that they were stinging. She reached down and grabbed a hold of Danielle's jeans and started to pull them down. Danielle must have known what Christina was trying to do cause she tried to grab a hold of her pants and keep them in place. This began a tug of war which ended when Christina, who still had a firm hold of Danielle's jeans, started kicking her. With Danielle trying to keep her pants on and try to avoid Christina's feet it made it easier for Christina to eventually pull them down her legs and then off. Danielle looked cute laying there on the floor looking up at Christina just wearing her blue panties.

Christina started to circle Danielle while Danielle stayed on her back and tried to move with Christina so that she was still looking in her eyes. Christina faked going to the left and as Danielle moved that way she darted back to the right. Before Danielle could reposition herself Christina was on her. She lay beside Danielle holding her in a side headlock. Danielle squealed in pain as Christina poured on the pressure. Danielle reached up and grabbed a hold of Christina's hair and started pulling. Christina returned the favor. They both laid there yanking on one anothers hair for almost a minute. Danielle turned her head and suddenly Christina screamed in pain. I saw as Danielle's teeth found her opponents boob and had bitten into it. Christina let go of Danielle's hair and tried to pull away. Danielle was unwilling to let go of Christina's tit so when she did move away Danielle's teeth were pulled across Christina's breast leaving horrible marks.

Both girls rolled away from each other, but continued to stare each other down. They both massaged their wounds. Danielle's pussy and Christina's tit. The next thing you now the two of them collide together again at the same time. Their breasts slapping together as they did so. Both girls breasts were fairly large and the soft tit flesh rolled together and oozed out of their sides.

"Give her a wedgie!" I screamed.

I've always wanted to se a double wedgie and thought that this opportunity might never come again. Sure enough both girls assumed I was talking to them. Danielle and Christina simultaneously grabbed a hold of the others panties and pulled up on them causing the underwear to be driven high up into their crevices. Danielle had her back to me as Christina pulled her panties into her asshole. I tried to get a closer look but as I got closer I noticed that I could barely see Danielle's panties, so I assumed they were really digging into her ass and most probably her pussy as well.

I circled around to get a view of Christina's wedgie. Hers didn't seem to be in any better shape. Both girls were on their tip-toes to try and relieve some of the pain that the wedgies were causing. I looked in between the two and saw both girls patches of pubic hair and pussy lips. The wedgies were really on target this time.

Christina then let go of Danielle's panties and then shoved her hand inside Danielle's panties while they were still wedged up her womanhood. Danielle screamed as I watched Christina's hand start pulling on Danielle's pubic hair. Not to be out done, Danielle also released Christina's wedgie and shoved her hand down her panties.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Let go of my crotch!" screamed Christina.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You let go of mine first Bitch!"

Danielle retaliated.

Neither girl trusted the other at this point so the pussy assault continued. Both Danielle and Christina's hands were yanking out handfuls of each others pubes. Both girls had a very healthy bushes and there were lots to grab a hold of. After trying to bald each other for almost a minute Christina changed her tactics. She managed to rip away Danielle's panties and then forced her fingers inside Danielle's crotch. Danielle saw what she was doing and before she could react in defense Christina latched onto her clit and squeezed it with her thumb and forefinger digging in her fingernails in the process.

Danielle abandoned her attack on Christina's pussy and tried to get Christina's hand from her own crotch. She was using both hands but the damage Christina was doing was taking its toll on my girlfriend.

"Please let go of my clit!" sobbed Danielle.

Christina managed to force Danielle onto her back without losing her grip on her clit.

"Do you give?"

"Yes!" Danielle bawled. "Please let go! You're hurting me!"

Christina didn't let go right away. She continued to did her fingers into Danielle's clit and pulled it out from her cunt as far as it could go. I was looking on in shock. There was my girlfriend laid out in front of me with her clit being yanked out from her pussy as far as it would go.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! P-PLEASE STOP PULLING ON MY CLIT!"

Christina then let it go and it snapped back into position. Danielle was crying uncontrollably, but I couldn't blame her. It probably hurt like hell. Suddenly Christina curled up her fist and punched her square in the pussy.

"Next time you won't stick your nose into my business, right!"

Danielle sobbed and nodded.

"Besides I've got a better place to put your nose," Christina said as she stood up and removed her own panties and stood over top of Danielle. "It seems to me that someone had too much of a good time when they thought they had me beaten."

Danielle just started up into Christina's eyes not saying anything still sobbing. Christina lowered herself down onto Danielle until she was sitting on her chest flattening her boobs as she did so.

"Now if I want to FUCK your boyfriend you're not gonna do anything about it, are you?"

Danielle didn't respond verbally. She only cried.

Christina reached behind her and grabbed a hold of some of Danielle's pubic hair that had survived Christina's earlier attack.


"Owwwwwwwww! N-No!"

"Good. Now why don't you be a nice little slut and lick my pussy. It's sore after the way you treated it so roughly."

Christina then moved further up Danielle's chest until her Cunt was rubbing against my girlfriend's mouth. Danielle looked up at me as if to say Help Me. But I stood there transfixed by what I was witnessing.

Christina reached back with both hands and grabbed a hold of Danielle's nipples.

"If I don't feel your tongue inside my snatch in two seconds I'm gonna tear these fucking things you call nipples right off your fucking tits."

Danielle immediately went to work. Her tongue flicked inside of Christina's pussy and all around her pussy lips. For ten minutes Danielle continued to service Christina and she was rewarded by having Christina expel multiple orgasms onto Danielle's face.

When she had finished Christina stood up and turned around and lowered her gorgeous ass until it was hovering over Danielle's face.

"You know what I want you to do, Bitch! So do it!"

Danielle again didn't respond right away so Christina punched her in the pussy.


Danielle's tongue flicked out as she began to lick Christina's ass cheeks and kiss them.

"Stick your tongue out and keep it out!" ordered Christina.

Danielle did as she was told.

Christina then lowered her ass onto Danielle's face making sure that Danielle's tongue went into her asshole.

"You better not pull it out Cunt or else your pussy will be destroyed for life!"

I guess Danielle did as she was told because Christina lowered her ass down until it came to a halt on top of Danielle's face.

"Now lick my asshole clean!"

Within moments Christina was shuddering in another orgasm as Danielle's tongue did its job on her asshole. Christina was so lost in the moment she forgot to allow Danielle any air and soon she was out cold.

Christina got up off Danielle's face and as she did Danielle's tongue slid out of her butt. Christina then picked her up and sat her on the chair and then proceeded to tie her up. She then slapped her face bringing her back to.

"Now your gonna see what I would have done if you hadn't shown up."

Christina then grabbed me and threw me onto the bed and made out in front of Danielle. God was she a great fuck. After an hour Christina got up and untied Danielle and left the room. I went over to console her but the only thing on her mind was getting at me. I guess with her watching Christina and me got her all horny. Oh well here we go again!

The End