Christina Applegate vs. Jamie Pressly by Bob

Christina Applegate read the gossip column for the fifth time. She was surprised to read that Jaime Pressly was boasting about her fighting prowess and claimed that she had defeated Christina in a fight. Christina couldn't believe that Jaime, or anyone for that matter, would brag about winning a fight the two never had. Finally the irate blonde decided she was going to give the brazen blonde a chance to prove how tough she really was. Christina called Jaime and told her that she had a photo shoot and the publisher wanted to photograph and Jaime together. Since Jaime didn't know Christina well, she was surprised that a magazine would want the two of them in a photo shoot, but she agreed to meet Christina at her house.

Christina then called several of the top publications and invited them to witness, report, and take pictures of a fight between her and Jaime Pressly. Jaime arrived and she and Christina had a pleasant conversation, joking around, and having a good time. Jaime found Christina to be very pleasant and really liked her. After a couple of photographers, cameramen, and reporters started arriving, Jaime started getting suspicious and asked, "What's going on Christina?"

Christina smiled defiantly and said, "I read how you beat me up. Funny, but I don't remember that fight. Well you're going to get a chance to show a bunch of my friends from the media how tough you are. They'll be newscasters, writers, and photographers to report our fight. We'll see if you're as tough as you claim. Everyone should be here in about five minutes and then you can beat the crap out of me for real, or at least try. I think you're going to find out that you're not half as tough as me."

Jaime laughed and said, "I read the story but I don't know how it got in the paper. I never gave an interview to that writer and never said I beat you - or anyone else! Even if we did fight and I won, Iíd never tell a reporter. I don't need to humiliate anyone and I don't need something like that to advance my career. I like you and don't want to hurt you, but if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get! I love to fight and I'm going to give you one you'll remember a long time."

"Oh really! Well I don't believe you. I think you told the reporter you beat me up. You don't have to worry about hurting me because I'm going to give you a beating you'll remember."

The two stopped talking and those in the room could feel the tension between the two athletic blondes. It seemed like hours to both combatants, but finally the last of the media arrived and the fight was on. Jaime charged at Christina, lowered her shoulder, and hit Christina chest high. Christina gasped in pain. Jaime had caught her by surprise and sent her flying backwards. As Christina fell over a chair, Jaime went after her, grabbing Christina's white blouse and ripping it off. Lying on the floor, Christina was furious. Although her younger adversary had caught her by surprise, she had not yet begun to fight. She slowly started to get up. As she got to her knees, the younger blonde, grabbed her hair, and slapped her across the face. Once again Christina fell backwards. Jaime bent down, grabbed Christina's white bra and ripped it off, exposing Christina's average sized breasts. With Christina lying on the floor, Jaime started to mount her challenger.

Jaime cried out in pain as Christina threw her legs out, feet first, kicking Jaime in her firm abdomen. Jaime was furious that her older foe had caught her by surprise. Her fighting experience had told her not to let her fallen foe off the hook. However, her anger had taken over and she was not thinking as she again charged the older blonde. Once again the older and more experienced Christina was ready for the former gymnast. As Jaime again prepared to mount the supine blonde bombshell, Christina threw her legs up and wrapped them around Jaime's waist. Jaime grimaced as Christina tightened her grip. Christina then grabbed Jaime's wrists so that Jaime couldn't use her hands to negate Christina's advantage. Despite being on her back, the older and more experienced fighter was now clearly in control and going to administer a beating to her braggadocios rival. Christina continued to squeeze, tightening her grip and laughing as Jaime screamed louder and louder. Jaime was in trouble.

For a minute or two, Christina controlled the younger blonde, who was not sure of what to do. Finally Jaime started swinging her arms vigorously from side to side in the hopes that she could break free of Christina's tight grip. She continued swinging her arms from side to side until her Christina could hold her no more and her hands were free. Once her hands were free, she reached out and grabbed Christina's hair, banging her head against the floor. As the older blonde loosened the grip of her powerful scissors, Jaime followed up with a hard left to Christina's jaw and a hard right into her soft right breast. Now it was Christina who screamed out as Jaime's fist worked itself deeper into her wounded mammary. Because of the pain, her legs loosened even more and the younger blonde was able to free herself from Christina's vice-like scissors.

Jaime quickly shifted her position so that her legs were outside of Christina's legs and the powerful older blonde would not be able to wrap her legs around her again. Jaime continued her assault, going after Christina's breasts. Christina tried to protect her breasts. However, as she tried to cover up, Jaime grabbed Christina's wrists and moved her arms to her side. She then shifted her legs, so that she locked the older blonde's arms beneath her legs. Jaime then landed a two more punches into Christina's wounded breasts.

Although Christina was in a lot of pain, she was not ready to quit. Christina had to free her arms so that she could throw her foe off. She started kneeing Jaime in the back. As she landed a second and third knee to her adversaries back, Jaime was forced to shift her position. Once the younger blonde shifted, Christina's arms were finally free. Realizing Christina's arms were free Jaime went to grab Christina's wrists. However, the older blonde surprised Jaime and grabbed Jaime's wrists. The two brawlers struggled for position: Christina trying to roll her younger foe off and Jaime trying to stay on top and free her wrists.

The two tigresses battled for a minute or two, trying to gain the advantage. For Christina, it was a period of frustration, as she worked hard to roll her foe off. As she would strain her muscles, trying to gain the advantage, she would start to roll the younger blonde off, only to have her younger and fresher opponent shift her weight at the last second and regain her advantage.

The struggle to retain her advantage was also taking its toll on the young bombshell. Despite being in great physical condition from working out she was tiring. She had underestimated her opponent's strength and determination. Jaime wanted to free her wrists and go back on the attack.

As they continued to battle, their faces twisted in pain. Christina finally gained the upper hand and rolled the younger blonde off. Now on top, Christina pinned Jaime's arms to the floor, maneuvered her legs so they covered Jaime's arms, released her hold, and quickly slapped the younger blonde across her mouth. Christina's slap caused Jaime's head to roll to the side. Christina followed with several more slaps, alternating rights and lefts. Christina then grabbed Jaime's hair and banged her head against the floor. Jaime screamed out in pain. She was now being badly dominated by her older opponent and the media was there to see it. She had to regain the advantage.

The younger blonde started bucking wildly, knees flying into her older opponents back. As Christina struggled to hold on to her advantage and control her younger opponent so that she could go back on the attack, one of Jaime's wild bucks lifted her slightly off Jaime's body. Jaime reacted immediately, lifting her right knee and planting it squarely in Christina's groin. Christina screamed as she fell forwards. Although the older blonde was still on top she was in severe pain. Jaime rose slightly so that she was off her back, grabbed Christina's hair, and lifted her injured foe high enough so that she could go on the attack again. Letting go of Christina's hair with her right, holding Christina upright with her left, she slapped the older blonde across her face. Jaime quickly followed with two rights to Christina's still sore breasts. Jaime then yanked Christina's head towards her. As she got Christina's head in the right position, the younger blonde popped her own head forward with great speed, head butting Christina in the nose.

Christina flew backwards, as her face quickly turned to a crimson mask. Jaime got to her feet and watched her fallen foe as she rolled around on the floor. Jaime continued watching her injured foe roll around the floor. After about thirty seconds of Christina rolling around the floor, Jaime turned to the members of the media and said, "Looks to me like she's done. I don't know who initially told the press we had a fight, but it wasn't me. She challenged me to a fight because she is insecure. She sees a story that's not true and invites everyone here to watch her beat me up. Well now you've got a real story and this one is true."

As Jaime looked down at her fallen foe, she arrogantly said, "You're done you skinny crow. No offense, but my fights are never over until my victim suffers a little humiliation. Consider yourself fortunate to become another victim because I'm about to treat you to some of the most enjoyable humiliation you will ever experience."

She then positioned herself so that she would do a reverse straddle on Christina's pretty face. As she maneuvered, the older blonde grabbed Jaime's ankles and pulled them. The younger blonde was caught by surprise and fell forwards. As she fell, Christina waited for the right moment. At the last second she threw her legs up and kicked Jaime in the face. After being kicked in the face, Jaime fell to the side and rolled several times, finally landing on her back. The older blonde sprung to her feet like a cat. The wounded tigress waited until her injured foe stopped rolling and then stomped down on Jaime's stomach. Jaime's body started convulsing wildly.

Christina looked at the members of the press, shook her head and said, "I guess she underestimated me. I'm a wildcat and I still had a lot of fight in me. You know what that sports guy said, 'It ain't over til it's over,' well it wasn't over then and it ain't over now."

She then leaped high in the air, landing knees first on Jaime's cunt. Members of the media grimaced from the viciousness of Christina's last attack. Christina rose to her feet and leaped in the air one more time. This time she landed knees first on Jaime's stomach. Jaime was barely conscious. Christina easily moved up on Jaime's body so that she was now sitting firmly on her victim's face. Knowing that Jaime would not be able to fight back, the older blonde used her hands to fix her hair. As she started to wiggle on Jaime's face she asked, "Does anyone know who planted the story that she kicked my ass?" When no one answered, she continued to wiggle until Jaime's body went limp. "Now as I asked before, does anyone here know about the story?"

Finally one of the journalists spoke. "I wrote the story. I got a call from your agent. He gave me the story. He wanted to promote your next movie. He knew a story like that would get you angry enough to challenge her to a fight. She's tough and very strong, but he knew you would beat her and the fight could be used to promote the movie."

Christina was angry. "I don't like being set up. I beat some innocent kid up, nearly got myself killed in the process. My tits and my face are killing me. I don't even want to think about what's going to be hurting her when she eventually wakes up. I'd appreciate it if all of you wouldn't write about this fight."

All the reporters agreed; realizing she shouldn't have called Jaime and challenged her, Christina got off her unconscious foe and said, "The fightís over!" Then she added, "If you'll excuse me I've got to clean up and tend to her. When I get in touch with my agent, I'll give all of you a call and invite you to watch what I do to HIM. He's a wimp and I'm going to give him a worse beating than Jaime. Thatíll give you all a great story!"