Molly Ringwald vs Christina Applegate- by bbb4 from Delphi's Celebrity Catfight Board (Apr 1999)

Applegate shows up for the match attired entirely in red, her small top matching her thong below. Ringwald enters the ring wearing a small white spandex bra over her ample chest and floral bike shorts. Christina taunts the taller Ringwald as they start the match, circling before tying up in the center of the ring.

Applegate sets the tone early, relying on a handful of red hair to gain the advantage and force Molly backward into the ropes. Still yanking Molly's head back by the hair, Applegate uses her free hand to land several open handed chops across her throat, ending the punishment with a hard fist to Molly's taut belly. Before the red head can catch her breath, Applegate is on her again, turning her around and dragging her face across the top rope in an effort to blind her. The trip across the top ropes ends in Molly's face being smashed into the turnbuckles a few times. Dizzied by the assault, Ringwald is whipped across the ring into the opposite corner, slamming into the buckles ferociously, and stumbling out only to meet a vicious clothesline that lays her out onto her aching back. Applegate strolls up, admiring her work before dropping her knee right between Molly's eyes. A grinding gut claw centered right below the belly button follows, earning moans of displeasure from Ringwald. Applegate gleefully digs her nails deeper

into the freckled flesh near Molly's navel, adding her body weight and pumping the hold like a pump jack oil derrick gone awry.

Ripping and tearing at the muscles beneath, Applegate twists and turns the claw, wrenching Molly's gut and leaving behind red welts. Seeing Molly's nipples anxiously trying to poke their way out from under her thin spandex top, Christina abandons her handful of Molly's gut and firmly latches onto each of the silver dollar sized beauties, giving them a cruel twisting pinch before using them to pull Molly to her feet. Screaming all the way, Molly quickly regains her feet, but Applegate turns her away by swiftly yanking her hands away, double nipple ripping the taller girl. Molly can hardly fight as Applegate slowly peels the spandex top over her head, tossing it aside. Ringwald cradles her aching bare tits until Applegate gives her something else to think about, delivering two big belly punches, each landing with a forceful smack of fist on sweaty flesh.

With Molly rolling on the mat holding her stomach and tits, Applegate grabs a hold of her bike shorts, strips them off of her opponent and flings them aside, leaving Molly naked as the day she was born. But Molly wishes she was never born, watching Christina grab one of her long thighs and apply a spinning toe hold and then a figure four leg lock. As Applegate drops to the mat, Ringwald cries out in pain, and flattens herself out on the mat hoping to relieve the pressure on her knees and shins. Applegate rocks back and forth violently yanking Molly's ankle, racking Ringwald's pale body with pain. Molly covers her face with her hands screaming in pain in unison with each of Applegate's hip thrusts, but won't give in to Christina. Ringwald is finally able to reach the lower ropes and drag herself upright to break the hold.

Applegate knows she has a good thing going and immediately bends over to reapply the leg lock, but falls a little too close to Molly's long reach. With a handful of Christina's long hair firmly in her grasp, Ringwald rakes her long fingernails up and down Christina's face and eyes. With a pained shriek, Christina's hands fly to her face and Molly is able to take the offensive, driving the toe of her boot between Applegate's thighs before effecting her escape.

Ringwald rises with a pronounced limp, and proceeds to pick Applegate up by the hair, only to level her with a lunging kneelift across the face and upper chest. Ringwald, still limping, repeats the maneuver several times, popping Applegate's flimsy bra and dizzying her to the point that she cannot rise under her own power. Ringwald is more than happy to help her opponent to her feet, and then onto the ropes where Molly chokes the life out of the stunned blonde. Molly's bare white butt glistens next to Applegate's tan thighs as she applies more and more pressure to Christina's throat. Near unconsciousness, Applegate weakly rakes Molly's exposed groin with her long nails, breaking the choke session. Staggering away from the rope bound choke hold, Christina finds herself sailing to the opposite ropes. Waiting for her upon turning around is a Ringwald applied standing sleeper hold. Molly uses her height and weight advantage, pushing the hold down onto Applegate's upper body, forcing Christina to her knees. Ringwald's large breasts caress Applegate's back as Molly bends at the waist, following Applegate to the mat. Ringwald too finally drops to the mat on her knees, closing the distance between the two girls considerably. A last desperate elbow to Ringwald's strawberry muff is the only thing that keeps the lights from going out on Christina's match.

Both girls are slow to their feet but Molly retains control of the match with a hooking groin kick delivered from behind. Applegate is again dumped to her knees, and helped to her feet via a handful of her thong, which now rides even further up her tantalizing butt. Molly again closes in from behind, delivering a crushing belly to back gut wrench suplex. Christina is dazed and not quite sure where she is, but Molly zeroes in on her with a pancake splash, knocking all the air out of her. An enormous smile spreads across the redhead's face as she maliciously slips one of her large breasts over Applegate's mouth and nose, suffocating the flailing blonde. Applegate's blue eyes widen in horror as she chokes on Molly's pale mammary, snorting and coughing in pain. Finally she bites down onto Molly's tit, causing her to jump back with pain. With her opponent still gasping for air, Molly stands, backs up and attempts another splash, only to find nothing but canvas awaiting her.

Summoning her dwindling strength, Applegate rises to find Molly in a fetal position, holding her bruised stomach and breasts. Christina uses the bottom of her boot to tenderize the back of Molly's head, and follows on with a thigh drop across the red head's already aching chest. Rolling Molly over, Applegate applies the Camel Clutch. Letting her weight punish Molly's back and neck, Applegate is afforded the rest she needs to finish the match. Occasionally reaching down and turning on Ringwald's angry red nipples like the dial on a radio, Christina seems content to listen to Molly's muffled screams each time she leans back into the hold. Christina develops a punishing rhythm, grinning broadly as she leans back and forth, alternately stretching and relaxing Molly's back. From behind, Christina's world renowned ass lightly rubs Molly's plump rump, further humiliating Ringwald.

Soon though, Molly slides a shoulder under Applegate's leg and manages to break the hold. Applegate takes this in stride, and drops a few knees into Molly's lower back before helping her to her feet and launching her to the ropes. Upon her return, Ringwald is sent high into the air with a back body drop, knocking any residual air out of her lungs.

After struggling to her feet with a grimace of pain on her face and both hands holding her lower back, Ringwald takes a heel to the groin, dropping her like an anvil. Applegate again helps her opponent to the ropes with the expectation of delivering another back body drop, but expectations are shattered when she is leap frogged and choke slammed by the taller red head. Reeling in pain, Applegate is no match for the quickly applied half crab as Molly follows up.

Needing to rest her self, Molly leans into the hold, stretching Applegate's left leg and back to the limit. Christina pounds the mat in pain, until a shocked look spreads over her face. With her free hand, Molly has lowered Applegate's tiny thong, exposing her crotch to the world. As Applegate glances back over her shoulder, Ringwald is threatening her with a crotch claw, holding it right over her thin tuft of blonde pubic hair. Applegate refuses to submit and feels the subsequent agony of Molly's bowling ball grip between her legs. Slamming her face down into her hands, Applegate quickly indicates that she has had enough, but Molly seems to enjoy listening to her whine and beg and continues to apply the pressure. Tears stream down Applegate's face before Molly finally relents and lets her beaten foe alone.

Soaked in sweat, the winner plants her foot squarely between Applegate's shoulders and poses over her opponent like a hunter over a fallen lion. Applegate sobbingly takes the humiliation, vowing revenge.