Christina Applegate vs. Tiffany Amber Theissen by Mika 11-Feb-00

Tiffany was out on her beach front Malibu home sunbathing when she heard the phone ring. She was excited as she looked at her caller I.D. It was a call from the director's private house number. If he was calling her from there she knew she had the part in the new romance movie with Brad Pitt. The director Philip McCrack and producer Cravin Moorehead and co producer Ima Shihstein all thought Tiffany Amber Theissen to be very promising for this role. They liked how she was on 90210, and figured this would be the perfect movie for her.

"Hello?" said Tiffany very cheerfully.

"Tiff, hi it's me Phil," said the director. "Let's cut the small talk, and get right to the point because we're all very busy, anyway I decided to give the part to Christina Applegate, because she...

"She what!?!?!?" screamed Tiffany, "She sucked your little thimble dick????

"Now Tiff said Philip. "Let's not get all....

"Fuck you!!!!!" shouted Tiffany. "I'm a better actress then that bleached blonde windbag!!!!!"

Tiffany slammed the phone down, then yanked the phone jack out of the wall and threw the whole phone threw the window. Tiffany went on a rampage around her house over turning chairs, breaking China, putting holes in the walls and shattering her big bathroom mirror.

Tiffany realizing how destructive she was becoming decided to take a walk on the beach to cool off. She started thinking "hell I don't need this movie, Brad Pitt, Brad Shit, who cares!!!!!"

While walking along the beach in her white thong bikini, she seen a familiar blonde in a light pink thong bikini sunbathing. It was Christina Applegate. At first Tiffany thought about turning the other way, but all of the sudden her anger caught up to her again and went over and kicked sand on Christina.

"What the....????" shrieked Christina.

"You fucking Tramp!!!" shouted Tiffany Amber Theissen. "You had to suck a lot of cock to get that part!!!!"

"Fuck you! I didn't!!!!" shouted Christina back "You just suck and couldn't act your way back home where I am about to kick your ass back to if you don't leave me alone!!!"

"I'd like to see you try you piece of silicone infested Shit!!!" screamed Tiffany. "You couldn't even........ooooomph!!!!"

Tiffany fell back in the sand after Christina tackled her.

Tiffany was quick on her feet and kicked the larger blonde off of her. Tiff got up and tackled Christina and threw her to the sand and kicked her in her tit, but the kick just missed the target and landed harmlessly in the sand beside Christina. Christina grabbed Tiffany's leg and twisted it bringing Tiffany down on her ass groaning in pain.

Right as Christina tried to grab Tiffany's leg, Tiffany kicked Christina in the pussy, but Christina who was sitting was just phased lightly as the foot pretty much just got sand.

Tiffany tried again, but Christina once again grabbed her leg and twisted it rolling Tiffany onto her stomach crying in pain. Christina dragged Tiffany by her legs while on her stomach across the hot sand, as the sand pushed Tiffany's bikini top off leaving it behind in her trail, as the hot sand grains wreaked havoc on Tiffany's tits as the friction of them rubbed on the sand. Tiffany was crying now.

Christina turned Tiffany over and while still holding her ankles swung Tiffany around finally releasing her into the freezing Pacific Ocean. When the now soaked Tiffany stood up to charge Christina, Tiffany's tits and nips were rock hard from the cold water on them. Christina charged Tiffany and plowed her with a hard fist that dropped Tiffany like a rock into the ocean.

What Tiffany and Christina did not know was that they were caught in a rip tide and it was carrying them out away from shore. Both girls were not aware of it as for they were still struggling with each other until they drifted apart. Both girls while trying to swim toward each other, but not gaining any proximity now realized that something was wrong.

Both girls were smart swimmers and managed to fight against the rip tide by swimming sideways out of it. Both girls made their way back to shore where they both passed out on the beach.

About an hour later Tiffany woke up first and crawled silently over to where Christina was lying on her back. Tiffany went over and pulled down Christina's top which contained her still rock hard nips. Tiffany with her long bitchy fingernails squeezed down hard onto Christina's tits with both hands.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!!!!" Christina cried out loud. "You will pay for this!!!"

Deep red blood dripped down into the sand darkening the sand around Christina's upper body. Christina clutched her tits, but the pain was added as a wave crashed over her body, the salty water increasing the pain. Christina sobbed while trying to completely cover her breasts. Tiffany then pulled down Christina's bikini bottoms and threw them into the water as the tide carried them out to sea.

"Fuck you Bitch!!" said Christina. "That was a $200 designer bikini!!! I am going to kill you now!!!"

Christina charged Tiffany, but Tiffany ducked out of the way sticking out her foot causing Christina to crash to the sand. Tiffany jumped on top of her and began spanking her ass until it was beet red. Tiffany then shoved Christina's face into the sand and rubbed it in nice and good muffling the sobs.

Christina just lay there, Tiffany figured she had gotten enough revenge by beating her up a little got up and went to grab her top that was laying in the sand and started to walk away.

As Tiffany was doing her top back up, all of the sudden she felt herself being swung by her hair and released hard into the sand. Christina was standing above her with hands on her hips fuming in anger, with still some tears coming down her cheek. Christina stomped Tiffany in her cunt and then picked Tiffany in the air by the sides of her bikini bottoms. The bikini bottoms disappeared between Tiffany's pussy lips but the bottoms tore easily dropping Tiffany's butt hard in the sand.

Tiffany sat in the sand crying holding her pussy that had gathered sand in her matted down pubic hair. Christina kicked her over onto her back and sat on top of her waist. Christina began balding the screaming Tiffany right on the beach Tiffany screaming and crying as she is left with uneven and sloppy patches of pubic hair. Christina stands on Tiffany's hair and bends over and grabs Tiffany's labia and lifts her up with both hands by her pussy lips and slams her up and down a few times. Tiffany is a sobbing mess as Christina drags Tiffany's now nude body around in the sand by her breasts while twisting them.

Christina rolled Tiffany onto her stomach while sitting on Tiff's tight tanned ass pulled on her hair arching Tiffany's back. Tiffany was screaming for mercy, but the beach was empty and there was no one to help her.

Christina sat on Tiffany's face and commanded her to start licking out her pussy. Tiffany refused until Christina gave her a clit squeeze than sent a deep pain up her spine. Tiff soon began licking away deep in and around as Christina had a quadruple orgasm all over the 90210 star's face soaking her.

Christina remained there and had her keep licking until Christina did not allow Tiffany anymore air, and that's where she passed out. Christina dragged Tiffany up the beach a little higher so tide wouldn't get to her and dug a deep hole in the sand for Tiffany. Christina buried Tiffany up to her neck nude in the sand.

Christina wrote in the sand "Kiss me, I'm a 90210 loser who eats pussy!"

Christina, whose clothes had been thrown in the ocean, walked off the beach nude.

Tiffany was left there for a couple hours until some old man combing the beach with his metal detector found her and helped pull her out.