Manuela Arcuri+Monica Bellucci vs. Jessica Biel+Nadia Bjorlin by Boeing666

Before the match, Monica Bellucci and Manuela Arcuri are meeing in their dressing room with Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Rosella Brescia. Manuela and Monica haven’t yet changed into their gear yet and it isn’t known what they’re discussing with Maria and Rosella. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. Monica goes to answer it and when she opens, she sees HFWA Commissioner Sharon Stone with two of her bodyguards, Queen Latifah and Nicole Bass.

“Hi Monica and Manuela, you ready for your match?” Stone asks with her usual smirking grin.

Monica growls, “What the fuck do you want Stone?”

“Just checking up on you before your match against Biel and Bjorlin,” Sharon smiles.

Monica snaps, “I was all set to take out Biel once and for all until that bug-eyed bitch Bjorlin got her ass involved!”

Maria Grazia Cucinotta comes over and leans over Monica’s shoulder. There’s a look of anger on her face as she presses her full breasts against Monica’s back and glares at Stone.

“Well, hello Maria,” Sharon grins. “Did I forgot to tell you; you’ve got the night off?”

“What the fuck? Off?”

“Yeah, you don’t have a match, so you get the night off. Go home!” the commish said with a dismissive flick of her hand.

“I don’t want to,” Maria protested.

“Well,” Sharon muttered. “Then my bodyguards will see to it then. In fact, all you Italians have the night off. Scoot!”

Monica’s eyes widened, “Oh?”

“Yeah,” Sharon said curtly. “Any Italians whose names don’t end with ‘i’; like Bellucci or Arcuri. If you don’t have a last name ending in “i” go home. That means Scabbia, Cucinotta, Corna, Brescia…Palmas… is Palmas even Italian? Well it doesn’t end in an “i” so goes too. OK, see ya guys… or I should say ‘CIAO’?”

Sharon shuts the door as the Italian women can be heard behind the door swearing in Italian and throwing stuff around the room. As she’s leaving, Sharon tells Latifah and Nicole they’ll be held responsible for any damage to the Italian’s dressing room. Then Sharon heads down the hall toward the ring, passing another dressing room where Jessica Biel and Nadia Bjorlin are stretching in preparation for the upcoming match.

“I’m pretty impressed with your new moves,” Jessica tells her partner. ‘The Bjorlin Wall’ and ‘The Bjorlin Airlift’ are awesome moves; I can’t wait to see you hit either one of them Monica or Manuela tonight.”

“That would be nice,” Nadia grins. “But I’d rather use the move we’ve been practicing. It’ll be perfect to shut Bellucci’s big mouth once and for all.”
Later that evening…As Italian music plays over the loudspeakers, Monica Bellucci and Manuela Arcuri come to the ring amid a fusillade of fans booing and throwing stuff at them. They’re both wearing matching patent leather and vinyl halter tops in the colors of the Italian flag that say “ITALIA” across the bosom in bold, black type. They’re also wearing matching Italian flag colored patent leather and vinyl thongs. They both seem extremely annoyed as their long legs stride toward the ring. One fan gets too close and Monica takes a swing at him, nearly decapitating the slightly buzzed buffoon.

The two Italians climb up the steps into the ring and after strutting around for a minute or two, go to their corner were they languidly lean on the ropes as Jessica Biel and Nadia Bjorlin are introduced. The two Americans come down to the ring looking a bit more fit than their Italian counterparts - although the Italians are just as intimidating and by no means out of shape.

Jessica, after her recent shooting of ‘Blade: Trinity’ is at the peak of conditioning, far more firm and muscular than at any other time and weighing in almost equal to Monica at 145 lbs. Although Jessica’s an inch shorter than the Italian, she’s more muscular with a firmer stomach than Monica’s smooth, softly curved belly. Jessica’s wide, well-defined shoulders and bulging biceps that she flexs for the crowd draws loud cheers and her gray tank top exposes firm, washboard hard abs.

Nadia Bjorlin also looks pretty fit in her black leather top and black leather shorts that match Jessica’s. Her weight, around 145 lbs., makes her about the same as Jessica and Monica. Het her arms, while not as muscular as her partner’s, are still finely toned and at least the equal of Monica’s.

Jessica and Monica begin a staredown in center ring, but Manuela decides to get in an early sneak attack on Nadia, Clotheslining the big blonde and then stomping her!


It’s chaos in the ring as the bell rings just as Manuela pull Nadia up to Irish Whip her into the ropes, but Nadia reverses and sends the Italian for a ride. Manuala rebounds and goes for a Clothesline - but Manuela ducks and launches herself off the opposite ropes, leaping in the air for a Flying Crossbody Block. Manuela is shocked when she’s caught in mid-air by Nadia who holds her horizontally across her chest. Manuela kicks back and forth trying to free herself until Monica comes from behind leaping onto Manuela’s back and knocking her down on top of Jessica.

Manuela pins Nadia… ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout with authority!

Nadia launches Manuela off of her sending her airborne while Jessica runs over and Clotheslines big Monica clear out of the ring over the top rope. Monica grabs the rope and manages to landson her feet outside of the ring but she stumbles headlong into the crowd barrier. She regains her balance, but in the meantime Nadia has lifted Manuela high overhead in a Gorilla Press. She carries her to the ropes and drops her over the top rope on top of Monica. The two Italian brunettes fall in a heap on the outside concrete and the crowd erupts in loud cheers as Jessica and Nadia flex their biceps.

Manuela and Monica recover, as Manuela climbs back in the ring and charges the flexing Nadia only to get turned inside out by a brutal clothesline that leaves Manuela laying on her stomach. Nadia picks Manuela up in a Torture Rack and appears to be going for her ‘Bjorlin Airlift’ finisher, but suddenly Monica comes up from behind and hits her with a low blow. However, Jessica is right behind Monica and waistlocks her and hits a German Suplex on Monica releasing her on her head. Monica rolls around holding her head. Jessica and Nadia stand Monica up and grab her by her tricolored leather thong and lift her vertical and land a Double Suplex on Bellucci.

Manuela quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and leaps off with a Top Rope Crossbody on the unexpecting Nadia and Jessica knocking them to the mat. Manuela Dropkicks Jessica, then hits another Standing Dropkick onto Nadia. Manuela hits a Waistlock Suplex on Nadia and follows that up with a Snap Suplex. The smallest woman of the four is on a roll as Manuela Whips Nadia into the corner, charging in after her, leaping in the air and landing with her thighs on Nadia’s shoulders and the top ropes. Manuela hits a Broncobuster while holding the top rope. Manuela grips the ropes and grinds her crotch in Nadia’s face as an insult. Manuela leaps off of Nadia’s shoulders and Face Rakes her. Nadia grabs her eyes in pain as Manuela goes behind her and hits a German Suplex on her. Manuela sends Nadia to the ropes, and on the rebound hits her with a Power Slam! Manuela pulls Nadia’s head down between her thighs and sets up for a Powerbomb, but Nadia stands up and Backdrops Manuela over her head!

Manuela lands hard on her back and tries to get up, but Nadia is quicker and she tags in Biel, who charges in and Clotheslines Manuela back down to the mat. Manuela gets up but gets Clotheslined and slammed back down. Manuela stands this time but gets hoisted up in a Scoop Slam and planted on the mat. As Manuela gets up, Jessica grabs her by the neck and lifts her high in the air preparing for the ‘Biel Bomb’, a Chokelift Powerbomb.

Manuela still has sense of mind and kicks Jessica in the chest while being held up, then Kneelifts her in the face. Jessica drops Manuela. Manuela whips Jessica into the corner and repeats the humiliating move she did earlier on Nadia by hitting a top rope broncobust on her. Manuela next begins grinding her crotch in Jessica’s face - a crotch far sweatier than when Nadia had the pleasure of experiencing it! Jessica’s had had just about enough sweaty Italian pussy in her face and she staggers out of the corner, carrying Manuela whose thighs are still draped over her shoulders, her legs dangling down Biel’s back. Manuela looks around shocked and then, as it dawns on her what’s about to happen, she hurriedly crosses herself as Jessica sits out, Powerbombing her flat on the mat!

Manuela land flat on her back and her breath is knocked out of her. She lays with her legs spread, looking like she’s ready to be pinned uncontested…and she probably would have been had it not been for her reliable partner Monica who ran in and kicked Jessica in the back before she had a chance to pin Manuela. The ref angrily yells at Monica, pointing her back to her corner. But Monica argues right back, waving her finger under the ref’s nose. By the time order is restored, Manuela is up and she and Jessica come together in a Collar and Elbow Lockup. Manuela lets out a yelp and screams at the ref with her thick Italian accent, “Jessica, she pulla my hair!”

The ref questions Jessica who, of course, denies she did anything of the kind. Manuela tries to Whip Jessica to the ropes, but Jessica reverses it and sends Manuela careening wildly across the ring. Manuela grabs the ropes to stop her rebound, then complains to the ref again, this time screaming - half in Italian and half in broken English and grabbing her own thong to demonstrate how Jessica pulled her suit! Jessica throws her arms in the air muttering in frustration.

As soon as the ref turns around, Manuela Jabs Her Fingers Jessica in the eyes Three Stooges Style. Jessica yowls and grabs her face so Manuela Front Kicks her in the stomach. Jessica doubles over gasping which allows Manuela to hoist her up onto her shoulder. Manuela hits a Northern Lights Suplex and quickly follows that with a Standing Moonsault before she goes for a pin without bothering to hook Jessica’s leg…

“ONE… TWO…NO!” Kickout!

Jessica launches Manuela again in the air nearly landing her on top of the ref. Manuela whips Jessica off of the ropes, and on the return Manuela picks Jessica up and hits a spinebuster. Jessica is slow to her feet while Manuela climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick on Jessica. Manuela climbs the turnbuckle again waiting for Jessica to get up. This time Manuela leaps off with a Top Rope Flying Crossbody but Jessica catches her out of mid-air and holds her horizontal as she steadies herself for a Backbreaker. Unfortunately, she holds Manuala too long and Monica once again comes through the ropes to Dropkick Manuela in the back, knocking them both down with Manuela landing on top of Jessica. This time, Manuela does hook Jessica’s leg….

“ONE…TWO…NO!” Kickout!

Manuela’s getting frustrated and pulls her own hair as she goes to tag in Monica. However, at the same time, Jessica rolls over and tags Nadia. Monica comes in for the first time (legally) and grabs Nadia in a Headlock. Nadia throws Monica into the ropes, but on the rebound Monica uses her bulk to flatten Nadia with a Shoulder Block. Monica hauls Nadia up and WHAM Bodyslams her, then she follows that up with a Vertical Suplex. As Nadia lays on the mat, Monica comes off of the ropes and hits the ‘Knee Capper’, a Knee Drop to Nadia’s knee. She screams as she grabs her knee as she writhes in pain.

Monica gets cocky as she’s (thus far) been dominating big Nadia and she yells at the fans who are booing her. Monica starts to slowly climb the turnbuckle from the inside as she prepares to do one of Manuela’s moves, a Top Rope Backflip Moonsault. If she lands it, it will be very impressive! By the time Monica gets to the top rope, however, Nadia is up and hobbling toward the corner. While Monica yells Italian obscenities at the American fans, Nadia shoves her off of the ropes and sends her flying headfirst out of the ring and down onto the cement floor.

Nadia slides out of the ring, grabs the dazed Monica by her hair and pulls her up. Suddenly, Manuela comes running up behind her and gives her a Knee Drop onto Nadia’s lower back. Monica and Manuela turn the tables on Nadia and Jessica, watching her partner being mugged outside the ring, complains to the ref when he intercepts her as she tries to get involved.

While the ref pushes Jessica back to her corner and they argue, Monica and Manuela have a free hand to double team Nadia a while longer. Finally, Manuela and Monica send Nadia back into the ring. Monica sends Nadia to the ropes, then grabs her by the neck for a 3D. Hitting it, Manuela goes for the pin. The ref gets down to count, but Jessica screams that Manuela isn’t the legal woman in the ring. The ref orders her to break and, frustrated and angry, Manuela starts to Choke Nadia.

Since Jessica insisted that Monica belongs in the ring, she and Manuela together began to Stomp Nadia. The ref is either too incompetent or afraid of the Italians to stop the double teaming as Monica lifts Nadia by the hair and puts her in a Half Nelson. Manuela runs to the ropes and rebounds into a Flying Forearm Smash.

Unfortunately for Monica, Nadia ducks since Monica didn’t have the Half Nelson tight enough. Manuela instead nails her own partner Monica with the Forearm Smash! Manuela looks shocked as she reaches up to touch her mouth and that brief distraction allows Nadia to scramble over to tag a fresh Jessica.

Manuela helps Monica to her feet, checking to see if her nose is bleeding. Jessica uses the distraction to Double Clothesline both Italians hard to the mat. Jessica scoops up big Bellucci and WHAM Bodyslams her so hard it shakes the ring. Manuela charges Jessica who sees her coming and, at the last second, lunges at Manuela with her arm out and nails Manuela across the upper chest, flipping her a full flip. Jessica sees Monica getting back to her feet but Manuela is flat on the mat, almost out cold and holding her neck. Jessica charges Monica, but Monica ducks and as Jessica turns around, she gets nailed with a Superkick by Monica!

Jessica bends forward allowing Monica to get Jessica in a reverse headlock and lift her in a Gutwrench Suplex. Monica follows that up with a T-Bone Suplex. In the mean time, Manuela comes to and rolls herself out of the ring still holding her neck choking from the brutal Clotheslining. Monica Irish Whips Jessica to the ropes, on the rebound lifts Jessica up and partially spins her as if going for a Tilt-A-Whirl Suplex, but stops half way and, WHAM, drives Jessica chest first into the mat with a Reverse Jackhammer move known as the ‘Italian Suplex’ a move she invented. She goes for the pin…

“ONE…TWO…NO!” Kickout!

Monica angrily lifts Jessica up and places her in a Tit-To-Tit Bearhug. Jessica, has the presence of mind to fight out of the crushing hold by SMACK, clapping her hands over Monica’s ears. It stuns Monica for a moment, but Jessica is still more worn down and she can’t get out of range before Monica buckles her knees with a Low Blow! Monica scoops Jessica up and drops her onto her knee in an Over-The-Knee Backbreaker!

Jessica screams in pain, but Monica decides to change position and try to put Jessica out with a Dragon Sleeper known as the ‘Italian Dreams.’ Monica locks on the painful hold. Jessica screams again but seems to fade fast as the ref comes over to check Jessica’s arm. The ref lifts it once…

…and her arm falls limp to the mat!

Again he lifts it and, again, it flops limp to the mat…

The ref lifts her arm a third time, but this time as Jessica’s arm starts to drop…it suddenly flys straight up. She pumps her fist in the air as her fans begin to chant, “JESSICA! JESSICA! JESSICA!”

Jessica reaches around and grabs what she can even if that means pulling the hair. Monica lets go and screams yelling to the ref about Jessica pulling her hair. That is a mistake on Monica’s part letting Jessica go after she had been trapped. With Jessica still on the mat, Monica puts her in a figure four leglock. Jessica once again screams and grunts in pain. Monica has the leglock hooked in very well, but surprisingly Jessica manages to gather up all possible strength and roll both herself and Monica over onto their stomachs. Now Monica is the one in pain as the hold has been reversed.

Fortunately, the ropes are nearby and when Monica grabs them, the ref starts to count to force Jessica to break the hold. Of course, Jessica waits until she hears “FOUR” before she starts to release Monica from the hold. Jessica gets up and tries to tag Nadia, but Monica grabs her ankle, tripping her. Monica tags in Manuela, showing the Italian team has the advantage of staying fresher by making more frequent tags. Manuela runs across the ring and Clotheslines Nadia off of the ring apron, making sure Jessica can’t tag her.

Manuela slams Jessica back into the Italian corner, leaving Nadia to climbs back to the ring apron. She tries to enter the fight but the referee suddenly begins paying attention and he intercepts Nadia and pushes her back to her corner. While Nadia argues, the Italians to double team Jessica in their corner; Monica choking Jessica as Manuela kicks her stomach. By the time the ref turns around, Jessica is doubled over wheezing. Manuela grabs Jessica’s hair and hits three Snap Suplexes in a row - known in Italy as ‘The Tri Colori.

Then Manuela kicks Jessica over onto her stomach and locks her in a Boston Crab. But she’s done the move too close to the ropes and Jessica grabs the middle rope with both hands to force a break. Manuela argues with the ref who tells her, “In America you have to break when your opponent grabs the ropes.”

Pissed off, Manuela Elbows Jessica in the head then gets to her feet and bends over flashing her thong clad ass to the crowd who actually cheer as she pulls Jessica up by her hair and prepares for ‘The Knockoff’ a Running Powerbomb. Too bad for Manuela because Jessica stands up and Back Drops the Italian over her back. Jessica tries to crawl to Nadia, but Manuela grabs her foot, preventing her from crawling to the far corner. Manuela gets up and Leg Drops Jessica’s back before tagging in Monica who hits a Double Underhook Suplex while Manuela climbs to the turnbuckle.

Manuela launches herself into a Top Rope Backflip Moonsault, crashing down on Jessica. Manuela hooks the leg but the ref tells Manuela she’s not the legal woman in the ring. The referee’s suddenly found backbone is beginning to piss Manuela off and she tells the ref, “American rules are stupid,” at least thats what it sounds like in her broken English. While she’s occupying the referee, Monica grabs Jessica by the back of the neck and prepares fof a Reverse Chokeslam - known as the ‘The Black Hand.’

But Jessica BAM, Elbows Monica in the face and then drops to the mat as Monica lets go and staggers back holding her face. Monica’s big right hand Punch sends Jessica reeling back into a neutral corner where Monica hits her across the bosom SPLAT with an Open Hand Chop. SPLAT! Another Chop has the crowd going, “Oooh!” and “AAAH!” with each smack.

Monica starts to Whip Jessica into the corner, but Jessica puts on the brakes and reverses, then drops to the mat after whipping Monica who speeds into the corner, stumbles, and ends up doing a Somersault into the corner where she WHAM, slams into the corner upside down. The momentum carries her up and over the turnbuckle and clear out of the ring, crashing down onto the concrete floor outside!

As the dazed and confused Monica crawls around on the floor, Manuela runs into the ring - only to be stopped by Jessica who reaches between her thighs and grabs her by the neck and Military Presses the Italian brunette overhead with her arms extended. Jessica carries Manuela to the edge of the ring where, for the second time tonight, Manuela is tossed out of the ring over the top rope onto her partner, Monica. The Italians lay in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs as the fans go nuts!

Jessica falls to the mat worn out as the fans cheer for her to tag in Nadia to finally get a break. Monica and Manuela slowly and clumsily get to their feet when Monica notices Jessica getting ready to tag in Nadia. Monica sends Manuela into the ring to stop the tag.

However Manuela is too late as Jessica tags in Nadia. Nadia comes into the ring as Manuela attempts to clothesline her. Nadia ducks down. As Manuela turns around to look for Nadia she is looking down on her and feels herself being lifted high into the air again. Nadia Gorilla Presses Manuela into the air as Manuela starts feeling like the barbell - or perhaps dumbbell - of the Italians.

Monica enters the ring as Nadia from her press slam positon launches Manuela at Monica. Manuela flies into Monica upside down her thong covered cheeks hitting Monica in the face dropping both to the mat. Monica lies on the mat with Manuela’s ass on top of her face, Monica’s nose right in Manuela’s ‘barely there thong’ covered ass crack. The crowd laughs and cheers. A disgusted Monica shoves Manuela off of her and gets to her feet as Nadia tags in Jessica who enters the ring. Jessica and Nadia join hands and charge Monica with a Running Double Clothesline. The impact flips Monica more than 360 in the air as she lands hard on her back - out like a light!

Manuela stands to her feet and receives the same brutal treatment or even worse as the Running Double Clothesline she gets flips her body almost two revolutions in mid-air before CRASH she hits the mat in a very awkward position; landing on her knees and flopping backwards with her knees under her. The back of her head hits the mat, bounces and flips her forward onto her stomach!

During the Clothesline across her chest, her breasts were almost pushed up out of her leather top, but since Manuela ended up laying on her chest, most in the crowd didn’t see that. It’s not until after Jessica grabs Monica by the hair, lifts her by her neck and hoists her skyward, then sits out hitting her ‘Biel Bomb’ that the crowd goes nuts. Monica lands hard on the mat and the impact of the landing knocks her big tits clear of her top. Monica lies flat on her back, starfished in a hot spread-eagle with sweat pouring off of her big tits as Jessica goes for a Leg Hook Pin!

But the ref doesn’t allow it! Jessica screams at the ref but her ref insists Manuela is the legal woman in the ring. Jessica screams, “Bullshit!” but the ref again has shown his incompetence as Monica WAS the legal woman! But Monica still hasn’t moved, except for the rapid rise and fall of her massive breasts, as she lays splayed on the mat.

As Jessica argues, Manuela, now topless with her top around her waist, attacks Jessica with a whole series of Forearm Smashes to Jessica’s chest. Nadia tries to enter the ring but the ref immediately runs over to stop her. Manuela tries to Whip Jessica into the ropes, but Jessica reverses and sends Manuela to the ropes in her place. Manuela again leaps in the air and once again is caught mid-flight by Jessica who holds the topless and struggling Manuela with a hand between her thighs and one on her tan butt cheek. Jessica lifts Manuela onto her shoulders, preparing for the ‘Illusionist,’ a Spinning Sidewalk Slam. Before she can spin, Monica comes over and Cunt Busts Jessica from behind and she drops Manuela.

Nadia comes running and Clotheslines Monica right across her big sweaty tits. Nadia picks Monica up by the hair, wedges a hand between her thighs over her leather thong-clad crotch, wraps the other on her shoulder and tries to lift Monica overhead. But Nadia can’t get it done! She gets Monica head high, but then Monica Elbows her in the face and she drops her. Monica Snap Kicks Nadia in the stomach.

Before she can take advantage, Jessica runs up, taps Monica on the shoulder, and as she turns around Jessica unleashes a Spin Kick to the face that flips Monica in the air! Jessica shoves one hand between Monica’s thighs and the other at her shoulder as she tries to do what Nadia couldn’t… press the 145 lb Bellucci overhead. Jessica lifts Monica to her shoulders, straining to lift Monica above her head. She’s barely got her up there, shoulders bulging, muscles working as she gets Monica about a foot up over her head. Jessica hesitates, takes a deep breath, then heaves, her arms extending, hoisting Monica’s body higher…

Then Manuela kicks Jessica in the stomach and she drops Monica so hard she lands in a slightly different position. Jessica feels sudden fear as her head ends up between Monica’s powerful thighs. Monica locks on a powerful Headscissors while sitting on Jessica’s shoulders, then takes Jessica down with a Headscissors Takedown. Monica tightens her steel thighs making it impossible for Jessica to breathe.

In the meantime Nadia goes down from a Super Kick by Manuela! Monica releases her vice like scissors on Jessica and grabs her by the back of her head and lifts her up part way in what looks like a reverse chokeslam and slams Jessica facefirst to the mat with Monica’s favorite move, ‘The Italian Goddess Rises.

With Jessica out for now, Monica and Manuela both turn to Nadia and try to find a way to isolate her, or just take her out in general. Manuela tosses Nadia out of the ring near the Spanish Announcers’ table, then they leave the ring. Monica lifts Nadia and holds her in Powerbomb position then drives her down and right through the table! With Nadia out of the way for now, they can return to concentrate on the more powerful Jessica. They both Stomp Biel all over her body, then Monica Bodyslams her.

Manuela finally leaves the ring - the ref has been yelling at her all night and she’s pretended she doesn’t understand English, but threat of a DQ she understands all too well!

Monica locks in Jessica’s legs with her own as she slowly bends her sideways in an Abdominal Stretch. The ref asks Jessica if she will submit and Jessica, after a moment of hesitation, gasps, “NO!”. While the ref is eyeing Jessica, Monica reaches back to Manuela who takes her hand for more leverage, increasing the pain in Jessica’s back. The ref, unusually suspicious, checks on Monica and Manuela suddenly lets go. The ref again questions Jessica about submitting and Monica and Manuela once more link hands but this time the ref catches them and orders Monica to release Jessica who collapses to the mat face first, panting and out of breath.

Monica changes tactics temporarily and lock Jessica in a Camel Clutch. Monica jumps up and down on Jessica’s back, her large sweaty breasts bouncing wildly. Jessica manages to grab the ropes and Monica, angered at losing her hold, lifts Jessica up by her hair, wraps her arms around her and puts her in a Big Italian Bearhug! But before she can really lock it in, Jessica claps her hands on Monica’s ears and the big Italian lets her go and hops around holding her ringing ears. Jessica, seeing this could be her chance, runs to the ropes and springs off…

but Monica is quicker and she turns into a Knee Lift to Jessica’s stomach on the fly, flipping her over. With Jessica writhing and gasping on the mat, Monica tags in Manuela. Even if she could have gotten up, Jessica had no no one to tag since Nadia was still lying among the rubble of the announcers table out cold!

Manuela comes in and drops to the mat whre she puts Jessica in a Bow and Arrow. Jessica manages to wriggle out of the hold which had been sloppily applied. Next, Manuela tries to put Jessica in a Texas Cloverleaf but Jessica escapes by grabbing the ropes. Manuela tears her hair and looks to Monica who yells at her to keep on Jessica who is getting to her feet. Manuela Kicks Jessica in the belly, then pulls her head down into a Standing Headscissors, setting her up for a Running Powerbomb.

Both Manuela and Monica are shocked when Jessica stands up, lifting Manuela dangling on her back! Monica gets in the ring and kickss the back of Jessica’s leg, but when Jessica’s leg buckles, she lands on top of Manuela! Jessica gets to her feet ready to Facesit Manuela but Monica again charges into the ring and tries to Spear Jessica who sidesteps and Monica nails the ref, knocking him out cold as he’s propelled clear out of the ring through the ropes!

Monica gets pissed and Back Kicks Jessica, knocking her into the ropes. As she bounces off of the ropes, Monica leaps in the air with a Spread-legged Frog Leap going over Jessica’s body. It’s quite an athletic feat for Monica to get so high, but Jessica puts on the brakes just as Monica leaps, then Jessica grabs Monica by the hips with her legs spread, falls forward and Spikes Monica to the mat so hard that Monica lands on her ass and her legs wishboned up to her head!

Poor Monica is sitting in a very awkward position upright but with her legs spread 90 degrees each side of her. It shows how flexible she is and probably does yoga. Cameras go off. Jessica Elbow Drops on Monica’s back, bending her forward and slamming her face into the mat between her spread legs!

Manuela tries to hit Jessica but she rolls off to the side and poor Manuela accidentally nails her partner Monica with an Elbow in her back. Monica lets out a grunt but remains spread-legged. Manuela is tossed out of the ring by Jessica leaving her alone with Monica and no ref! Jessica Grapevines Monica’s legs and puts her in a painful Chinlock that has Monica screaming as her body is stretched and her legs wishboning. Monica starts slapping the mat trying to submit as the crowd cheers.

Unfortunately, Monica is tapping her submission but there’s nobody there to accept it as the ref is still out cold. There’s is another problem, as well. Manuela re-enters the ring carrying a chair which she swings at Jessica’s back and BWANG nails Jessica! Manuela turns her attention to Jessica leaving Monica with her legs spread 90 degrees to either side of her body. Manuela Kicks and Stomps Jessica several times before she finally helps Monica to her feet which she does but with a burning pain in her groin. She may have pulled a muscle from being stretched like that.

One thing for sure…the leather thong was driven far up her ass and she has a noticeable Wedgie. Monica and Manuela lift Jessica into a Vertical Suplex and they nail it! Hauling her up, they Italian Whip Jessica to the ropes and on the rebound catch and lift her by both thighs and drop her neck on the top rope. Jessica’s body is flung back into the ring where she writhes and gags, holding her throat in both hands.

The Europeans lift her up again by her thighs and this time the slam her neck onto the top turnbuckle, a Double ‘Snake Eyes.’ Monica prepares to Whip Jessica to the other side of the ring, but Jessica hits the brakes and reverses the momentum flinging Monica hard to the corner and falling to the mat with a loud grunt as she puts a little extra “oompf” into the move.

Jessica builds up her momentum so much that Monica careens out of control into the corner so hard her upper body goes faster than her legs can churn and she ends up doing a high speed somersault into the corner, landing upside down and nailing the top turnbuckle with her lower back, rolling up and back over to end up sitting on the top turnbuckle with her crotch slamming into the post. Her eyes glaze and ringside cameras catch her eyes rolling to the back of her head in the instant before she topples backward off the turnbuckle. The back of her knees catch the top ropes on either side of the turnbuckle and her body hangs suspended upside down in the corner in the dreaded ‘Tree of Woe.

Manuela sees her partner in trouble and charges Jessica who Clotheslines Manuela down hard. Manuela is gagging as Jessica turns to the trapped, upside down Monica who is helpless as she’s hung up in Tree of Woe, Jessica Stomps Monica’s chest and stomach, her large breasts shaking and jiggling with each Stomp. The camera behind Monica makes sure it gets a few close ups of her thong clad rear wedged tight between the bottom and middle turnbuckle pads. Then Jessica lifts her foot and signals she’s going to Stomp the helpless Monica’s nether regions. The fans begin chant, “STOMP HER!! STOMP HER!!” and Jessica lets go a powerful Stomp on Monica’s crotch making her yelp in pain as she tires in vain to protect herself.

Manuela gets up and charges Jessica, but she ducks and Drop Toe Holds Manuela, sending her flying nose-first into Monica’s crotch; her very sweaty leather g-string bikini bottom the only between her and Monica’s clit! Jessica grabs Manuela by the hair and shakes her face in Monica’s crotch, “You enjoy that? Here, take another sniff! See what an Italian slut smells like!!” She shoves Manuela’s face back into Monica’s pussy and holds it there before she lifts it up by her hair.

Manuela, now angered kicks Jessica in the stomach and shoves her head between her thighs as if preparing for a Powerbomb or Piledriver. She tries to lift Jessica, but Jessica plants her feet to the ground and reverses lifting Manuela so she is draped over her back. Jessica turns 180 degrees so now the inverted Manuela is dangling over her back with her back to the still trapped upside down Monica. Jessica backs into Monica and slams Manuela right on top of Monica. Jessica lets Manuela slide down so that she is hanging upside down in the corner on top of Monica.

Jessica tucks Manuela’s legs so that they are actually under Monica’s and makes sure that Monica’s legs are hooked to the top turnbuckle so that both topless Italian beauties are strung up in the tree of woe. Due to Manuela being on top, she is slightly higher on the turnbuckle than Monica and her flowing black hair hangs down to the mat covering Monica’s face. The back of Manuela’s head is stuck in Monica’s sweating cleavage as Jessica locks a Leg Scissors around BOTH ITALIAN’S BODIES!

Her legs tighten like a vice around Manuela’s head and Monica’s chest driving the back of Manuela’s head between Monica’s large tits, Manuela’s head crushing Monica’s ribcage. Manuela cannot be heard moaning under Jessica’s tight thighs, but Monica is screaming. Jessica goes for another technique and this time elevates Manuela with her ankles and hooks Monica in an Inverted Dragon Sleeper. It is an amazing sight to see Jessica under both upside down Italians with her arms wrapped around Monica’s head and her legs actually lifting Manuela who is still hooked to the turnbuckle in a position that puts her horizontal to the mat. The fans go wild as Jessica is dominating the two Italians at once.

Jessica decides to knock Manuela down from the turnbuckle as Monica appears to be knocked out from the inverted dragon sleeper. Jessica leaves Monica asleep in the tree of woe. Jessica hoists a screaming Manuela up and bodyslams her to the mat, then sends her to the ropes for a Powerslam. Jessica grabs Manuela by her leather thong bottoms and lifts her in the air by them upside down, holding her high over her head for 30 seconds before completing a big Stalling Vertical Suplex.

Jessica signals for one of her finishers, the ‘Home of the Slave.’ Jessica places Manuela’s head between her thighs, hoists her up over her shoulder and positions her hands so that Manuela is over Jessica’s back in a Hangman. Manuela is lifted up by her chin her legs dangling behind Jessica. Jessica sits out and hits a ‘Widow’s Peak’ on Manuela. Manuela hits the mat knees first jarring her neck as her eyes roll back in the back of her head and she flops face first to the mat. Jessica rolls the motionless Manuela onto her back so she lays spread eagle and eyes closed. Manuela’s chest slowly rises up and down, at least she is still breathing. However there’s still no referee to make the count out.

Jessica is the only one awake now in the ring. Her partner is still out cold in a pile of table debris; Manuela is out cold from the, ‘Home of the Slave’ and ready to be pinned while Monica is hanging lifeless and upside down in the Tree of Woe and the poor referee is somewhere outside the ring on the floor.

Jessica decides to have more fun with Manuela since the ref is no where to be found. Jessica pulls a limp Manuela up to her feet, lifts her by her thong again in what looks like another Vertical Suplex, but instead drops her belly over the top rope. Manuela’s body folds in two, her ass pointed toward the crowd and her head inside the ropes. Jessica raises her palm and the crowd begins cheering as Jessica starts Spanking Manuela’s bare cheeks, leaving a red hand print on either side of her black thong.

Nadia has gotten awakened and untangled herself from the pile of rubble where she’d been laying. She smiles as she looks up to find that Jessica has the match ‘in hand’ so to add insult to injury, Nadia climbs onto the apron and adds her hand SMACK to Manuela’s ass. The Italian’s legs thrash and kick in comical fashion each time she’s SPLAT spanked.

Nadia climbs into the ring and tosses Manuela over her shoulder as if she is going to give her a Running Powerslam. She charges across the ring from corner to corner and WHAM slams Manuela’s back into Monica who was just coming to in the Tree of Woe. Nadia charges to the other corner, lowers Manuela and SLAM, rams her back into the corner opposite Monica, then releases her and lets Manuela’s legs fold back over the top rope, leaving her too, upside down in the Tree of Woe. Then Nadia turns her attention to Manuela while Jessica returns to Monica.

Nadia grabs on to Manuela’s nipples while Jessica does the same to Monica. Both twist bringing out screams from the Italian brunettes as each lifts them up so they are horizontal to the ring, before roughly slamming them back into the turnbuckle keeping them still trapped helplessly in the Tree of Woe.

Nadia charges across the ring and Spears Monica, while Jessica Spears Manuela. The Italian’s legs start to untangle, but the two of them tuck them back in under the turnbuckle pads so that they don’t fall out of the Tree of Woe. Nadia baseball slides Manuela and Jessica does the same to Monica. The two Italians begin gagging and choking. Jessica Kicks Monica’s thighs putting bruises in them while Nadia Kicks Manuela in the thighs. Nadia and Jessica both back up, then charge and leap in the air with a Flying Stomp to the Italians’ pussies that force awful moans of pain from the battered brunettes.

Jessica climbs up the turnbuckle as Nadia does the same in her corner. Jessica places her foot on Monica’s crotch as Nadia places hers over Manuela’s. They both stand with their full weight on that one foot pressed into the crotches of the Italians as they put a hand over their heart and sing… “OH SAY CAN YOU SEE!!!!”

When they finish, they flip their respective Italian out of her corner. They land on their stomachs where they lay curled up with their hands hugging the mound between their thighs as they try in vain to massage away the pain. Nadia stands Manuela up and Jessica stands Monica up. Then they crawl under the Italians’ legs, stand up and squat the Italians so they’re sitting on their shoulders facing the same way. At a sign from Jessica, they fall backward, giving the Italians double Electric Chair Powerbombs.

Grinning, Jessica and Nadia pick the Italians up by their hair, but at the same time the Italians think of the same thing - in their eagerness and cocksure certitude of their triumph - Jessica and Nadia had left their crotches wide open! While the recovering referee is looking the wrong way, they both wind up and…WHUMP…Low Blow Uppercut!

Monica grabs Jessica by the hair and tosses her out of the ring, then joins Manuela to Double Team Nadia. Manuela puts Nadia over her knee and gives her a Backbreaker, pushing down on Nadia’s neck and thigh while Monica climbs the turnbuckle to give Nadia’s exposed neck a Leg Drop off the top rope. But Jessica is back in the ring as they stare face to face, too busy looking at Monica to even notice Manuela sneaking around the perimeter of the ring.

Manuela blindsides Jessica, clipping the back of her knees, then picks up Jessica, while at the same time Manuela picks up Nadia. Both Italians Body Slam their opponent in the corners. The crowd boos as Manuela and Monica take to the ropes.

Monica, not known for her aerial artistry, takes her time climbing the ropes. It’s not known what the Italians are planning as they climb to the top turnbuckle, but whatever it is, Monica’s taking too long. Her slow climb up the ropes allows the Americans time to recover and get to their feet. They see Monica and Manuela on the top ropes and once the Italians see Nadia and Jessica upright, they realize they better do something fast! Manuela leaps at Nadia at the same time Monica leaps toward Jessica, both going for Cross Body Blocks.

On paper it may be a good idea thanks to Monica’s bulk, but Monica is unaware of Jessica’s strength after training for her role in the recent ‘Blade’ movie and Jessica shocks both Monica and the crowd by catching Monica out of mid-air on a Crossbody Block. Nadia also catches Manuela in mid-air easily and the ringside cameras capture the expression on Manuela and Monica’s faces as they’re held horizontal in their opponent’s grips. Monica’s face shows her extreme shock; unable to believe what happened. She is seen mouthing the Italian equivalent of “oh shit!

Nadia carries Manuela over to Jessica who stands holding Monica. The Americans use the time to get showboaty with their Italian opponents. They face the same way, and anyone who has a camera is taking advantage of the unusual sight, including the ringside cameras who zoom in on Nadia’s hand groping up between Manuela’s thighs at the same time Jessica’s hand is fondling Monica’s crotch; zooming in on the thong covered asses of the Italians as Manuela and Monica weakly kick back and forth.

Jessica and Nadia do a slow turn in the ring showing off Monica and Manuela to the crowd. Whatever direction the American’s face, the flashbulbs go off whether they are taking pictures of the smiles on the two American’s faces or the hot bodies of Monica and Manuela being held horizontally across the American’s chests. After a complete turn around the ring, Jessica and Nadia fall back releasing the Italians with Fallaway Slams.

Nadia picks the dazed Manuela up by her hair and lifts her across her shoulders in a Torture Rack while she carries Manuela around the ring across her shoulders, finally spinning and dropping her in a Neckbreaker that resembles an inverted F-5, known as the “Bjorlin Airlift”. Manuela briefly sits up, then her eyes roll back and she falls back to lie motionless.

Meantime, Jessica places Monica’s head between her thighs grabs her at the waist and hoists her up so Monica is sitting on her shoulders. Jessica turns around with Monica on her shoulders then sits out taking out Monica with a Sit Down Powerbomb.

Once more, Jessica hoists Monica up and this time charges the corner and deposits her into the corner with a huge Powerbomb and that WHAM, slams Monica hard into the buckles. Monica sinks to the mat, but Jessica again picks her up like she’s going for a third Powerbomb - part of her move “Trinity”, but this time lifts Monica so she is chest up over her right shoulder in a Canadian Backbreaker. Jessica parades Monica’s big topless body around with her long legs dangling off of Jessica’s back, her head facing forward as Jessica charges into a corner, lowering Monica’s head so her legs are sticking up in the air.

Then Jessica smashes Monica’s chest and face into the unforgiving, thinly padded turnbuckles. Jessica sets up Monica to the upper part of her thighs rest on the top turnbuckle leaving her hanging upside down with her back facing the ring in a sort of Reverse Tree of Woe while Jessica goes to the opposite corner. She turns around and charges at the inverted Monica, then leaps with a Spear, nailing Monica directly in her back with the second part of the ‘Trinity’ movie, ‘Blade.’

Monica starts to fall, but Jessica repositions her as Nadia brings over Manuela and rubs her face in Monica’s sweaty, be-thonged ass. Manuela stumbles around trying to recover from what just happened as Jessica SLAMs Monica off of the turnbuckle. Nadia and Jessica together pick up both of their opponents by the hair and Nadia places her right hand between Manuela’s thighs, then uses her shoulder to lift her up. Jessica does the same with Monica, although she struggles with the big Italian’s weight and Jessica’s arms start to shake as she gets Monica up to shoulder level.

Nadia manages to get Manuela up over her head with the tips of her big breasts a couple inches from Nadia’s head. Jessica grunts and gets Monica up as if she is going to try to Gorilla Press her and the fans begin cheering loudly as the two Americans raise the Italians overhead. However their arms are still bent until, with a mighty heave, Nadia extends her arms to full length and holds Manuela high over her head.

Jessica strains, groans and grunts but just cannot seem to do the same to Monica. The fans cheer louder as Jessica slowly lowers Monica until her belly rests on her head, then Jessica repositions herself, braces her feet and - with a loud grunt - slowly extends her arms pushing Monica up about a foot over her head.

Nadia continues holding Manuela up while Jessica lowers Monica again, lets out a battle cry and heaves Monica’s 145 lbs back into the air, extending her arms until they’re fully extended. Jessica and Nadia hold Monica and Manuela in a full Gorilla Press as the cameras go off like strobe lights around the arena. This is highlight reel material - maybe magazine cover material for the next HFWA magazine!

Jessica manages to hold Monica up for a good 20-30 seconds for everyone to get several photos before she and Nadia drop the two Italians behind them, letting them fall chest first to the mat. Monica and Manuela land at the same time, bouncing about a foot off of the mat, before settling back and laying flat on their large chests.

Jessica and Nadia roll the two Italians over onto their backs. Manuela and Monica lie still while Jessica and Nadia climb up the turnbuckles. The fans cheer as the American’s prepare for a Dual Top Rope Frog Splash on the Italians. Jessica and Nadia leap for the big Frog Splash - but Monica and Manuela weren’t as out of it as everyone thought! At the last minute the Italians roll to the side and Jessica and Nadia to hit nothing but mat. WHAMMM!

Monica and Manuela get to their feet shakily and Manuela goes to Nadia who sits up clutching her stomach. Manuela hauls Nadia up by her hair, places her head between her thighs and hoists her up onto her shoulders with Manuela’s face buried in Nadia’s crotch. Then Manuela runs and nails the ‘Knock Off’ - a Running Powerbomb.

At the same time, Monica sends Jessica to the ropes and on the rebound, catches Jessica and twirls her 180 degrees as if going for a ‘Tilt-a-Whirl Suplex’ but stops part-way and slips her arms between Jessica’s thighs, then WHAM, slams her face into the mat with a Reverse Jackhammer known as the ‘Italian Suplex.’

Now it’s the Italians who point to the top ropes as Manuela goes to the corner near Nadia and begins to climb the turnbuckle from inside while Monica steps through the ropes and begins climbing the turnbuckle from the outside. Again, the crowd tends to distract the two Italians who turn to shout “Va Fan Culo” to the fans simultaneously, giving the Americans time to get to their feet. They shake the ropes causing Manuela and Monica to lose their footing and drop, straddling the top turnbuckle and Crotching themselves; Manuela facing the fans and Monica looking into the ring!

Nadia climbs up the turnbuckle behind Manuela, hooks her arms behind her back, lifts Manuela off of the turnbuckle onto her shoulder, then Butterfly Hooks her arms behind her back so that Manuela is upside down on her back while Nadia stands on the middle turnbuckle. Nadia leaps off and nails the ‘Bjorlin Wall’ Vertebreaker off of the ropes. Manuela lands on her head and bounces, almost as if there is a spring on the top of her head. She lands on her stomach a few feet away, out cold.

Nadia leaves Manuela lying face first on the mat as she turns to watch Jessica who, after watching what Nadia did to Manuela, grabs onto Monica’s bare breasts as she sits on the top turnbuckle and lifts Monica off of the turnbuckle by her breasts, holding her in the air. Jessica uses Monica’s breasts like handles as, in an amazing show of strength, she holds Monica two feet off of the mat by them.

Monica screams as Jessica twists her breasts in the hanging breast lift. Jessica suddenly sits out while holding Monica’s breasts in a modified ‘Biel Bomb.’ Monica lands flat on her back, but wakes up a few moments later to the awful pain in her breasts and her hands go right to them to massage the pain right out of them.

Jessica goes over to Monica, picks her up by the hair, sending Nadia to the corner where she climbs up the turnbuckle. Jessica crawls under Monica and squats, lifting her using her thighs to stand with Monica sitting on her shoulders facing the same direction as her. Nadia from the top turnbuckle leaps off, her arms extended in a Top Rope Lariat resembling the ‘Legion of Doom’ aka ‘Roadwarriors’ Doomsday Device’. The force of Nadia’s Lariat flips Monica nearly 360 off of Jessica’s shoulders as she lands face down on the mat.

Jessica and Nadia still aren’t done with Monica who has been a thorn in both of their sides. Now, they want to dish out a little more punishment before pinning her. Manuela is still face down on the mat and ripe for pinning; it appears she’s still out cold from the Vertebreaker off of the ropes and won’t be waking up anytime soon!

Jessica and Nadia roll Monica onto her back, grab her by the hair and sit her upright and then grab her by the sides of her thong and pull her onto her feet on wobbly legs. Monica, her eyes rolling, isn’t prepared for the brutal painful move she is about to be subjected to; a move Jessica and Nadia have not yet named. Nadia grabs the front and back of Monica’s leather thong, and Jessica does the same from the other side. Then Nadia and Jessica lift Monica up by her thong as high as they can, getting Monica’s feet a good three feet off of the mat and giving her the most brutal Hanging Wedgie she’s ever gotten!

Jessica and Nadia decide to have fun with the screaming Monica as they bounce her up and down several times before Slamming her hard onto her back. Monica lays on the mat spread-eagled, but again the pain from the Wedgie brings her back awake as she tries to pull the tough leather material out of her crevices. However, Jessica and Nadia don’t give Monica any break as Jessica climbs up the turnbuckle this time and Nadia lifts Monica up for an Atomic Drop.

With Jessica standing on the ropes, Nadia hands Monica to her, leaving Monica positioned partially sitting on Jessica’s shoulders with her body parallel to the mat. Nadia lays the back of Monica’s head on her shoulder, then Jessica leaps off carrying Monica for a Powerbomb off the Ropes as Nadia sits out with Monica’s neck on her shoulder. Monica gets a combination Powerbomb off the Ropes/Reverse Neckbreaker and she hits the mat hard with her limbs going into uncontrolled spasms. The rest of her is pretty much out cold!

Nadia goes over and rolls Manuela over onto her back, going for a cocky, standing pin while Jessica folds Monica into a Matchbook Pin as the referee starts to count...


The fans erupt in cheers as flashbulbs go off. Jessica and Nadia jump to their feet as they are declared the winners when the ref raises their hands in victory. Manuela lies on the mat with her limbs spread wide and her head tilted to the side. Monica is still folded over in the Matchbook pin that Jessica left her in; her thong clad ass in the air and her thighs covering her face.

Jessica goes to Monica while Nadia goes to Manuela. Jessica doesn’t have to difficult of a time thanks to Monica’s position, so she can pull off Monica’s leather thong bikini and wave it in the air before kicking Monica’s legs flat so that her nude sweaty body is on display to everyone in the crowd. Across the ring, Nadia struggles to work Manuela’s wet leather thong bikini down her legs, then holds it in the air to show the crowd which responds with still more cheers.

Nadia drags Manuela’s motionless body over and drops her on top of Monica leaving them lying across each other at the stomach. Jessica poses with her foot on Monica’s stomach and flexes as she stands above the pile of sweaty Italians. Then Nadia takes her turn, posing over Monica and Manuela. Finally, Jessica takes Monica’s thong and pulls it down over Nadia’s head.

Nadia yells, “UGGGH! Get that nasty stinky thong OFF me!!!”

Jessica laughs as Nadia throws it at her feet with a wet, THWAP!

Jessica and Nadia leave the ring with their leather bikini’s; the fans cheering as they walk down the aisle again holding the thongs in the air for the fans to see. Taking Manuela’s thong is special for Nadia; a major victory, yet nothing like Jessica’s prize – Monica’s infamous black leather thong! Something that very few have been able to accomplish, if any! Jessica plans to add it on her trophy wall as is - match worn with Monica’s sweat and juices still soaking it, something to remember the match by, exactly asit was.

Jessica and Nadia leave through the curtain as ringside attendants rush toward Monica and Manuela who are still in a pile; not having moved since they were stacked on top of each other. The ring workers may need a shovel to scrape the two Italians off of the mat as they are pretty much stuck to the mat like a grease stain. One thing is sure - Monica and Manuela, once they wake up, like the true Italian women that they are will not give up. They will swear to get revenge - nobody treats the Great Monica Bellucci with disrespect like this!