Manuela Arcuri vs. Jessica Biel by Boeing666

Jessica Biel is seen walking through the hallways at the HFWA Arena until she stops at a door with a sign reading, ‘Commissioner Sharon Stone.’ She barges through the door, angrily banging it against the wall and making Sharon jump so high she spills her coffee.

“Jesus Jess… You made me spill my coffee! You know how expensive this crap is? It’s fuckin’ liquid gold, for Gawd’s sake! What’s got your panties in a bunch anyway?”

“Bellucci and Arcuri!” Jessica demands. “I want them! Arcuri first, because she made me lose my match with Bellucci the other night.”

Sharon shrugs. “Oh, I wouldn’t go that far. Bellucci’s one of the best women in the ring we have… it is hard to see how anyone could beat her single-handedly.”

“Bull! I hit the ‘Biel Bomb’ on her and if Arcuri hadn’t pulled the ref out of the ring, I WOULD have won!”

Sharon leans back, props her feet on the desk, flashing Jess a lot of thigh. “Again, that’s really hard to prove Jess… I could get you a match with Arcuri though, if you want?”

Jessica, still simmering, bites her lower lip in thought, then finally murmurs, “That’d be great! Give me Arcuri so I can kill her; then I want Monica so I can destroy her without risking Arcuri costing me the match…”

“OK…” Stone says. She reaches into her desk drawer for a blank contract. “Whatever… I’ll set it up.”

A few minutes later…Monica Bellucci and Manuela Arcuri arrive in Stone’s office. “You called for us?” Monica snarls at the blond commish.


“Well,” Monica interrupts. “What do you want now? We’re busy and I…”

“Well, for you Monica, I have a match tonight; Nadia Bjorlin.”

Monica grins. “That is fine. It’ll teach her not to get involved in other people’s matches.”

“Speaking of getting involved,” Sharon says. “You won’t have to worry about Manuela getting involved in YOUR match…I have some work for her too.”

Manuela’s eyes widen, “Against who?”

“Jessica Biel!!” Manuela looks at Monica with a worried look, but Monica smiles and says something sotto voce in Italian.

“Oh and Monica,” Sharon snaps curtly. “If you so much as THINK about involving yourself, you can count on a nice big suspension. I haven’t decided how long yet…but…”

“WHAT??? You can’t do that to me!! I’m a star!” Monica protests.

Manuela asks in broken English, “Monica… what am I to do?”

Monica puts her arm around her, “Don’t worry cara mia…”

Sharon levels a malevolent gaze at the duo, “Well for one thing Manuela, you’re gonna fight without Monica. Another thing, you shouldn’t wear anything white to the ring…you wouldn’t wanna embarrass yourself,” she adds with a chuckle.

“You will pay for this Stone!” Monica snarls, slamming her fist on Sharon’s desk.

“You know how many times I’ve heard that threat?” Sharon grins. “Now, hurry and get ready, Manuala. Your match is on in five minutes! Oh, and good luck…you’ll need it!”
First, Jessica Biel comes down to the ring. The 5’8”, 145 lb. brunette beauty is just back from another ‘Blade’ movie shoot and as muscular as she’s ever been. Jessica decided to continue working out after the filming to keep her newly toned hardbody. Jessica flexes to the fans as they erupt in cheers…her biceps have a very noticeable bulge to them; her shoulders are toned and broad. For this fight, she wears a white ‘wife beater’ tee-shirt and brown leather bicycle pants.

Next out is Manuela Arcuri wearing a red patent leather thong bikini to the ring with small Italian flags on each breast and at her crotch. Missing is her Italian partner since Manuela must fight without Monica even being in her corner! Manuela is the same height as Jessica, but she’s at least 17 lbs. lighter and has nowhere near the muscles. It appears to be a mismatch in the strength department and Manuela seems to knows it - which may explain why she takes her sweet time getting into the ring.

Jessica is getting impatient as she paces back and forth. Manuela does not take her worried eyes off of her as she walks to the side of the ring, then continues around it, stalling the start of the match. Suddenly, Jessica has had enough! She races across the ring, does a feet-first baseball slide out under the bottom rope, lands on her feet and charges after Manuela who, wide-eyed, takes off running. Manuela makes a complete circuit of the ring before she dives into the ring headfirst.

Jessica scrambles in after Manuela who is already on her feet while Jess is still on her hands and knees! Manuela Dropkicks her, sending Jessica sprawling. Jessica gets up - only to get Dropkicked a second time! This time Jessica gets up and she’s really pissed! Manuela runs to the ropes and launches herself off them as Jessica sets up for a Clothesline.

Manuela ducks under Jessica’s arm and continues to the opposite ropes and Jessica turns around just as Manuela rebounds off and leaps to the air with a Crossbody Block! Jessica plants her feet and when she catches Manuela out of mid-air she doesn’t budge an inch! Jessica holds the shocked Manuela across her chest as Manuela kicks her feet trying to get free…right up to the moment when Jessica falls over backward and heaves Manuela over her head in a Fallaway Slam.

WHUMP! Manuela lands hard and as she tries to catch her breath, Jessica kips back to her feet. Manuela rolls over onto her knees and clasps her hands in front of her, begging Jessica for mercy. Jessica suspects a trick, knowing who Manuela hangs around with. And she’s right! Manuela keeps begging as Jessica moves closer, then goes for a Low Blow, but Jessica catches her fist and drags Manuela to her feet, then Irish Whips her to the ropes! On the rebound, Jessica crouches and slams one hand between Manuela’s large breasts and the other sweeps up between her thighs. With a grunt, Jessica hoists Manuela over her head, then lowers her to about shoulder height before pressing her back up overhead with a Gorilla Press.

Jessica does four reps with Manuela before WHAM Powerslamming her down on her back. Manuela lets out a groan as she rolls around on the mat holding her back. Jessica, with fire in her eyes, hair-hauls Manuela up and then marches her over to the corner where she BANG BANG BANG slams Manuela’s noggin on the top turnbuckle several times. Manuela’s eyes roll back in her head after each hard impact on the thin padding.

Jessica swings Manuela around and pushes her back into the corner, handling her like a rag doll. THWAP THWAP THWAP She begins Chopping the Italian across her bulging bosom. Jessica Irish Whips Manuela diagonally across the ring to the farr corner, where Manuela’s back SLAM hits the turnbuckle. Jessica runs across the ring and hits Manuela in the face with a Running Jump Kick that almost flips her backward over the top rope! Jessica hoists Manuela across her shoulders and parades her around the ring before she beings an Airplane Spin, then drives a dizzy Manuela almost through the mat with a Death Valley Driver.

Jessica goes for a pin, but is so cocky she doesn’t bother hooking Manuela’s leg. “ONE… TWO… NO!”

Kickout! Incredulous, Jessica drags Manuela up by the hair and pulls her head under her right arm. Her left hand grabs the side of Manuela’s red thong bottom and she hits a quick Snap Suplex! Jessica quickly bends Manuela over, underhooks her arms and flips Manuela over her back with a Release Overhead Double Underhook Suplex. Manuela lands awkwardly on her butt several feet from where Jessica released her and Jessica doesn’t give Manuela time to recover before she knees her in the belly, forcing her to bend over gasping.

Jessica turns Manuela still bent over perpendicular to her and wraps her arms around Manuela’s waist, then lifts her up and WHAM slams her down with a Gutwrench Suplex/Powerbomb. Manuela lies moaning on the mat, her eyes closed. She struggles just to get to her feet but Jessica ‘helps’ her by grabbing her hair and pulling her head under her arms in a Reverse Headlock. Then she again uses Manuela’s leather thong bikini bottom to hoist her upside down into the air. Jessica holds Manuela upside down by the head and her thong for a good 25 seconds before she falls backward, completing the Vertical Suplex. WHAAAM!

Again, Jessica rolls over on top of Manuela for the pin. “ONE… TWO… NO!”

Another kickout! Jessica leaps to her feet and screams at the ref, claiming it shoulda been “THREE” but the ref argues it was only two...reminding Jessica his word is law!

The argument allows Manuela time to get to her feet and as soon as Jessica sees the Italian upright, she doesn’t want to let up on the punishment. Jessica goes to Irish Whip Manuela into the ropes, but Manuela suddenly puts on the breaks and reverses, sending Jessica windmilling out of control into the ropes. When Jessica rebounds, Manuela WHACK slugs her inna face wit a Flying Forearm that drops her on her ass!

Jessica grabs her nose and staggers to her feet only to be hammered with a Running Forearm Smash! She remains on her feet, but wobbly, as Manuela scoops her up between her rubbery legs and around her shoulder, lifting her and Bodyslamming her hard to the mat. Manuela steps up behind Jessica, wraps her arms around the waist and lifts her into a German Suplex that drops Jessica on her head. She writhes around holding her aching head while Manuela showboats for the crowd, climbing the turnbuckle for her “Italian Sunset” (a Top Rope Moonsault.) Once Manuela reaches the top ropes, she gets cocky with the booing fans.

Jessica, recovering quickly, leaps up to her feet like Shawn Michaels prior to his super kick. Manuela doesn’t see Jessica is up and continues yelling to the fans. Suddenly, Jessica shakes the ropes that Manuela is standing on. She loses her balance, but manages to stay up so Jessica turns to another tactic. She grabs Manuela’s red boots and yanks her legs apart, splitting her like a wishbone. Manuela drops straight down on the turnbuckle crotch first. As she straddles the turnbuckle, her mouth is gaping wide in a huge “O” and her eyes are squeezed tightly closed in pain.

Jessica smiles as the fans cheer, then she grabs a handful of Manuela’s long black hair and pulls her backward, WHAM, slamming the back of Manuela’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. But Manuela doesn’t fall to the mat, instead the back of her knees drape over the top rope as the rest of her is suspended upside down in the corner. Jessica crosses Manuela’s feet under the turnbuckles, completing the infamous Tree of Woe! Fans cheer as Jessica raises her hands while Manuela hangs upside down in the Tree of Woe with a terrified look on her face.

Then Jessica begins to STOMP and KICK Manuela’s stomach, crotch and chest, alternating between them and speeding up her attack as her kicks to the chest finally free Manuela’s heavy breasts from her top and they fall down, hitting her face!

Suddenly, a medium size brunette comes running down the aisle and dives headfirst into the ring. It’s Italian Rosella Brescia wearing a black halter top and black leather pants. She pops to her feet and Dropkicks Jessica from behind, throwing her against the upside down Manuela. Rosella runs to the other corner, then comes running back toward Jessica who ducks and Drop Toe Holds Rosella who flies face first right into Manuela’s pussy! Manuela lets out a moan as Rosella is so shocked she doesn’t move from between Manuela’s thighs. Jessica grabs Rosella by the hair and, after making a slight adjustment to Rosella’s position, wedges Rosella’s nose in the crease of Manuela’s pussy.

Jessica shakes her head, “Gee Rosella, I didn’t know you went THAT WAY…I want you to really enjoy this experience, so let’s make sure you inhale your lover’s smelly cunt real deep…NOW!”

Jessica climbs the turnbuckle that Manuela is hanging from, plants a foot on the back of Rosella’s head and balances herself on Rosella’s head, sandwiching her face between Jessica’s 145 lbs and Manuela’s sweaty crotch. Jessica bounces up and down a couple of times which brings tears of pain to Manuela’s face as she’s taking severe abuse to her crotch. Jessica jumps down and Rosella flops on her back, struggling to breathe.

Jessica lifts Rosella up in Bodyslam position, holds her over her shoulder as she runs across the ring as if for a Running Powerslam, but keeps running until she reaches the side of the ring where she dumps Rosella over the top rope and out of the ring, sending her to the hard arena floor. Rosella lands from over eight feet high with a loud SMACK, then lays spread-eagled out cold.

Jessica returns to the still upside down Manuela who is holding her aching crotch with both hands. Jessica charges and gives her a hard Spear to the stomach that folds Manuela up. She gags and holds her stomach, yet remains tied to the Tree of Woe while Jessica runs across to the other side of the ring. Jessica turns and charges again, this time diving into a Baseball Slide into Manuela’s face! The impact knocks Manuela out of the Tree of Woe and she flops to the mat on her face and bare chest.

Jessica stands Manuela up, pulls her head down between her thighs and locks her ankles, trapping Manuela in a Standing Headscissors. With Manuela bent over, Jessica has no trouble undoing Manuela’s top and when she lets the red leather top drop to the mat, Manuela’s massive mammaries tumble out to the delight of the crowd!

Jessica grabs the back of Manuela’s red leather thong and jerks, driving the hard leather up into Manuela’s ass crack and pussy in a brutal Headscissors Wedgie! Next, she grabs Manuela around the waist and lifts her upside down, then she sits on Jessica’s shoulders facing her with Manuela’s crotch in Jessica’s face. Jessica drops to her ass spread legged, a Sit Down Powerbomb that leaves Manuela spread-eagled with her huge breasts jiggling - but other wise motionless.

Jessica lifts Manuela up by her hair and gets behind her, putting her in an Abdominal Stretch by hooking her leg around Manuela’s. With Manuela trapped in the Abdominal Stretch, Jessica grabs the front of Manuela’s thong and gives her a Front Wedgie, giving the crowd a peek at Manuela’s labia. Jessica puts her hand over Manuela’s mouth so she can’t submit, then continues to punish her for costing her the match against Monica.

Jessica tires of this as she then stands to the side of Manuela’s back and lifts her by the back of her thong onto her back putting Manuela in a Torture Rack. Again, Jessica claps a hand over Manuela’s mouth so she can’t submit, then walks around the ring carrying Manuela across her back in the Torture Rack.

Showing why she is now one of the strongest wrestlers in the HFWA, Jessica places a hand on the back of Manuela’s head and the other on her ass, using them to lift her overhead into an “Inverted Gorilla Press.” Jessica suddenly drops Manuela in front of her with her back bent over her knee. Manuela lets out a scream before she appears to pass out, but Jessica holds Manuela on her knee in a Backbreaker.

Still, Manuela doesn’t seem awake enough to submit so Jessica grabs her thong in the front and pulls it down, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Jessica rips Manuela’s leather thong off, then walks to each side of the ring to show it to the fans who loudly cheer her. Then she returns to the side that cheered the loudest and tosses Manuela’s sweaty thong - and her top - into the crowd before she returns to Manuela’s nude form and goes for a very cocky ‘One Pinky Pin.




Still another kickout! Jessica is appalled and she again berated the referee, blaming him for a slow count. Finally, Jess grabs Manuela’s hair and starts to Irish Whip her to the far ropes, but Manuela isn’t as out as she thinks and when Jessica bounces off the nearside ropes and goes for a Flying Shoulder Block, Manuela pushes the ref in her way. Jessica SLAMS into the ref and as he’s nailed by Jessica’s muscular shoulder, he goes down!

Manuela Dropkicks Jessica and the she tries to Irish Whip Jessica into the ropes. When Jessica reboundes off the ropes, Manuela drops to her stomach and Jessica leaps over her and bounces off the opposite ropes! This time when Jessica rebounds, Manuela leaps in the air like a cheerleader, kicking both feet up and out to the sides, letting Jessica run right under her…

At least, that’s what Manuela INTENDED to happen! Instead, Manuela instead gets caught by the thighs in mid-air! She has a look of shock on her face as Jessica grabs her and holds her on her shoulders so Manuela’s naked pussy is in Jessica’s face! Jessica grabs Manuela’s neck and holds her up, then turns the move into the “Biel Bomb” as she sits down with a two hand Chokeslam.

Manuela bounces off of the mat and lays still - out like a light with only a periodic spasm of a limb; otherwise motionless and deliciously naked spread-eagled (quite a sight!) Jessica hooks a sweaty leg, but there is no count! The ref is still down from Jessica’s accidental hit. Jessica is pissed off and decides to make sure Manuela is really out so she climbs the turnbuckle for another move. Jessica stands on the top turnbuckle, but suddenly - from beneath the ring - a tall, dark-haired woman appears!

At first people think it’s Monica Bellucci because she’s wearing the same kind of Italian flag top as Monica’s with a pair of black leather boy shorts. But instead of Monica, it’s her partner-in-crime, Maria Grazia Cucinotta! She grabs Jessica’s leg and shakes it, making Jessica lose her footing and Crotching her on the top turnbuckle support!

Maria Grazia enters the ring, careful that the slowly recovering ref doesn’t see her, and climbs to the same turnbuckle where Jessica is straddling the support cable, shoulders hunched forward, both hands cupping her crotch and facing into the ring. Maria stands on the second turnbuckle and pulls Jessica over her shoulder, holds her upside down and then hits her famous “Concrete Overcoat” finisher, a Tombstone Piledriver off of the second rope. Jessica’s head hits the mat and she goes out like a light!

Maria drags the still out cold nude Manuela over to Jessica and rolls her onto Jessica who is starfished flat on her back. Just at the minute when MGC leaves the ring, the ref conveniently wakes up to hear the crowd booing and throwing trash into the ring. True to the code of wrestling referees, he makes the count-out to seal the official verdict in Manuela’s favor.




Maria stands and cheers from outside the ring as Manuela wins her match - with some help from the biggest of all the Italians, Maria Grazia Cucinotta!

Maria drags a still semi-conscious Manuela out of the ring by one ankle, collects her in her arms like a bambino and gently carries her back to her dressing room; leaving the dazed ref to look after the unconscious Jessica.