Manuela Arcuri vs. Laetitia Casta by technetium

Manuela made her debut in a tough match with the French beauty. Laetitia had been having a very busy schedule, and was a bit pissed off because of this match with an almost unknown opponent. She doesn't even known the physical appearance of Manuela, and so she went to the ring confident to have all the crowd's attention. But she was wrong.

Dressed with a cyan old fashioned bikini and a pair of black stockings, Laetitia seemed really a creature from another planet in comparison to Manuela. The Italian was wearing a white g-string bikini bottom, a pair of white stocking and nothing else, and was miles too sexy than Laetitia.

The stubborn French immediately went for a test of strength with her opponent, confident to have the best in a small amount of time. But she was wrong again. Manuela easily pushed her in a corner, where Laetitia's back painfully hit the ring-post. Manuela slammed her right knee in the French's stomach, and then slapped her pretty face twice. Laetitia's hair went all over her face, and the model was really in a bad situation.

Manuela placed her right hand under Laetitia's chin and pushed her further against the ring-post, starting punching her stomach with the left fist. Laetitia screamed hysterically, kicking randomly in the vain attempt to harm Manuela. But it didn't take too much before the French model placed her hands on Manuela's exposed globes. Laetitia's expert nails started working on the tender Italian's flesh, and Manuela's action stopped. Laetitia cruelly worked all over Manuela's flesh, provoking screams of pain from the Italian's mouth. Free form the chin's hold, she wrapped her legs around Manuela's left one and tried to trip her down. Manuela fell on the ground, but before Laetitia could do anything the Italian slammed her foot in the French's stomach. Laetitia fell against the ropes, and grabbed them trying to support herself. Manuela quickly went closer and lowered Laetitia's bikini bottom to the level of her ankles.

With her most intimate parts exposed, Laetitia finally fell, allowing Manuela to remove the garment completely. She took it as a trophy, twirling it a little, challenging Laetitia to take it back, "Come on, take it, it is here for you!!!"

Laetitia started chasing the Manuela all over the ring, provoking laughing in the amused crowd. "Give it back to me! It’s mine!!!!" screamed the French woman several times, causing more laughing.

"Look at the fat cow run!!" laughed Manuela, pointing at the breathless French vixen after a couple of turns around the ring. "You're not used to running so much, are you? Come on, go to a proper gym!!!"

Laetitia was furious. She charged Manuela, wanting to slam her body against the Italian's one, but Manuela ducked and Laetitia found herself against the ropes. Manuela quickly inserted Laetitia's bikini bottom around the model's neck, and then used it as reins. She dragged Laetitia's all over the ring, insulting her further. The French was only crying in desperation, as a completely unknown opponent was dominating her so easily. It didn't take a lot before Manuela undid Laetitia's bra, leaving the model completely nude except for the black stockings. Manuela briefly punched Laetitia's big boobs, sending her to the mat.

Manuela enjoyed the crowd's long applause. With Laetitia on the mat, crying, the Italian had enough time to look around and to play a bit with her foe. She looked in the first row and saw Monica Bellucci, who nodded to her and opened a bag.

She then gave something to Manuela; a T-shirt with the Italian flag. Manuela promptly made Laetitia wear it, telling her, "Come on, you have to cover your body with something decent!"

Laetitia was confused as she saw herself wearing a completely unknown T-shirt, but somehow had recovered a bit, since Manuela did not finish her. Anyway, the French was dazed and Manuela had no problem in lifting her in a vertical position, in order to pile drive the French to the mat. But, because of her inexperience, she did not notice that Laetitia was less dazed than was she thought. Manuela played with the French in an upside down position, bringing her around the ring, but did not slam her to the ground, allowing Laetitia to grab a hold on Manuela's bikini bottom. Manuela was unbalanced and fell forward, landing on Laetitia's body. The two girls rolled on the mat in pain, going to two opposite corners.

Laetitia was starting to rise up when Monica, from outside the ring, grabbed her hair and made her hit the ring post. Laetitia cried out loudly, and Manuela quickly came on her back and kicked her bottom three times. Laetitia fell flat on her stomach. Monica grabbed her wrists, while Manuela sat on her shoulders, facing her legs, and grabbed her ankles, trapping her in a painful Boston Crab. Laetitia screamed, trying to get free, but both Manuela's and Monica's holds were too firm to be broken.

"Give up, bitch?" asked Manuela

"Never, never, never!!!!!" replied Laetitia, not too convinced.

"We'll see, we'll see!" said Manuela, bending Laetitia's legs more and more.

"Stop, stop, they're breaking!!! Stop!!!!" screamed the terrified model.

"Do you give up?" asked Manuela again.

"Stop, STOP!!!" was the only thing Laetitia replied.

"I suppose it is a ‘NO', so let's continue!" said Manuela, amused by the French's screams.

Meanwhile, the referee finally got out of the ring and asked Monica to stop interfering. Monica returned to her seat, but remained ready to give help to Manuela again if needed.

With her hands free, Laetitia turned her back a bit, managing to grab Manuela's hair, and pulled hard, making the Italian scream. Laetitia finally managed to slam Manuela's head down on the mat, and the two girls started a small brawl. Both had their hands in the other's one hair, and were yelling at the top of their lungs. It was finally Manuela to manage to sit on Laetitia's stomach, and started slapping her, but too feebly to do a real harm to the model.

The French tart was partially protected by the Italian T-shirt she had on, and Manuela's hanging globes were targets too inviting to be ignored. Laetitia dug her nails in Manuela's flesh, and the Italian started grasping for air. Manuela tried to escape to Laetitia's hold, but this only gave the French the possibility to displace Manuela from her dominant position. Grinning cruelly, Laetitia rose up, carrying the dazed Italian with her, still holding at her mammaries.

Laetitia slammed Manuela's back in a ring post, and then took a hold on the front part of her g-string bikini, pulling it. At the same time, she started punching Manuela in the stomach. The Italian screamed loudly, but Laetitia was in complete control. The more Manuela screamed, the more Laetitia pulled the bikini inside Manuela's intimate parts.

Monica got up and went to the corner where she grabbed Laetitia's ankles from outside the ring and tripped her. Still dazed, Manuela decided to climb the ring post, while Monica was maintaining Laetitia close to it. The referee said something to Monica, but she continued hold Laetitia's ankles. Laetitia screamed at Monica to le go, but she understood it was better to do something soon so she lifted her torso and reached for the ropes, shaking them when Manuela was atop them. Manuela fell straight down, landing pussy first on the ring post. Her mouth opened wide to scream in pain but she couldn’t scream, she just sat there wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

Monica was finally sent to her seat again, and the referee started screaming at her to leave the arena, forgetting to have a look at what was happening in the ring.

Laetitia punched the completely dazed Italian and pushed her out of the ring. Then, she went out too, took a folded chair, and slammed it on Manuela's body. Manuela fell on the ground, unconscious. Monica tried to tell the referee what was happening, but he told Monica not to interfere. Laetitia quickly brought Manuela back to the ring, where she removed the Italian T-shirt and stuffed it into Manuela's mouth. Then she sat on her face and waited, rubbing her naked pussy against Manuela's limp face. When the referee finally looked to the ring, he saw Laetitia on the top of Manuela and quickly went there, proclaiming Laetitia the winner.

Monica started screaming at Laetitia, "You bitch, you cheated!!!"

"No, YOU cheated!!” Laetitia countered. “You started fighting in two against me!!!"

"Let's see if you’re tough enough!!!" yelled Monica, jumping on the ring. Totally terrified, Laetitia jumped out of the ring and ran to the locker room. "See you soon!!!!! I'll search you out and get even with you, bitch!!!!!" screamed Monica, who then bend down trying to revive her Italian girlfriend.