Aristide's Dream by 2xifpkd (2004)

Part One

"Welcome to the first annual celebrity wrestling event. This years proceeds will go to the National Association of Abused Animals to build shelters for the poor little critters. I'm Maria Menounos, I'll be your host and referee. The two contestants have no idea who they'll be facing tonight. I'd like to thank them both for helping our worthy cause. Without any further ado , lets bring out our first fighter in the pink bikini-Jennifer "Jungle girl" O'Dell."

Maria:" Jennifer, thanks for coming tonight, any thoughts on the match"?

Jennifer:" Maria, I've been the fittest actress in Hollywood for a while now and I feel I can overpower and outlast anyone."

Maria: "Any experience in this kind of thing"?

Jennifer: "Ask Alyssa Milano how bad I kicked her bitchy ass when I guessed on "Charmed".

Maria: "Any special moves planned tonight"?

Jennifer: "I've been working with some pros on my rail splitter! The other girl won't be having sex for awhile after I drop that on her!"

Maria: "Ouch! Lets bring out a woman who may have a little something to say about that. Ladies and gentlemen -In the black sports bra and bikini bottoms , standing five foot ten, Laura "Jersey girl" Prepon".

Maria: "Laura, welcome to our event and best of luck to you".

Laura: "Thanks Mariah, I was hoping I'd face some no talent whore with a big ego. I guess it's my lucky night".

Maria: "Any fights you'd like to tell about"?

Laura: "Shannen Elizabeth knows my chest very well if you know what I mean(giggle)".

Maria: " Ooh a smother girl-any of that in store for Jennifer tonight"?

Laura: "She'll go out under these luscious orbs, but first I'm gonna fuck her up bad".

Laura slaps Jennifer, Maria separates them.

Maria: " I see we're ready to go. Thanks to all of you in the audience and those of you at home watching on pay per view".

Maria: "Ladies go to your corners and start fighting when the bell sounds. Good luck to both".

Jennifer was confident when she signed on for a match, but the sight of the red-haired Amazon across the ring gave her some doubts, could her athleticism get her past this girl? Jennifer had planned for a wrestling match, but Laura looked like she would take any cheap shot she could. Jennifer's arms shook a bit as she removed her high heels-this bitch will humiliate her on TV if Jennifer can't find a way to win.

Across the ring Laura was confident as she took off her heels, she knew how to catfight and her only fear had been facing someone of equal size. She could see Jennifer's firm tight body in the other corner and relished the thought of out-muscling the proud smaller bitch.

As the bell rang, Laura put her hands up and challenged Jennifer to a test of strength. As the shorter blonde put her arms up, Laura quickly jabbed her fingers into Jennifer's eyes. Laura grabbed her stunned foes hair and snap-mared her to the mat, then slammed a forearm into Jennifer's chest. Another forearm rammed its way into the flaxen-haired beauty's chest, then a burning pain came from her right tit as Laura sank her fingernails in. Jennifer managed to push Laura off, but now the questions were turning to fears for Jennifer. How could she overcome this bitch that fought dirty.

Laura enjoyed the fear she saw in Jennifer's eyes. She was in control and wanted to destroy this chick before she got any confidence.

Laura: "Get up you cheap slut-I want to fight for real now."

Jennifer lashed out with her leg and tripped the big girl to the mat. Maybe she had a chance.

As Jennifer scurried over to take advantage, Laura grabbed her hair and slammed a few punches into the chest of the girl face to face with her who was trying to grab her arm. Finally Jennifer saw an opening and crawled tight to Laura. The Jungle girl grabbed Laura's legs and pushed her to her back. Maybe she was strong enough to pull it off. Jennifer tried to follow up on her advantage by ramming a knee into the redhead's gut, but Laura got a knee up and pushed Jennifer away with such force that Jennifer flew through the air a few feet before slamming to the mat .

Laura made it to her hands and knees first and scurried over to her dazed foe. Grabbing a fistful of blonde hair, Laura pulled Jennifer up to a sitting position then rammed her legs into her prey's ribs as she applied a body scissors. As Laura reached around and took titflesh in each hand she whispered in the struggling girls ear "whoever made these for you did good work, too bad they didn't give you a brain or heart"!

Jennifer's mind was racing as she tried to figure out where to try to relieve the hurt first. Her ribs were on fire, her breasts ached with the sting of fingernails gouging, her lungs yearned for air. All she thought of was how to get out of this mess. Why did she get in, in the first place? She thought her body was so much better than anyone elses, now she was being crushed by a big girl without much muscle tone. Why did she sign up?

The pain was overwhelming Jennifer, she had to get free somehow. An elbow to her tormentor's gut released the hands from her chest and loosened up the legs around her enough for her to grab a deep breath of air. Another similar elbow got the big bully off her. Laura had her first doubts as she lay by the still gasping girl. Both women were gasping in all the air they could draw into their lungs-who would recover and strike first?

Jennifer crawled over and pulled the redhead off the mat by her hair. Time for some payback she thought. Jennifer bent both of Laura's arms behind her back. The yelp of pain was a welcome sound .Maybe she was better than Laura. Maybe the bitch was out of steam.

Jennifer forced Laura to her knees then planted a foot into the big girls Back. The big redhead squealed, "Let me go you fucking bitch" as Jennifer forced her to her stomach. Jennifer hopped on Laura's back as she still held her by the arms. A loud grunt came from Laura. Was that a whimper Jennifer heard?

Jenny let go of the arms and dropped her ass into Laura's back. Yes it was payback time.

"How do you like it ?"chirped the blonde as she slid her legs around her opponents ribs.

"Fuck off!" Laura retorted as she grabbed the taunting head Jennifer had carelessly allowed to get too close.

Now it was a contest of will as the redhead tried to twist off Jennifer's head while the busty blonde tried to hold the scissors on Laura. An elbow from Laura got the legs off of her ribs-she learned well earlier in the match how to break a scissors hold. Laura rose up and drove her knees into Jennifer's back toppling her from the squatting position she had been in down to the canvas. Laura wasted no time getting her fingers around her prostrate foes body and into the firm titflesh. Laura released the puppies, then quickly raked her fingernails across Jennifer' s proud rack.

Jennifer forced her way up to her hands and knees hoping to flip Laura when she went back for more tit. Laura took advantage of this by pulling Jennifer to her feet by yanking the blondes bikini bottoms up into her privates. This new form of pain had Jennifer's mind reeling and tears streaming down her face.

Laura wanted to break her foes will here and now. Grabbing another handful of tit Laura spun Jennifer around then drove a fist into the blondes tight stomach. The "oof" drawn from Jennifer exhilarated the redhead who drew Jennifer's head into her bosom and clamped her arms around the shocked blonde.

Maria:" Let both arms hang limp if you want to submit dear"!

Laura: "GO screw yourself bitch-she's done when I say she's done." Laura swept Jennifer's legs from under her and spun Jennifer around in a circle still clamped in the smother-bearhug.

Maria:" She's done Laura let her go".

Laura dropped the blonde to the mat. Jennifer was trying to get the arena to quit spinning as she rolled to her side. At last the torment was over. She hadn't given up. She had done her best and wasn't humiliated.

Laura put her foot in front of Jennifer's face and ordered, "Lick it clean and you can go!" Jennifer gagged as she thought of her tongue touching the filthy foot. She shook her head no and uttered, "Never!" She hoped Maria would try to help her-maybe both of them could take Laura. "Please Maria, help!"

"Sorry babe , no can do," was the last thing she heard before her tits flopped out of their top as Laura yanked down on the bra. Now the pain in her jugs returned she was being pulled up to her feet by them again.

Maria: "Ladies and gentlemen - your winner Laura Prepon"!

Laura: "HEY! Come here"!

Maria strutted over to the big redhead and chuckled as Laura whispered something to her . A panicked look replaced the sullen look on Jennifer's face as she vainly tried to push away from the Amazon. Laura applied a full nelson to the helpless blonde as Maria returned to the microphone.

Maria: "Folks this is a worthy charity. Laura and her shameless friend have come up with a novel fundraising idea. We'll have a little auction. Only one winner per category, so get your checkbook out, bid early and often.

Maria: "Our first item is 30 seconds of play with Jennifer's tits which she is currently displaying(Laura pivots Jennifer for the crowd to see).

Maria: "Sorry, Jenny $250 isn't enough. Come on you cheapskates! Alright we have a qualifying bid and we'll just give it to you-Catherine Zeta -Jones. And as an extra reward for your generous $750 donation, we'll let you have Jennifer's bikini-you can even remove it yourself.

Catherine entered the ring and as Laura had Jennifer facing the other direction at the moment she gave Jennifer a hard slap on the ass. The blonde was sobbing horribly-why hadn't she just licked the foot. Jennifer yelped as Catherine sank her fingernails into her ass. The Welsh woman began to lick Jennifer's tits ."10 seconds left dear " chirped Maria. Jennifer tried to scream as the brunette sank her teeth into the proud orbs, but Laura had placed her hand over Jennifer's mouth. "TIME!" yelled Maria. With that Catherine released her toothgrip and began taking off Jennifer's bikini. During the slow striptease performed on her Jennifer sobbed uncontrollably. "Fucking whore shut up!" Laura screamed into her captives ear. Jennifer whimpered and tried to fall down-anything to stop this-why had she agreed to do this match? She wanted to win or at least not be humiliated. Now she was being filmed as a slave of her opponent.

Maria: "O.K. Now for the big bid! The winner of this lot will get to finish Jennifer off! Please keep her alive and physically sound is about the only requirement we have!"

A few moments pass as the bids are passed to the ring. Laura, with arms under Jennifer as she rubs her victim's thigh, makes a verbal bid.

Maria: "The bidding is done.Lets see who won and how much the non-winners donated. The checks will be read in the order we got them. Our first bid was from Helen Hunt in the amount of $25000. Thank you Helen and good luck. Our next bid is from Alyssa Milano $29,000 puts you in the lead. Oh my. Will she have revenge? Our next bid is from Heather Locklear. Will T.J. Hook'er? Let's see! $29,200 puts you in the lead girl! Our next bid is $75,000 OOPS! Sorry Jack, this item is women only, but can we keep the donation?"

Jack: "If I can watch and direct, yeah; sounds about right and fair. I got some ideas in my head!"

Maria: "Our last bid is from Laura who's patiently holding the prize for our bidders. Sorry girl, your appearance money can't beat Jack's bid!"

Laura lets Jennifer slump into a heap at midring and pulls Jennifer's head up to her ass. "Fucking bitch! Anything you wanna do before I leave? Do I have to explain it to you?"

Jennifer shakes her head 'no' and presses her lips to Laura's hindquarters sticking her tongue in her asshole.Laura presses Jennifer back to the mat and sneers, "Fucked up little cunt, you're lucky I lost the auction!"

Laura presses tit to Jens mouth and Jennifer groggily kisses tit. Laura leaves her foe pondering her future. What can Jack Nicholson have in mind? My God Heather at least would've tortured me to a quick pass out.

Jack: "Well Maria. You announced the match and you look like a little wild one."

Maria: "Well thank you. Can I help you with your idea?"

Jack: "You were my idea. I've always wanted to see some moves in a match and now it's just us three and my camera. Get up in the ring and.I'll tell you what to do. Start however you'd like..."

Maria entered the ring and kicked off her high heels.The breeze in the arena ruffled her short skirt as she approached the beaten blonde who tried to crawl away.

"Don't you want to play with us, Honey?" mocked Maria as she wrapped her succulent thighs around the now bug-eyed prey's head.

Jack: "Atta girl, push with your hand so her face is rubbed into the mat. Now let her go!" Maria complied and wacked Jennifer's ribs with a kick as she strutted around the broken blonde beauty. "Now a big girl like this once you got her down, you want to keep her down with the best weapon in your arsenal."

"Like this?" giggled Maria as she straddled Jennifer who had rolled onto her back and pressed chest to nose.

Jack: "That's good, but that big girl did that enough to win the match. Never seen a rail-splitter done for real and this is the girl that wanted to do one so I figure she wanted to be on top....but, hey, what the hell!"

Maria released the semi-smother she had on Jennifer while Jack talked and slowly dragged her body down Jens until Jennifer again began to sob. Maria hadn't even fought her and now here she was torturing her! A gasp of clean air came into Jennifer's lungs when Maria released the smother, then used her tits like fists to slap Jen's face repeatedly as Maria ground her sequined top into Jennifer's bare tits. As she drew further down, both of Jennifer's tits were squeezed in each hand.

"They're so soft and squeezable! Do I have to keep going Jack?"


Jennifer's exhausted brain raced as best it could under the circumstances, "Please Maria!"

"You will soon enough" the reporter laughed and Jennifer wished she'd never gotten into this. She felt first her hips, then her legs rise off the mat and she thought of her boyfriend and family. "How would they react if this bitch damaged her precious pussy?"

Maria spread Jen's legs wide apart, then launched herself between Jennifer's legs; her bronze body glistening with sweat looking like a bronze statue atop the spasming golden goddess beneath her. Jennifer gasped for air, but her dry mouth was filled with traces of spit which sprayed from her mouth when she tried to get air; her lower body was dancing on its own, her top would be too if Maria weren't perched firmly astride it!

Maria flicked her tongue around her mouth as Jack said, "She's all yours now darlin'. Come see Ol' Jack sometime and tell me all about it!"

The last thing Jennifer recalled was Maria sliding up her body, then a sensation like being in a warm cave as her face was slathered with lots of lava eruptions!


Pankration: a combination of boxing and wrestling; very, very rough. Punching, kicking, choking, finger breaking and blows to the genitals were allowed; only biting and eye gouging were prohibited. Athletes didn't wear boxing gloves and could hold an opponent with one hand and hit her with another - unlike boxing. Two versions of the pankration were offered: in the first, whoever hit the ground first lost; in the second, whoever lost consciousness first lost. The ancient Greeks performed in the nude as will our women.


Part Two

Jennifer O'Dell was getting ready for her pankration match with Maria Menounos in the upcoming celebrity Olympic games. She knew her fitness level was fine, but she wanted to learn some fighting techniques. Jennifer Aniston agreed to show Jennifer some tricks to help her in the event. The two went to a local gym frequented by many celebs in the LA area and found a mat to practice on. "Let's see what you've got, then we'll work on your weak points" Aniston said.

O'Dell quickly wrapped her fingers around Aniston's slender neck and squeezed with all her might. Aniston quickly hip-tossed O'Dell to the mat and drove a knee into Jennifer's ribs. "You've got to protect yourself at all times" barked Aniston, "Now get up and try again". O'Dell grabbed Aniston by the hair and slammed a punch into the "Friends" stars gut only to be repaid with a foot to the crotch. "Protect yourself! Maria knows way more about this sport than I do! Now, get up and try again. Protect yourself!"

As O'Dell raised herself from the mat, Aniston drove her foot into Jennifer's taut tummy. The busty blonde reeled backwards from the impact and she rolled to her stomach only to feel a slender arm snake under her armpit and over her neck. Aniston reached around with her other hand and grabbed O'Dell's right tit. "The fight is won and lost on the ground .Defend yourself, don't be afraid of hurting me," instructed Aniston as she released the tit and wrapped her arm over O'Dell to form a chokehold.

"An Olympian can get out of this; can you?" quizzed Aniston. "Get my weight forward and try to roll me ooof!" ordered Aniston, her instruction snuffed by a kick to her ribs.

O'Dell was glad to be freed from the choke, but who had spoiled the training session? As Jennifer gulped sweet air into her body she heard a loud thud and the sound of Aniston groggily moaning. O'Dell looked at Aniston and saw a woman with a mass of black hair on a small muscular body ramming her fist into Aniston's throat. The interloper suddenly stopped punching Aniston and looked up. O'Dell was shocked to see the glare in the eyes of Alyssa Milano.

"So, you kicked my ass on the set of 'Charmed' did you? If you hadn't ambushed me it would've been different."

"Let me help with your training, whore, get up and we'll do this right here!"

O'Dell only got to a crouched position when a fire erupted in her snatch-Alyssa had slammed her fist there.

"Defend yourself whore!" taunted Alyssa as Jennifer dropped to her hands and knees in agony. "This is your celebrity Olympian?!" Milano yelled to the fallen 'Friends'star as she wrapped her arms around Jennifer's throat and choked the taller blonde while she wrenched Jennifer's neck from side to side.

O'Dell managed to grab Alyssa's hair and flipped the bitch over to the floor. Jennifer dropped a knee into Alyssa's stomach then staggered away to recuperate. After a few seconds of glaring at each other and getting air in their lungs the two rivals climbed to their feet and staggered together. Jennifer put the smaller girl in a bearhug .Alyssa tried to ram her knee into the beefy blondes gut only to miss as Jennifer twisted away and drove the Italian into the mat. Jennifer clamped a headlock on the stunned girl, then began to ram her knee into Alyssa's unprotected back. Jennifer shoved the dazed girl down and wrapped her legs around Alyssa's throat.

"Give, you nasty little skank!" Jennifer screamed.

"Never " groaned Alyssa. Jennifer peeled the hand prying at her legs away and gave it a good twist drawing a whimper from Alyssa.

"Finish her!" yelled Aniston who had recovered and was watching the fight.

O'Dell released Alyssa and flipped her on her back, then grapevined Alyssa's legs.

"Good Jenny, keep the pressure on!" directed Aniston as O'Dell pressed Alyssa's shoulders to the mat, then lowered her lovely chest onto her foes face.

"Give it up bitch, I beat you again!" ordered Jennl. "Just tap out and I'll let you UUUUUUU!"

Alyssa's teeth sank into Jennifer's breast like a knife in hot butter. O'Dell instinctively tried to roll away from the fangs, but now Alyssa applied pressure on the legs-Jennifer's grapevine was now holding her in this predicament. Jennifer wrapped her fingers around Alyssa's throat as the 'Charmed' one whacked at Jennifer's kidney while holding onto the mouthful of tit.

Alyssa brought her hand up and broke the choke by raking her fingers across Jennifer's eyes. As the two finally got their legs untangled, Jennifer blindly threw a punch which sank Alyssa's left tit back into her chest.

The two dazed women once again split apart to regain their senses but Alyssa got up first and pushed her foot into Jennifer's gut. Sensing she could finish it now, Alyssa fired her forearm into Jennifer's upper chest, then dropped the blonde with another gut punch.

"Defend yourself Jenny!" Aniston bellowed as her pupil was receiving elbows to her breasts and stomach.

"Pathetic cunt! Do I have to help you up?" taunted Alyssa as she pulled the blonde up by the hair. "Defend yourself whore!" mocked Alyssa as she took a handful of Jenny jug in each hand and monkey-flipped the disoriented girl.

"Do you give?" inquired Alyssa.

"Yes...." was Jennifer's slurred reply.

"Let me help you up-good fight loser," Alyssa taunted as she drove a knee into Jennifer's crotch.

"I giiive...." moaned Jennifer. Alyssa pulled Jennifer's hands from her aching pussy and sat on her stomach. Alyssa grabbed Jennifer's legs and forcing one away and one towards her under her arm she slid her ass onto the blondes face. Alyssa toyed with Jennifer, raising and lowering her ass on the beaten girls face.

"I giive," mocked Alyssa. "Now she WILL give....pleasure!" thought Alyssa as she released Jennifer's legs and stood over the vanquished vixen. "You remember the deal don't you Aniston?"

"Yep, I start her you finish her! I just wish she would've defended herself better!"

Jennifer was starting to dread the upcoming games.


Part Three:

Jennifer O'Dell gazed in wonder upon the Olympian plain. The starlet felt a deep sense of pride in being one of the two celebrities selected to participate in the pankration event set up by wealthy Greeks. She was confident that her size and strength would get her past her opponent. As she removed her "Lost World" outfit for the battle, she stole a glimpse at the bronzed beauty she would be fighting.

Maria Menounos slowly peeled the tunic she wore off her full figure and glared at the blonde she would be facing.Weeks of intense training and years of playful practice with her family had prepared her for this day.

Melina Kanakaredes called for the two contestants to come to the place the fight would start at. "Ladies , You both know the rules: no biting or gouging is allowed, everything else goes. The match is over when one of you submits. When I give the signal,you may begin.Good luck to you both."

After Melina gave the signal, the two gladiatrixes began to slowly circle neither seeming to want to start the carnage. Jennifer suddenly lashed out with a slap to Maria's cheek. The brunette gave ground as she checked her teeth for damage.

As the two approached each other again, Jennifer drew a groan of protest from Maria with a sharp punch to her right tit. Jenn followed with an elbow to the midsection of the Greek girl. Maria squealed in pain as Jenn grasped titflesh in each of her strong hands.

"What's wrong little girl?" Jenn taunted as Maria's eyes welled up with tears of pain. Maria tried to pull the vice like digits off her breasts only to have Jenn increase the pressure. Despairing of a quick loss, Maria lowered her shoulder and pushed against the stronger girl with all her might. Jenn concentrated on keeping the tit hold on Maria, but found herself prone when Maria managed to get a foot behind her leg and shoved her down. Maria tried to force her advantage, but was repulsed by a fist to her gut. The stunned Greek fought back the pain as she wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck when Jenn tried to get to her feet. Maria dropped her chest on Jenn's back to hold the blonde down on her hands and knees. As Jenn gasped for air she finally managed to flip Maria over her back. Maria got to a sitting position before Jenn smacked a knee into her battered gut.

As the Greek beauty lay gasping for air Jenn stood over her. "Guess your Greek heritage can't help you against a better woman, can it bitch?" The blonde used her foot to force Maria to her stomach then dropped ass first on the brunette's back.The whoosh of air and gasping groan pleased Jenn.She felt the time was right to end this fight. Jennifer wrapped her taut legs around the bronze girl's ribs.

"Had enough yet bitch?" Jenn bellowed into Maria's ear.

"Never" whimpered Maria as the legs forced the air from her lungs.

"Beg me to let you up whore!"Jenn yelled as she added a full nelson to Maria's torment."No"moaned the smaller girl as she tried to twist free from her punisher."How does that taste cunt?"Jennifer whispered in Maria's ear as she forced her face into the dirt.

"OOO, stop bitch let go!"yelped Jenn as Maria latched onto her flaxen hair. The grunting girl underneath pulled Jenn's head down to the ground causing Jennifer to release her full nelson. As Jenn pushed on Maria's arm, the Greek twisted towards the blonde and freed herself from the scissors hold. Maria slapped a leg down onto Jenn's ribs drawing a grunt of protest. Maria let go of the hair and quickly slid down Jenn's body. Maria banged a pair of punches into the blondes kidney region and screamed, "How do you like me now bitch!"

Maria spun around and slapped her dazed foe then sank her hands into Jenn's flowing tresses. Wrenching her head from side to side Maria pulled the screaming actress to her feet. "Welcome to the pankration slut!" Maria barked as she snapmared the buxom blonde to the ground. Once again pulling the stunned girl up by the hair Maria slapped her foot into Jenn's pussy.As the quivering blonde lay on her back, Maria grabbed Jenn's legs. Using her foot to hold one leg down, Maria twisted the other then rammed her foot into Jenn's thigh.

"I'm not ready for you to quit yet, so shut up you fake-boobed skank!" Maria chirped at the moaning blonde at her feet.

Maria wanted the world to know how badly she mauled the fearsome actress. Once again Maria pulled Jenn's legs off the ground. This time she pulled them slightly apart-rail splitter time she thought. As Maria launched her knee downwards between Jenn's legs, the beefy blonde twisted away pushing Maria to the side. Jenn rolled over and whacked Maria in the tit, then grabbed a handful. Maria responded in kind.As the two women strained against each other fingers slid off sweat soaked titflesh then regained the aching grip, backs arched and groaned under the stress of the contest.

Finally, Jenn's superior strength allowed her to force her smaller foe to her back. Jenn drew her knee back slowly then rammed it into the Greek girls hard gut. Jenn crawled up Maria's firm body and draped her firm orbs across the squirming beauty's face. The exhausted blonde again gazed upon the home of ancient Olympic games-she had won in this venerable setting and wanted to soak up the surroundings.

"Aaaa!" screamed Jennifer. While she was gloating over her presumed victory the girl underneath had worked her hands up to Jenn's rack. Jenn arched her back away from the greedy fingers attached to her chest only to have a fist spank her left tit.

"Bitch!" bellowed Jenn as she pushed away from Maria. "Get up. Let's finish this thing now, you two bit hack reporting whore!" Jenn snarled at the bronzed woman.

The women stumbled together and each helped herself to a handful of the others ripe melons. "Let go whore oof!" cried Jenn as Maria broke the deadlock with a push in the stomach with her foot. Maria tackled the blonde to the dirt then rammed a forearm into Jenn's ribs. Maria quickly slashed her fingernails across Jenn's tits only to feel the now familiar sensation of her own breasts being squeezed. Maria dropped her knee into Jenn's gut and was rewarded with an ear piercing squeal. Maria pressed Jenn's shoulders to the ground then watched Jenn's eyes dilate as she raised her knee and again drove it into the blondes battered breadbasket. Maria savored the moment as she sat on the proud vixen's midsection-Jenn was still trying to wriggle free, but her need for air in her lungs was sapping her strength.

The flaxen haired beauty still wore a defiant look on her face ,but Maria detected a bit of resignation in her eyes. Maria rose up and slapped her foot in the quivering beauty's face. Maria used her toes to pinch the blonde's nose shut. The exasperated blonde managed to roll to her side and trip her tormentor to the ground. Jenn drug her dirt encrusted body on top of the shocked brunette's chest. Maria responded to this pin hold by drawing her slender arm around Jenn's throat, Jennifer slid her arm behind Maria's neck and pulled up-a test of will would end this war. Jenn rolled her body towards Maria's head smothering the Greek girl against her side. As Jenn held on, Maria thrashed her legs wildly trying to buck off the big blonde. Jenn scooped up one of the legs and pulled Maria tight into a cradle. Jenn raised Maria off the ground and slammed her back down. The blonde pancaked Maria's left tit with a punch. Getting up to survey the damage Jenn grinned as she ripped her foot into Maria's ribs.

"Get up and congratulate me bitch!" demanded Jenn as she repaid Maria by yanking her to her feet by the hair. "And how do you like this?" Jenn giggled as she raked Maria's rack with her fingernails. "Too late for quitting now dear" Jenn laughed as she wrapped her arms around her unsteady foes neck and bulldogged her facefirst into the dirt.

Jenn rolled the unresisting girl to her back, then stood up and pressed her foot down on the aching Aegean's breast. "Do you give tramp?" Jenn asked.

Maria pinched Jenn's toe. The enraged blonde shoved her foot in Maria's face and ordered "Lick it you damned loser!" The smirk on Jenn's face was all Melina needed to see.

"Enough, You're our winner - Jennifer O'Dell. Let her go. Here's the olive wreath you won and we'll make sure Maria stops by to congratulate you as you see fitů"