Madhu Sapre vs. Malaika Arora by Carl Zimmerman

The elegant ex-Miss India, Madhu Sapre, looked at her friend who was pointing to another young woman. Madhu focused her eyes on the woman and realized it was that tramp Malaika Arora. Though it was dark inside the pub, Madhu could clearly make out her foe's flabby big arse and overly made up face. She told her friend to keep their table and headed in the direction of that stupid VJ Malaika.

The hatred for the VJ had started long ago when Malaika had said some nasty things about Madhu in a sitcom she hosted on MTV India. The words of that whining bitch had kept coming back and were still fresh in her mind. Malaika had said in as many words that Madhu hadn't deserved to be Miss India. She'd gone on to imply Madhu had slept with a female editor of the magazine sponsoring the pageant.

Stretching to her full 5' 9" height, Madhu was able to spot the fat slut Malaika waddling toward the car park and rushed after her. Madhu wore a simple top with tight blue jeans tucked in her boots. She was able to move much faster than Malaika who was gingerly balancing herself on high heel stilettos as she made her way to her car.

Madhu spotted Malaika's blue Honda City. Luckily, the bitch had parked the car right next to her red Opel Astra. Madhu noticed with glee Malaika looked woefully out of shape, fat and ugly in a gold short outfit. The outfit appeared to be at least a size too small for the idiot. Malaika's arse was revered by thousands of fans in India but Madhu knew that it wasn't natural, it had silicone written all over it. Madhu looked at her short foe's legs and Malaika big, fat, flabby thighs. Madhu swore to teach the slut a lesson she'd never forget.

Meanwhile, Malaika was fumbling with her car keys. She couldn't find the keyhole in the dim light. As she bent down to get a better view, a hand grabbed her throat and pushed her headfirst into the auto parked besides hers. Two heavy feet stomped onto her and held her captive. Malaika was scared and nervous, not knowing what her assailant wanted but fearing the worst.

Madhu started the car. She was really pleased that she'd caught Malaika totally by surprise and now had her prisoner between her legs. She could vaguely make out her foes form as she drove to her rented apartment nearby.

When she arrived, Madhu reached down, picked up Malaika and effortlessly tossed her over her shoulder. Malaika kicked her feet wildly trying to break free of her assailants grip but to no avail. Malaika's' ride didn't end until they were in Madhu's drawing room.

Madhu switched on the lights with one hand and dropped Malaika on the floor. When Malaika finally gathered her senses and looked up, she was stunned to see Madhu Sapre towering over her. Malaika was embarrassed as her short skirt had ridden all the way up her thighs to expose her spotlessly clean white panties.

Madhu yanked Malaika up by her hair and, standing right in front of the VJ, the 5' 9" Madhu put her finger under the 5' 5" Malaika's chin and tilted her head back so she could stare into her eyes. Malaika saw the anger in Madhu's eyes and began to feel scared. Her breath became short and knees began to feel weak.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF YOU PUBLICITY HUNGRY BITCH?" Madhu screamed. "Because you're a lousy VJ you think you can say any crap about me? Well, I'm going to teach you a lesson in manners your parents should have done a long time ago."

After waiting a few seconds for a reply and getting none, Madhu yelled, "I EXPECT AN ANSWER, YOU SLUT!!"

Malaika nervously cleared her throat and shifted her feet but stayed silent.

Madhu fumed, "Are you going to remain silent like the dumb bimbo you are? Well, that's not good enough. I'll deal with your kind the old fashioned way!"

Sobbing so hard she could hardly speak, Malaika shook her head and pleaded, "Noooo."

The supermodel removed her finger from under Malaika's chin, opened a locker and grabbed what appeared to be a steel baton.

"Your fat arse needs a working over. I'm going to teach you a lesson in manners," warned Madhu.

But Malaika screamed "OH MYGOD, NO! I swear, I'll never shoot my mouth off, really. You deserved to be Miss India, I swear."

But it was too late, however. Madhu suddenly kicked out and caught Malaika unawares. Her boots crunched into the hapless VJS paunch and Malaika doubled over and went down howling in agony.

Madhu grabbed the fallen Malaika by the straps of her golden outfit and let the jacket fall on the floor as she stripped Malaika's skirt. Malaika tried covering up her womanhood, now only covered by those skimpy white panties. She was scared and had a sudden urge to pee.

As Madhu moved forward with the baton raised, she heard a sound, which was music to her ears. She looked down at Malaika's panties and saw a yellow stain spreading. Malaika's pee was rolling down her legs. Madhu grabbed Malaika, stripped her panties and stuffed them down her throat. Then Madhu sat down on the sofa and pulled the gagging Malaika over her knees.

The Steel baton came crashing down on the silicone arse of the VJ who by now was totally humiliated.

After half and hour of relentless spanking of Malaika's buttocks and thighs, Madhu Lifted the VJ from her ears and walked her to a corner.

"KNEEL DOWN, WHORE" Madhu thundered.

Malaika needed no second invitation. She sagged to her knees crying uncontrollably.

Madhu said, "Now, you stay here a while and think about what happened today and how you will be changing your attitude."

Stripping Malaika's blouse and white bra, Madhu went up to her room where she showered and changed. When she returned after half an hour she saw Malaika still kneeling and whimpering like a schoolgirl.

Malaika removed the panties Madhu had stuffed in her throat and backhanded her four times, then straddled the sobbing woman's body. She caught Malaika's head between her strong thighs and squeezed.

Malaika whimpered and said, "Please Madhu, let me go! I'll do as you please....I beg for mercy (sob). You're my Mistress; I'm your slave (sob). Please, please don't hit me again."

Madhu let go of Malaika and suddenly lifted her skirt, pulled down her black thong and pulled Malaika's face toward her and peed all over Malaika.

Madhu then handed the fallen VJ the phone and told her to call her husband and tell him she'd be out of town for a couple of weeks. After the call, Madhu laid Malaika flat on her back and arse smothered her. Malaika went out like a light but Madhu let her beaten foe lay in a misery for sometime longer.

She then whispered into the VJS ear, "Wait up honey, I'll be back."

As Malaika lay unconscious, Madhu left her house to go party with her friends.

Malaika spent the next two weeks suffering unspeakable humiliations at the hand of her tormentor. She was subsequently found by police lying in a sewer, nude, with her head shaved. Despite their pleas, Malaika refused to give a statement to the cops about what had happened to her or who was responsible. The case still remains in police files, marked "UNSOLVED".