Rosanna Arquette vs. Kari Wuhrer by Rob 01-Oct-00

Kari and Rosanna were bitter enemies, dating back to an audition when Kari won a coveted role over Rosanna, with the casting director saying he wanted "someone younger."

Kari never failed to rub it in and Rosanna was just itching for a chance to get even. Then one knit at a celebrity boxing affair, the older woman got her chance.

The championship bout was just over and a triumphant Sharon Stone sat proudly on the face of the thoroughly defeated Jennifer Connelly. Kari was cheering wildly from ringside and happily rushed up in the ring to congratulate her friend Sharon. As her assistants carried the bruised and blubbering Jennifer to her dressing room, Rosanna saw her chance.

She too climbed through the ropes and publicly challenged Kari to a fight, right there.

"You got it, old lady!" Kari said happily. "I'll pound that ugly face and those sloppy tits until you beg me to stop!"

Both women stripped to their skimpy underwear. Kari had on a white satin bra and a tiny pair of panties that barely covered her pubes. Rosanna wore a black see-through bra and panties with a garter belt and black hose.

"We'll see who does the begging, you little tramp!" Rosanna replied.

That said, they strapped on gloves and went to their corners. Ding! The fight began!

Kari came out jabbing, landing hard, quick lefts to Rosanna's face. When the older woman covered up, Kari went to work on Ms. Arquette's big swaying boobs. A big right cross dumped Rosanna on her butt and the crowd roared.

The younger woman smiled and strutted about the ring, holding her gloved fist high. She felt very confident she could handle her adversary and she was enjoying the attention of the crowd. In the meantime, Rosanna was gathering her wits and slowly got to her feet. Kari turned and sneered at her.

"You better stay down, grandma! I'll beat those bazooms like a drum!" Kari warned.

Rosanna's eyes were like slits when she replied, "At least mine are real, you slutty little wannabe!"

Kari screamed in rage and waded into Rosanna swing everything she had. But it seemed that making the auburn-haired actress lose her temper was Rosanna's plan. She covered up and let Kari swing away until exhaustion began to slow her down.

"Now it's my turn, you cunt!" Rosanna hissed as she began throwing some big punches of her own.

Unfortunately for Kari, these punches were much more effective.

A right to Kari's eye snapped her head back sharply, then a flurry of punches to the stomach had the younger woman moaning. Rosanna worked her way up the front of Kari's luscious bod, sinking lefts and rights into the babe's knockers as Kari squealed in pain.

The young girl tried to hit back, but Rosanna easily blocked her blows, then counter-punched with deadly efficiency. Rosanna torqued her body right and left, slamming Kari's face with tremendous force. Kari's head snapped back and forth and spit flew from her mouth.

With a minute left in the round, Kari Wuhrer was out on her feet, whimpering in pain and frustration. Rosanna decided to finish her off with a flourish, beginning with two tremendous uppercuts to Kari's boobs. The white bra was no match for the red gloves and Kari's silicone-enhanced beauties were soon sticking out unencumbered by her top.

Rosanna went to work on those plastic hooters, using the big pink nipples as a bulls-eye. Kari wailed as her foe pummeled her tits.

"P-please - I - Uh! Uh! - don't! -ow! ooooh!" she stammered as Rosanna fired at will. "You - Oh God! - I can't - oh! ooof! owwwoww! Oooowww!"

Kari's pleas for mercy died down as her legs grew rubbery and her eyes got a glassy, far-away look. Rosanna held her left glove under Kari's bruised chin and looked into her glazed eyes.

"Would you like me to end this with a knockout, you pathetic little bitch?" Rosanna smirked.

Kari was beaten to a quivering pulp and could only nod. She was so far gone she really didn't understand what her conqueror was asking. Nevertheless, Rosanna wound up good and landed a whopping right to the point of Kari's chin. The younger woman went flying backwards, to land with a crash on the mat.

When Kari awoke, she found herself in the dressing room beside a naked and weeping Jennifer Connelly. When she realized what had happened, Kari began sobbing in humiliation, knowing her arch-rival had proven age was not the only factor in winning a fight.