The Intern Stacy Arthur & Peggy McIntaggart by kit

"I'm so glad the summer is almost over," said Peggy to a fellow co-worker as she washed her hands. "That snot-nose lil' slut is drivin' me crazy."

"Really?" replied her friend. "I thought..."

"Ooooo, I can't stand her any longer. I think I'd quit if I had to put up with her much longer," added Peggy.

Peggy's comments were overheard by another female co-worker in the bathroom, and that woman took great delight in telling Stacy what Peggy had said about her.

"This is interesting. Thank you," said Stacy after she was informed. "I didn't know she felt this way."

Several weeks ago, Stacy got a job as a summer intern at Peggy's company. The 22-year-old strawberry-blonde had been assigned to work with the 28-year-old blonde, Peggy. Right away Peggy resented having to 'wet nurse' the college senior and 'wipe her nose' as she called it. It could have been that Peggy, having not gone to college, resented Stacy and all her college and sorority stories, or that Stacy was very beautiful and extremely well-built and jealous of her bubbly personality and all the attention she got from the male co-workers. But whatever the reason, Peggy couldn't stand Stacy and the pressure of biting her tongue and concealing her feelings had finally shown through.

On the otherhand, Stacy was also jealous of Peggy. She couldn't understand how an uneducated woman could hold the position that she did. She was convinced that Peggy got to where she was by laying on her back. Stacy was rich, beautiful and smart, and she flaunted all three and did her best to rub Peggy's nose in the dirt whenever possible.

Knock, knock, knock.

Peggy looked up from her desk.

"Can I have a word with you?" asked Stacy, slowly moving into the office.

Peggy glanced at her watch. "It's almost five. Can't this wait until tomorrow?"

Stacy moved seductively and in a girlish tone said, "Uumm, no. I think we better girl-talk."

This was a new side of Stacy that Peggy hadn't seen. The young blonde was acting very cocky and catty.

"Well, go ahead, but I haven't..."

Stacy cut her off. "Snot-nose lil' slut? I believe those were the words."

"What? What the..." Peggy stood up, but was again cut off.

"I'm drivin' you crazy?" egged Stacy as Peggy came around from behind the desk.

"What the hell are you talkin' 'bout?" asked Peggy as Stacy stepped to meet her.

"That's right, you old hag," snarled Stacy, as both threw their hands upon their hips and stood chest-to-chest.

"Who told you that?" glared Peggy, eye-to-eye.

Both stood exactly 5-7 and weighed 115 pounds each.

"That's not important, bitch," said Stacy, her nipples popping up over her 36d's. "What is important is if you said it."

Peggy's nipples now started to swell on her matching 36d's. "Alright, missy, I said it."

Their breasts came into contact as their weight shifted on their hips.

"On the hill (referring to her college) whenever a girl has a problem with another girl," Stacy explained, "they get together privately and settle it. But you wouldn't know anything about that since you've never been to college."

"Oh, I know all about that, Miss Priss."

"Oh really?"

Their full, proud breasts caressed across each other as they hissed.

"Yeah, really," spat Peggy, "but I'm not goin' to fight you."

"You don't strike me as a chicken," said Stacy. "A bitch, yes, but not a chicken."

"Oh, I'm not chicken, but you'd love to cost me my job," said Peggy.

"I don't want you to lose your job, bitch," growled Stacy. "I can't take that away from you when I graduate."

"Then come back in a year and I'll gladly fight you for it," said Peggy, pushing her breasts fully into Stacy's breasts.

"I don't want to wait a year, bitch," said Stacy, grinding chests with her. "Tomorrow's my last day. Let's fight after work. Just you and me. No one needs to know."

Their hands left their hips and interlocked at the fingers. Pressing their breasts fully and completely, the two buxom blondes rolled their creamy white orbs in circle. Biting on their lower lips, they touched noses and glared like hell into the black pupils of the other's flashing eyes.

"So you wanna catfight me?" whispered Peggy.

"Yeah. I wanna catfight you."

Their fingers squeezed at the knuckles. Their nipples strained to get into it.

"Then it's on, you snot-nose lil' slut."

"You fuckin' bag of bones."

"I'm gonna teach your young, slut-ass a real lesson," snarled Peggy.

Stacy snarled back. "Your old, flab-ass is mine, you fuckin' hag."

Throwing their chests together one last time, Peggy and Stacy grunted as they then shoved each other back in the shoulders and spat more insults as Stacy left the office.

Peggy sighed and brushed out her dress. It had been over five years since her last catfight, but she was fit and tone, and had all the cofidence in the world that she could win. Surely sweet, sassy Stacy wouldn't be that hard to beat. The next day was Friday and that morning, Peggy closed her blinds and called Stacy into her office.

"Yes?" said Stacy, standing in the doorway.

"Close the door, slut," said Peggy, getting up from her desk.

"Gladly, bitch!" replied Stacy.

Stacy closed the door gently behind her, and then stepped forward to meet Peggy. The two lovely ladies perched their hands on their hips as they went into a shoulder-to-shoulder circle.

"You still wanna catfight?" asked Peggy, softly.

"I'm ready right now, bitch," Stacy answered in a low voice.

"I'm sorry I can't oblige right now, slut," said Peggy, stopping to square up.

Stacy turned to face her. Their bulging breasts rubbed across each other as both ran a hand into the back of the other's hair while their other hands clasped and interlocked.

"That's too bad, bitch," said Stacy as they took a firm hold of hair and pierced their sharp, painted nails into the backside of each other's hand. "I just love a good catfight."

"You're gonna get all you want...and then some," whispered Peggy, twisting on a fistful of soft, strawberry-blond hair.

Stacy winced, but gave a firm tug on her handful of silky, blond hair. "Good, cause you're definately in for the catfight of your sorry life, bitch."

Squeezing hands, Peggy and Stacy firmly stretched each other's head back as they pushed their breasts together and moaned. Looking past their noses, Peggy and Stacy roughly rotated their breasts in a grinding, pressing arc as they pushed their right thigh between the other's legs and worked the top of their silk stockings in a whispy catfight.

"Uuummm," winced Peggy.

"Oouuch," breathed Stacy.

Letting go of Stacy's hair, Peggy hugged Stacy around the neck and pulled her tightly into her. Stacy did likewise as they now stood cheek-to-cheek fighting with their tits; rubbing thighs; and flexing their fingers together. Thru soft grunts and moans they insulted each other's breasts and claimed victory as their boobs started to spill out over their bras.

"Aaahh...I can't wait until we really catfight each other," whispered Stacy as she and Peggy unlocked their hands and slid them up their bodies.

"Uummm, me neither, slut," agreed Peggy as their hands cupped a giant orb.

Holding each other tightly around the neck, the two busty beauties squeezed a handful of round tit. Their thighs pressed and frozed together in a flex as their right legs locked behind the knee. Turning their faces into each other, they called each other a 'bitch' as they found each other's areola and pinched.

"Ooouucchh," winced Peggy thru gritting teeth as her areola was pulled.

"Uunngg," moaned Stacy, her mouth gaped open as her areola was twisted.

Their thighs went to mush as they unlocked their legs and braced for stability. Bringing their other hand into play, the ladies now squeezed all four boobs as they doubled over before each other and lay their heads on each other's shoulder.

"Uuuummm...shit!" swore Peggy as her tits were painfully squeezed thru her blouse and bra.

"Ooooww! Give, bitch," demanded Stacy in a low growl as her tits were pulled by the areolas.

"You...give...slut," grimmaced Peggy in pain.

"Never," huffed Stacy. "Bitch."

With their knees trembling, Peggy and Stacy stood on shakey ground in their 4" heels. Taking small steps back and forth, the two foxy blondes lay on each other in a bent position as they tried to get all ten nails thru each other's blouse and bra.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

They threw their heads back and squeezed.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

They fell forward and banged foreheads.



Ring! Ring! Ring!

Peggy's voice mail picked up.

"Peggy, this is Mr. Jones. Call me when you can."

The sudden head butting had caused the ladies to back off and shake it out. Slightly dazed and gasping for breath, they staggered a second on their heels before glaring hatefully at each other.

"My house. After work. We finish it," panted Peggy.

Stacy nodded. "Fine.''

"Now get out and don't come back til five, slut," said Peggy, pointing at the door.

"Bitch," said Stacy, leaving.

The throbbing in their breasts was an indication that their catfight wasn't going to be easy or fairly played. But having throbbing breasts was nothing new since both had been in several catfights and had had their breasts attacked before. After all, nothing makes a better target than a long cleavage line and ample boobs. But by lunch their pain had gone away and they were getting anxious to fight it out.

After work Stacy followed Peggy to her house.

"Hey, bitch. You wanna fight in bikinies?" asked Stacy as they got out of their cars. "I've got one in my car."

"Yeah, sure," said Peggy, heading to the front door. "That'll be fine, slut."

Stacy changed in the living room while Peggy went to her bedroom. Upon seeing each other in their tiny bikinies, both had to marvel at the other's perfect body. Both ladies were identical at 36d-23-35.

"I should've known a lil' slut like you would wear a pink bikini," said Peggy, folding her arms across her chest.

"Yeah, well, bitches like you always wear black," responded Stacy.

For a moment the two bathing beauties stood and stared. Envy spread thru their bodies as their nipples turned ultra-hard in anticipation of fighting.

"At least I look better, bitch," said Peggy.

Stacy sighed. "Look, bitch, let's just cut to the chase. Are we gonna fight in here or what?"

Peggy nodded. "Alright then. Outside, slut."

"Lead the way, you ol' fart."

Peggy lived on a back lot. A high privacy fence and a couple of trees offered shade and discretion, and the plush lawn gave them padding and good footing.

As she was led to the middle of the backyard, Stacy surveyed her surroundings. Looking back over her shoulder proved to be a mistake as Peggy suddenly attacked her and grabbed her hair.

"Ooowww!" howled Stacy, bowed backwards as Peggy yanked on her hair from behind.

"I'm gonna rip this shit out!" shouted Peggy, yanking as Stacy now scratched at her wrists and hands.

Throwing Stacy to the lawn by the hair, Peggy dropped a knee across her ass and jerked her head back by the hair. Stacy squirmed as Peggy flipped her over and quickly jerked down her bikini top. Peggy's eyes lit up at the sight of Stacy's large, carnation pink areolas.

"Aaaarrrgggg!" screamed Stacy as her rotund areolas were suddenly stretched.

Stacy flipped, and forced a roll as she grabbed Peggy's black top and tore it from her body. Peggy fell over sideways as Stacy twisted around. Seeing the black V in her eyes, Stacy leaned forward and chomped down.

"Aaaaaarrrrrgggg!!" wailed Peggy as her hot snatch was bitten thru her bikini.

From her backside, Peggy threw up her left knee and drilled Stacy square in the bunghole. Pain jolted up Stacy's spine as she was knocked forward, falling next to Peggy. As Peggy went to hold her stinging snatch, Stacy hooked an arm around her neck and nailed her in the mouth with a fist. Peggy's eyes rolled back as her upper lip was pulped.

"Bitch!" shouted Stacy, grabbing Peggy's left tit and squeezing.

Peggy screamed as her ripe, full orb took a nasty set of nails down it. Stacy squeezed again and tried to bite the breast, but Peggy pushed her away and then tried to roll over on her. For a few moments the two females swore and shouted as they scrambled to get on top of each other. Clasping hands, Peggy and Stacy went into a long roll until Peggy emerged on top. Stabbing Stacy's hands over her head, Peggy rubbed her tits up and down on Stacy's tits as they both huffed and cussed. Dropping her right nipple into Stacy's left nipple, Peggy pushed down.

"Uuummm," moaned Stacy as Peggy's harder nipple inverted her nipple.

"Looks like my tits are better, bitch," taunted Peggy, back to rubbing up and down again.

"I don't think so, bitch," said Stacy, suddenly bucking and flipping Peggy over.

Peggy tried to get back on top, but Stacy's legs outmaneuvered Peggy's legs, thus allowing her to roll on top. Stabbing Peggy's hands over her head, it was Stacy's turn to work her tits over Peggy's tits. With their legs tightly bound from hip to ankle, Stacy and Peggy waged war with their tits and crotches. Their pelvic bones crushed together as Stacy bounced her tits up and down against Peggy's tits. Although both pairs of tits were 36d's, Peggy's tits were indeed firmer and harder, and stood up nicely against the thrusting of Stacy's tubular-shaped tits.





Stacy stayed on top for several minutes until Peggy bucked her off and rolled back on top. Laying down fully, Peggy rolled her tits at the nipples with Stacy's tits while grinding her crotch into Stacy's heaving cunt.

"Uuummm...slut," moaned Peggy, realizing she was taking on a real woman between the legs.

"Oooommm, you're no match for me down there, bitch," groaned Stacy, her breasts finally making a stand as her pussy battled Peggy's pussy to a standoff. "Now get off, you fat pig!"

Stacy bucked hard, but it was a buck she'd instantly regret as Peggy was knocked down so that her face landed across the top of Stacy's left tit. As Peggy chomped down on Stacy's tit above the big areola, she also shoved her hand between the strawberry-blonde's legs and squeezed a handful of pink ass.

"Aaaaarrrrrgggg!!" screamed Stacy, bucking and pulling as her tit was bit and her pussy squeezed.

Stacy pulled Peggy's hair, freeing her tit, as Peggy rolled her fingers down Stacy's bikini and stripped out a few red cunt hairs. Stacy screamed, yanking Peggy sideways by the hair. Peggy flipped to her back, and then buried her hands in Stacy's hair as they both pulled and screamed in each other's face.

Fighting to a standing position on their knees, Peggy's shorter, bob-style hairdo was much harder to pull and tear out, unlike Stacy's full, wavey, golden locks. And Peggy was having a field day with Stacy's hair.

"Ooowww! Mmmyy haaaair!" cried Stacy, slapping Peggy across the cheek.

The ladies then got into a great hair pulling/face slapping catfight. Pulling hair with one hand, Peggy and Stacy slapped the fuck out of each other's cheek with their other hand.


"Ooooooowwww!" screamed Stacy as Peggy tore out a bloody wad of hair from the side of her head.

Stacy swiped at Peggy's pussy, but missed as her nails cut the firm flesh of Peggy's tight, toned tummy. Peggy screamed in pain, but returned the favor herself as she scratched Stacy's left cheek from her ear to the corner of her mouth.

"Ooooww!" howled the strawberry-blonde, balling up her fist and hooking it across Peggy's cheek.

Peggy fired back with a right across the jaw and another right uppercut to the chin. Stacy was rocked, but her driving uppercut to the chin rattled Peggy's brain as her teeth clanged together.

Dazed and glossey-eyed, Stacy grabbed both of Peggy's tits and squeezed as she fell forward into the 28-year-old. Peggy was driven over backwards as Stacy's nails pierced her breasts. Stacy tried to straddle Peggy's waist, but the blonde grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over. Now rolling across the lawn, both beauties tugged hair and cried out as they fought under the shade of a big tree.

"Give it up, bitch," grunted Peggy, on top.

Stacy pulled Peggy off by the hair and rolled on top. "You give it up, bitch."

Peggy yanked hard on the back of Stacy's hair. They rolled, and Peggy twisted around and was able to snake her legs around Stacy's throat. Locking her ankles together, Peggy pulled on handful of Stacy's bangs as her other hand latched on to her left tit and squeezed. Stacy struggled for air and used her sharp pink fingernails on Peggy's flexing thighs. Peggy gritted her teeth as she rolled Stacy's areola in her fingers and stretched it out.

"Aaaggg! Aaaggg!" Stacy gasped and gasped, still scratching to get free.

"Give, bitch!" ordered Peggy, letting go of the tit and running her hand inside of Stacy's bikini bottoms.

Screaming in fear, Stacy turned her face into Peggy's V. Smelling the strong scent of sex, Stacy leaned her head forward just as Peggy's fingers curled around her precious mound and squeezed. Peggy ripped out a wad of pubic hair just as Stacy sank her teeth around Peggy's plump pussy lips. Both ladies erupted on each other as the pain jolted thru their hips and up their bodies. Peggy threw an ax-handle chop across Stacy's ribs as she lost her leg lock, and both instantly rolled clear of each other, crying and holding their damaged goods.

"," sobbed Peggy, over and over.

Stacy gagged and coughed for air as she clutched her cunt and wept similar comments concerning her womanhood.

It had been a very grueling and savage catfight. Both had given and received pain and torture alike, and neither could claim victory or admit defeat. For five solid minutes the blondes lay on the lawn, sobbing softly and gently massaging the pain between their legs and across their breasts.

"You had enough?" asked Peggy, finally.

Stacy looked over at her. "Bitch, you haven't won."

Tired. Sore. Scratched. And hurt. It was clear that nothing was resolved.

"Then let's finish it, slut," said Peggy.

Standing slowly to their feet, the girls feathered back their hair and stepped towards each other.

"Fuckin' slut," swore Peggy, reaching for Stacy's hair.

"Old bitch," said Stacy, slapping Peggy's face.

Peggy's head turned with the sting, but still her hands found Stacy's tresses.

"Oouuch!" squeeled Stacy, running her hands in Peggy's hair.

"Oh gawd!" cried Peggy, her head jerked hard backwards.

The two fighters yanked and jerked extremely hard. They pulled each other over at the waist by the back of the hair and then tackled each other to the ground. With a handful of hair and tit alike, Peggy and Stacy locked up their legs fought it out across the lawn. Pulling, yanking, squeezing and scratching, Peggy and Stacy mauled as the catfight clearly hung in the balance. Peggy slapped Stacy across the face as Stacy ripped her fingernails up Peggy's ribs. They cried out and broke apart, but very quickly got to their feet and started slapping.

Stacy slapped Peggy.

Peggy slapped Stacy.

Stacy slapped Peggy.

Peggy slapped Stacy.

Peggy slapped Stacy again.

With her cheeks burning and her ears ringing, Stacy threw herself into Peggy. Peggy wrapped up with her as their tits met and started fighting. On wobbly knees and shaking legs, Stacy and Peggy strained to squeeze the life out of each other as their nipples catfought deep within their bulging buxoms.

"Uuuummpphhh," groaned Peggy.

"Uuuunnnggg," Stacy moaned.

Their nipples bent and battled as their tits oozed out from underneath their armpits. Muscles stained and the veins in their necks popped out as they lay head-to-shoulder hugging and grinding.

"Give...slut...give," huffed Peggy, throwing all her strength into her arms and chest.

"Uuuunnnggg!" panted Stacy. "You...give!" Peggy's tits nearly exploded under the extreme pressure. Stacy's lungs burned as her nipples were beaten back by Peggy's nipples. "Can't...breath," gasped Stacy.

"Uuummmph!" grunted Peggy. "Le'...gggooo."

Their arms droppd as they collapsed on each other. Stacy shoved Peggy in the shoulders and took a swing at her.

POP! Peggy's knees knocked as Stacy punched her across the chin.

POW! Stacy's head snapped as Peggy uncorked a left uppercut under her jawbone.

Stacy hooked a right above Peggy's left eye. Peggy bloodied Stacy's nose with looping blow. Stacy cut her knuckles across Peggy's right cheekbone. Peggy dotted Stacy's right eye with her fist. Stacy staggered back. Her eye fluttering and blurring her vision completely. Peggy was seeing double, but her hooking right fist came across Stacy's mouth with all her 115 pounds behind it. Stacy's lips burst open, spraying blood in all directions as her head snapped violently to the side and then backwards. Her arms sailed in circles as she peddled back six or seven steps before dropping flat on her ass and falling over on her back.

Peggy teetered like a top. Her toes and heels digging into the lawn for support. She leaned over, placing her hands on her knees as her tits hung down from her chest like battered punching bags. She looked up, but Stacy was still flat on her back and not moving. She breathed deeply. Every muscle in her body screamed and burned with pain. She looked up again. Still Stacy lay still. She closed her eyes, but the tears still poured out in big raindrops. She heard Stacy stirring. She looked up and saw Stacy's head moving back and forth very, very slowly. Blood was splattered across her face and hair, and her tits fell over her ribs like a pair of dirty tube socks.

Peggy walked over and looked down at her young rival. Stacy's right eye was purple and swelling. Tears streaked down her cheeks and mixed with the blood from her nose and mouth.

"Finished?" asked Peggy, admiring her work, but still respectful of the beating she took as well.

Stacy didn't speak, but nodded 'yes'. She tried to sit up, but couldn't; she couldn't even cover her face with her hands….she was throughly trashed and beaten!