Internet Queens Danni Ashe vs. Cindy Margolis by Blizzard

Howard Stern was a troublemaker. Those that possessed the courage to go live on the air with him pretty much knew what to expect. Nothing was taboo; for that matter, the more raunchy the material the better. Controversy was paramount when it came to what Stern considered interesting material and this morning he was walking on familiar ground with model Cindy Margolis who at 5’7” and 120 pounds was the epitome of All American Blonde Beauty in many men’s...and undoubtedly many woman’s, eyes. She showed up at his NYC studio dressed casually; but even dressed down she turned heads. A skin tight pair of black nylon short shorts and a simple low cut white cotton tank top onto which a spectacular long golden mane cascaded beautifully. Ever the flirt, Cindy periodically brushed her hair back over her shoulder with one hand, arching her back and thrusting out her breasts while crossing and uncrossing a pair of tan, flawless and scrumptious bare legs. A neophyte would think Cindy had Howard eating right out of her hand the way he reacted to her prick teasing performance, but this wasn’t Stern’s first rodeo.

“So Cindy, last time you graced us with your presence we discussed the little controversy between you and Danni Ashe,” he said.

“Come on Howard!” she protested with a subtle wiggle of her shoulders, jostling the magnificent tit flesh that strained against her tank top. “Let’s not get into this again! I settled that issue the last time I was here.”

“So you...Cindy Margolis...the beautiful blonde babe with the mouth watering cans...still claim to be THE most downloaded woman on the Internet. Even more than Danni?”

“The numbers don’t lie, Howard,” stated Cindy smugly.

“You know what I think would be hot as hell?!” snickered Stern with a wide smile. “You and Danni tearing into each other to settle this once and for all.”

Cindy tossed her long blonde mane and gave it a slow stroke with her hand as she sniffed with disdain, “ would, wouldn’t you, Howard?” Then she cooed, “Let me put it this way, then we can move on to a more substantial topic. I’d kick Ashe’s fat ass from here to Connecticut and back if we fought. End of discussion.”

“Not quite, sweet cheeks,” announced Danni who suddenly appeared in the door of the studio.

“My goodness, it’s Danni Ashe!” exclaimed Howard, quivering with delight and wearing a shit-eating grin. “What a surprise!”

“What’s going on, Howard?!” whined Cindy as she scowled at Danni and then snapped her icy glare back in his direction. “It’s a set-up you SOB!” she growled.

“You’re the one that said you were gonna kick her ass, not me!” countered Howard.

“Whatsamatter, princess?” asked Danni as she stepped up to face the seated Cindy with her hands on her wide hips. “Big mouth girl got a sudden case of cold feet?”

“Screw you, cow!” retorted Cindy angrily. “You’re the one who should have cold feet judging by the slutty get-up you’re barely wearing.”

And barely wearing was right for Danni wore nothing more than a purple satin thong panty and thigh high leather boots. Her petite 5’2” 115 pound frame stopped being petite once your eyes settled on her chest. Residing there were the gargantuan 32FF knockers that had made her famous. Danni’s dislike of the haughty Cindy wasn’t centered on the ‘most downloaded babe’ dispute. Truth be known she could care less about that. What really pissed her off was Cindy’s complete lack of graciousness after Danni had taken her under her wing and helped her out with her venture to get into the world of website promotion. Danni had offered a wealth of advice when Cindy decided to launch her website, only to be ridiculed and badmouthed by the bitchy blonde once it was a success.

“This is too much for me take, Howard,” huffed Cindy as she stood up and removed her headset. “I’m outta here.”

Her eyes flashed with ire as she strode in Danni’s direction on her way to the exit. Howard was about to speak when Danni suddenly sent Cindy stumbling back with a hard shove. In an instant, Cindy was standing tit to tit with her rival.

“Don’t ever touch me again WHORE!” she snarled.

SMACKKKK!!! Danni’s response was a wicked slap that stung Cindy’s cheek and snapped her head sideways, knocking her off balance with a shrill yelp. “I owe you big time - a big time beating for the thanks I got for helping you out,” growled Danni.

Cindy’s body tensed but she quelled the urge to launch into Danni. Or perhaps a twinge of fear kept her from charging. “I’m a success because of this!” Cindy screamed, running her hands down her curvaceous figure. “You’re just a sore loser! Stay out of my way, bitch!”

Danni stood her ground like a tigress protecting her kill and lunged from side to side to block Cindy whenever she made a move for the door. As the two women engaged in their dance of dares, Howard tossed another log on the fire, “Here’s a quote from Cindy regarding the issue. ‘My initial reaction was skepticism that a respected, family publication like the Guinness Book of World Records would associate themselves with the Pornography industry. It doesn’t change my position that I am not, nor do I wish to begin comparing myself to or competing with women or Web sites that charge fees to view nudity.’ Those are fighting words if I’ve ever heard ‘em,” he finished with a smirk.
“Howard, you’re a rotten bastard!” barked Cindy.

“And this is news to you?” snickered Stern. “You said it, I didn’t! Ya know, your awful language is going to get us into trouble with the FCC again. I think we’ll take a long station break while we sort this all out. Fred, put on some music for the listeners.”

Cindy’s face now displayed a deep crimson hue as her anger reached its peak and she growled at Danni, “Get the hell outta my way, slut!!!”

This time to get past Danni, the pretty blonde lowered her shoulder and tried to cap her exit with an exclamation point. Little Danni was ready for her however and after regaining her balance she gathered in a bunch of Cindy’s flowing mane and whipped her powerfully across the floor. Cindy was screeching loudly as she hit the floor in front of Howard’s desk. She scrambled up to her feet and unleashed a barrage of expletives aimed at Stern.

“What are you yelling at him for?” exclaimed Danni. “Looks like when push comes to shove the big talker proves she’s a gutless priss.”

“I’ll show you what a ‘gutless priss’ can do you fucking cunt!” snarled Cindy.

The studio erupted in lascivious cheers as the two rivals lunged forward on a collision course. Danni let fly with a skyward uppercut labeled for Cindy’s chin, but Cindy showed some smarts with a head bob that caused the punch to miss. Without hesitation Cindy pumped her leg upward and drove her knee between Danni’s legs eliciting a horrible groan from the smaller woman. Danni’s features twisted into an agonized grimace and she collapsed to her knees with her hands thrust between her legs, gasping for air.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Howard with surprise. “Cindy’s a dirty fighter!”

“You’re damn right I am!” hissed Cindy as she plunged her claws into Danni’s mane. “I told you I’d kick her ass!”

With a sharp yelp Danni was jerked back to her feet and abruptly folded at the waist by a savage gut punch that left her wheezing. A hair yank straightened the ailing blonde back upright and then Cindy went after her opponent’s prize possessions.

“OWWWW!!!” Poor Danni howled in pain as Cindy’s hands plunged into her mammoth tits and commenced to desecrate the sensitive melons. Her thigh high boots shuffled across the floor as she pried at Cindy’s wrists in a desperate attempt to free herself. Cindy refused to be denied and worked her claws into Danni’s breasts with a crazed expression plastered upon her face.

It was painfully clear to Danni she’d foolishly underestimated Cindy when she envisioned slapping the cocky blonde bitch all over the studio with little trouble. At the moment she was the one in trouble and she continued to shriek as she feverishly tugged on Cindy’s wrists to no avail.

In desperation she lashed out with a knee strike that glanced off Cindy’s hip harmlessly. The unrelenting attack on her tits was reaching an unbearable point. She abandoned her grip of Cindy’s wrists and reached for the blonde’s face trying to scratch herself to freedom. Cindy again displayed wisdom as she threw her head back defensively and avoided Danni’s initial surge. Clenching her teeth, knowing it was going to hurt like hell, Danni jerked backward, sending waves of agony through her tormented breasts but while the ploy caused a wicked amount of pain, it also pulled her surprised adversary’s face in range.

“EEYOWWWWWWW!!!” It was now Cindy’s turn to screech in grief as Danni’s fingers latched onto her earlobes and yanked. Her head snapped up and down as she cried out while Danni cruelly pinched her earlobes and tugged on them wildly. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. When Cindy could take no more, she finally let go of Danni’s tits and reached for the woman’s arms to grab them.

Danni gasped in relief now that her hooters were liberated and she quickly showed she could hang with the dirty bitch. She freed her right hand and cocked her fist as she continued to pinch Cindy’s earlobe with her left hand. Cindy’s yelps were abruptly transformed into a deep guttural groan of agony when Danni pumped her fist into her pussy viciously. The poor blonde nearly dry heaved as she pitched forward, only to be straightened up with a nasty jerk of her ear. Danni’s feet left the floor as she sent an uppercut rocketing into Cindy’s jaw that produced a horrified gasp from Howard.

Cindy’s body went limp as it sailed through the air headed straight for Stern. Her trajectory brought her crashing to the floor on her back out of his view right at the front of his desk. He jumped out of his chair as his jaw dropped in shock and then looked over at Danni. The petite vixen massaged her knuckles and began to stroll toward her downed opponent.

“Holy shit!” he blurted out while leaning over his desk to look down at Cindy. “Is she out?”

Danni stopped beside Cindy and gently used her foot to roll Cindy’s head over from her right side to her left. Cindy’s legs were splayed wide and her arms were stretched out perpendicular to her torso. She appeared lifeless.

“That’s a roger, chief!” replied Danni with a smile.

“Shit, I might be in trouble for this,” moaned Stern. “At least Theron signed a contract for those tournament fights.”

“Relax,” said Danni. “The bitch was trying to tear my tits off a minute ago. She looked willing and able to me.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” agreed Howard. “Well, looks like you win.”

Danni dropped to her knees and slipped Cindy’s black pumps off her feet, “Don’t give me the belt just yet, Howard. I’m not finished with this ungrateful cupcake yet.”

She grabbed Cindy’s shorts and wriggled them off her shapely hips and down her legs, revealing Cindy’s minuscule white thong that accentuated her womanly mound beautifully. Ten seconds later Cindy’s tank top was deposited on the floor beside her as Howard’s eyes locked on her perfectly shaped albeit artificial breasts.

“What the heck...if I’m in trouble I might as well make it big trouble,” sighed Stern with an evil grin.

Danni closed her hands over the tops of Cindy’s tits and gave them a jiggle, muttering, “Saline filled bitch!”

“Wait a minute!” insisted Howard as he sprinted around his desk to a position beside Danni. “I must warn you, Danni. I LOVE implants!”

Danni gazed at him with a devilish smirk, “Well...why don’t you do tit exam Howard, tell everyone which ones you prefer. You do, do that sort of thing…don’t you?!”

“I’m an expert,” replied Stern as he exercised his fingers. “I give breast exams all the time.” He knelt and gingerly took the unconscious Cindy’s tits in his hands, lightly squeezing them. “Damn! These cans are nice!”

Danni grabbed his wrists and turned to face him on her knees. She placed his hands on her massive globes and let go.

“Ohhh my..,” he moaned as he hefted Danni’s tits. “These are real?”

“100% Grade A!” beamed Danni as Howard fondled her.

“Grade A? Try Double F!” he exclaimed. “These have to be the hottest hooters I’ve ever had the pleasure to fondle!”

Cindy began to revive and a soft whimper escaped her lips as her legs twitched.

“Funny you mention fondle,” purred Danni, looking down at Cindy as her eyelids began to flutter. Danni slipped her hand between her legs under her damp purple thong and ran her index finger through her moist slit. Her finger emerged slick with musky sex oil which she slowly ran across Cindy’s lips, glazing them. Cindy grimaced and whimpered, but she smacked her lips as her tongue flickered out to lick them.

“Just a tease to wet yer whistle, honey pie,” cooed Danni.

Cindy was now quickly returning to her senses and she tipped her head down until she saw her naked tits, “W…what the...HEY! Get off me you SLUT!”

“I ain’t ON you yet, wimp,” retorted Danni.

Cindy rolled away from Danni as Howard stepped back. She got to her hands and knees and shamefully began to crawl away fighting to suppress her sobs. “You fucking cunt!” she whined.

Danni got to her feet and watched her pathetic foe crawling away. Obviously Cindy wanted no part of a Round Two.

“I sucked at Geography, Howard,” explained Danni mischievously. “Which way is Connecticut?”

“I sucked at it too,” answered Howard. “Bababooey, which way is it?”

Howard’s producer smiled with his patented donkey-toothed grin, “Actually it’s behind me.”

He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, indicating to Danni that Cindy’s escape route happened to be directly toward Bababooey. Danni lined up behind the unwilling blonde and took an moment to salivate over the enticing target Cindy’s wiggling ass presented. Two sculpted buns separated by the thin white back string of her thong. It beckoned Danni...

“UUNNNGHHHH!!!” groaned Cindy when Danni’s heavy boot slammed into her ass sending her sprawling. She winced and whimpered, tears flowing freely down her face as she labored back to her hands and knees. Another hefty kick sent the battered blonde face down again and those witnessing the beating groaned in sympathy. Cindy’s body shook with sobs and her abused hind end ached as she clawed the cold floor in anguish. She glanced back over her shoulder to see Danni hovering in striking range. Cindy suddenly snapped out her foot, a Hail Mary kick at Danni’s crotch but Danni expertly caught the bare foot before it landed and held it high up off the floor.

“UUUNNNNGHHH!!!” grunted Cindy as she threw her head back and squeezed her eyes shut after Danni’s heel slammed into her unprotected pussy. Danni released Cindy’s leg and the flattened blonde launched into a shrieking fit of convulsions as excruciating pain thundered through her womanhood. Her fingernails practically left grooves in the floor as she suffered through the throes of agony.

“Christ, this trip is gonna take all day!” teased Danni. She stepped in front of Cindy’s downed body and unceremoniously hauled the squealing blonde to her knees. She held Cindy’s hair securely and forced the bleary eyed blonde to look up at her. “Let’s just pretend we already made it to the state line,” teased Danni. Cindy bit down on her quivering lip and showed a glimmer of resent. She swung at her rival with a tepid punch that smacked into Danni’s belly but had little effect. Danni glared down at her as she gave her hair a vigorous yank. “Welcome to Connecticut, bitch!” Danni let go of Cindy’s mane and immediately whacked her across the face with a powerful backhand. Cindy yelped and collapsed backwards with a thud where she lay stretched out and in a moaning daze. “Now go home!” finished Danni.

“I had a feeling she was gonna eat those words,” snickered Howard as he watched the beating in earnest. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Danni didn’t let up on her practically defenseless foe. Today was judgment day and she was going to deliver the goods. She was going to cram the goods right down Cindy’s throat. She stepped up to the stunned blonde and raked her nails across Cindy’s tits. Cindy let out a piercing scream and her hands instantly migrated to her breasts as sat up. Danni belted her again with a stinging slap that leveled her and knocked her back into a fog.

“Can ya still taste my lip gloss, babycakes?!” jeered Danni as she sank her hands in Cindy’s tresses and slowly lifted the wobbly blonde to her feet. She left Cindy teetering on unsteady legs as she loaded up a knuckle sandwich. The hazy eyed Cindy stared unblinkingly at Danni; unprotected, wide open, and helpless.

“D… f…face..,” whined pitiful Cindy.

“OK,” agreed Danni, then she pivoted on one leg and unloaded a nasty back kick that buried her boot in Cindy’s chest. Air rushed from Cindy’s lungs as she toppled backwards with a sharp groan and then slammed to the floor on her back. “I’m flexible!”

Cindy’s lean frame lay splayed upon the hard studio floor as her glazed eyes decided to take a trip toward the back of her head. Her legs gently swept the floor and then were still as an exhausted whimper escaped her pouty lips. Drifting in and out of consciousness, what little spirit she clung to crumbled and she softly sobbed as tears of shame trickled from her baby blues.

“Aw for Christ’s sake!” scoffed Danni nastily as she looked down at her pitiful rival. “Howard, get me a hankie for this piece of shit.”

Howard’s hands were thrust under his desk, and judging by his flushed complexion and the steady movement of his right shoulder, he was a bit preoccupied at the moment.

“Hankie?!” he gasped. “Ta hell with the hankie, I’m busy under my desk doing the yankie!”

Danni grinned and tossed him a naughty look. “Pace yourself, hun, this ain’t over yet.” The big-titted vixen stood over her demolished foe and gazed down at Cindy’s tiny white thong. She straddled the woman’s ankles and bent at the waist, grasped the cotton garment and slowly peeled it off Cindy’s slack legs. “This’ll work,” she stated with approval.

Cindy’s battered, now naked body shook as she launched into a more spirited sob session. She had no fight left in her, and her dignity was but a fleeting memory as she lay at her superior’s feet, her closely trimmed dark blonde femme fur now on display for all those present to ogle. She wanted to die. “Mmmmffff!” she squeaked despondently as Danni knelt beside her and wiped her face with her own damp undergarment.

“Quit yer bitchin’ you pitiful bitch,” barked Danni as she scrubbed Cindy’s nose and tear stained cheeks with the thong. “Now, Miss Internet Queen,” said Danni as she cast Cindy’s soiled thong aside, “I got me a date with your face.” She slipped her own soaked thong down and worked it off over her boots. Cindy mewled as she watched Danni strip and began to sit up. Danni lashed out with a boot that smashed into her rival’s jaw and knocked her flat and nearly out cold. “It’s time to boot up and log on to Danni’s Hard Drive.”

“Oh I’m already logged on baby!” piped up Stern as he watched Danni perform. “I bet you kiss on the first date, don’t ya?”

Danni smirked at him as she reverse straddled Cindy’s head and slowly ran her fingers through her sodden slit, teasing herself briefly. She peeled open her glistening pussy lips and stared directly at Howard. “I’ve been known to apply a lip lock or two on the first date,” she purred as she slowly lowered herself to her knees until her groggy opponent was swallowed up in her shadow. Cindy was dazed enough to not realize precisely what was transpiring, but when Danni’s cream fringed pussy made contact with her mouth it suddenly became dreadfully clear.

“No...Nmmmooo...Mmmffffff!” pleaded the pinned blonde as Danni wiggled her hips and settled her cunt upon her rival’s mug.

Cindy’s olfactory sense was overcome with the scent of an aroused woman as Danni rotated her hips slowly until she had a satisfactory lip to lip seal. Her muffled pleading escalated when Danni hooked her legs under the knees and lifted them off the floor to secure them under her arms. Her feet vigorously wiggled back and forth in protest, but with Danni parked on her face pinning her shoulders and holding her legs, she was fucked; face-fucked, that is.

Danni switched gears once she had Cindy wrapped up and began a more deliberate humping motion as she bounced her tingling twat up and down and back and forth. The garbled squeaks coming from Cindy grew increasingly tense as her adversary’s gooey gash overwhelmed her and restricted her breathing. Her calves and feet swished back and forth out in front of Danni as the big boobed adult star rubbed and scrubbed her pussy on Cindy’s red face.

A tone of desperation became evident in the sounds escaping from beneath Danni’s ass and Cindy’s flailing legs began to slow. Danni settled into a comfortable rhythm and moaned as her aureoles dimpled and her nipples hardened. She gazed down at Cindy’s enticing pussy which was within reach of her mouth. Cindy’s body quivered when Danni’s tongue swabbed a furrow between the woman’s swollen labia.

“Yummm! You taste as good as you look, cupcake!” exclaimed Danni as she smacked her lips. A short-lived struggle and muffled curse erupted from Cindy, but she was completely at Danni’s mercy...or lack thereof. Danni continued to work her pussy on Cindy’s face just the way one would expect from the star of the Porn Star Fight Club. Every so often, Danni allowed Cindy to get a breath of air which merely prolonged her toying session. She alternated diddling Cindy’s twat with her tongue and fingers until Cindy could no longer keep her body from responding to the expert stimulation. The trapped blonde’s hips began to thrust upward, eagerly rising to greet Danni’s manipulating digits.

“Oh, this is so freakin’ hot!” roared Howard excitedly, receiving affirmative nods from everyone else in the studio.

Danni’s respiration’s were now coming quickly as her arousal continued to build toward a climax. She pressed her lips onto the top of Cindy’s gash and used the tip of her tongue to vigorously diddle Cindy’s firm clit. Cindy’s body trembled and shuddered and then tightened as she released a shrill, garbled squeal of ecstasy that vibrated against Danni’s oozing pussy lips. Danni didn’t hesitate as she roughly threw her spent foe’s legs to the floor were they flopped widespread and lifeless. Nearly inaudible moans of rapture drifted out from under Danni’s ass as Cindy reeled from the incredible orgasm Danni had induced. Her taut belly rose and fell rapidly as her breaths came swiftly. Breathing was about to become a denied luxury for the flattened blonde.

Danni pressed her electrified cunt hard into Cindy’s face and embarked on a blistering ride into the sunset. She face-fucked her outclassed rival like a tigress in heat as she reamed her cunt back and forth with authority. Howard’s eyes were glued upon the spectacle, and he watched Danni’s hips kick into overdrive as poor Cindy’s lower body shook up and down in unison with her conqueror’s thrusts. Danni’s heavy breasts slapped up and down against her pale skin as she arched her back and continued to ride her rival furiously. She was a blur as she humped Cindy until her moans and yips exploded into a feral roar as she reached a spectacular climax that doused the now-unconscious Cindy’s face with her sweet nectar.

“I REALLY need that towel now!” chortled Howard as he wiped sweat from his brow.

Danni was inhaling and exhaling heavily as she pitched forward to her hands and knees to straddle Cindy’s lifeless frame. She took a moment to gather herself and then looked back over her shoulder at Cindy’s messy, cum smeared face and sighed, “I don’t know ‘bout a towel, but this candy ass makes a good sponge! This program has been executed! Don’t forget to back up that file, bitch!”

Danni struggled to her feet and stretched her sweat-streaked body as she heaved a satisfied sigh, then looked down at her demolished rival with a leering grin of triumph.

“This is probably gonna cost ya, Howard,” Danni said.

“Probably, but it’s worth every penny baby. Believe me!” he laughed.